Other Ships To Hokitika - 1835 to 1910

from countries other than UK & Ireland

Between 1835 and 1910

Port of Hokitika

Ship Port Dep Sailed Port Arr Arrived Captain Notes Passenger Lists Other Details
Shane Melbourne 20-Oct-1865 Hokitika
. .

Otago Melbourne
. Departed Melbourne Dec 1868 Go to URL
Rangitoto Melbourne
. Dep. Mar 1867 Go to URL
Rangitoto Melbourne 31-Jan-1870 Hokitika
. Also called at Port Chalmers Go to URL
Sarah & Mary Melbourne 15-Dec-1866 Hokitika
. . Go to URL
Sarah & Mary Melbourne
. Dep Mar 1867 Go to URL
Sarah & Mary Melbourne 04-Feb-1870 Hokitika
. . Go to URL
Omeo Melbourne 21-Sep-1865 Hokitika
. . Go to URL
Leonidas Melbourne 07-Dec-1866 Hokitika
. . Go to URL
Otago Melbourne 04-Dec-1866 Hokitika
. . Go to URL
Sea Ripple Melbourne
. Dep. May 1868 Go to URL
Otago Melbourne 04-Mar-1867 Hokitika
. . Go to URL
Omeo Melbourne 17-Dec-1870 Hokitika
. . Go to URL
South Australian Melbourne 07-Sep-1870 Hokitika
. . Go to URL
Tararua Melbourne 19-Oct-1869 Hokitika
. .

South Australian Hobson Bay 07-Oct-1865 Hokitika
. .

Esperanza Melbourne
. Departed Melbourne Mar 1867 Go to URL
Alma Melbourne
. Departed Melbourne Mar 1867 Go to URL
Omeo Melbourne 17-Sep-1870 Hokitika
. . Go to URL
Omeo Melbourne 19-Feb-1870 Hokitika
. . Go to URL
Alhambra Melbourne 26-Sep-1874 Hokitika
Sinclair Also went to Lyttelton, Otago, Greymouth, Nelson & Wellington. Go to URL
Otago Melbourne 10-Jul-1868 Hokitika
. . Go to URL
Rangitoto Melbourne 28-Mar-1870 Hokitika
. Also called at Napier Go to URL
Gothenburg Melbourne
Hokitika 04-Sep-1865 . Arrived with 259 passengers, with 92 for Hokitika

Hero Melbourne
Hokitika 22-Sep-1865 Logan Cabin: Capt. McPherson; Messrs MacIntyre, Cassius, Forsaith, Johnstone, Murray and 184 in steerage.

Jane Lockhart Sydney
Hokitika 24-Sep-1865 Willing Cabin: Messrs Fuge, Nicoll, Rowe, McCormick, Johnson, Thompson and 29 in steerage.

James Patterson Sydney
Hokitika 07-Oct-1865 . With 116 passengers

Gothenburg Melbourne 07-Oct-1865 Hokitika 12-Oct-1865 . Arrived with 237 passengers

South Australian Melbourne
Hokitika 12-Oct-1865 . With 470 passengers

Star of the Evening Sydney
Hokitika 14-Oct-1865 Fox With 80 passengers

Souchays Melbourne 17-Oct-1865 Hokitika 23-Oct-1865 Simpson With 350 passengers

James Patterson Sydney
Hokitika 24-Oct-1865 Fitzsimons With 104 passengers

Rangitoto Melbourne
Hokitika 05-Nov-1865 Scott Saloon: Mr & Mrs Ayres, Messrs Taylor, Tupper, Carstairs, Stenton, Morely, Bryant, Lungevey and Miller.

Claud Hamilton Sydney
Hokitika 09-Nov-1865 Geo. Farcie Cabin: Messrs Bonar, Western and 119 in steerage.

James Patterson Sydney
Hokitika 09-Nov-1865 Fitzsimons With 74 passengers

Hero Melbourne
Hokitika 13-Nov-1865 Logan Saloon: Mr & Mrs King, Mr & Mrs James, Messrs Birch, Hodson and Doig.

Souchays Melbourne
Hokitika 01-Dec-1865 Simpson Saloon: Messrs Harrison, Shea, McOfferty, Bell, McDavett, O'Brian and 90 in steerage.

Claud Hamilton Sydney
Hokitika 04-Dec-1865 Geo. Farcie Saloon: Mr & Mrs Sloane, Messrs Edwards, Merril, Wood and 20 in the steerage.

Cosmopolite Hobart Town
Hokitika 11-Dec-1865 . .

Elizabeth Sydney
Hokitika 21-Dec-1865 Bell With 41 passengers

Rangitoto Melbourne
Hokitika 29-Dec-1865 H Harris .

Albion Melbourne
Hokitika 08-Jan-1866 Edward Kidney Saloon: Mr & Mrs Brown, Messrs Shorthouse, Higgins, D Higgins and 32 in fore cabin.

Claud Hamilton Sydney
Hokitika 11-Jan-1866 Gordon Ponsonby Saloon: Miss Lewis, Mr Roberts and 42 in steerage.

Elfin Sydney
Hokitika 21-Jan-1866 Milne Passenger - Mr Lang

Claud Hamilton Sydney 23-Nov-1866 Hokitika 28-Jan-1866 Gordon Ponsonby Saloon - Messrs Churches, Myers, Lockhart, Graham, Fisher, Davis and 47 in fore cabin.

South Australian Melbourne
Hokitika 31-Jan-1866 Pain via Dunedin; Saloon passengers from Melbourne - Mesdames Merson, Moncreif, Messrs Yewers, Tallerman, Myers, Hart, Nathan, Gibson, Moncreif & 68 in fore cabin.

Gothenburg Melbourne 28-Jan-1866 Hokitika 06-Feb-1866 Hugh Mackie Passengers - Saloon - Mrs Guthill & servant, Messrs Glynn, Horton, Wiesenhavern, Higgins, Rice, Dick and 71 in the fore cabin.

Albion Melbourne 30-Jan-1866 Hokitika 06-Feb-1866 Edward Kidney Saloon - Mesdames Henderson & Rowe. Miss Kerwin, and Messrs Cowlishaw, Sherwed & 71 in the fore cabin.

Sarah Pile Sydney 21-Jan-1866 Hokitika 07-Feb-1866 Yull Arrived with 40 passengers - proceeded to Dunedin.

Claud Hamilton Melbourne
Hokitika 14-Feb-1866 Gordon Ponsonby Saloon - Mr & Mrs Throckmorton, Mr & Mrs Horn, Mesdames - Problhoff, McNeil, Messrs - Masters, Mintons, Manson, Young; Master McNeil, and 110 in fore cabin.

Kate Sydney
Hokitika 18-Feb-1866 McKenzie Passenger Mr Walker

Colonist Sydney
Hokitika 20-Feb-1866 Kelley Cabin - Mrs Kelley, Messrs J & T Crawley and Lloyd.

Lizzie Coleson Sydney 19-Feb-1866 Hokitika 01-Mar-1866 Tyrall Passenger - Mr Johnson.

Gothenburg Melbourne 24-Feb-1870 Hokitika 02-Mar-1866 J McLean . Go to URL
Gothenburg Melbourne 26-Feb-1866 Hokitika 04-Mar-1866 Hugh Mackie . Go to URL
Albion Melbourne
Hokitika 08-Mar-1866 Edward Kidney Saloon - Mrs & the 3 Misses Shappero, Mrs Slater, Misses Cuthbertson & Hasan, Messrs Reeves, Blair, Palmer & Dunning and 102 in fore cabin.

Susannah Booth Sydney 05-Mar-1866 Hokitika 16-Mar-1866 Booth Saloon - Mr and Mrs Allen, Master Allen Misses Young and Archer.

Claud Hamilton Melbourne 22-Mar-1866 Hokitika 28-Mar-1866 Gordon Ponsonby Saloon - Mr and Mrs Pennington, Misses O'Leary, Parsons, King, Williams, Ferguson, Edward; Messrs Pearson, Stevens, Eva, & 45 in the fore cabin.

Gothenburg Melbourne 27-Mar-1866 Hokitika 04-Apr-1866 Hugh Mackie . Go to URL
Jane Lockhart Sydney 18-Mar-1866 Hokitika 04-Apr-1866 Scott Cabin: Messrs - Nolan and Bradford.

Albion Melbourne
Hokitika 10-Apr-1866 Edward Kidney Saloon - Mr & Mrs Plaisted & family, Mesdames Cowlishaw & Perry, Messrs Klien, Bowdle, Humphries and 106 in fore cabin.

Colonist Sydney
Hokitika 18-Apr-1866 Kelley Saloon - Mr & Mrs Eiganshank, Mesdames Kelley, Poole and Byrne, Miss Murphy, Messrs Andrews, Clifford, Tomlinson, Nevell, Thornton & child, Mr Quinlan.

Star of the Evening Melbourne 13-Apr-1866 Hokitika 21-Apr-1866 Turner Saloon - Messrs Helins and McLeod and 83 in steerage.

Gothenburg Melbourne 27-Apr-1866 Hokitika 03-May-1866 Hugh Mackie Arrived with 250 passengers

Rangitoto Melbourne
Hokitika 06-May-1866 H Harris . Go to URL
Albion Melbourne 02-May-1866 Hokitika 07-May-1866 Edward Kidney Cabin - Mr & Mrs Thomas, Mrs Parsons & family, Mr Button, Mr Spyer, Mr Harris, Mr Moeller, Mr Byrne, Mr Thomson and 11 in steerage.

Alma Melbourne
Hokitika 10-May-1866 J P Moore Cabin - Mrs Wilson, Mr Knox and one in sterage.

Jane Lockhart Sydney
Hokitika 18-May-1866 John Smith Cabin - Misses Carr, Bendell, Oliver, Lucas, Messrs Monroe, Vray, Liston and 20 in steerage.

South Australian Melbourne 12-May-1866 Hokitika 28-May-1866 Pain via Bluff, Port Chalmers, Lyttleton & Nelson. Arrived with passengers for Hokitika.

Gothenburg Melbourne 26-May-1866 Hokitika 01-Jun-1866 Hugh Mackie Landed some passengers. Proceeded to Nelson.

Rangitoto Melbourne
Hokitika 06-Jun-1866 J V Hall Saloon - Mr & Mrs Harris, Mr Graham. From Melbourne - Messrs Newman, Heaney, Dunning and 70 in fore cabin.

Albion Melbourne 03-Jun-1866 Hokitika 08-Jun-1866 Edward Kidney . Go to URL
Hector Melbourne 01-Jun-1866 Hokitika 14-Jun-1866 Chassman Passenger Mr A G Fisher

Lord Ashley Sydney
Hokitika 20-Jun-1866 Harris 13 steerage passengers.

Gothenburg Melbourne 27-Jun-1866 Hokitika 02-Jul-1866 Hugh Mackie Brought a number of passengers.

Rangitoto Melbourne 30-Jun-1866 Hokitika 06-Jul-1866 G Farcie Saloon - Mr Beck & 2 children, Messrs Munson, Girdler, Molloy and 36 in fore cabin.

Egmont Sydney 01-Jul-1866 Hokitika 07-Jul-1866 Hall Saloon - Mr McFarlane, Dr Trenery and 15 in fore cabin.

Albion Melbourne
Hokitika 10-Jul-1866 Edward Kidney Saloon - Mr & Mrs Larkey, Mrs W Rees & 2 children, Mrs J Rees, Mrs Tyler, Misses Lee, McKearney & Doone, Messrs Fox, Willingham and 67 in steerage.

Otago Sydney 20-Jul-1866 Hokitika 25-Jul-1866 Thomas Randall Has 23 passengers for Hokitika and 17 for Greymouth.

Gothenburg Melbourne 28-Jul-1866 Hokitika 04-Aug-1866 Hugh Mackie Arrived with 160 passengers.

Albion Melbourne 02-Aug-1866 Hokitika 07-Aug-1866 Edward Kidney .

Rangitoto Melbourne 01-Aug-1866 Hokitika 07-Aug-1866 G Farcie Arrived with 11 saloon and 40 steerage passengers.

Jane Lockhart Sydney 02-Aug-1866 Hokitika 15-Aug-1866 John Smith Arrived with 4 passengers.

Claud Hamilton Sydney 18-Aug-1866 Hokitika 23-Aug-1866 Harris .

Hector Melbourne 09-Aug-1866 Hokitika 24-Aug-1866 Chapman Arrived with 3 passengers.

Alma Melbourne 13-Aug-1866 Hokitika 24-Aug-1866 J P Moore Arrived with 1 passenger.

Omeo Melbourne
Hokitika 30-Sep-1866 J S Edwards Saloon - Mr & Mrs McFadyen, Misses Devan & Drowley, Messrs Fraser, McGee, McConnel, Burghes, Hyde, Cuthbertson, James, Salter, Player and 378 in steerage.

Otago Melbourne 26-Sep-1866 Hokitika 01-Oct-1866 Thomas Randall Arrived with 270 pasengers. For Hokitika - Miss Connor, Messrs Sherman, Walton, Miller and 145 in steerage.

Alhambra Melbourne 29-Sep-1866 Hokitika 05-Oct-1866 John McLean . Go to URL
Lizzie Coleson Sydney 21-Sep-1866 Hokitika 06-Oct-1866 Jas. Dunn Arrived with 4 passengers.

Lady Darling Melbourne 19-Sep-1866 Hokitika 06-Oct-1866 J Hughes Arrived with 7 passengers

Mary Melbourne 23-Sep-1866 Hokitika 07-Oct-1866 Gill Arrived with 15 passengers.

Taranaki Melbourne 11-Oct-1866 Hokitika 16-Oct-1866 H B Francis Arrived with 151 passengers.

Gothenburg Melbourne 04-Oct-1866 Hokitika 17-Oct-1866 Hugh Mackie Arrived with 210 passengers. Go to URL
Alma Melbourne 30-Sep-1866 Hokitika 17-Oct-1866 Moore Arrived with 4 passengers.

Beautiful Star Sydney 17-Oct-1866 Hokitika 24-Oct-1866 Morwick Arrived with 28 passengers

Alexandra Melbourne 19-Oct-1866 Hokitika 25-Oct-1866 Brown Cabin - Mr & Mrs Constable and Mr Wood. 145 in steerage.

Claud Hamilton Sydney 20-Oct-1866 Hokitika 26-Oct-1866 Gordon Ponsonby Cabin - Mrs Douglass, Mrs Solomon, Messrs Gammon and Cohen. 89 in steerage.

Alhambra Melbourne 27-Oct-1866 Hokitika 02-Nov-1866 John McLean Cabin - Mrs Roberts and family, Mr & Mrs Smith, Messrs Lucy, Gotthety, Sussman, Manuel, Simmons, Tanner, Farwig, Cornish, Levy, Mrs Hokelyand Miss Cambray, with 162 in steerage. 140 were for Hokitika.

Gothenburg Melbourne
Hokitika 15-Nov-1866 Hugh Mackie Has 102 passengers for Hokitika. Go to URL
Rangatira Sydney
Hokitika 16-Nov-1866 H Granger Arrived with 75 passengers.

Taranaki Melbourne
Hokitika 16-Nov-1866 H B Francis Cabin - Mrs, Miss & Master Brunton, Messrs Coates, Eicke and 67 in steerage.

Airedale Sydney 14-Nov-1866 Hokitika 20-Nov-1866 H Meikleham Arrived with 40 passengers.

Sarah & Mary Melbourne 04-Nov-1866 Hokitika 20-Nov-1866 P Duncan Passengers - Mrs Kirkpatrick & daughter and Miss Little.

Alhambra Melbourne 24-Nov-1866 Hokitika 30-Nov-1866 John McLean . Go to URL
Mary Melbourne 22-Nov-1866 Hokitika 01-Dec-1866 Gill Arrived with 14 passengers.

Gothenburg Melbourne
Hokitika 14-Dec-1866 Hugh Mackie .

Rangitoto Melbourne 12-Dec-1866 Hokitika 17-Dec-1866 J W B Drake Arrived with 45 passengers

Rangitoto Melbourne 12-Dec-1866 Hokitika 18-Dec-1866 J W B Drake Cabin - Miss Harcourt, Mrs McKellar, Mr Fleschman and 40 in steerage.

Alhambra Melbourne 13-Dec-1866 Hokitika 19-Dec-1866 John McLean Arrived with 50 passengers.

Claud Hamilton Sydney 20-Dec-1866 Hokitika 26-Dec-1866 Gordon Ponsonby Arrived with 1 saloon and 26 steerage passengers.

John Bullock Melbourne 10-Dec-1866 Hokitika 26-Dec-1866 McPheadin Arrived with 3 passengers

Alhambra Melbourne
Hokitika 30-Jan-1867 . .

Alhambra Melbourne
Hokitika 09-Jan-1868 John McLean Cabin - Mr & Mrs LeFrane, Mrs Todd, Mrs Haworth, Mr & Mrs Norris, Mrs Ellis & family, Mrs Plaisted, Messrs Bedgood, Bartley, Canick, Wilson, Cleve, Manson and 78 in steerage.

John Bullock Melbourne 31-Dec-1867 Hokitika 10-Jan-1868 Tobin Arrived with 8 passengers

Otago Melbourne 06-Jan-1868 Hokitika 12-Jan-1868 J W O Symons Cabin - Miss Trafford, Dr Caldwell, Messrs Parsons, Bastard, Lynch, Rowley, Trust, Wylie, Jones, Savage, Walsh and 36 in steerage.

Lord Ashley Sydeny 14-Jan-1868 Hokitika 19-Jan-1868 H Worsp Cabin - Mrs Cohen, Mr Lockhart and 31 in steerage.

Lizzie Coleson Sydney 09-Jan-1868 Hokitika 20-Jan-1868 Jas. Dunn Arrived with 7 passengers.

Glencoe Newcastle, Australia 16-Jan-1868 Hokitika 28-Jan-1868 G A Phillips Passengers - Messrs Russell & Furkert.

Esperanza Melbourne 08-Jan-1868 Hokitika 28-Jan-1868 Baker Arrived with 4 passengers.

Alma Melbourne 25-Jan-1868 Hokitika 03-Feb-1868 Moore Arrived with several passengers.

Otago Melbourne 04-Feb-1868 Hokitika 10-Feb-1868 J W O Symons Arrived with 72 passengers.

Phoebe Sydney 26-Mar-1868 Hokitika 31-Mar-1868 Edward Wheeler Arrived with 11 steerage passengers.

Tararua Melbourne 06-Apr-1868 Hokitika 11-Apr-1868 James Hagley Saloon - Mr, Mrs & Miss Thompson, Mr & Mrs Solomon, Mr Beale, Messrs Tate, Westless, McGuire, Graham, Hanstow, McGoffin, Alcorn and 46 in steerage.

Egmont Sydney 17-Apr-1868 Hokitika 24-Apr-1868 A W Jack Cabin - Messrs Bridges, Butchart, Hargraves, Helms, Bruce and 44 in steerage.

Alma Melbourne 16-Apr-1868 Hokitika 25-Apr-1868 J P Moore Arrived with 13 passengers.

Tararua Melbourne 02-May-1868 Hokitika 07-May-1868 Hagley

Egmont Sydney 06-May-1868 Hokitika 13-May-1868 A W Jack Cabin - Mrs White, Mrs Cumming and 32 in steerage.

Gothenburg Melbourne
Hokitika 10-Dec-1868 Underwood via NZ ports.

Alhambra Melbourne
Hokitika 15-Dec-1868 John McLean Saloon - Mrs Riordan, Mrs Courtenay, Mr Forsyth and 50 in steerage.

Anne Moore Melbourne
Hokitika 21-Dec-1868 Worledge . Go to URL
Rangitoto Melbourne
Hokitika 31-Oct-1869 Mackie .

Prosperity Melbourne
Hokitika 12-Nov-1869 Stevens .

Claud Hamilton Melbourne
Hokitika 16-Nov-1869 Underwood .

Zephyr Melbourne
Hokitika 21-Nov-1869 Barnet .

Storm Bird Melbourne
Hokitika 24-Nov-1869 Featherston .

Zephyr Melbourne
Hokitika 15-Nov-1872 J Connor .

Alhambra Melbourne
Hokitika 15-Nov-1872 R G A Pearce .

Albion Melbourne 27-Nov-1877 Hokitika 02-Dec-1877 Tozer .

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