Other Ships To Napier

from countries other than UK & Ireland

Between 1835 and 1910

Port of Napier

Ship Port Dep Sailed Port Arr Arrived Captain Notes Passenger Lists Other Details
Tararua Melbourne 1/10/1870 Napier
. . Go to URL
Rangitoto Melbourne 28/03/1870 Napier
. Also called at Hokitika Go to URL
Kate Tatham Sydney 25/05/1897 Napier
O'Brien Passengers - Rob Graham, 18, Sadler; G Graham, 17, Farm Labr.

Hovding Christiania, Norway 31/05/1872 Napier 1/09/1872 Berg Brought out 365 passengers in 108 days. Go to URL
Hovding Christiania, Norway 8/08/1873 Napier 1/12/1873 Nordby Brought out 270 passengers in 115 days. Go to URL See also
Fritz Reuter Hamburg, Germany 16/12/1874 Napier 18/03/1875 Peyn Some passengers embarked at Christiania (Oslo). 431 immigrants came to NZ. Go to URL

Friedeburg Hamburg, Germany 10/05/1875 Napier 24/08/1875 E Kopper . Go to URL
City of San Francisco San Francisco 25/05/1876 Napier 18/06/1876 J J Waddell . Go to URL
Hauroto Melbourne
Napier 18/12/1886 . via southern ports Go to URL
Te Anau Sydney
Napier 18/12/1886 . . Go to URL

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