Ships To New Plymouth - 1835 to 1910

Between 1835 and 1910

Port of New Plymouth

Ship Port Dep Sailed Port Arr Arrived Days Captain Notes Passenger Lists Other Details
Mary Ann Gravesend 31-May-1858 New Plymouth
. Wm Ashby
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William Bryan Plymouth 19-Nov-1840 New Plymouth 30-Mar-1841 . Alexander McLean First vessel to arrive. Carried 148 families. Go to URL See Also
Amelia Thompson Plymouth 25-Mar-1841 New Plymouth 03-Sep-1841 . William Dawson Second vessel to arrive. 187 Devonshire passengers. Go to URL See Also
Regina Plymouth 25-Mar-1841 New Plymouth 03-Oct-1841 . N Browse Third vessel to arrive. Wrecked here.

Oriental London 22-Jun-1841 New Plymouth 07-Nov-1841 . William Wilson Fourth vessel to arrive via Wellington. Carried 191 passengers. Go to URL See Also
Timandra Plymouth 02-Nov-1841 New Plymouth 23-Feb-1842 113 James Skinner Fifth vessel to arrive. Carried 212 passengers. Go to URL See Also
Blenheim Plymouth 02-Jul-1842 New Plymouth 20-Nov-1842 . John Grey Sixth vessel to arrive. Came via Wellington with 159 passengers. Go to URL See Also
Essex Plymouth 03-Sep-1842 New Plymouth 20-Jan-1843 141 Oakley Brought out 116 passengers. Go to URL See Also
Thomas Sparks Gravesend 27-Nov-1842 New Plymouth 29-May-1843 . Robert G Sharp via Wellington and Nelson. Go to URL
William Stoveld London
New Plymouth 26-Oct-1843 . Davidson via Nelson

Himalaya London 07-Sep-1843 New Plymouth 23-Dec-1843 . Creagh Barque

Theresa Gravesend 20-Nov-1843 New Plymouth 19-Mar-1844 111 Thomas Bacon . Go to URL
Bella Marina Gravesend 26-Jan-1844 New Plymouth 27-May-1844 . T Ashbridge Via Plymouth, where it departed on 5/2/1844 and then via Hobart with 42 passengers Go to URL
Raymond Gravesend 05-May-1844 New Plymouth 29-Aug-1844 . McKay .

Ralph Bernal Plymouth 02-Jan-1846 New Plymouth 15-Oct-1846 . Maclaren via Nelson, Wellington and Auckland

Elora London 12-Oct-1847 New Plymouth 30-Jan-1847 . Turnbull .

Louisa Campbell London 04-Dec-1846 New Plymouth 26-Apr-1847 . William Darby via Auckland. Wrecked on sandbank near Farewell Spit on way to Nelson.

Bernicia London
New Plymouth 20-Oct-1847 . Arnold .

Blundell London 04-May-1848 New Plymouth 22-Nov-1847 . C Renaut via Port Chalmers, Wellington and Nelson

Bernicia Gravesend 08-Jul-1848 New Plymouth 02-Nov-1848 . Arnold Proceeded to Nelson

Cornwall Gravesend 20-Apr-1849 New Plymouth 18-Aug-1849 . Wm B Dawson Proceeded to Nelson

Kelso London 02-Jul-1849 New Plymouth 20-Oct-1849 108 John Innes proceeded to Nelson Go to URL
Berkshire London 04-Oct-1849 New Plymouth 08-Jan-1850 . Whyte Carried onto Nelson and then Dunedin Go to URL
Pekin London 06-Aug-1849 New Plymouth 04-Feb-1850 . G Whitby via Port Chalmers, Wellington and Nelson

Poictiers London 24-Feb-1850 New Plymouth 30-Jun-1850 115 Thomas Beale . Go to URL
Mariner Gravesend 07-Apr-1850 New Plymouth 11-Oct-1850 . Robert Harland via Port Chalmers and Wellington

Eden London 03-Jun-1850 New Plymouth 29-Oct-1850 . Mark Kebbell Proceeded to Nelson Go to URL
Phoebe Dunbar London 10-Jul-1850 New Plymouth 15-Dec-1850 . Forbes Michie via Port Chalmers, Wellington and Nelson Go to URL
Victory London 04-Oct-1850 New Plymouth 01-May-1851 . William Lennox Mullens Barque of 579 tons. Go to URL Another list
Simlah Gravesend 23-Apr-1851 New Plymouth 11-Oct-1851 . Charles Robertson via Auckland - 26 passengers landed
Diary of Voyage
Lord William Bentinck London 11-Aug-1851 New Plymouth 06-Jan-1852 . Edward Canney via Plymouth & Auckland Go to URL
William Hyde Gravesend 19-Oct-1851 New Plymouth 05-Mar-1852 . Applewaite via Lyttelton and Wellington Go to URL
Catherine Stewart Forbes Gravesend 19-Oct-1851 New Plymouth 20-Apr-1852 . W Wright via Auckland Go to URL
Gwalior Gravesend 10-Dec-1851 New Plymouth 18-Aug-1852 . J Davidson via Auckland

Cresswell Gravesend 03-Mar-1852 New Plymouth 25-Aug-1852 . John Williams via Auckland

Joseph Fletcher London 24-May-1852 New Plymouth 08-Oct-1852 . John Foster via Auckland Go to URL
St. Michael London 14-Jul-1852 New Plymouth 02-Dec-1852 . W Prince . Go to URL
True Briton London 08-Aug-1852 New Plymouth 18-Jan-1853 . H William Norris via Wellington Go to URL
Tasmania London 04-Nov-1852 New Plymouth 19-Apr-1853 . MacMillan via Plymouth, Port Chalmers, Lyttelton and Wellington Go to URL
Cashmere Gravesend 24-Oct-1852 New Plymouth 30-May-1853 . George Pearson via Auckland Go to URL
Simlah London 19-Feb-1853 New Plymouth 06-Aug-1853 . Turnbull via Auckland

Sir Edward Paget London 09-Dec-1852 New Plymouth 16-Aug-1853 . Josiah Chapman via Auckland Go to URL
Cresswell London 01-May-1853 New Plymouth 25-Aug-1853 . William C Barnett . Go to URL
Joseph Fletcher London 20-Jun-1853 New Plymouth 17-Sep-1853 . John Foster . Go to URL
John Taylor London 10-Jul-1853 New Plymouth 28-Nov-1853 . J M Cawkitt via Melbourne, Lyttelton & Wellington Go to URL
Lady Clarke London 17-Oct-1853 New Plymouth 25-Apr-1854 . John Tovar via Auckland Go to URL
Eclipse London 20-Feb-1854 New Plymouth 17-Jun-1854 . Heron Laing Passengers - L Nash Esq. & Mrs Nash, Mr Morecroft, Mrs Stuart, & Hannah Hannon

Cashmere Gravesend 20-Apr-1854 New Plymouth 06-Aug-1854 108 George Pearson Brought out 98 passengers. Proceeded to Auckland Go to URL
Joseph Fletcher London 20-Jun-1854 New Plymouth 04-Oct-1854 . John Foster . Go to URL
Monarch London 10-May-1854 New Plymouth 29-Oct-1854 . Duff via Auckland with a Mr Walker as passenger

Josephine Willis Plymouth 23-Oct-1854 New Plymouth 25-Jan-1855 . Edward Canney . Go to URL
Cresswell London 01-Feb-1855 New Plymouth 03-Jun-1855 144 William C Barnett . Go to URL
Rock City Gravesend 06-Mar-1855 New Plymouth 23-Jul-1855 . T Cubbins via Auckland

Duke of Portland London 29-Mar-1855 New Plymouth 19-Aug-1855 . George F Seymour via Auckland Go to URL
Egmont London 03-Jun-1855 New Plymouth 06-Nov-1855 . Samuel C Gibson via Auckland

Cashmere Gravesend 10-Jul-1855 New Plymouth 22-Nov-1855 . George Pearson via Lyttelton Go to URL
Ashmore Gravesend 26-Oct-1855 New Plymouth 27-Mar-1856 . Thomas Ginder via Auckland Go to URL
Euphemus .
New Plymouth 27-Mar-1856 . William Harwood .

Chatham Gravesend 29-Jan-1856 New Plymouth 19-May-1856 127 Cole Proceeded to Auckland

Inchinnan London 10-Jan-1856 New Plymouth 04-Jul-1856 . T Ennes via Nelson

Gypsy London 21-Jun-1856 New Plymouth 11-Oct-1856 . Allan Bolton . Go to URL
Gipsy (Gipsey) London 21-Jun-1856 New Plymouth 11-Oct-1856 . Allan Bolton Proceeded to Auckland Go to URL
Cashmere London 19-Dec-1856 New Plymouth 05-Apr-1857 . George Pearson Landed 25 passengers. Proceeded to Auckland

Kenilworth Gravesend 12-Jan-1857 New Plymouth 08-Jul-1857 . James Thorn via Auckland Go to URL
Dinapore London 17-Apr-1857 New Plymouth 10-Oct-1857 . James Loutit via Auckland

William Watson London 24-Aug-1857 New Plymouth 30-Dec-1857 . William Brown .

William Watson London 18-Oct-1858 New Plymouth 18-Feb-1859 . C MacFarlane .

Eclipse London 08-Nov-1858 New Plymouth 04-Mar-1859 . Elliott .

Cresswell Gravesend 27-May-1859 New Plymouth 01-Nov-1859 . William C Barnett via Lyttelton and Nelson

Golconda Gravesend 02-Sep-1859 New Plymouth 08-Feb-1860 . Montgomery via Nelson

Anne Longton London 05-Mar-1860 New Plymouth 27-Aug-1860 . Mundle via Nelson Go to URL
Bard of Avon London 25-Apr-1863 New Plymouth 12-Oct-1863 . Penny via Nelson

Magna Bona London 29-Jul-1863 New Plymouth 16-Jan-1864 . Tyson via Nelson

Shelburne London 30-Nov-1865 New Plymouth 11-Apr-1866 130 Lowe .

Lord Clyde London 26-May-1866 New Plymouth 20-Oct-1866 . Murphy via Nelson

Avalanche Gravesend 22-Oct-1874 New Plymouth 22-Jan-1875 91 W Bishop 199 passengers. Proceeded to Wellington. Go to URL
Collingwood London 13-Apr-1875 New Plymouth 10-Jul-1875 . Black Put into Wellington on this date because of an outbreak of scarlet fever. Those for New Plymouth were taken there by steamer "Taupo". Go to URL
Halcione Gravesend 25-May-1875 New Plymouth 04-Sep-1875 99 J E Croker . Go to URL Another List
Chile Gravesend 11-Jun-1875 New Plymouth 26-Sep-1875 101 Alex. Smith . Go to URL
Hurunui London 27-Nov-1875 New Plymouth 23-Feb-1876 . Boyd . Go to URL
Hurunui London 08-Sep-1877 New Plymouth 08-Dec-1877 .
McKelvie Brought out 270 passengers Go to URL

Hermione London 30-Aug-1878 New Plymouth 17-Dec-1878 108 David T Roberts Arrived via Wellington. Go to URL
Adamant London 19-Nov-1880 New Plymouth 07-Apr-1881 126 Thomas Bowling .

Pareora London 19-Aug-1885 New Plymouth 09-Dec-1885 112 Bonguard .

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