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Conder Family Genealogy

Konder-Conder  Family  Genealogy


 Portion from map of Trier, Germany
Sebastian Munster, from his Cosmographiae Universalis
Published 1550, in Basel, by H. Petri,  Latin Version
Use of this map on this web site is accredited to  Historic Cities  web site.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Geography,
Jewish National and University Library, and
The Shappell Digitalization Project

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This is the home page for a collection of resources for the history and genealogy of the Konder-Conder family.  Anyone with Conder roots - any spelling - is welcome to submit data, history of other branches of the family, information on Conder family books and web sites, or anything else pertaining to our family and its allied surnames, with credit given as the submitter.  Please feel free to contact me about any additions, corrections or suggestions.

My direct CONDER ancestry from my father, John Haskell CROWSON:

Hans Georg CONDER m. Unknown
Ludwig (Lewis) CONDER m. Elizabeth MUELLER
George Johann CONDER m. Mary GRIFFITH
Robert Lee CONDER m. Mary Ann BYRUM
William Charles CONDER m. Mary Olive STEVENS
Rachel Antoinette CONDER m. Chester Clark CROWSON
John Haskell CROWSON m. Evelyn Mae GRANGER


Portion of map of Tier
Sebastian Munster, Cosmographiae Universalis
Published 1550, in Basel, by H. Petri, Latin Version
(To  view  full map, click on image- slow-loading.)
Use of this map on this web site is accredited to  Historic Cities  web site.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Geography ;
Jewish National and University Library ; and
The Shapell Digitalization Project

I am always open to changes, so please let me know if you find errors or additions - with the documentation you have used.
 s[email protected]


For those of you who are just beginning your Conder research, this history is not meant to be a primary source for your data.  Hopefully, it will be of interest and a good starting point.

The Thirty Years'  War, from 1618 to 1848, began as a civil war between German Protestants and Catholics who disagreed over the interpretation of the Peace of Augsburg in 1555.  This was supposed to be a settlement to end disagreement between, and officially recognize, both Catholics and Lutherans.  Then in 1618 another religious group demanded recognition in southern and central Germany - the Calvinists.  But, by the end of the war, most of the European nations were involved and it had become a struggle for territory and political power.

The beginning of the Swedish-French Period of this ongoing war, in 1635, was the point where it became more political than religious, and became a war between the French Bourbons and the Austrian Hapsburgs.  The French Vicomte de Turenne and Louis II, Prince of Conde won a long series of victories which was positive for the Protestants living in Germany.  Finally in 1648, the Peace of Westphalia was signed, which settled political boundaries in France and Sweden, and added Calvinism as an equal religious group with Catholicism and Lutheranism.  Through all this, Germany took the brunt and was in terrible condition with many people killed and much property, including whole cities, destroyed.  It took almost two hundred years for them to recover.  Thousands left Europe, especially Germany, and came to America seeking a better life.

During these struggles, many of the French Conde families had moved from France to the Palatine area of Germany.  They had changed the spelling of their names from the French Conde to the German Kante, Konte, Konder, Gonter, Conder or a variation of those spellings.  Some of these families were included in this move to America.

Hans Georg Konder was born in 1706 in Trier, Rheinland, Prussia - now Trier, Rheinland-Palatinate, Germany.  His brother, Peter Konder, was born in 1711.  They left for America on the ship Virtuous Grace, under the command of John Bull, Master.  The ship's register shows the ship first sailed from Rotterdam and then from Cowes, landing at the Port of Philadelphia on September 24, 1737.  According to the ship's records, there were 225 Palatines aboard the Virtuous Grace.  The record of names of those aboard only list males over 16, so it is unclear exactly how many family members were with them.  On this same day, September 24, 1737, Hans Georg and Peter Konder took and signed an Oath to the Government at the Courthouse of Philadelphia.  Each signed with his mark.

Hans Georg and Peter then settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where deed records show that Peter Conder bought a lot on Queen St., Lancaster, from James Hamilton on August 15, 1740.  About 1750, Hans Georg Conder moved his family to what is now Mecklenburg County, but then was probably Anson County, North Carolina.  Mecklenburg was formed in 1763.  One of Hans Georg's children, Ludwig or Luderwick, was born there about 1755.

According to the North Carolina Society DAR, "After the Revolution, numbers of people - many of them persons who had done service in the American Army - came and made their homes in the territory that is now Union County."  Among those named was Lewis Conder.  (Union County, North Carolina, was created in 1842 from Anson and Mecklenburg counties.)  Land Records show that on November 9, 1786, Luderwick, or Lewis, Conder purchased his first parcel of land on Crooked Creek.  He continued to buy land from 1786 until 1804, totaling 740 acres.

Lewis married Elizabeth Mueller, daughter of Phillip Mueller of Woodstock, Virginia, about 1791 in North Carolina.  They had nine children – five boys and four girls.  Their homestead was located on Crooked Creek about six miles from what is now Monroe, Union County, North Carolina.  Lewis, Sr., Elizabeth and their children attended Crooked Creek Lutheran Church, the oldest Lutheran church in the county.  It was organized about 1790 by German immigrants and was dedicated in November of 1798 by the Rev. A. N. Marcard, a Lutheran Circuit Rider.  Baptismal records of the Crooked Creek Lutheran Church show dates when several of their children were baptized. Years later, the church was relocated a mile from the first site and was called McCobbin's Creek Church.  It was changed again in 1906 to Morning Star Lutheran Church.  The original location of this church was one half mile north, northeast of Hood's Crossing, off the Secrest Short Cut Road.  The cemetery adjacent to the original church is now enclosed in a pasture with a few scattered field stones and large trees growing among the graves.  This is where Lewis, Sr. was buried.

Lewis Conder, Sr. died intestate in January 1811.  His widow, Elizabeth, married a second time to Moses Stevens on December 6, 1838.  She died between 1850 and 1860 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

"Historical Notes from the Church of the Brethren Network", written by Ronald J. Gordon;
"Index of Abstract of Deeds of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Books A Through K (1729 to 1766)", Page 104;
"Pennsylvania German Pioneers, By Ralph Beaver Strassburger, LL.D., Edited by William John Hinke, PhD., D.D., 1980;
Biographical sketch on Lewis Conder written by Mary Francis (Conder) Dickerson, Austin, Texas;
Federal Census Records;
Biographical sketch written by Phil William Conder;
"Miscellaneous Records of the Morning Star E. Lutheran Church 1797 through 1860", by W. M. Biggers,   Mecklenburg Co.,NC;
Lutheran Church Records; "Limbs and Twigs of Ancestors – Conder, Steed, Smart", by Mrs. Joel Condor Richardson, 1980;
"The North Carolina Booklet", Vol. XII, #1, July 1912, p. 14, published by NC Society DAR.

(Another idea on the origin of the Konder-Conder family)
This is a very interesting idea on the origin of the Konder-Conder family, submitted by Sabine Konder, who lives in Recklinghausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

Sabine is sure that the name Konder is not French in origin (Conde'), but comes from the very small village of Kond - not more than some houses at the river Mosel.  The Mosel is a tributary of the Rhine River, which according to the Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia online,  is "the most important river in W Germany" and "forms part of the border with Switzerland and France before flowing into the Netherlands".

It is believed by Sabine's family that the Konder name was created when they moved to Schweich from Kond, adding an "er" to the village name. This is one of the thoughts about the formation of surnames in Germany during the early 1700's.

"There are currently a great many Konders still living in Trier (Rheinland-Pfalz), Germany", where it is believed that Hans Georg Konder his brother Peter Konder were born - Georg in 1706 and Peter in 1711.

Markus Konder, Sabine's grandfather, was born in the village of Schweich, which today is a part of the city of Trier.  "Even today, the greatest part of all Konders listed in Germany live in the region around Trier and Schweich; and as my grandpa told me, they all are related somehow and go back to the line that took their origin in Trier/Schweich."  Her grandfather Markus died in 1969.

Sabine's great-granduncle, Markus (later changed to Marcos) Konder, moved to Brazil at the end of the 19th century.  "He became the private teacher of the daughter of an old Brazilian family.  I was told they fell in love and got married."  This was the start of the Konder line in Brazil, which was called Konder dos Reis.  The family lived in the state of Santa Catarina.  Their children became quite important as statesmen, lawyers, poets, etc.

Sabine Konder ([email protected]);
F&W - - "Germany";
Darrell W. Conder
Sabine Konder - a second Sabine Konder - ([email protected]) and grandfather, Gerhard Konder (from Schweich near Tier)


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Carmon McManigell
Haskell Culberson CONDER m. Cleo Elizabeth HAWKINS Nov 02, 1912, Hunt Co., TX

Jeff Conder
Edward CONDER m. Sarah SHELLEY, 1855, American Fork, Utah Co., Utah

Joanne Conder Davis
CONDER m. Kitty Rose KNUCKLES in Bell Co., KY

Bronwyn Smalley
Clara Jane CONDER m. William COOPER
Richard CONDER m. Isabella NELSON 1838, Dent

Lise Doss
George CONDER m. Susannah GOODNIGHT abt 1751 in Rockbridge, VA
Mary Margaret CONDER m. John Henry GOODNIGHT March 12, 1805
in Washington Co., KY

Jill Michelle Jordan
Harriet E. CONDER m. Eli Clarke STILWELL December 27, 1860 in Mecklenburg Co., NC

Sabine Konder
Markus KONDER, b. in the village of Schweich -
now part of the city of Trier (Rheinland-Pfalz)
Moved to and married in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Donald M. Conder
Hans Georg KONDER m. Maria Barbara FISCUS
David H. CONDER (b. 1875; d. 1927) m. Mary B. SMALLWOOD (b. 1880; d. 1916)

Thomas E. Waller, Jr.
Pauline Doris CONDER (daughter of Eli Leslie CONDER) m. Earl G. WALLER, Jr.


Please let me know of any books written on the Conders or
their allied families, so they can be listed here.

CONDER/KONDER/CONDOR Family History and Genealogy Vol. 2
by Darrell Wayne Conder, 1992
Out of Print
LDS Film #1750734 - Item #45

Limbs and Twigs of Ancestors
Conder - Steed - Smart
by  Marian M. Richardson
Athens, Ga. : J.C. Richardson (1972-74)]

If you find any errors, or wish to add information to this or any of the pages on this website, please e-mail me.  I would love to hear from you.
Susan Hudspeth
[email protected]


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