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Hudspeth Family Genealogy


Hudspeth  Family  Genealogy

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Welcome to my Hudspeth Family Genealogy.  This Hudspeth family moved from Virginia to Kentucky, to North Carolina, them to Marion Co., Arkansas and finally to Oklahoma.  Some of the surnames associated with my Hudspeth line are:  AYRES, CARTER, RAN, HUCHINS, WOOD, PAXTON, ROPER, MARTIN, GODFREY, LAND, CLIMER, HOOD, MURRAY, MOORE.

I would be happy to include any Hudspeth or associated surname information on this page.  Please let me know if you would like to be added to the Hudspeth researchers list and/or the Hudspeth web site list.

Hudspeth Family Records

Includes associated families - Godfrey, Hood, Martin
and more to come!
Submitted by Barbara Walker Winge
[email protected]



Hudspeth Family Researchers
and Web Sites

Patsy Dornan
Hudspeth, Godfrey, Dornan, Land, Paxton, Roper, Wood, Hutchins,
Ran, Carter, Ayres, Eyres
Charles Thomas HUDSPETH m. Harriett Anndavine GODFREY
December 16, 1894 in Marion Co., Arkansas

Sarah Cotton
Researching: Godfrey, Kelley
John W. GODFREY m. Harriet E. GODFREY Jan 19, 1887 in Blythe, Marion Co., AR

Jane Stone
Researching: Hudgpeth, Ewell
Mary Celina HUDGPETH (b. TN) m. James Buchanan EWELL in Hunt Co., Texas
(Her siblings:  Allen, Columbus, Walter, Eva, Naomi)

Barbara Walker Winge
Ayres, Eyres, Huddleston, Jarrett, Hudspeth

Selina HUDSPETH (b. 21 Oct 1802 Oglethrope County, GA; d. 19 Feb
1840 Meriwether County, GA) m. Allen HUDDLESTON 21 Oct 1830 .
Elizabeth HUDSPETH (b. Oglethrope County, GA) m. Patterson JARRETT
02 May 1815

Jackie Wesley
Researching: Hudspeth, Guthrie

Linda Cox
Researching:  Roper, Paxton
Victoria PAXTON HUDSPETH m. William S. ROPER probably abt 1879
in Marion Co., AR
Charles J. ROPER m. Elizabeth abt. 1839 in Kentucky

Joyce Roper
Researching: Roper, Paxton, Hudspeth
Victoria PAXTON HUDSPETH m. William S. ROPER probably abt. 1879
in Marion Co., AR
Charles J. ROPER m. Elizabeth abt. 1839 in Kentucky

Norma Jean Taylor
Researching: Roper, Taylor, Gower, Parks, Hudspeth
Victoria PAXTON HUDSPETH m. William S. ROPER probably abt. 1879
in Marion Co., AR

Donna Cox
Researching:  Climer
Ruby CLIMER m. Lorenzo Dow COX

Jeannie Sollinger
Researching:  Climer, Knott
Maudie CLIMER m. Troy KNOTT

Brenda Avila
Researching:  Hudspeth, Hutchins, Dunham
Joseph HUDSPETH m. Agatha HUTCHINS 1774 in Surry Co., NC
Mary (Polly) HUDSPETH m. John DUNHAM October 01, 1799 in Warren Co., KY

Virginia M. Heller
Researching: Hudspeth, Eyres/Ayres, Ran
Ralph HUDSPETH m. Margaret EYRES/AYRES October 1688 in Henrico Co., VA

Researching: Hudspeth, White
George HUDSPETH, b.1828 in Maury Co., TN, m. Syrena (sp) WHITE
in Maury Co., TN,  relocated to Southern IL.

Robert H. Thompson
Researching: Eyres, Ayres, Fouquet
Jane EYRES m. Guillaume FOUQUET
(Jane was a sister of Margaret EYRES who m. Ralph HUDSPETH
October 1688 in Henrico Co., VA)

Carl Robert Coe
Researching: Coe, Hudspeth, Bradford
Isaiah COE m. Jemima HUDSPETH
 John COE m. Elizabeth HUDSPETH

James Michael Magness
Researching: Hudspeth, Magness
Mary A. HUDSPETH m. David T. MAGNESS November 27, 1890 in Marion Co., AR

Anita Crehan
Researching: Hudspeth, Mercer, Bates
Ernest Monroe HUDSPETH b. May 11, 1924 NC and d. August 1978 m.
(3rd) Myrtle Ann MERCER
(Myrtle Ann MERCER HUDSPETH then m. Mr. BATES)

Researching: Hudspeth, Harviston
Dora Ellen HUDSPETH m. Sherman Lafayette HARVISTON 1910 in Carroll Co., AR

Joe A. Mode
Researching: Hudspeth, Mode
Nancy Asaline HUDSPETH m. Frank R. MODE

Ian Hudspeth-Lamb
Researching:  Hudspeth, Lamb
William HUDSPETH-LAMB, b. Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne.
(The family originally came from Allenheads in Northumbria)

Carol Snider
Researching:   Shemwell, Holland, Hudspeth

Todd A. Murray
Researching:  Murray, Sanders, Holmes
Vina (Vienna) MURRAY (b. 22 Oct 1858 in Johnson Co., AR; d. bet 1905-1910 prob. Muskogee Co., OK) m. John F. M. SANDERS
John Lewis MURRAY, Jr. m. Ruth Elizabeth HOLMES

Lisa Forck
Researching:  Hudspeth
James HUDSPETH m. Lucinda abt 1846 in Arkansas
son of George S. HUDSPETH and Martha

Gene Hall
Researching:  Hudspeth, Willis, Wills
William A. HUDSPETH m. Maudie RAINBOLT
and son, Clyde HUDSPETH m. Jewell WILLS
Maudie RAINBOLT HUDSPETH m. Edward Marshall WILLIS

Willie Moore Dillard
Researching:  Hudspeth, Cowan, Huff
Martin HUDSPETH m. Nancy C. COWAN
George David Hudspeth m. Anna J. HUFF

Sandra Richmond Jonas
Researching:  Hudspeth, Hutchins, Dunham
Joseph HUDSPETH m. Agatha HUTCHINS 1774 in Surry Co., NC
Mary (Polly) HUDSPETH m. John DUNHAM October 1, 1799 in Warren Co., KY


Hudspeth - AL->SD->OR->WA
Ron Hudspeth
Hudspeth, Holland, Meier, Hitchmond
Lillian Jackson HUDSPETH m. John HOLLAND December 20, 1886,
Abbeville, Henry Co., Alabama
Lillian Jackson HUDSPETH m. George W. MEIER January 13, 1891,
Yankton Co., South Dakota
Lillian Jackson HUDSPETH m. Charles J. HITCHMOND October 26,
Yankton Co., South Dakota

The Cockrill Family of Sonoma Valley
LaVere Peters' Hudspeth Genealogy
LaVere Peters

Hudspeth & Rhodes of White Co., AR
Larry Don Hudspeth
Hudspeth, Reese
Alfred Lonso HUDSPETH m. Mary Etta REESE November  27, 1903,
Comanche Co., Texas

Descendants of William Hudspeth
Rosa Lee Rolff Calame
Hudspeth, Burkhalter
Roxanna HUDSPETH m. Henery Marcus BURKHALTER January 18, 1849,
Harris County, Georgia

Donna Waggoner Carter's Genealogy Page
Donna Waggoner Carter

The Cathey Family
Gordon Cathey
Read "An Autobiographical Sketch of Rufus D. Land, a Civil War Veteran" and see scanned copies of Land Family Bible
Land, Duncan/Dunkin, Bellew, Cathey
James Cahruth LAND m. Nancy Caroline DUNCAN/DUNKIN January 20, 1842,
Haywood Co., North Carolina
Rufus D. LAND m. Ellenor Cordelia BELLEW March 8, 1868, Sugar Creek,
Fannin Co., Georgia

Hudspeth Cutoff
by Gar Elison
Information on Benoni M. HUDSPETH and John J. MYERS "who lead the first
wagons on a new branch of the California Trail, which left the main trail
near Soda Springs and rejoined the main trail near Malta, Idaho".

Homepage for Gwin Pate
Gwin Hudspeth Pate
Hudspeth, Evis, Horn, Pearman, Thompson,
Giles HUDSPETH m. Julia SJH BUSSEY (Bussey was from her 1st marriage.)

Tom Crisp from North Carolina the Hudspeth family
Tom Crisp
Hudspeth, Eyers
Ralph HUDSPETH m. Margaret EYERS

The  Dunham Family
Francis Marie Dunham
Polly (Mary) HUDSPETH m. John DUNHAM October 1, 1799 Warren County, Kentucky

Susan Hudspeth
[email protected]
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