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jewelers by Location

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based on the genealogical study
American Silversmiths and Related Craftsmen

Eufaula, Barbour, AL
 Hyatt, Nathaniel Montrosssilversmith and jeweler1842-1883
 Whitlock, John Henryjewelerabt 1860-1880
Haynesville, Lowndes, AL
 Hardy, Johnsilversmith and jeweleraft 1835
Selma, Dallas, AL
 Hobbs, Samuel F.silversmith and jewelerc 1859-1883
Sacramento, Sacramento, CA
 Carey, William Williamsjeweleraft 1870
San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
 Burdick, William Pendletonjewelerbef 1850
 Graves, Samuelsilversmith and jeweleraft 1863
 Shreve, George Choatepartnership1852-1857
 Shreve, Samuel Verypartnership1852-1857
San Juan, San Benito, CA
 Cowles, John Osgoodjeweler1880
Boulder, Boulder, CO
 Sherwood, Williamsilversmith and jewelerbef 1847
Denver, Denver, CO
 Chapin, Henry Lewissilversmith and jewelerc 1880
 Holman, Henry Ralphsilversmith and jewelerc 1865-1880
Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT
 Fairchild, George Wilsonsilversmith and jewelerc 1850-1880
Danbury, Fairfield, CT
 Blackman, Frederick Starrsilversmith and jeweler1840-1896
 Blackman, Frederick Starrpartnership1849-1858
 Fanton, Thomas Burrsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1855-1880
Fairfield, Fairfield, CT
 Burr, Nathanielsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1720-1780
Farmington, Hartford, CT
 Catlin, Joelsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1820-1822
Goshen, Litchfield, CT
 Ward, Jamespartnershipc 1802
 Buell, Dwight Hawleysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1825-1857
 Buell, Dwight Hawleypartnership1858-1861
 Buell, Dwight Hawleysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1862-1865
 Buell, Dwight Hawleypartnership1866-1874
Hartford, Hartford, CT
 Buell, Dwight Hawleysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1875-1885
 Burnham, Georgegoldsmith and jeweler1776
 Fox, Dudleyjewelerc 1880
 Goodwin, Allynpartnership1821-1825
 Goodwin, Allynsilversmith, jeweler, and silverplater1825-1867
 Imlay, Richardpartnership1809-1811
 King, George W.silversmith and manufacturing jeweler1842-1880
 Oakes, Frederickpartnership1842-1847
 Steele, Thomaspartnership1841-1844
 Steele, Thomassilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1844-1866
 Steele, Thomaspartnership1866-1875
 Steele, Thomas Sedgwickpartnership1866-1875
 Steele, Thomas Sedgwickjeweler1875-1900
 Strong, Charles Cyprianpartnership1840-1841
 Strong, Charles Cyprianpartnership1843-1845
 Strong, Charles Cyprianpartnershipc 1860
 Ward, Jamespartnership1793-1797
 Ward, Jamessilversmith and jeweler1799-1802
 Ward, Jamespartnership1804-1809
 Ward, Jamespartnership1809-1830
 Welles, Leonard Talcottpartnership1840-1841
 Welles, Leonard Talcottpartnership1841-1857
 Welles, Leonard Talcottpartnership1843-1845
 Welles, Leonard Talcottjeweler and watchmaker1858-1875
New Britain, Hartford, CT
 Pierce, William Judsonsilversmith and jewelerc 1850-1860
New Hartford, Litchfield, CT
 Goodwin, Joseph Gilbertsilversmith and jewelerc 1850-1880
New Haven, New Haven, CT
 Benjamin, Everardsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1829-1864
 Benjamin, Everardpartnershipc 1865-1873
 Bradley, Zebulpartnership1840
 Bradley, Zebulpartnership1803-1813
 Bradley, Zebulpartnership1813-1817
 Bradley, Zebulpartnership1826-1840
 Bradley, Zebulsilversmith and jewelerc 1820-1855
 Burdick, William Pendletonpartnership1813-1814
 Fitch, Allingsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1808-1811
 Fitch, Allingpartnership1811-1813
 Fitch, Allingsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1813-1815
 Ford, George Harepartnershipc 1865-1874
 Kirby, John Burgispartnership1834-1850
 Kirby, John Burgispartnershipc 1870
 Kirby, Samuel Hubbardpartnershipc 1870
 Olmsted, Georgepartnershipaft 1830
Norwalk, Fairfield, CT
 Brady, Francis Hyattsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1840-1850
Norwich, New London, CT
 Bliss, Charles Clementsilversmith and jewelerc 1850-1880
 Burton, Calvinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1840-1860
 Coit, Edwardsilversmith and jewelerc 1825-1860
 Coit, Thomas Chestersilversmith and jeweler1812-1816
 Harland, Henrysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1810-1815
 Whiting, Charlessilversmith and engraverc 1771-1786
Wilmington, New Castle, DE
 Ferris, Zibasilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1808-1851
 Ferris, Zibapartnership1851-1870
 Kendall, Jamessilversmith and jewelerc 1790-1808
 Kendall, Jessesilversmith and jewelerc 1815
 Robinson, Jacob Foulksilversmith and jewelerc 1840
Washington, District Of Columbia, DC
 Ball, Isaac S.silversmith and jewelerc 1860
 Masi, Seraphimsilversmith and jeweler1822-1870
Saint Josephs, Seminole, FL
 Hyatt, Nathaniel Montrosssilversmith and jewelerc 1830-1840
, , GA
 Adams, Caleb Cushingjeweler1853-1858
Athens, Clarke, GA
 Childs, Asaph Kingsilversmith and jeweler1846-1847
 Childs, Asaph Kingpartnership1847-1861
 Childs, Otispartnership1847-1861
Augusta, Richmond, GA
 Catlin, Joelpartnershipc 1823-1832
 Russell, Johnsilversmith and jewelerabt 1825-1830
Columbus, Muscogee, GA
 Spear, Thomas Simpsonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1858-1880
Milledgeville, Baldwin, GA
 Childs, Asaph Kingsilversmith and jeweler1835-1846
 Childs, Otispartnership1852-1872
 Childs, Otissilversmith and jewelerc 1836-1847
Savannah, Chatham, GA
 Davis, Edward Hallsilversmith and jewelerc 1839
Alton, Madison, IL
 Carey, William Williamssilversmith and jewelerc 1836-1865
 Carey, William Williamspartnershipc 1865-1869
Augusta, Hancock, IL
 Catlin, Joelsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakeraft 1835-1849
Chicago, Cook, IL
 Matson, Newellpartnership1864-1867
 Matson, Newellsilversmith and jeweler1867-1887
 Sherwood, Smith Jonessilversmith and jewelerbef 1844
 Sherwood, Smith Jonespartnershipc 1850
 Sherwood, Williamsilversmith and jewelerbef 1844
Galesburg, Knox, IL
 Brackett, Horace D.jewelerc 1860
Jacksonville, Morgan, IL
 Catlin, Joelsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1832-1835
 Catlin, Joelsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1850-1870
Silver Creek, Stephenson, IL
 Brainard, Frank Wendalsilversmith and jewelerc 1880
Greenfield, Hancock, IN
 Robinson, Jacob Foulksilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1855-1860
Indianapolis, Marion, IN
 Bingham, Wheelock Peetsilversmith and jewelerc 1857-1878
 Bingham, Wheelock Peetpartnershipc 1878-1880
Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN
 Danforth, Samuelsilversmith and jewelerc 1839-1869
Atchison, Atchison, KS
 Andrews, Charles Clevelandsilversmith and jeweler1865-1869
Seneca, Nemaha, KS
 Andrews, Charles Clevelandsilversmith and jeweler1876-1880
Wetmore, Nemaha, KS
 Andrews, Charles Clevelandsilversmith and jeweler1870-1875
Covington, Kenton, KY
 Gallup, Williamsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1845-1853
Frankfort, Franklin, KY
 Loomis, Warham P.partnership1819
 Loomis, Warham P.partnership1859-1860
Georgetown, Scott, KY
 Barlow, Edward Callistussilversmith and jeweler1851-1890
 Barlow, Edward Callistuspartnershipc 1870-1888
 Shepard, Samuel S.partnership1871-1880
 Shepard, Samuel S.silversmith and jeweleraft 1880
Lexington, Fayette, KY
 Fletcher, Henrysilversmith and jeweler1818-1829
Louisville, Jefferson, KY
 Bennett, Charles Fletchersilversmith and jeweler1843-1852
 Bennett, Charles Fletcherpartnership1852-1866
 Bennett, Charles Fletcherjewelerc 1866-1870
 Dumesnil, Antoinesilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakeraft 1810
 Fletcher, Henrysilversmith and jeweler1830-1854
 Fletcher, Henrypartnership1854-1866
 Fletcher, Henrypartnershipc 1832-1845
Paris, Bourbon, KY
 Robinson, Jacob Foulksilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1860
New Orleans, Orleans, LA
 Danforth, Samuelsilversmith and jewelerc 1835-1837
 Harland, Henrypartnership1830
 Harland, Henrysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1815-1830
 Harland, Henrypartnership1830-1834
Augusta, Kennebec, ME
 Manley, Amasasilversmith and jeweler1828-1850
 Wingate, Charles Fredericsilversmith and jeweleraft 1838
Bangor, Penobscot, ME
 Dennison, Eliphalet Wharfsilversmith and jeweler1843
 Dennison, Eliphalet Wharfpartnership1846
 Fenno, Jeremiahpartnership1848-1856
 Fenno, Jeremiahsilversmith and jewelerbef 1848
 Hale, Charlespartnership1848-1856
 Hale, Charlessilversmith and jewelerc 1857-1865
 Hale, Charlessilversmith and jewelerc 1875-1880
Bath, Sagadahoc, ME
 Worthley, Nathaniel Truesilversmith and jewelerc 1860-1875
Belfast, Waldo, ME
 Quimby, Williamsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1822-1830
 Quimby, Williampartnership1830-1831
 Raymond, Freeman Collinssilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1825-1830
Brunswick, Cumberland, ME
 Dennison, Eliphalet Wharfmanufacturing jeweler1849
 Worthley, Nathanielsilversmith and jewelerc 1880
 Worthley, Nathaniel Truepartnership1875-1880
 Worthley, William Emmons Greenleafpartnership1875-1880
Hallowell, Kennebec, ME
 Dole, Ebenezer Govesilversmith and engraverc 1825-1880
 Dole, Henry Lymanjewelerc 1855-1865
Kittery, York, ME
 Parry, Martinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1775
Norridgewock, Somerset, ME
 Manley, Amasasilversmith and jewelerc 1819-1828
Norway, Oxford, ME
 Walton, Simeonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1841-1862
Paris, Oxford, ME
 Walton, Simeonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1800-1841
Portland, Cumberland, ME
 Appleton, Jamespartnership1834-1850
Portland, Cumberland, ME
 Banks, Edward Princesilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1830-1837
Portland, Cumberland, ME
 Banks, Edward Princepartnershipc 1837-1857
Portland, Cumberland, ME
 Gerrish, Oliversilversmith and jeweler1819-1857
Portland, Cumberland, ME
 Gerrish, Oliverpartnership1858-1877
 Gerrish, Oliversilversmith and jeweler1877-1880
 Gilman, Nathaniel Jenkspartnership1846
 Gilman, Nathaniel Jenkssilversmith and jewelerc 1840
 Hatch, William Henry Harrisonpartnershipc 1837-1857
 Hatch, William Henry Harrisonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1858-1880
 Lovis, Georgepartnership1805-1807
 Lovis, Georgesilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakeraft 1807
 Lovis, Georgepartnershipc 1801-1804
 Lovis, Josiahsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1800
 Lowell, Abnersilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1834-1836
 Lowell, Abnersilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1870-1877
 Merrill, Jonathan Ambrosesilversmith and jeweler1845-1851
 Merrill, Jonathan Ambrosesilversmith and jeweler1852-1895
 Merrill, Jonathan Ambrosepartnershipc 1856
Saco, York, ME
 Twombly, Rufus Kingpartnershipc 1849-1877
South Berwick, York, ME
 Witt, Hollis Addisonsilversmith and jewelerc 1825-1868
Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
 Clark, Gabriel Duvallpartnership1831-1839
 Clark, Gabriel Duvallsilversmith and jeweler1840-1884
 Ellery, Epessilversmith, jeweler, and lapidary1829-1831
Chestertown, Kent, MD
 Bruff, Josephsilversmith and jeweler1800-1803
Easton, Talbot, MD
 Bruff, Josephsilversmith and jeweler1790-1800
 Bruff, Josephsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1755-1785
Amherst, Hampshire, MA
 Ridgway, Charles Thomaspartnershipbef 1834
Athol, Worcester, MA
 Bliss, Stephen Waitesilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerbef 1845
 Bliss, Stephen Waitesilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1860-1880
 Folsom, Azro B.silversmith and jewelerc 1860-1880
Attleboro, Bristol, MA
 Ames, William C.jeweler1880
 Barrows, Henry Francisjewelerc 1848-1851
 Copeland, Jamesjeweler1880
 Draper, Albert H.silversmith and jewelerc 1835
 Draper, Francis Samuelsilversmith and jeweler1850-1857
 Draper, Francis Samuelsilversmith and jeweler1860-1865
 Draper, Origen Williamsilversmith and jewelerc 1840-1880
 Draper, Origen Williampartnershipc 1865-1870
 Draper, Oscar Mannsilversmith and jewelerc 1860-1890
 Draper, Virgilsilversmith and jewelerc 1835-1880
 Fisher, George Eugenejeweler1870
 Fisher, George Eugenejeweler1880
 Hayward, Charles Edwardpartnership1851-1855
 Hayward, Charles Edwardpartnership1855-1885
 Hayward, Charles Edwardpartnership1885-1886
 Lincoln, Edwin Hjeweler1880
 Lincoln, Horace Edwinjeweler1860
 Lincoln, Horace Edwinjeweler1880
 Tappan, Abrahamjeweler1860
 Warren, George A.jeweler1860
 Warren, George A.jeweler1870
Barnstable, Barnstable, MA
 Munroe, Johnsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1725-1765
Beverly, Essex, MA
 Baker, Stephenssilversmith and jeweleraft 1818
Boston, Suffolk, MA
 Bacon, Silas Dexterpartnership1845-1857
 Bacon, Silas Dexterjeweler and watchmaker1858-1880
 Beal, Calebsilversmith and jewelerc 1781-1800
 Bigelow, Alansonpartnership1836-1839
 Bigelow, Alansonpartnership1845-1847
 Bigelow, Alansonpartnership1847-1860
 Bigelow, Alansonpartnership1870-1880
 Boyer, Jamessilversmith and jeweler1722-1741
 Brackett, Jeffrey Richardsonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1835-1848
 Brackett, Jeffrey Richardsonpartnership1848-1849
 Brackett, Jeffrey Richardsonpartnership1849-1850
 Copeland, Jamesjeweler1850-1870
 Crosby, Samuel Trevittpartnership1848-1849
 Crosby, Samuel Trevittpartnership1849-1850
 Crosby, Samuel Trevittpartnership1851-1852
 Crosby, Samuel Trevittsilversmith and jeweler1852-1861
 Crosby, Samuel Trevittpartnership1861-1863
 Crosby, Samuel Trevittpartnership1864-1868
 Crosby, Samuel Trevittpartnership1869-1875
 Crosby, Samuel Trevittpartnership1876
 Cutler, Amossilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1834-1839
 Cutler, Amospartnership1839-1842
 Cutler, Amossilversmith and jeweler1842-1852
 Cutler, Ebenpartnership1839-1842
 Cutler, Ebenjeweler1842-1850
 Davis, Joshua Geesilversmith and jeweler1790-1813
 Dennison, Eliphalet Wharfjeweler1850-1860
 Dennison, Eliphalet Wharfpartnership1865-1875
 Dumesnil, Antoinejewelerc 1800-1810
 Eaton, James Bentonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1805-1816
 Edmunds, Benjamin Franklinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakeraft 1856
 Ellery, Epessilversmith, jeweler, and lapidary1803-1809
 Farnam, Henrygoldsmith1798-1800
 Farnam, Henrypartnership1800-1806
 Farnam, Henrypartnershipc 1815
 Farnam, Rufuspartnership1800-1809
 Farnam, Rufussilversmith and jewelerc 1810-1830
 Federhen, Herbert Melancthonpartnership1867-1881
 Federhen, Johnpartnership1831
 Federhen, Johnsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1832-1866
 Federhen, Johnpartnership1867-1881
 Federhen, Johnpartnership1867-1881
 Federhen, Johnsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1855-1866
 Fenno, Jamessilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1820-1835
 Fletcher, Charlesclerk1808-1810
 Frobisher, Benjamin C.partnership1816-1825
 Gerrish, Olivergoldsmith and jeweler1817-1819
 Gooding, Josiahsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1825-1870
 Gray, William Henrysilversmith and jeweler1847-1857
 Gray, William Henrypartnership1857-1877
 Haley, Samuelsilversmith and jewelerc 1735-1770
 Haskins, Ralph Thurstonpartnership1829-1830
 Haskins, William Emersonpartnership1829-1830
 Hews, Abrahamsilversmith and jeweler1823-1850
 Hews, Abrahamsilversmith and jeweler1850-1855
 Hews, Abrahamsilversmith and jeweler1855-1867
 Hiller, Josephsilversmith and jeweler1740-1758
 Hobbs, Nathansilversmith and jeweler1816-1845
 Hunnewell, Francispartnership1861-1863
 Libby, Jacob George Lewissilversmith and jeweler1820-1846
 Morong, Thomaspartnership1820
 Morse, Henry Duttonengraver1850
 Morse, Henry Duttonpartnership1861-1863
 Morse, Henry Duttonpartnership1864-1868
 Morse, Henry Duttonpartnership1869-1875
 Morse, Henry Duttondiamond merchant and jewelerc 1860-1888
 Palmer, Jacob Peabodypartnership1865-1884
 Palmer, Jacob Peabodypartnershipc 1853-1865
 Parker, Isaacmerchant1789-1805
 Percival, David C.partnership1875
 Percival, David C.partnership1864-1870
 Raymond, Freeman Collinssilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1831-1875
 Ridgway, Johnpartnership1842
 Ridgway, Johnpartnership1842
 Ridgway, Johnsilversmith and jeweler1851-1860
 Ridgway, Johnpartnershipc 1860
 Shreve, Benjaminsilversmith and jeweler1850-1855
 Shreve, Benjaminpartnership1855-1857
 Shreve, Benjaminpartnership1865-1868
 Shreve, Benjaminpartnership1869-1888
 Stanwood, James D.partnership1855-1860
 Stanwood, James D.partnershipc 1850
 Stickney, Moses Pecksilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1820
 Townsend, Isaacsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1789-1806
 Trott, Andrew Cunninghamsilversmith and jewelerc 1800
 Trott, Peterpartnership1823-1855
 Trott, Peterpartnership1855-1880
 Tyler, Davidsilversmith and jeweler1785-1803
 Warren, George A.jeweler1880
 Welch, Johnsilversmith and jeweler1755
 Whittemore, Edwardjewelerc 1740-1765
 Willis, Stillmansilversmith and jeweler1810-1821
 Willis, Stillmansilversmith and jeweler1821-1841
 Willis, William Stillmansilversmith and jeweler1830-1841
 Winter, Stephensilversmith and jewelerc 1736-1747
 Wood, Nathaniel Goodwinjewelerc 1850-1860
 Wood, Nathaniel Goodwinpartnershipc 1860-1880
Concord, Middlesex, MA
 Hall, Isaac A.silversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerbef 1834
Fitchburg, Worcester, MA
 Conn, Reuben Ricesilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1850-1880
Gill, Franklin, MA
 Munn, Elishasilversmith and jewelerc 1800-1818
Gloucester, Essex, MA
 Lane, David Horacesilversmith and jewelerc 1855-1880
Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA
 Sibley, Jamessilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1799-1801
Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA
 Whiting, Charlessilversmith and engraver1787
Greenfield, Franklin, MA
 Forbes, Charles Pinkneysilversmith and jewelerc 1860-1880
 Forbes, Charles Pinkneypartnershipc 1870-1880
 Munn, Elishasilversmith and jewelerc 1819-1824
 Munn, Elishapartnershipc 1824
 Russell, Johnmanufacturing jeweler1830-1860
Haverhill, Essex, MA
 Carleton, James Hazensilversmith and jeweler1840-1855
 Carleton, Phineassilversmith and jewelerc 1810-1840
 Dole, Henry Lymanjeweler1865-1890
 Kimball, Leverettsilversmith and jeweler1840-1857
 Kimball, Leverettpartnership1857-1861
 Kimball, Leverettsilversmith and jeweler1861-1890
 Kimball, Leverettpartnership1871-1890
 Kimball, Wallace Lowepartnership1871-1890
 Sullivan, Julius L. D.partnership1862-1881
Hingham, Plymouth, MA
 Beal, Calebsilversmith and jewelerc 1775-1781
Hockanum, Hampshire, MA
 Fox, Dudleyjewelerc 1865-1870
Lawrence, Essex, MA
 Hobbs, Samuel F.silversmith and jeweler1850-1858
 Huntoon, Lemueljeweler1860-1880
 Huntoon, Lemuelpartnershipc 1870
Lenox, Berkshire, MA
 Moses, Martinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1818-1849
Lowell, Middlesex, MA
 Bacon, Henry Mccobbpartnership1874-1875
 Bacon, Henry Mccobbpartnership1875-1880
 Bacon, Horace Baldwinpartnership1866-1874
 Bacon, Horace Baldwinpartnership1874-1875
 Bacon, Horace Baldwinpartnership1875-1880
 Fellows, Ignatius W.partnershipc 1834
 Fellows, James Knowltonpartnership1834
 Fellows, James Knowltonsilversmith and jewelerc 1832
 Fenno, Jamessilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1835-1845
 Raynes, Josephpartnership1860-1879
 Raynes, Josephsilversmith and jewelerc 1831-1860
 Sanborn, Amospartnership1866-1875
Milford, Worcester, MA
 Wilcox, Charles Wsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1860-1880
Monson, Hampden, MA
 Moody, Daniel Dickinsonsilversmith and jewelerc 1826-1850
Nantucket, Nantucket, MA
 Easton, Jamesjeweler and watchmaker1828-1830
Nantucket, Nantucket, MA
 Easton, Jamespartnership1830-1838
 Easton, Jamesjeweler and watchmaker1839-1870
 Hadwen, Williamsilversmith and jeweler1820-1828
New Bedford, Bristol, MA
 Dexter, Benjaminsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1837-1859
 Dexter, Benjaminpartnership1860-1879
 Dexter, Josiah Allensilversmith and jewelerc 1860-1880
 Kelley, William B.jeweler1880
 Lakey, Irasilversmith and jewelerc 1830
 Pitman, Benjaminsilversmith and jewelerc 1820-1860
 Pitman, William Robinsonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1836-1856
Newburyport, Essex, MA
 Jones, William P.partnership1857-1873
 Moulton, Edward M.silversmith and jewelerabt 1865-1875
 Pearson, John Gawnsilversmith and jewelerc 1849-1880
 Towle, Anthony Francispartnership1857-1873
 Towle, Anthony Francispartnership1873-1882
Newton, Middlesex, MA
 Childs, Otissilversmith and jeweler1872-1873
North Attleboro, Bristol, MA
 Ames, William C.jeweler1910-1920
 Barrows, Henry Francismanufacturing jeweler1851-1854
 Barrows, Henry Francispartnership1854-1856
 Barrows, Henry Francismanufacturing jeweler1856-1880
 Draper, Francis Samuelpartnership1866-1875
 Draper, Francis Samuelpartnership1875-1886
 Draper, Josiahpartnershipc 1825-1840
 Tifft, Johnpartnershipc 1825-1840
 Whiting, Frank Mortimerpartnership1881-1891
 Whiting, Frank Mortimerpartnershipbef 1878
Northampton, Hampshire, MA
 Cook, Benjamin Elysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1834-1858
 Cook, Benjamin Elypartnership1858-1900
Northampton, Hampshire, MA
 Cook, Benjamin Elysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakeraft 1827
 Cook, Benjamin Elypartnership1828-1833
 Shepard, Timothy Phelpssilversmith and jewelerbef 1812
 Townsend, Isaacsilversmith and jeweler1806-1809
Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA
 Noble, Lukesilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1801-1830
 Root, Washington Mcdonoughpartnership1873
 Root, Washington Mcdonoughpartnership1830-1849
 Root, Washington Mcdonoughpartnership1849-1850
 Root, Washington Mcdonoughpartnershipc 1856
 Root, Washington Mcdonoughpartnership
Plainville, Bristol, MA
 Draper, Francis Samuelpartnership1851-1860
 Draper, Josiahpartnership1850-1851
 Lincoln, James Danielsonpartnership1851-1860
 Lincoln, James Danielsonpartnership1860-1882
 Tifft, Frank L.partnership1851-1860
 Tifft, Frank L.partnership1860-1882
 Tifft, Johnpartnership1850-1851
Salem, Essex, MA
 Bliss, Stephen Waitesilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1850
 Cogswell, Henrysilversmith and jewelerabt 1845-1865
 Cogswell, Henrypartnershipc 1850
 Foster, George B.partnership1831-1840
 Goodhue, Johnsilversmith and jeweler1822-1855
 Low, Danielsilversmith and jeweler1867-1911
 Peabody, John Perleysilversmith and jewelerc 1855-1890
 Warner, Danielsilversmith and jeweler1818
Southbridge, Worcester, MA
 Beecher, Williamsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1826-1860
Springfield, Hampden, MA
 Adams, Henrysilversmith and jewelerc 1830
 Floyd, Eugene B.silversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerbef 1865
 King, Lymanpartnership1857-1860
 Porter, Frederick Wadsworthpartnership1847-1850
 Whipple, Emery A.partnership1848-1849
 Whipple, Emery A.partnership1857-1860
 Whipple, Emery A.silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1860-1900
 Whipple, Emery A.silversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1840-1847
Taunton, Bristol, MA
 Babbitt, Isaacsilversmith and jeweler1822-1849
 Babbitt, Isaacpartnership1824-1829
Waltham, Middlesex, MA
 Whitford, George Henrysilversmith and jewelerc 1865
Winchendon, Worcester, MA
 Abbott, Solonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1870-1880
Worcester, Worcester, MA
 Burbank, Asa L.silversmith and jewelerc 1840-1880
 Fenno, Charles Williampartnershipc 1845-1870
 Fenno, William Danielpartnership1825
 Fenno, William Danielsilversmith, jeweler, and general merchantc 1817-1825
 Fenno, William Danielpartnershipc 1845-1870
 Knowlton, Francis Alanpartnership1869-1875
 Knowlton, Francis Alanpartnership1873-1876
 Knowlton, Francis Alansilversmith and jeweler1877-1920
 Story, Simeon N.partnership1838-1840
 Story, Simeon N.silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker1840-1895
Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, MI
 Sibley, Jamessilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1843-1846
Detroit, Wayne, MI
 Wright, Henry Martynpartnershipaft 1886
Detroit, Wayne, MI
 Wright, Henry Martynpartnershipc 1872-1885
Dexter, Washtenaw, MI
 Murdock, Samuel Woodwardsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1850-1880
Grand Rapids, Kent, MI
 Hill, Lysander Somersjeweler and watchmaker1870-1885
White Pigeon, St. Joseph, MI
 Austin, Augustine Ashleyjewelerc 1835
Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, MI
 Larzelere, Abrahamsilversmith and jeweleraft 1839
__, __, MO
Kansas City, Jackson, MO
 Holman, Henry Ralphsilversmith and jeweler1859-1862
Malta Bend, Saline, MO
 Clay, Henry Robysilversmith and jeweler
Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO
 Hequembourg, Theodorepartnership1845-1865
Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO
 Hequembourg, Theodorepartnership1850-1855
Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO
 Hequembourg, Theodoresilversmith and jewelerc 1855-1860
Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO
 Mead, Edwardpartnership1836-1842
Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO
 Mead, Edwardsilversmith and jeweler1843-1880
Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO
 Sullivan, Cornelius D.partnership1863-1865
 Sullivan, Cornelius D.silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1866-1869
 Sullivan, Cornelius D.partnership1870-1871
 Sullivan, Cornelius D.partnership1872-1873
 Sullivan, Cornelius D.silversmith and jeweler1874-1875
 Sullivan, Cornelius D.silversmith and jewelerc 1841
 Sullivan, Cornelius D.partnershipc 1843-1845
 Sullivan, Cornelius D.silversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1845-1862
Sedalia, Pettis, MO
 Danforth, Samuelsilversmith and jewelerc 1870
Natchez, Adams, MS
 Coit, Thomas Chestersilversmith and jeweler1826-1835
Alliance, Box Butte, NE
 Martin, Henry O.silversmith and jeweleraft 1885
 Harshman, William Danielsilversmith and jeweler
Alstead, Cheshire, NH
 Kingsbury, Daniel Perryjewelerc 1873-1880
Concord, Merrimack, NH
 Carter, Jacobsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1829-1853
 Carter, Jacobpartnershipc 1853-1856
 Carter, Jacobsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1858-1878
 Davis, Robertpartnership1826-1832
 Eastman, Sethpartnership1826-1828
 Eastman, Sethsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1828-1880
 Hall, Ivorysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1815-1860
 Nichols, Hiram M.silversmith and jewelerc 1840-1850
 Whitford, George Henrypartnership1856-1861
 Whitford, George Henrypartnershipc 1853-1856
 Whitford, George Henrypartnership
Dover, Strafford, NH
 Nutter, Enoch Hoytsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1826-1871
Goffstown, Hillsborough, NH
 McDougall, Williamsilversmith and jewelerc 1830-1860
Grafton, Grafton, NH
 Hale, Charlessilversmith and jewelerc 1865-1875
Great Falls, Strafford, NH
 Cole, Shubael B.silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1849-1867
Hanover, Grafton, NH
 Carter, Jacobsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1821-1828
Hillsboro, Hillsborough, NH
 Eaton, Henry Harrisonsilversmith and jeweler1872-1884
Laconia, Belknap, NH
 Gove, Richardsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1833-1880
Lebanon, Grafton, NH
 Buswell, Carlos Loomissilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1830-1865
Manchester, Hillsborough, NH
 Dunlap, Thomaspartnership1864
 Dunlap, Thomaspartnership1850-1864
 Dunlap, Thomaspartnership1870-1883
 Dunlap, Thomassilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1884-1888
 Dunlap, Thomassilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1867
 Edmunds, Benjamin Franklinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1850-1856
 Ladd, Horatio Homersilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1844-1880
Nashua, Hillsborough, NH
 Ridgway, Charles Thomaspartnership1834-1840
Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH
 Emery, Charles Thatchersilversmith and jewelerc 1850-1875
 Lowell, Abnerpartnership1837-1869
 Parry, Martinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1780-1795
Whitefield, Coos, NH
 Laughlin, Claude Edwardsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerabt 1880
Bloomfield, Essex, NJ
 Spear, Thomas Simpsonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1845-1857
Jersey City, Hudson, NJ
 Edmunds, Benjamin Franklinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1880
 Baldwin, Isaacpartnership1810-1841
Newark, Essex, NJ
 Baldwin, Isaacsilversmith and jeweler1841-1853
 Baldwin, Isaacpartnership1845-1850
 Clapp, Henry Wellssilversmith and jeweler1819-1823
 Colton, Demasmanufacturing jewelerc 1850
 Durand, James Madisonsilversmith, jeweler, and engraver1820-1880
 Durand, James Madisonpartnership1845-1850
 Durand, James Madisonpartnershipc 1850
 Hayden, William Waltersilversmith and jeweler1892-1909
 Hayden, William Waltersilversmith and jewelerc 1904-1909
 Hinsdale, Epaphrassilversmith and jeweler1801-1810
 Hinsdale, Horace Seymourpartnership1815-1819
 Hinsdale, Horace Seymourpartnership1835-1837
 Holmes, Adrian Banckersilversmith and jeweler1890
 Holmes, Adrian Banckerpartnership1886-1889
 Holmes, James Scrywegeaurpartnership1886-1889
 Holmes, James Scrywegeaursilversmith and jeweleraft 1889
 Holmes, James Scrywegeaursilversmith annd jewelerc 1860-1886
 Miller, Abner Halseypartnership1854-1860
 Miller, Abner Halseysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1860-1888
 Miller, James Wesleypartnership1854-1860
Rahway, Union, NJ
 Cory, Lewissilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1830-1848
South Orange, Essex, NJ
 Durand, Henrysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1809-1845
, Seneca, NY
 Sayre, Calebsilversmith and jeweleraft 1817
Albany, Albany, NY
 Arms, Nelson Templesilversmith and jeweler1835-1855
 Copp, Nathaniel P.silversmith and jeweler1844-1855
 Crittenden, Newton Ebenezersilversmith and jeweler1825-1828
 Doty, John Ferrissilversmith and jewelerbef 1828
 Hall, Greensilversmith and jeweler1813
 Hall, Greenpartnership1845
 Hall, Greenpartnership1814-1819
 Hall, Greenpartnership1816-1818
 Hall, Greenpartnership1828-1838
 Hall, Greenpartnership1838-1842
 Hall, Greenpartnership1846-1850
 Hall, Greenpartnership1850-1852
 Hood, Benjamin Locklinsilversmith and jeweler1854-1890
 Hood, Benjamin Locklinpartnershipc 1845-1854
 Howell, Silas Whitepartnership1801
 Howell, Silas Whitepartnership1797-1798
 Kirk, Abdielsilversmith and jeweler1834-1838
 Sibley, Jamessilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1801-1803
 Tobey, Edward M.partnershipc 1845-1854
 Tobey, Edward M.partnershipc 1855
 Williams, William Hartsilversmith and jewelerc 1850-1880
Auburn, Cayuga, NY
 Graves, Samuelsilversmith and jeweler1816-1862
 Haight, John Whitepartnership1850
 Haight, John Whitesilversmith and jeweleraft 1870
 Haight, John Whitesilversmith and jewelerc 1840
Bath, Steuben, NY
 Sedgwick, Williamsilversmith and jewelerc 1850
Brooklyn, Kings, NY
 Taylor, Pardon L.silversmith and jewelerc 1845-1860
Brooklyn, Kings, NY
 Webster, Adelbert Ashleysilversmith and jeweler1886-1904
Brooklyn, Kings, NY
 Webster, Clarence Barnettsilversmith and jewelerc 1900
Buffalo, Erie, NY
 Appleton, Jamesjewelerc 1855
 Copp, Nathaniel P.silversmith and jeweler1832-1835
 Hequembourg, Theodoresilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1832-1845
 Hood, Benjamin Locklinsilversmith and jewelerbef 1845
 Larzelere, Abrahampartnership1835
 Larzelere, Abrahamsilversmith and jeweler1815-1835
 Myer, Henry Beekmanpartnership1835-1837
 Myer, Henry Beekmansilversmith and jeweler1838-1842
 Myer, Henry Beekmanpartnership1842-1844
 Myer, Henry Beekmansilversmith and jeweler1848-1851
 Sherwood, Smith Jonessilversmith and jeweler1835-1836
 Sibley, Oscar Easterlypartnership1846-1848
 Sibley, Oscar Easterlysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1849-1870
Buffalo, Erie, NY
 Sibley, Richard Jamessilversmith and jewelerc 1850-1880
Canandaigua, Ontario, NY
 Sibley, Jamessilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1803-1826
Cazenovia, Madison, NY
 Hawley, John Deansilversmith and jeweler1840-1844
Cazenovia, Madison, NY
 Hawley, Oliver Andrewpartnership1848-1850
 Hawley, Oliver Andrewsilversmith and jewelerc 1845
 Willard, William Wallacepartnership1833-1834
Cooperstown, Otsego, NY
 Graves, Jessesilversmith and jeweler1803-1809
Cooperstown, Otsego, NY
 Graves, Jessepartnership1809-1816
 Graves, Jessesilversmith and jeweler1817-1847
 Graves, Samuelsilversmith and jeweler1815-1816
 Tanner, Perry Gallupsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1842-1850
 Bassett, Joshuapartnership1815-1826
Cortland, Cortland, NY
 Bassett, William H.partnership1815-1826
Elmira, Chemung, NY
 Ayers, Edward Harrissilversmith and jewelerc 1877
 Badger, Lucius Morgansilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1855-1866
 Rose, George Paynesilversmith and jewelerc 1860-1875
Esperance, Schoharie, NY
 Messinger, Storrssilversmith and jewelerc 1820-1885
 Messinger, Storrspartnershipc 1870
Hamilton, Madison, NY
 Boon, Sanfordjeweler1836
 Williams, William Hartsilversmith and jewelerc 1840-1850
Ithaca, Tompkins, NY
 Burdick, William Pendletonpartnership1816-1819
 Burritt, Edwin Josephpartnership1864
 Burritt, Edwin Josephpartnershipc 1865-1870
 Clark, Uripartnership1864-1865
 Clark, Urisilversmith and jeweler1866-1880
 Clark, Urisilversmith and jewelerc 1859-1864
 Dodge, Abrahampartnership1824-1825
 Dodge, Abrahamsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1820-1824
 Mead, Edwardpartnership1831-1832
 Mead, Edwardpartnership1831-1832
 Mead, Edwardpartnershipc 1832-1835
Katonah, Westchester, NY
 Benedict, Mosessilversmith and jeweler.c 1855-1880
Keeseville, Essex, NY
 Prescott, Henrysilversmith and jewelerc 1825-1835
Le Roy, Genesee, NY
 Crittenden, Newton Ebenezersilversmith and jeweler1824-1826
Madison, Madison, NY
 Bailey, Horace Clarkpartnershipc 1850
Middletown, Orange, NY
 Middlebrook, William Burrsilversmith and jewelerc 1840
Mohawk, Herkimer, NY
 Coe, Lysander Philetuspartnership1850-1867
 Adams, Caleb Cushingjourneyman and salesman1850-1853
New York City, New York, NY
 Adams, Caleb Cushingmerchant1859-1860
 Adams, Caleb Cushingjeweler and store manager1861-1876
 Adams, Caleb Cushingpartnership1876-1880
 Adams, Caleb Cushingjeweler1886-1893
 Baker, Ansonsilversmith and jeweler1820-1837
 Benedict, Ovingtonsilversmith and jeweler1855
 Benedict, Ovingtonpartnershipc 1860-1870
 Benedict, Readsilversmith and jeweler1855
 Benedict, Readpartnershipc 1860-1870
 Brady, William Vermilyesilversmith and jeweler1830-1845
 Bruff, Charles Oliversilversmith and jeweler1763-1782
 Canfield, Samuel Lordsilversmith, jeweler, and enameler1832-1834
 Canfield, Samuel Lordpartnership1835-1836
 Canfield, Samuel Lordsilversmith and jeweler1835-1839
 Canfield, Samuel Lordpartnership1837-1839
 Clapp, Benjamin Winthropsilversmith and jeweler1830-1860
 Clapp, Henry Wellspartnership1823-1835
 Coe, Lysander Philetussilversmith and jeweler1835-1850
 Coit, Thomas Chestersilversmith and jeweler1835-1841
 Colton, Demassilversmith and jeweler1825-1860
 Danforth, Samuelsilversmith and jewelerc 1838
 Eoff, Edgar Mortimerpartnership1844-1849
 Eoff, Edgar Mortimerpartnership1852-1855
 Eoff, Edgar Mortimerpartnershipaft 1855
 Furman, Philip Hearttsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1852-1864
 Gelston, George Searspartnership1837-1838
 Gelston, George Searspartnership1839-1844
 Gelston, George Searspartnership1844-1849
 Gelston, George Searspartnershipc 1835
 Hayden, Nathanielpartnership1846-1850
 Hinsdale, Epaphraspartnership1805-1810
 Hinsdale, Horace Seymourpartnership1805-1830
 Hinsdale, Horace Seymoursilversmith and jeweler1820-1834
 Hinsdale, Horace Seymoursilversmith and jewelerc 1837-1850
 Howe, George C.partnership1827-1834
 Howe, George C.partnership1839-1840
 Hoyt, Seymourpartnership1827-1836
 Hoyt, Seymourpartnership1842-1859
 Hoyt, Seymourpartnership1860-1865
 Lockwood, Fredericksilversmith and jeweler1825-1860
 Lowe, Joshuasilversmith and jeweler1828-1837
 Morris, William Henrysilversmith and jeweler1800-1805
 Parisen, Philippartnership1789-1790
 Parisen, Philipjeweler1812-1820
 Reynolds, David Irapartnershipc 1865-1885
 Reynolds, David Irapartnershipc 1890-1898
 Richards, Thomaspartnership1815
 Richards, Thomaspartnership1798-1802
 Richards, Thomaspartnership1802-1814
 Richards, Thomassilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1816-1825
 Richards, Thomaspartnership1827-1830
 Richards, Thomaspartnershipc 1825
 Rumrill, Alexanderpartnership1871-1878
 Salisbury, Henryjewelerc 1830-1860
 Sayre, Johnpartnership1802-1813
 Shreve, George Choatepartnership1859-1893
 Shreve, George Choatepartnershipc 1850
 Shreve, Samuel Verypartnershipc 1850
 Sill, Horacepartnership1840-1845
 Sill, Horacesilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1845-1850
 Squire, Bela Scovillepartnership1839-1845
 Squire, Bela Scovillepartnership1845-1853
 Squire, Bela Scovillepartnership1853-1855
 Squire, Bela Scovillepartnership1855-1870
 Squire, Seth P.partnership1845-1853
 Squire, Seth P.silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1853-1881
 Stollenwerck, Louis Marie Augustesilversmith and jeweler1814-1816
 Stollenwerck, Pierre Francoissilversmith and jeweler1808-1811
 Stow, Dwight Fostersilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1832-1845
 Tenney, Daniel Ingallspartnership1828-1848
 Tenney, Daniel Ingallssilversmith and jeweler1848-1880
 Tenney, William Ingallspartnership1828-1848
 Webster, Adelbert Ashleypartnership1865-1886
 Weed, Hart B.silversmith and jewelerc 1830-1860
 Wickham, Daniel Hullsilversmith and jewelerc 1832-1880
Newburgh, Orange, NY
 Myer, Henry Beekmansilversmith and jeweler1818-1835
Owego, Tioga, NY
 Matson, Newellsilversmith and jeweler1852-1857
Painted Post, Steuben, NY
 Badger, Lucius Morgansilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1835
Palmyra, Wayne, NY
 Hotchkiss, Davidpartnership1841-1842
Peekskill, Westchester, NY
 Doty, John Ferrissilversmith and jeweleraft 1828
 Moses, Martinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1850-1880
Pittsford, Monroe, NY
 Parmelee, Danielsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1833-1858
Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY
 Morgan, William S.partnership1832-1838
 Morgan, William S.silversmith and jeweler1839-1880
 Wing, Phineas Ricesilversmith and jewelerc 1850-1880
Rochester, Monroe, NY
 Booth, Ezra Beerspartnership1838-1861
 Booth, Ezra Beerspartnership1861-1888
 Cook, Erastusjeweler1834
 Cook, Erastuspartnership1838-1850
 Cook, Erastuspartnership1847-1859
 Hocknell, Georgepartnership1834-1869
 Parmelee, Danielsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1859-1865
 Sibley, Jamessilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1847-1850
 Stanton, William Pennpartnership1829-1841
 Stanton, William Pennsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1841-1866
Schenectady, Schenectady, NY
 Furman, Philip Hearttsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1821-1845
Sing Sing, Westchester, NY
 St John, Gouldsilversmith and jewelerc 1810-1820
Somers, Westchester, NY
 Moses, Martinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1815-1818
Southampton, Suffolk, NY
 Sayre, Calebsilversmith and jewelerc 1785-1817
Sweden, Monroe, NY
 Randall, Myrick Ogilviajewelerc 1845-1880
Syracuse, Onondaga, NY
 Becker, Albertsilversmith and jewelerc 1840-1854
 Hawley, John Deanpartnership1844-1869
 Hawley, John Deansilversmith and jeweler1870-1880
 Hotchkiss, Davidpartnership1854-1857
 Hotchkiss, Davidpartnership1857-1871
 Hotchkiss, Davidsilversmith and jewelerc 1850-1853
 Seymour, Josephsilversmith and jeweler1842-1848
 Seymour, Josephpartnership1854-1857
 Seymour, Josephpartnership1879-1887
 Seymour, Josephpartnershipc 1848-1854
 Seymour, Josephsilversmith and jewelerc 1857-1870
 Seymour, Josephpartnershipjan 1, 1870-1879
 Willard, William Wallacepartnership1844-1869
Troy, Rensselaer, NY
 Cook, Benjamin Elysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerbef 1826
Troy, Rensselaer, NY
 Griswold, Chauncy D.silversmith and jewelerc 1838-1842
Utica, Oneida, NY
 Barton, Josephpartnership1826
 Barton, Josephpartnership1811-1816
 Barton, Josephpartnership1829-1831
 Barton, Josephpartnership1831-1832
 Collins, Seldensilversmith and jeweler1835-1849
 Collins, Seldenpartnership1849-1850
 Collins, Seldensilversmith and jeweler1850-1880
 Leach, Almonpartnership1853-1856
 Leach, Almonpartnership1856-1858
 Leach, Almonsilversmith and jeweler1859-1880
 Leach, Almonsilversmith and jewelerc 1845
 Rawson, Isaac Newtonsilversmith and jeweler1854-1858
 Seymour, Josephsilversmith and jewelerc 1835
 Shepard, Timothy Phelpssilversmith and jeweleraft 1813
 Starin, Erastus Charlessilversmith and jeweler1830-1835
 Starin, Erastus Charlespartnershipc 1835-1839
 Tanner, Perry Galluppartnership1840-1842
 Taylor, William Starpartnership1850-1852
 Taylor, William Starpartnership1852-1858
 Taylor, William Starpartnership1858-1861
 Taylor, William Starsilversmith and jeweler1861-1885
Waterloo, Seneca, NY
 Fairchild, Calebsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1820-1870
Watertown, Jefferson, NY
 Guiteau, Calvinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1828-1836
Whitesboro, Oneida, NY
 Guiteau, Calvinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1825-1828
, Licking, OH
 Gallup, Williamsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1841-1845
Akron, Summit, OH
 Bigelow, Thomas Sumnersilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1830-1848
Athens, Athens, OH
 Cornwell, David Colemanjeweler1869-1880
Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH
 Allen, Calebpartnership1833-1834
 Allen, Calebpartnership1834-1836
 Allen, Calebsilversmith and jeweler1837-1840
 Allen, Calebpartnership1840-1842
 Allen, Calebpartnership1846-1873
 Allen, Calebsilversmith and jewelerbef 1833
 Allen, William H.partnership1840-1842
 Allen, William H.silversmith and jeweler1843-1845
 Allen, William H.partnership1846-1873
 Bliss, Henrysilversmith and jeweler1830-1860
 Holman, Henry Ralphsilversmith and jewelerc 1857
 Kinsey, Louis Adeptuspartnership1861-1871
 Kinsey, Louis Adeptuspartnership1871-1882
 Kinsey, Thomasjeweler1850-1860
Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH
 Aiken, Charles Grantpartnershipaft 1850
 Aiken, Charles Grantsilversmith and jewelerc 1840-1850
 Crittenden, Newton Ebenezersilversmith and jeweler1829-1872
 Goodwin, Homer Michaelpartnership1857
 Hastings, Benjamin Barnabassilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1835-1846
Columbus, Franklin, OH
 Backus, Alexandersilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1841-1850
 Platt, William Augustussilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1830-1850
 Sprague, Lindelsilversmith and jeweler1815-1820
Defiance, Defiance, OH
 Backus, Alexandersilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1850-1855
Delaware, Delaware, OH
 Platt, Cyrussilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1840-1880
 Platt, Frederick Williamsilversmith and jeweler1875
Kenton, Hardin, OH
 Chapman, Harveysilversmith and jeweler1853-1880
Marietta, Washington, OH
 Anderson, David Bushsilversmith and jeweler1817-1854
Marion, Marion, OH
 Chapman, Harveysilversmith and jewelerc 1840-1853
Mount Vernon, Knox, OH
 Young, William Mitchellpartnership1854-1868
 Young, William Mitchellpartnership1868-1872
 Young, William Mitchellsilversmith and jeweler1872-1880
Newark, Licking, OH
 Sprague, Hezekiah S.silversmith and jeweler1830-1865
Painesville, Lake, OH
 Matson, Newellsilversmith and jewelerc 1850
Ravenna, Portage, OH
 Campbell, Robert Elysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1825-1853
Tiffin, Seneca, OH
 Gallup, Williamjeweler and watchmaker1854-1880
Toledo, Lucas, OH
 Stow, Dwight Fostersilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1846-1853
Urbana, Champaign, OH
 Baxter, William Henrysilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1850-1880
Warren, Trumbull, OH
 Ackley, Charles Csilversmith and jewelerabt 1889
 Ackley, Thaddeus D.silversmith and jeweler1860-1900
 Ackley, Thaddeus D.partnershipc 1900-1910
 Ackley, William Douglassilversmith and jeweler1890-1920
 Ackley, William Douglaspartnershipc 1900-1910
Wooster, Wayne, OH
 Sprague, Hezekiah S.partnership1820-1829
Wooster, Wayne, OH
 Sprague, Lindelpartnership1820-1829
Wooster, Wayne, OH
 Sprague, Lindelsilversmith and jeweler1830-1872
Youngstown, Mahoning, OH
 Ackley, Charles Cpartnershipabt 1890
Zanesville, Muskingum, OH
 Cleveland, Francispartnership1815-1818
 Ross, Alexander Coffinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1829-1865
 Ross, Jamessilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1853-1861
Chester, Delaware, PA
 Dubois, Benjamin Franklinjeweler1870
Erie, Erie, PA
 Austin, Thomas Merrillsilversmith and jewelerc 1840-1880
Hartford, Susquehanna, PA
 Payne, Oliversilversmith and jewelerc 1835-1870
Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
 Bennett, Jacobsilversmith and jewelerc 1830-1840
 Biddle, John W.partnership1859-1870
 Dubois, Benjamin Franklinjeweler1870-1900
 Dubois, Gideonsilversmith and jeweler1880
 Eno, George Augustuspartnershipc 1860-1870
 Fletcher, Charlesclerk1811-1816
 Fletcher, Charlesjeweler and watchmaker1816-1818
 Fletcher, Charlespartnership1819-1824
 Fletcher, Charlesjeweler and watchmaker1824-1825
 Fletcher, Charlesjeweler and watchmaker1829-1833
 Fletcher, Georgejeweler1821
 Fletcher, Georgejeweler1825
 Fletcher, Georgepartnership1819-1824
 Fletcher, Georgejeweler1829-1831
 Hinckley, Robert Hewessilversmith and jewelerc 1830-1845
 Hinman, Daniel Burrittsilversmith, jeweler, and clockmaker1833-1837
 Hinman, Daniel Burrittwholesale jeweler and clockmaker1838-1859
 Pepper, Samuel W.partnership1847-1853
 Stockman, Jacobpartnership1828-1831
 Stockman, Jacobsilversmith and jewelerc 1832-1855
 Woolworth, Danforthsilversmith and jeweler1820-1850
 Woolworth, Richard Championsilversmith and jeweler1815-1835
Uniontown, Fayette, PA
 Baily, Ellissilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1833-1883
Bristol, Bristol, RI
 Gooding, James Madisonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1830-1850
Newport, Newport, RI
 Denham, Daniel Chasesilversmith and jewelerc 1820-1850
 Pitman, William Robinsonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakeraft 1856
 Snow, Johnsilversmith and jeweler1802-1806
Pawtucket, Providence, RI
 Dana, Paytonpartnership1820-1823
Providence, Providence, RI
 Baker, Georgesilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1811-1840
 Blake, David Brainardsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1824-1881
 Blake, David Brainardpartnershipc 1860
 Burr, Christopherpartnership1813-1818
 Burr, Christophersilversmith and jeweleraft 1818
 Crandall, Benjaminsilversmith and jewelerc 1824-1845
 Dana, Paytonpartnership1803-1805
 Dana, Paytonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1805-1814
 Dana, Paytonpartnership1815-1820
 Dana, Paytonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1824-1851
 Fessenden, Thomas Francispartnership1858-1860
 Fessenden, Thomas Francispartnership1858-1860
 Fessenden, Thomas Francispartnership1860-1895
 Field, Charles Henrysilversmith and engraverc 1855-1880
 Field, Edwinsilversmith and jewelerc 1820-1860
 Floyd, Eugene B.silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1877-1880
 Frost, William Robypartnershipc 1810
 Haskins, Charles Emersonsilversmith and jeweler1854-1860
 Haskins, Edward Ripleysilversmith and jeweler1857-1860
 Haskins, Ralph Thurstonpartnership1832-1860
 Haskins, William Emersonpartnership1832-1860
 Metcalf, Whitingpartnership1835-1845
 Metcalf, Whitingsilversmith and jewelerc 1824-1850
 Miller, Pardonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1822-1850
 Nichols, Jonathan Bassettsilversmith and jewelerc 1815-1850
 Peck, Benjaminsilversmith and jewelerc 1804-1840
 Richmond, Arouetpartnership1808-1825
 Richmond, Arouetjeweleraft 1825
 Richmond, Franklinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1819-1858
 Richmond, Galenpartnership1808-1825
 Robinson, Albert Jenkssilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1870-1880
 Sackett, Adnahpartnership1836
 Sackett, Adnahpartnership1836
 Sackett, Adnahpartnershipc 1830
 Sackett, Adnahpartnershipc 1846-1850
 Sackett, Adnahpartnershipc 1850-1860
 Stanton, William Pennsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1821-1828
 Taber, Samuel Macombersilversmith and jeweler1820-1850
 Taber, Samuel Macomberpartnership1850-1853
 Taber, William E.partnership1863
 Taber, William E.partnership1863
 Taber, William E.silversmith and jeweler1830-1863
 Taber, William E.partnership1850-1853
 Taber, William E.jeweler1863-1880
 Veazie, Josephpartnershipc 1820-1825
 Webster, Henry Lamsonsilversmith and jeweler1841
 Webster, Henry Lamsonpartnership1831-1837
 Webster, Henry Lamsonpartnership1837-1840
 Webster, Henry Lamsonpartnership1852-1859
 Webster, Henry Lamsonpartnership1859-1864
 Wheaton, Georgepartnership1807
 Wheaton, Georgesilversmith and jeweleraft 1827
Westerly, Washington, RI
 Denison, Edwin Nathansilversmith and jewelerc 1850-1895
Bennettsville, Marlboro, SC
 Peabody, Nathaniel Prenticesilversmith and jewelerc 1830-1870
Charleston, Charleston, SC
 Atmar, Ralphpartnership1797-1799
 Atmar, Ralphsilversmith and jewelerc 1785-1797
 Atmar, Ralphsilversmith and jewelerc 1800-1805
 Hayden, Augustus Henrypartnership1865
 Hayden, Augustus Henrypartnership1846-1852
 Hayden, Augustus Henrypartnership1852-1855
 Hayden, Augustus Henrypartnership1855-1863
 Hayden, Hezekiah Sidneypartnership1852-1855
 Hayden, Hezekiah Sidneypartnership1855-1863
 Hayden, Nathanielpartnership1832-1835
 Hayden, Nathanielpartnership1838-1843
 Hayden, Nathanielsilversmith and jewelerc 1835-1838
 Spear, James Emmonssilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1846-1848
 Spear, James Emmonspartnership1849-1850
 Spear, James Emmonssilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1851-1871
 Vernon, Nathanielsilversmith and jeweleraft 1802
Sumter, Sumter, SC
 Hoyt, Freemansilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1831-1869
Clarksville, Montgomery, TN
 Fowler, Wellssilversmith and jeweler1839-1860
Memphis, Shelby, TN
 Merriman, Charles Grannisspartnership1847-1860
 Merriman, James Edwardpartnership1841-1847
 Merriman, James Edwardpartnership1847-1860
 Merriman, James Edwardpartnership1860-1870
Nashville, Davidson, TN
 Elliston, Johnsilversmith and jeweler1815-1823
 Elliston, Joseph Thorpepartnership1802
 Elliston, Joseph Thorpesilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1799-1820
 Guiteau, Calvinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1836-1839
 Guiteau, Calvinpartnership1839-1843
 Guiteau, Calvinsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1843-1846
 Peabody, Johnpartnership1836-1837
 Peabody, Johnpartnership1839-1841
Nashville, Davidson, TN
 Peabody, Johnpartnership1843-1847
Galveston, Galveston, TX
 Ball, Georgemerchantaft 1839
Norfolk, Norfolk, VA
 Burwell, Fitch Welchpartnership1855
 Burwell, Fitch Welchsilversmith and jeweler1843-1845
 Burwell, Fitch Welchsilversmith and jewelerc 1845-1855
Portsmouth, Norfolk, VA
 Burwell, Fitch Welchsilversmith and jeweler1841-1843
Richmond, Richmond, VA
 Singleton, Anthonysilversmith and jeweler1787-1795
Williamsburg, Williamsburg, VA
 Singleton, Anthonysilversmith and jeweler1771-1787
, , VT
 Post, Jordansilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1787-1802
Barnet, Caledonia, VT
 Laughlin, Andrew Scottsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1858-1898
 Laughlin, Julian Pringlesilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1888
Barton Landing, Orleans, VT
 Brockway, Adna Freedomsilversmith and jeweler1872-1890
Bartonsville, Windham, VT
 Adams, Hiram Ebenezerjeweler and general merchant1855-1868
Bellows Falls, Windham, VT
 Amadon, Henrysilversmith and jeweler1880-1907
 Amadon, Leandersilversmith and jeweler1843-1878
 Eaton, William J.silversmith and jewelerc 1890
 Fox, Dudleyjewelerc 1870
Bennington, Bennington, VT
 Bliss, Henri O.silversmith and jewelerc 1875
 Bradley, Horace P.silversmith and jeweler1845-1855
 Bradley, Horace P.partnership1855-1869
 Bradley, Horace P.silversmith and jeweler1870-1881
Bradford, Orange, VT
 Doty, Edward Henrysilversmith and jewelerc 1872-1887
Brandon, Rutland, VT
 Hatch, Philander Bartonpartnership1845-1847
 Hatch, Philander Bartonsilversmith and jewelerc 1848-1853
Brattleboro, Windham, VT
 Brackett, Horace D.silversmith and jeweler1842-1856
 Brackett, Horace D.partnershipc 1840-1842
 Ranger, Bethuelsilversmith and jeweler1843-1851
 Ranger, Bethuelpartnership1843-1876
 Ranger, Bethuelpartnership1876-1895
 Thompson, Daniel B.partnership1843-1876
 Thompson, Daniel B.silversmith and jewelerc 1817-1843
 Thompson, Henry H.partnership1876-1895
 Thompson, Henry H.silversmith and jeweler1896-1910
Burlington, Chittenden, VT
 Adams, Hiram Ebenezerpartnership1879-1882
 Adams, Hiram Ebenezerjeweler1883-1905
 Adams, Mark Whitepartnership1879-1882
 Adams, Mark Whitejeweler1882-1904
 Floyd, Eugene B.partnership1865-1866
 Floyd, Eugene B.silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1865-1870
 Hildreth, Chestersilversmith and jeweler1844-1860
 Hildreth, Chesterpartnership1860-1889
 Randall, Joseph Volneysilversmith and jeweler1846-1854
 Wyman, John Danielsilversmith and jeweler1900
Castleton, Rutland, VT
 Griswold, Chauncy D.silversmith and jeweler1843-1844
 Preston, Lafayette Washingtonpartnership1878-1884
 Preston, Lafayette Washingtonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1844-1878
Chelsea, Orange, VT
 Bailey, Phinehasjeweler and clockmakerc 1810-1824
 Grow, Fostersilversmith and jeweler1840-1882
Chester, Windsor, VT
 Kingsbury, Daniel Perrypartnership1862
 Kingsbury, Daniel Perrysilversmith and jeweler1857-1862
 Kingsbury, Daniel Perrysilversmith and jeweler1863-1872
 Kingsbury, George W.partnership1862
Danville, Caledonia, VT
 Eastman, Ebenezersilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1825-1850
Derby Line, Orleans, VT
 Davis, Sampsonsilversmith and jeweleraft 1806
Felchville, Windsor, VT
 Randall, Billy Decatursilversmith and jeweler1872-1876
Groton, Caledonia, VT
 Paul, John Graysilversmith and jeweler1870-1872
Hyde Park, Lamoille, VT
 Wiswell, Adna V.silversmith and jeweler1876-1890
Jamaica, Windham, VT
 Kingsbury, Daniel Orlandosilversmith and jewelerc 1870-1885
Ludlow, Windsor, VT
 Bixby, Wentworth M.silversmith and jeweler1883-1897
 Clark, Normansilversmith and jewelerc 1853
Lyndon, Caledonia, VT
 Nichols, Hiram M.silversmith and jewelerc 1850-1880
Middlebury, Addison, VT
 Brewster, Henry Whitmansilversmith and jeweler1859-1875
 Brewster, Henry Whitmanpartnership1875-1881
 Holton, Simeonsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1853-1881
 Holton, Simeonpartnership1850-1853
 Pinney, George W.partnership1875-1881
Monkton Ridge, Addison, VT
 Knowles, David Fisksilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1813-1881
Montpelier, Washington, VT
 Abbott, John Sullivansilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1838-1853
 Hatch, Philander Bartonsilversmith and jewelerc 1842-1845
 Kimball, Jacob Sawyersilversmith, jeweler, and watchmakerc 1800-1827
 Mead, Almon Ainsworthpartnership1846-1849
 Mead, Almon Ainsworthpartnership1849-1857
 Mead, Almon Ainsworthsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1857-1887
 Phinney, Truman Curtispartnership1849-1857
 Phinney, Truman Curtissilversmith and jeweler1857-1863
 Phinney, Truman Curtispartnership1864-1869
Morristown, Lamoille, VT
 Wiswell, Adna V.silversmith and jewelerc 1865-1875
Orwell, Addison, VT
 Griswold, Chauncy D.silversmith and jeweler1840-1843
 Griswold, Chauncy D.silversmith and jeweler1844-1850
Rutland, Rutland, VT
 Adams, Hiram Ebenezerpartnership1870
 Adams, Hiram Ebenezerpartnership1868-1872
 Adams, Hiram Ebenezerpartnership1869-1870
 Adams, Hiram Ebenezerjeweler1871-1873
 Adams, Hiram Ebenezerpartnership1872-1879
 Clark, Alanda W.partnership1855-1868
 Clark, Alanda W.partnership1868-1872
 Clark, Horace G.partnership1855-1868
 Clark, Horace G.partnership1868-1872
 Clark, Normanpartnership1855-1868
 Clark, Normanpartnership1868-1872
 Giddings, Soloman Parkspartnership1868-1872
 Giddings, Soloman Parkspartnership1869-1870
Ryegate, Caledonia, VT
 Doty, Edward Henrysilversmith and jewelerc 1887
Saint Albans, Franklin, VT
 Brainard, Frank Wendalsilversmith and jewelerc 1870
 Huntington, Alfred Henrywatchmaker and jeweler1825-1834
 Huntington, Alfred Henrypartnership1842-1844
 Huntington, Alfred Henrywatchmaker and jeweler1844-1849
 Huntington, Alfred Henrypartnership1849-1856
 Huntington, Collins Freleighjeweler1880
 Huntington, Collins Hickoxpartnership1852
 Huntington, Collins Hickoxsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1842-1865
 Wyman, Charlespartnership1856-1862
 Wyman, Charlespartnership1862-1868
 Wyman, Charlessilversmith and jeweler1868-1887
 Wyman, Charlespartnership1887-1897
 Wyman, Charlessilversmith and jewelerc 1847-1850
 Wyman, Charlespartnershipc 1850-1856
 Wyman, Johnpartnership1857-1862
 Wyman, John Danielpartnership1887-1897
Saint Johnsbury, Caledonia, VT
 Randall, Nathanielpartnership1857-1858
 Randall, Nathanielsilversmith and jeweler1858-1862
Springfield, Windsor, VT
 Porter, Frederick Wadsworthsilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1850-1870
Stowe, Lamoille, VT
 Randall, Billy Decatursilversmith and jeweler1863-1872
Wells River, Orange, VT
 Holton, Harry A.partnership1880-1888
 Holton, Harry Hibbardsilversmith and jeweler1864-1879
 Holton, Harry Hibbardpartnership1880-1888
West Rutland, Rutland, VT
 Giddings, Soloman Parkssilversmith and jeweler1873
Windsor, Windsor, VT
 Townsend, Isaacsilversmith and clockmakeraft 1809
Woodstock, Windsor, VT
 Clarke, Francis Williamspartnership1842-1867
 Clarke, Francis Williamspartnership1867-1870
 Clarke, Francis Williamspartnership1870-1875
 Davis, Sampsonsilversmith and jewelerc 1780-1806
 Murdock, James Hoopersilversmith and jeweler1840-1865
 Murdock, James Hooperpartnership1865-1870
 Murdock, James Hoopersilversmith and jeweler1870-1875
 Murdock, James Russellpartnership1865-1870
 Murdock, James Russellsilversmith and jeweler1875-1890
 Randall, Myrick Ogilviapartnershipc 1842-1843
 Randall, Nathanielsilversmith and jeweler1843-1857
 Randall, Nathanielpartnership1862-1863
 Randall, Nathanielsilversmith and jeweler1863-1875
 Randall, Nathanielpartnershipc 1842-1843
 Waldron, Nathanielsilversmith and jeweler1811-1840
Olympia, Thurston, WA
 Talcott, Charles R.partnership1880
 Talcott, Charles R.partnershipc 1872-1880
 Talcott, George Noyespartnershipc 1880
Lake Mills, Jefferson, WI
 Bigelow, Thomas Sumnersilversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker1849-1872
Madison, Dane, WI
 Cook, Erastussilversmith and jeweleraft 1859
Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
 Matson, Newellsilversmith and jewelerc 1858

11 June 2010
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