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John Sisty (1761-1801)
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Very little is known about the early years of John Sisty, other than that he was born 31 Jan 1761 in Maryland, son of John Sisty (Cisti) and Eliza Paris. In a biographical sketch of his grandson, James H. Sisty, John is described as being “of French Descent” and “a Revolutionary hero having aided the colonies in their struggle for independence.” No evidence has been found to substantiate either of these claims.

John married Susannah (last name unknown) probably about 1780. The biographical sketch states that John’s wife was “a woman of German extraction.” The birth of their first son, William, took place in or near Wilmington, Delaware, on 1 September 1781, where he was baptized on the 9th. The family lived in Christiana Hundred, Newcastle County, Delaware, where John appears on the reconstructed Delaware State Census of 1782 and a tax roll of 1784. An account of the estate of John Sinnex, farmer, also of Christiana Hundred, dated 1783, lists a payment of 4s/8p to John Sisty.

London Tract Primitive Baptist Meeting House
London Britain Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
During this period, the Sisty family worshipped at the London Tract Primitive Baptist Meeting House across the border in London Britain Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Their second son, John, was born 26 March 1783 in Newark, Newcastle County, Delaware, and their third son, Curtis, was born 10 April 1787, also in Delaware. On 13 November 1784, their first daughter, Mary, was born. She evidently died young as a second daughter, also named Mary, was born 24 June 1789.

By 1794, John had moved to Philadelphia. John’s first wife had either died, or the couple was separated by that time, because on 6 March of that year he was married to Mary (Baycon) Woods by Thomas Ustick, V.D.M., at the First Baptist Church of Philadelphia. During this period, that congregation worshipped in a large brick building called LaGrange Place on Second Street between Market and Arch. Mary was born 8 July 1751 in New Jersey, daughter of Samuel Baycon and Mary Wright. Four days after the marriage, John was appointed Sexton of the church. That same year, he was listed on a return of the Second Battalion, Fifth Company of the Fourth Regiment of Militia of the City of Philadelphia commanded by Lieut. Col. Commandant Andrew Guyer.

John resided at 54 North 7th Street and, in 1796, became one of the founding members of the Washington Fire Company serving the neighborhood of Walnut, Spruce, Eleventh and 12th streets. In 1797, he rented a 16’ 8” x 80’ property on the west side of Ninth Street between Locust and Spruce streets for an annual fee of eight ounces, sixteen pennyweights and twelve grains of silver, where, presumably, he conducted a grocery business. On 21 May 1796, Mary, at the age of 44, was baptized at the First Baptist Church of Philadelphia. On July 6th of that year, John was received by letter into that church from the London Tract Baptist Church mentioned above.

By 1799, John had moved to 10 South 9th Street, where he is listed in the city directory as a laborer. The city directory for 1801 has him at that same address, but this time working as an “accomptant.”

John Sisty died 13 May 1801 at the age of forty and was buried in the First Baptist Church cemetery on 2nd Street, between Market and Arch streets. Following his death, an application was made to the church for discharging his funeral expenses. The cemetery no longer exists. By 1889, the bodies had been removed to Mount Moriah Cemetery on Kingsessing Avenue, well out of the downtown area. There are no records of John’s gravesite at Mount Moriah. He may have been buried in an unmarked grave at First Baptist which was missed in the move, or he may have been moved and reburied in an unmarked grave at Mount Moriah.

Mary continued to live in Philadelphia for another 23 years. Between the years 1803 and 1809, successive city directories list her at 138 South 9th Street. She died on 11 April 1824 and was buried, presumably alongside her husband, in the First Baptist Church cemetery.


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