Aaron Hampton (1805-1851) & Mary Ann Sisty (1817-?)

Aaron Hampton (1805-1851)
Mary Ann Sisty (1817-?)

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Mary Ann Sisty married Aaron Hampton 25 October 1833 in Mifflinsburg, Columbia County, Pennsylvania. Aaron Hampton, son of Joseph Hampton and Elizabeth Slater, was born 8 January 1805 in New Jersey. We do not have proof that this Mary is the daughter of William Sisty and Mary Roth. However, the circumstantial case is compelling.

Based on the 1850 census, Mary was born about 1818 in Pennsylvania. The Mary Sisty Wright compiled genealogy of the Sisty family, which identifies Mary Ann as the 5th child and 3rd daughter of William and Mary, puts her birth date at 14 Dec 1817. The 1820 census for Salem Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania identifies two girls under 10 in the Sisty household. We know Elizabeth Sisty is one. Mary is the right age to be the other. Similarly, the 1830 census for Nescopeck Township (across the Susquehanna River from Salem) shows two females in the Sisty household between the ages of 10 and 14. Again, one of these is Elizabeth and Mary Ann is the right age to be the other. By the 1840 census, there are no females in the Sisty household matching the ages of Elizabeth and Mary Ann, both of whom were married by then. No other female Sisty has been located that matches these dates.

"Mount Pisgah, Mauch Chunk," by James Fuller Queen, 1855, showing the Lehigh Canal running through the town of Mauch Chunk (now Jim Thorpe) just south of Lausanne Township, PA. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.
The account of Mary Ann's marriage was carried in the "Mauch Chunk Courier," which, at the time, was edited by Amos Sisty with the assistance of brother Mahlon Sisty, sons of William and Mary.

Mary Ann and Aaron settled in Carbon County, the same place most of the other Sisty children settled. In 1850, Aaron was working there as a lock tender on the Lehigh Canal in Lausanne Township.

Elizabeth Sisty married Thomas J. Betterly on 3 May 1837. The couple settled in Huntington Township, Luzerne County. In 1850, George Young Sr. and family were living next door to Thomas J. Betterly and family. George Young Sr. was married to Mary Betterly, sister of Thomas J. Betterly. On 1 January 1860, Mary Ann (Sisty) Hampton's daughter, Mary Elizabeth, married George Henry Young in Huntington Township. We believe George Henry Young was the son of George Young, Sr. and Mary Betterly. To summarize: Elizabeth Sisty married Thomas J. Betterly; Mary Ann's daughter married Elizabeth's nephew George Young.

Following George Young's death in 1864, Mary Elizabeth (Hampton) Young married the son of Thomas J. Betterly and Elizabeth Sisty Charles W. Betterly. Since Mary Elizabeth Hampton grew up in Carbon County, how else did she become acquainted with the Betterly's and the Young's of Luzerne County if not through (her aunt) Elizabeth Sisty?

The 1880 census provides another clue. In the household of Thomas J. Betterly and Elizabeth Sisty is listed Daisy Hampton, 9, niece. This is certainly Daisy Hampton, daughter of William Hampton, granddaughter of Aaron Hampton and Mary Ann Sisty. She was counted with her own family in June of that year, but was evidently counted a second time with Thomas and Elizabeth. William's wife died in March of 1880 leaving him with the care of whichever of his seven daughters were still living at home. Perhaps he was farming some of them out to relatives. Even though Daisy is listed as a niece when she is actually a grand-niece, there is really no other known connection with a Hampton family that would provide an alternative explanation other than that Elizabeth and Mary Ann were sisters.

Finally, there is the census of 1850 for Lausanne Township, in which Mary Sisty, 66, is living with Mary Ann and Aaron Hampton. This, no doubt, is Mary (Roth) Sisty (born 1784) living with her daughter and family following the death in 1841 of her husband William.

Aaron Hampton died in Penn Haven, Carbon County, on 17 December 1851, leaving Mary a widow at age 34. We lose track of Mary Ann after that. However, since she was not living on her own or with either of her children in 1860, it is likely she remarried by then.


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