Downerville Cemetery--Town of Russell--RU030


This small cemetery (probably less than ten people buried here) is on the Downerville Road (incorrectly referred to as the Donnerville Road on some maps). This road is approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile from Russell on County Road 24 heading towards Canton.


The cemetery is 1.4 miles from County Road 24, and the Downerville Road is a gravel road, narrow and not easily travelled. The cemetery is adjacent to the road with a sign marking it.


There were four headstones and what appeared to be one missing headstone, and two of the headstones have two children marked on each of the headstones. (April 2000). The range of burials seems to run from 1863 to 1895.


This cemetery is marked on the West Pierrepont topographical map, and the measured coordinates are 44 26 05 North and 075 06 30 West.


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