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Records indicate that my branch of the Guille family came from Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands off the coast of Normandy, France.

As far as Graham Guille, the preeminent worldwide Guille Family genealogist and archivist, has been able to establish, the very first Guilles were from Norway. Around 950-980 there was a gradual movement of the Norse peoples along the coast of northern Germany and what is now the French province of Normandy (i.e., the Land of the Norse). The family is mentioned in several of the Norse Saga and their deeds are recounted in some detail in the Faroese Saga. By about the year 1000, some members evidently reached the Channel Islands, a group of small independent "mini" states which lie in the Gulf of St Mal.

It is felt that the name "Guille" was derived from the Norse name "Gile". The Norman French adopted the spelling "Guille" in order that the "G" would have a harsh sound in the french language.

The first Guernsey Island mention of the Guille name is for the year 1055 in a marriage contract between a Marie Guille and Mauger, banished uncle of William, Duke of Normandy. William went on to be King of England eleven years later.

My particular branch of the Guille family can be traced back in an unbroken line to Thomas Guille (ca. 1300) and the daughter of Jean D'Icart. That branch remained on Guernsey, being at various times the Seigneur of Rohais and of St. George until my great-great-great-grandfather, Nicholas Guille, immigrated to Perpignan, France to become a buying agent in Spain and France for Messrs Carteret Priaulx, a wine and spirit import company shipping goods to England, via Guernsey. Nicholas pursued this career because he could not inherit his father's estate in Guernsey. He was the third son of Jean (John) Guille; therefore, not in line to become the Seigneur de St. George.

My great-great-grandfather, Joseph Francis Nicholas Guille, was born in Perpignan, France in 1776, and immigrated to Philadelphia, PA in 1810. For more information about him, click .

Some time around 1830, Joseph and his wife moved with their five children to Ohio, finally settling in Zanesville. Two more children were born in Zanesville, one of which was my great-grandfather, Andros Guille . For more information about him, click .

Andros was apprenticed as a bookbinder, but sometime after 1851, entered into the grocery business with his brother-in-law, B.F. Leslie, at 34 S. Main St., Zanesville. In 1862, Andros enlisted as a Corporal in the 97th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment (for more information about the 97th O.V.I., click ). He fought with the 97th Ohio in the Battle of Perryville (KY), the Battle of Stones River (TN), and the Battles for Chattanooga (TN). He was wounded in the assault on Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga, and was mustered out of the Union Army in 1864, due to his wounds. He then returned to Zanesville to resume his partnership in the grocery store.

In 1886, Andros and his wife and 8 children, including my grandfather, William Andros Guille, moved from Ohio to Grindstone Mountain near Ooltewah, Tennessee, about 15 miles from Chattanooga. For more information about William, click .

William and his wife had 2 children: my father, Andros Leslie Guille (for more information about Leslie, click ), and his sister Catherine Eloise Guille.

Due to my father's health problems, my parents, Leslie and Inez Guille, moved to Tucson, Arizona, where I was born. For biographical information on me, click .

In 2001, My wife and I visited the UK. For photos taken during our visit to Guernsey, click .


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Acknowledgment: I am deeply indebted to Graham Guille of Guernsey, a distant "Cousin" and Guille family expert, who has provided me with considerable information regarding the Guille family history, particularly in the Channel Islands.
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