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Family-04-2001.jpg (130326 bytes)
Family photo taken April 2001 in Tucson, Arizona

Sherri-Tommy-Rachel-04-2001.jpg (265095 bytes)
Sherri and children Rachel and Tommy

Tom-Tommy-Rachel-04-2001.jpg (153329 bytes)
Tom and children Rachel and Tommy

Rachel-04-2001.jpg (98898 bytes)
Rachel age 13

Tommy-04-2001.jpg (100203 bytes)
Tommy age 19

Tom&Sherri-04-2001.jpg (200455 bytes)
Tom and Sherri, April 2001

Tommy&Rachel-04-2001.jpg (147618 bytes)
Tommy and Rachel

Tommy&RachelLook-04-2001.jpg (120257 bytes)
Tommy and Rachel

Tommy&RachelTraditional-04-2001.jpg (107993 bytes)
Tommy and Rachel

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