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The Dog Walkers' Gallery
Neighborhood Stuph

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Gallery Contents

2) Cricket - Bob, and Caren's Pal
3) ...and Cricket with Nickie
4) The Benefits of Dog Walking
5) Derby Brown Esquire
6) Cookie - Ann, and Floyd's Pal
7) She-she - Dale, and Suzy's Pal
8) Princess - Ed's Yatch - 3 views
9) Mary, Caren, and Pals
10) Ayla, and Jondalar - Eilleen's Pals
11) The Derby Brown Show
12) Gene's daughter's Kitties #1, #2
13) Dick, and Ruth's Fluffy
14) June's Pjusken
15) Arielle, & Jonathan's Shirley
16) Arielle, & Jonathan's Elwould
17) Arielle, & Jonathan's Titeaux
18) Dick, and Ruth's Fluffy
19) Richard's Sammy
20) Stanley
21) Stewart, Roni, and Pals
22) Killing Her Softly
23) June's Topsy
24) Myrna, and Charlie's
LabraDach - Slik
25)Ruth, and Dick's Oreo aka Tippy
26)Carl's Betta Fish - Emily
27)Carl's Second DB Page
28)Arthur's Studley/Dudley, and Harley
29)Margaret's Pal - Zipper
30)Bobbi's Pal - Salty
32)Derby Brown - Otitis Externa
33)Harvey And Misty - Pat & Peter's Pals
34)Derby Brown's Incontinence
35)Our Broodle Griffon - Winston
36)Michele's Pals Chloč and Mimi
37)Willy and Irene's Pal Enya
38)Inger's Pal Suzie
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 The Marvels of
  a little grooming.
  Bo-Bo before,
  and after.
  Beauregard is
the pal of Mary, and Russel.

On April 3rd 2002, while walking with Eilleen, and her two pals, Ayla, and John, we learned that Bo-Bo was recalled last weekend. See my Rainbow Bridge Page.



Small Dog Bark

Recent photos ( Fall of 2006 ) above, and below - Bob, and Caren's YorkyPoo "Cricket" ready to hit the road. Cricket is now ten years old ( according to Bob ).

Cricket says: "That's my very own Screen do you like my wheels...not bad eh?"

Cricket is quite popular in the neighborhood...she makes sure she gets her pat, and tickle from all who come along.

More photos of Cricket when a teeny-bopper follow.

Bob, and Caren's YorkyPoo "Cricket" ready
for departure on a cruise through the canals.


Nice Kitty

cricket and nicky

Cricket & Nickie


Aye, the benefits of dog-walking. Here's a few of us havin' coffee at Mary's place after a hard walk. Suzy &
She-she; Caren & Cricket, and of course, me, & Derby Brown. The coffee was great, as were the cakes.


Derby Brown

My pal - Derby Brown


Large Dog


Ann, and Floyd's "Cookie"