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FWE Rung Up
23 July 2001
Gene Sp.

"Chief" to those of us who sailed with him, Gene spent most of his life at sea as a Steam Engineer - Any Horse Power. His last assignment before finally giving up the sea was as Chief Engineer of one of those 140,000 SHP small feat for any engineer. Assigned now to the final Receiving Branch, let's wish him a good ship. Take 'er on a Slow Bell, Gene.

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Bill Qu....finally.

Our Port Engineer ( retired )
of the Year

The Monday Morning Mariners' Meeting - MMMM
is a small gathering, averaging from 4 to 8 folks.
Suzy, pictured here, steps in as our hostess with
the mostest when Diane is off...which is certainly
Okay with us. Another benefit of attending the

Here we be, up against the south bulkhead...our cozy lil' corner for the MMMM. Diane,
me, Dick, Earl, and Gene.
For a view of the joint in the other direction, clik on the anchor, then the Willard's logo. Cap'n Ed not shown.

Finally got a picture
of Gene Sp. - left.
Charlie To. - right,
paid us a cameo
visit from his ship.


Bill V. at last. Plank-
owner in the MMMM

For once, a decent shot
of me! Thanks to Dick

Ed, and