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Super Atomic IV Krypton Cradle
Scanning Slides, Or Transparencies

Scan a slide, or transparency, and this is what you get. No enlargement here...not necessary.

In order to scan a transparency, such as a slide, it has to be back-lit. Here we will explore the cheapest methods, which of course give the cheapest results, it all depends on requirements.
Pictured here is one method, which uses the reflected light from the scanners lamp. The devices shown are essentially all the being made of styrofoam from a "Take Home Box"...the other two - paper, and cardboard. A great exercise in cutting out. This photo can be enlarged by clicking on it.

Better than nothin'...these people are on the right track. Though I always figured some kind of device had to illuminate the slide, I never had a need for it. It just so happened, a need did arise, and I immediately searched the internet for scanning slides. Not surprisingly, I found lots of good info, and I'm sharing the cheapest here.

How about this one? This is best results for this particular slide. It's un-retouched, and back-lit by a flourescent flashlight, and that's what we will stick with.

This view is enlargable by clicking on, but hardly necessary. To construct my Super Atomic IV Krypton Cradle, I used the cardboard from a shoe box.

I do have a work bench in the garage, but for small jobs like cutting out paper, I prefer my "office". What you see here has been "eye-balled", employing symmetry...nothing more. The photos explain the idea...we start with a nice piece from the shoe box for a base.

Here's the base with all the essentials already glued in place, and painted. You can see the flourescent flashlight, and a slip of paper behind the bulb...because the bulb is a bit thin, the slip of paper, in this case - photographic print paper for it's reflectivity, diffuses the light for better better coverage of the slide.

The bottom of the "cradle" is painted black. I found a can of heat resistant paint I had bought to touch up an old, ornate, Oriental bar-b-que a long time ago. The white paint was also from a project years ago. I didn't spray paint in the the way. Actually these colors have no impact on the results...just for aesthetics. Notice the Elmer's glue...great stuph., down to business. The base of the "cradle" fits somewhat snuggly on the scanner glass. Here you see it with a slide already in place.

Things are coming's the main thing - the Krypton...ta da! That's what Radio Shack calls this flourescent flash's actually a "combo" has also a regular lamp in one end.
Notice the all important piece of paper stuck over the bulb.

In this view, the scanner's light has just made its pass. Notice the illuminated business end of this device - enlarge the photo.
That's all that's to it....Really don't need this "cradle"...all you need is something to hold the "Krypton" upright, but I enjoyed the project. One thing I keep forgetting, and that is to shut the "Krypton" runs on four AA batteries.
For a tongue-in-cheek description of the "cradle", Click Here.

Steering wheel aboard the sailing vessel "Romance"...a 90 foot brigentine belonging to an old friend of mine.

A Med-Evac helicopter captured in flight.

A view from the on a mountain top in Bavaria forty-three years ago.

Super Atomic IV Krypton Cradle
Not Finished - New Discoveries
Notice un-even exposure in the above photo - light streak across the blue sky.

One more photo to install on this page. It's what we've been striving for, but was content with the above.
Because my scanner - the Hewlett Packard 5300C, when opened, shows a nice HP logo, then goes into the application for running the scanner, I never noticed the Tool Bar along the top. I'm really an amateur with this stuph. For all the scanning of prints I had done, and that's hundreds, I never sized anything, taking what the scanner gave me...I did the sizing with my photo editors. When I got inquisitive about slides, I looked to see if there was a Tool Bar...there was!
Great things began to happen, and I'm sure most scanners, whatever the price - mine cost a couple-hundred bux, and considered "mid-range", can do this: I clicked on "Settings", then "Page Size", and found I had three choices: 1. Same Size As Original; 2. Size To Fit This Page; and 3. Set Scaling Percentage.
I experimented with them all, and settled on 2 - Size To Fit This Page. The page setting was for 8 1/2 x 11. It gave me a copy of the slide, or whatever portion I "selected" of the slide 1200 pixels wide, and as clear as what you see below, which I reduced to 800 wide using a photo editor. I chose "large" - the scanner making two sweeps of the slide before finished.
Without more photos to show you...this is simple, I read some more of the inspiring sites listed below, and fashioned a tin reflector over the Kryton flashlight bulb, leaving the paper behind it, and then, from the same coffee can from which I snipped out the tin reflector, I snipped out of the translucent plastic cover, a piece large enough for a diffuser, pasting a cardboard standoff around the slide aperture about a half-inch high which I rested the diffuser on.
Click Here for the results. Hope you can do better, but I'm happy with this.

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Super Atomic IV Krypton Cradle
Author: Carlos Mendoozy

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