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44) The USNS Hoyt S. Vandenberg

45) The USNS General R.M. Blatchford

44) The USNS Hoyt S. Vandenberg T-AGM 10
General Class Type C4-S-A1
Dimensions: 523 feet LOA, beam 71 feet wide, draft of 29 feet.
Propulsion: steam turbine; 9,9000 shp;1 shaft
Speed: 17 knots
Tonnage: 10,654 GRT

The photo above is of the USNS Arnold T-AGM9 - sister ship to the Vandenberg. Both ships were C-4 cargo ship conversions. If I remember right, only the bow, and stern sections of the original ships were kept, and new mid sections built. This was also done with the Vanguard, Redstone, and Mercury, but using T-2 tanker hulls. The Mercury didn't hang around long, being sold to a container outfit.
I wasn't long on the Vandenberg...just a few weeks relieving Capn Bob Broom for Xmas.

Wondering what plans are being made for the Vandenberg?

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We could really use your help. We're making a TV documentary on the life of the Vandenberg (formerly General Harry Taylor AP 145). 20 years in and around Patrick AFB. We need stories, data, pictures, interviews ect. Its a great project that gets richer with your help.

General R. M. Blatchford
In Port


May to August Jr. Third Mate....We took a few thousand U.N. Turkish troops to Korea from Izmir, Turkey, and brought a few thousand back. It was an interesting trip, stopping off in Aden for fuel.
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Starboard Bow Port Quarter

Alongside in Izmir, Turkey.


Port side to...don't know where.

Port Side Starboard Side

Photo taken in Port Said.


Bum-boats alongside.

Shipmates Embarking

Joe Ferguson - 3/O with Ship's Medical Officer.


Turkish troops embarking from Plaza in Izmir.

Favorite Promenade Port Said

Promenade along the sea side in Izmir. Just a few feet above the water, one could walk the mosaic walk for miles...similar to the Copacabana in Rio.


Port Said from the ship. None went ashore, as we were awaiting the pilot. Noisy, bustling place...hotter 'n hell. I never did get ashore in Egypt.

OAR...get it? - OR...

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