Click on camera icons for WebCam popups captured over a
period of weeks. This will give a good perspective of the port.

This map/graphic extends beyond the screen, so some paging
down, and panning right is necessary.

Click Here for realtime - LiveCam images. Though the camera
updates often, it doesn't pan around too often. I believe the
camera is atop the cement silos...see small webcam icon.

Please click "Back" after viewing each photo.
Click Here to return to previous page.

trough8a_1.jpg trough8a_2.jpg trough8a_3.jpg trough8a_4.jpg trough8a_5.jpg trough8a_6.jpg trough8a_7.jpg trough8a_8.jpg trough8a_9.jpg trough8a_10.jpg trough8a_11.jpg trough8a_12.jpg trough8a_13.jpg trough8a_14.jpg trough8a_map.jpg
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