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Descendants of Johann Michael SCHLËYER

First Generation

1. Johann Michael SCHLËYER 1, 2 was born 3 on 20 Apr 1722 in Bondorf, Donaukreis, Wuttenberg, or part of Swabia, Germany. He died before Jan 1777 in Bucks Co., Pa.. He was buried in "Old Williams Graveyard' St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Northampton Co. Pa.. Johann emigrated 4 on 26 Sep 1752 from AIP, P, Eng on Ship "Richard and Mary"- John Moore Maste.

Jay WILLIS research:

NOTE: We know of him from the Old Williams Church records in numerous places, from the "Pennsylvania German Pioneers" by R.B, Strassburger, and "The Sloyer Family" by Henry Sloyer 1953/54.

Arrived in Philadelphia, Pa. from Germany via Rotterdam and Portsmouth, Eng. on Ship "Richard and Mary"- John Moore Master- name spelled "Schlayer" in English text but "Schleyer"( Umlaut Y) in Signature section of "Pennsylvania German Pioneers" by R. B. Strassburger.
Beleived to have settled near Springtown, Springfield Twp., BucksCo., Pa. The closest Lutheran Church was in Williams Twp. Northampton Co.Pa. rather than the Bucks Co. congregations in Pleasant Valley or Durham.,
His name in any of its various forms first appears in "Old Williams" St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Williams Twp., Northampton Co. Pa. records on 1754 as Michael Schleuer and wife Margaretha at first child's baptism on 2/17/1754; next as Michael Schleier and wife Margaretha at daughter Anna's baptism on 7/30/1758; next as Michael Schleyer and wife Margarethaat son Johannes Heinrich's baptism on 12/16/1759.
Michael Schleier and wife Margaretha are listed as Communicants on Easter 4/19/1767 and again with son Michael on 6/15/1771. Only father and son are listed on 6/6/1772 and 12/5/1772. Wife Margaretha is not mentioned again after June 1771 so it is assumed she died. Father and son Michael are joined by daughter Anna on 12/18/1773 and 5/25/1776. Subsequent notation never includes two Michaels so it is assumed that Father, Michael Schleier has died.

The Globe-South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Saturday, November 14, 1908
Prepared by Jas. J. Hauser, Member of Lehigh County Historical Society
"Mountains and Hills
Swabia Hills (Swoveberg), rise in the eastern part. They are so called because the first settlers came from Swabia, Germany. The early settlers of Suabia Hills (Swoveberg) were mostly weavers, old looms can still be seen in many of the old families, and many of their descendants are still living there, the Christines, Reichards, Kuntzmans, Zeiners, Reisers, Wersts, Wassers, Rentzheiners, and Schloyers. Richard Freeman, the ancestor of the Freemans of Freemansburg, settled at Shimersville. The Hess family came from Springfield, Bucks County, PA. Nicholas Hess is the ancestor of the family, and his son George, who settled in Lower Saucon is the ancestor of the family living in the Township."

Abstracts of Northampton County, PA; 1752-1802: BRANDT, William yeoman Saucon
4/4/1755 -- 26/5/1755 wife Madlin
children Ragena and Madlen
wit. Michael SCHLAYER and John APPLY
David Sloyer (6/2001), who studied in Germany, writes: Swabia (Schwaben) is central-southern Germany. Ulm (where I was in summer '78) is on the border of Swabia and Bavaria. People in that part of Germany speak their own dialect, called Schwaebisch (sh-vay-bish). Swabia occupies the area between the Black Forest (southwest Germany) and Bavaria (southeast Germany). It's flat in the north, becoming hilly as you go south, toward Switzerland. These hills, the Allgauer Alps, are the foothills of the alps. Wuerttemberg is the state within Germany. Schwaben is not a politically-defined area, but is
historical/social, and occupies roughly the same area. A "Kreis" is a county, and "Donau" is the German word for Danube. Hence, "Donaukreis" would literally mean "Danube County". I've concluded that Donaukreis includes towns south and east of Stuttgart, and that Bondorf, while now officially part of Kreis Boeblingen, can, at least for historical purposes, be a part of Donaukreis. It seems entirely possible for Johann Michael Schleier to have come from the Bondorf near Stuttgart. The municipality of Bondorf is the southermost community in the county Böblingen,embedded in the attractive landscape of the Upper Gäu. The next cities are Herrenberg, Nagold and Rottenburg/Neckar.

Johann married Margaretha ? 1. Margaretha was born unknown. She died before Jun 1771. She was buried 2 in "Old Williams Graveyard' St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Williams Twp., Northampton Co. Pa..

NOTE: Margaretha is named as J. Michael SCHLEYER's wife in numerous Old Williams Church records.

They had the following children:

  2 i unknown SCHLEUER 1 was born on 30 Jan 1754. unknown died unknown. was baptized on 17 Feb 1754 in OWSLSLC, Williams Twp., Northampton Co. Pa..

NOTE: unreadable first name in Old Williams Lutheran Church baptism records.
Assumed died young, does not appear in church records after baptism
+ 3 M ii Johann Michael SCHLEIER Sr.
+ 4 F iii Anna SCHLEYER
+ 5 M iv Johann "Heinrich" SCHLEYER
  6 M v Daniel SCHLEYER was born 1 after 1760. He died unknown.

NOTE: Daniel is identified as the son of J. Michael and Mararetha by Henry Sloyer in "The Sloyer Family" 1953/54
Henry SLOYER reported Daniel never married

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