If you would like to add your research interests to the Lanark Surnames List, please read through these short guidelines first.

Each entry in the list contains the following information (extra comments are given in brackets):

Name e.g.
Wil(l)son (indicates Wilson or Willson spelling)

If a name has radically different forms e.g. Ainslie/Eddislaw, please submit a different entry for each one.

Dates of interest e.g.
pre 1900 (means earlier than 1900)
post 1700 (means after 1700)
all dates


Places of interest e.g.
Libberton and surrounding area
Culter/Hamilton/Wiston (multiple parishes)
Possilpark, Glasgow (an estate or village within a parish)
Leadhills > Melrose,ROX (migration out of Lanarkshire)
Stow,MLN > Dolphington (migration into Lanarkshire)
Barony > AUS (migration to another country)
all places (in Lanark)


Please use the Chapman codes for other counties and the three letter ISO codes for other countries. If a place is in Lanarkshire then there is no need to specify this with a code. Note that the list is only intended for surnames which you are researching in Lanarkshire. For families that had no link with the county, please look to other lists.

Contact details. If you have an email address or web page please specify one of these to add to the list. Only give a postal address if you do not have an electronic means of contact.



Once you have details of all of your Lanarkshire research interests in the form described above, please send them by email to me at [email protected]. Make sure that you follow the guidelines carefully; that way I won't have to edit your entries too much.