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The First five generations of these families are fairly well researched and documented as there are many Mayflower Descendants among them. My ex wife is a Mayflower descendant and thus my daughter and grandson, hence my interest in these lines. I have established the connection mostly using census information to Albert Thompson Mason, born 30 April 1806 in Providence, Rhode Island. Albert was the son of Aaron Thurber Mason born in Swansea, Mass. and Mary Bullock born in Rehoboth, Mass. Mary was a descendant of Mayflower passengers, John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley.

I hope that any visiting Mason or Bullock descendant viewing this site who sees missing, incomplete or incorrect information will contact me to help make as complete as possible genealogy record for our family before the information is forever lost. A record which we will be able to pass down to our descendants. Thank you for visiting!


Sampson Mason

Sampson Mason was a Young soldier in Cromwell's army and he came to America upon the turn of the times in England. Sampson was born and grew up in Bolton Le Moors, Lancastershire, England. Bolton was a centre of Puritanism, and in the Civil War of the 17th Century it was a Parliamentarian outpost, surrounded by Royalist areas. In 1642 civil war began between king and parliament. The people of Bolton solidly supported parliament but most of the people in the rest of Lancashire supported the king. The people of Bolton built earthwork defences around the town and waited for the royalists to attack. The royalists came in February 1643 but they were beaten off. Then in January 1644 parliament sent 3,000 men to garrison Bolton. The royalists attacked Bolton again in March 1644 but once again they were beaten off.

Finally in May 1644 the royalists made a determined attempt to capture Bolton. Prince Rupert's army of 10,000 men were joined by troops under the leadership of the Earl of Derby, and stormed the town on May 28th 1644 from Deane Moor. This time they succeeded. This was the third major assault against Bolton, of the 3000 local troops led by Colonel Rigby. After a brief siege they broke through the defences. Once inside the town the royalists massacred many of the parliamentary soldiers. Perhaps as many as 1,000 died and another 700 were taken captive. It became known as the "Bolton Massacre". Samuel's father, Robert Mason, and his uncle, Alexander Mason, were among those killed that day. Nineteen year old Samuel survived but decided his prospects might be better in the colonies. Records show that he was in America at the time of Cromwell's Parliamentarian victory and the execution of Charles I in 1649.


Richard Bullock

Richard Bullock's ancestry has never been satisfactorily proved in spite of research by many people. He first appeared in Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, in 1644 when he purchased the lot that had been set aside for the Governor. The lot was valued at 200 Pounds. Richard was only about 22 years old at the time, if we accept the statement he made in testifying on a matter regarding the estate of Alexander Winchester in 1648. It is thought that Richard was born in Essex, England in 1622. There is no satisfactory proof of his parentage. It has been said that he came to America with two older brothers, Henry and Edward Bullockin 1635 and that since he was not yet 21, stayed with or near them until he received his patrimony when he came of age (Davis, Davis Family of Rehoboth). Another possibility which has not been researched is the Richard Bullock , son of John Bullock who was baptized 26 May 1622 in Pitchford, Shropshire, England.

Considering the fact that 200 Pounds was a large sum of money for such a young man at that time and that he apparently had a good education since he was chosen to be a town clerk, it would seem that his family in England were of a substantial class. It has also been said that Richard came first to Rhode Island and associated with Roger Williams, also with no proof (Pierce, A Bullock Family History).

On August 4, 1647, Richard Bullock married Elizabeth Ingraham in Rehoboth. She is said to have been the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Wignall) Ingraham and a descendant of Sir Arthur Ingraham of Watertown, Mass. Elizabeth was born about 1629 and died at the age of 30 on January 7, 1659/60, shortly after the birth of her sixth child, Hopestill.

On July 21, 1660, Richard married Elizabeth Billington, daughter of Francis and Christian (Penn) Billington and grand-daughter of John Billington who arrived in New England on the Mayflower. The Billington family was described by Gov.William Bradford as "ye profanest family" and John Billington received the distinction of being the first man hanged in the Plymouth Colony for committing a murder.


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