Smith and Young Families of northern Rhode Island

Smith and Young Families of northern Rhode Island

Wilcox Family

Thanks to Pauline for providing information on this branch of the Wilcox Family . The early portion of the
Wilcox Family is based on that shown in Austin's "Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island." Additional
information on the early Wilcox Family is from Jane Fletcher Fiske's "Edward Wilcox of Lincolnshire and
Rhode Island," NEHGS Register, Vol 147, 1993, pages 188 - 191.

Edward1 Wilcox
bap. February 12, 1603/4 in South Elkington, Lincolnshire, England
m1. Bef. 1630    Mary ( ? )    b. ?   died June 1630; buried June 27,
1630 in Croft, Lincolnshire, England
m2. May 12, 1631 in Orby, Lincolnshire, England    Susan (Susanna) Thompson    possibly bap. September 6, 1607 in Orby    d. ?
d. before 1660 in Portsmouth, R.I.?
Edward was a resident of Aquidneck Island in 1638 and set up a trading post in Kingstown in the 1630's prior to the arrival of Richard Smith. He later moved to Portsmouth, R.I. Little else is known of him from the colonial records.

children1 (baptised at Croft, Lincolnshire, England):
Daniel2 Wilcox (June 1630 - September 1630)

children2 (baptised at Croft, Lincolnshire, England):
Daniel2 Wilcox (1632 - 1720)
***Stephen2 Wilcox

Stephen2 Wilcox (Edward1)
bap. December 26, 1634 in Croft, Lincolnshire, England
m. 1658 in Portsmouth, R.I.?  Hannah Hazard    b. ?   d. ?
d. Abt. 1690 in Westerly, Rhode Island
Stephen immigrated with his father to Portsmouth, R.I. He later moved to Westerly, R.I. and became a deputy there.


Edward3 Wilcox
***Thomas3 Wilcox
Daniel3 Wilcox
William3 Wilcox
Stephen3 Wilcox
Hannah3 Wilcox
Jeremiah3 Wilcox

Thomas3 Wilcox (Stephen2, Edward1)
b. February 18, 1664 in Westerly, R.I.
m. before 1693 in ?   Martha Hazard   b. ?   d. ?
d. 1728 in North Kingstown, R.I.?
Thomas moved to North Kingstown, R.I. before 1710. Some of his sons moved to Exeter in the 1700's.


Robert4 Wilcox
Stephen4 Wilcox
Jeffrey4 Wilcox
***Thomas4 Wilcox
Abraham4 Wilcox
George4 Wilcox
Edward4 Wilcox
Hannah4 Wilcox

Thomas4 Wilcox (Thomas3, Stephen2, Edward1)
b. October 24, 1693 in North Kingstown, R.I.?
m1. Abt. 1717 in North Kingstown, R.I.?    Anne ( ? )    b. ?   d. ?
m2. Abt. 1735 in ?    Deborah Himes    b. ?    d. ?
d. Abt. 1745 in West Greenwich, R.I.?
burial: Escoheag Hill, West Greenwich?
Thomas moved to West Greenwich, R.I. from the Exeter area.

Samuel5 Wilcox (Abt. 1719 - ?)
Amey5 Wilcox (1723 - ?)
Mary5 Wilcox (1729 - ?)

***Thomas5 Wilcox
Deborah5 Wilcox (1740 - ?)
Sarah5 Wilcox (1741 - ?)
Susannah5 Wilcox (1743 - ?)
Martha5 Wilcox (? - ?)

Thomas5 Wilcox (Thomas4, Thomas3, Stephen2, Edward1)
b. April 10, 1737 in West Greenwich, R.I.
m. January 22, 1759 in West Greenwich, R.I.?    Elizabeth Jacques    b. ?    d. ?
d. Aft. 1782 in West Greenwich, R.I.
burial: unknown

Mary6 Wilcox (1759 - ?)
***Stephen6 Wilcox
Sarah6 Wilcox (176? - ?)
Elizabeth6 Wilcox (1767 - ?)
Ann6 Wilcox (1770 - ?)
John6 Wilcox (1771 - ?)
Susannah6 Wilcox (1774 - ?)
Frederick6 Wilcox (1780 - ?)
Samuel6 Wilcox (1782 - ?)

Stephen6 Wilcox (Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Stephen2, Edward1)
b. December 25, 1762 in West Greenwich, R.I.
m. ? in West Greenwich, R.I.    Antress (Anstrus) Stone    b. Abt. 1762/3 in West Greenwich, R.I.    d. January 28, 1828 in West Greenwich, R.I.
d. July 27, 1827 in West Greenwich, R.I.
burial: Wilcox Lot (WG125), West Greenwich
GPS Coordinates: 41o 38' 33.756" N; 71o 44' 24.144" W
(Coordinates courtesy of Charlene and Bob Butler of West Greenwich, R.I.)
Charlene and Bob Butler of West Greenwich, R.I. located this cemetery in 2007.
The cemetery had been "lost" for several years as it was thought to lie east of
Rattlesnake Rock when in fact it is located west of the Rock. The Butlers have
taken on the difficult task of locating all of the historic cemeteries in the
Town of West Greenwich and have recorded GPS coordinates for each cemetery, which
is a superior method than the "Telephone Pole" navigation system of the RIHCTP.
I visited this cemetery in June 2008. To find this cemetery, a GPS receiver would
be very useful as it is in the middle of the woods on a small knoll. The cemetery
is located on the Nature Conservancy's Tillinghast Pond property just west of
Wickaboxet State Natural Area. The Wilcox Family's homestead farm was adjacent
to the cemetery off Plain Meeting House Road. Thanks to the Butlers for their
work on West Greenwich Cemeteries.

Stephen Wilcox was a Justice of the Peace in West Greenwich in 1793, 1795, and 1799.


Rhoda7 Wilcox (1789 - 1862)
John7 Wilcox (Abt. 1790 - 1864)
Alce/Elsie7 Wilcox (Abt. 1793 - 1887)
Deborah7 Wilcox (? - ?)
Nancy7 H. Wilcox (? - ?)
Roswell7 Wilcox (Abt. 1796 - 1856)
***Elizabeth (Betsey)7 Wilcox
Calvin7 Goddard Wilcox (Abt. 1803 - 1873)
Lydia7 Wilcox (? - ?)
Dorcas7 Wilcox (Abt. 1804 - 1843)

West Greenwich Cemetery 125 Sign installed by Bob Butler of West Greenwich, R.I.

Grave of Stephen Wilcox Esq. in the Wilcox Lot (WG125).

Grave of Stephen Wilcox's wife Antress (Stone) Wilcox in the Wilcox Lot (WG125).

Grave of Stephen's son John Wilcox (Abt. 1790 - 1864) in the Wilcox Lot (WG125).
The gravestone is marble and has deteriorated some.

Grave of Dorcas (Tanner) Wilcox, wife of John Wilcox in the Wilcox Lot (WG125).
This gravestone is also marble.

View of the basement ruins of the Wilcox Homestead Farm in the Wickaboxet State Forest
in West Greenwich, Rhode Island.

***Elizabeth (Betsey) 7 Wilcox (Stephen6, Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Stephen2, Edward1)
b. Abt. 1799 in West Greenwich, R.I.
m. August 2, 1818 in Coventry, R.I.   Curnel (Colonel) Knight    b. August 21, 1796 in Coventry, R.I.   d. May 13, 1879 in West Greenville, Glocester, R.I.?
d. April 3, 1862 in Coventry, R.I.
burial: Knight Lot (GL049), Knight Apple Orchard, West Greenville Rd., Glocester


Louisa8 A. Knight (1819 - 1888)
Reuben8 Knight (Abt. 1824 - 1896)
Dorcas8 A. Knight (1824 - 1896)
***Nancy8 Holden Knight
Colonel8 Knight Jr. (1831 - 1907)
Angenette8 Knight (1840 - 1886)

Calvin 7 Goddard Wilcox (Stephen6, Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Stephen2, Edward1)
b. Abt. 1803 in West Greenwich, R.I.
m1. October 16, 1825 in West Greenwich, R.I.    Sarah Stone     b. ? in West Greenwich, R.I.?    d. ? in West Greenwich, R.I.
m2. Abt. 1836 in West Greenwich, R.I.    Rebecca Matteson     b. Abt. 1810 in West Greenwich, R.I.?    d. August 4, 1862 in West Greenwich, R.I.?
d. November 26, 1873 in West Greenwich, R.I.?
burial: Stone-Wilcox Lot (WG003), Bailey Pond Road and Hazard Road Intersection, West Greenwich, R.I.

Andrew8 Wilcox (Abt. 1827 - ?)
Dorcas8 Anis Wilcox (1829 - 1830) (buried in the Wilcox Lot (WG125))
Stephen8 A. Wilcox (Abt. 1839 - ?)
Allen8 A. Wilcox (Abt. 1832 - ?)

Lydia8 Wilcox (Abt. 1838 - ?)
Calvin8 G. Wilcox (Abt. 1842 - ?)
Anngett8 Wilcox (Abt. 1844 - ?)
David8 Wilcox (Abt. 1846 - ?)
Lamiston8 Wilcox (Abt. 1847 - ?)
Rebecca8 Wilcox (Abt. 1849 - ?)
Mary8 M. Wilcox (Abt. 1852 - ?)
Sarah8 D. Wilcox (Abt. 1854 - ?)

Gravestone of Calvin G. Wilcox in Stone-Wilcox Lot (WG003).

Gravestone of Rebecca Matteson in Stone-Wilcox Lot (WG003).

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