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~ Deuteronomy 33:17

Stephen's Smith Family - Ancestors, Descendants and Cousins

Source Citations

Jellis Ingart

1Charlotte Megill Hix C.G.R.S, Staten Island Wills & Letters of Administration, Richmond Co., NY 1670-1800 (Hertiage Books, Inc), p 83-84. "YELLIS INGART [or INIARD].  In the name of God, Amen.  I, YELLIS INGART, of Staten Island, being very well in health, but considering the brevity and shortness of my life.  I leave to my son John, Ð5 more than the rest of my children.  I leave all the rest of my estate, real and personal, to my other children [which may come to me].  If my house and lot come to be sold, my son John is to have the refusal if he shall see cause to buy.  I leave to my wife Trientie, the use of 1/3 of my estate for life, and the use of my dwelling house, unless my son John, or whoever of my children shall buy the same, shall build another comfortable house upon the same land for her to live in.  I make my two brothers in law, John Woglum and Ury Woglum executors.  Dated January 2, 1706/7.  Witnesses, Peter Hoogewater, Jan Maklys, Oswald Ford.
 Proved March 11, 1707/8/ Liber 7:462.  WNYHS  I:456." The will mentions children John, Antea, Christine, Annanetia, Charles, Tice.

2Lorence M. Enyart, THE ENYART BOOK 1625-1975 (BALTIMORE. MD: Gateway Press, 1976). " ...Yellis [diminuative of Silas]. Oldest son of Carel Enjart.  His will is recorded in Surrogates Court records Liber. 7, Ricmond Co., N Y dated 2 January 1707 and was proved 11 Mar 1708."

Elsje Jans Van Woggelum

1Coll NY Hist Soc Wills, NY - Abstract of Wills.