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Ephraim's glory is like the firstling of his bullocks and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth.
~ Deuteronomy 33:17

Stephen's Smith Family - Ancestors, Descendants and Cousins

Andrew Samsil [Parents] was born in 1870 in , Anderson, Tennessee.


He had the following children.

  M i
Andrew Samsil was born in 1897 in , , Tennessee.[Notes]

John D Jones was born about 1772 in , , Virginia. He died after 1850 in , Trigg, Kentucky. John married Nancy.

Nancy was born about 1790 in , , Virginia. Nancy married John D Jones.

They had the following children.

  M i Richard W Jones was born about 1805.
  F ii
Sallie Jones was born about 1813 in , , Kentucky.
  M iii Anderson Jones was born about 1814.
  F iv
Nancy Jones was born about 1815.
  M v John D Jones Jr was born about 1821.

Finis Anderson Jones [Parents] was born on 26 Jul 1844 in , , Kentucky. He died on 3 Apr 1895. Finis married Martha Saline Hargis on 11 Jun 1871.

Martha Saline Hargis was born on 10 Jul 1849 in , Stewart, Tennessee. She died on 19 May 1893. Martha married Finis Anderson Jones on 11 Jun 1871.

Johan Bernhard Steger.

He had the following children.

  F i
Anna Maria Catharine Steger was born on 25 Mar 1709.
  M ii Johann Bernhardt Steigner I was born in 1714. He died on 22 Jun 1777.

John Barney Stagner II [Parents] was born in 1740. He died in , Warren, Kentucky. John married Fannie Hendricks.

Fannie Hendricks. Fannie married John Barney Stagner II.

They had the following children.

  M i John Barney Stagner III was born in 1766. He died on 20 Feb 1842.
  M ii William Stagner was born about 1768. He died in 1830.
  M iii Nathan Stagner was born in 1770. He died in 1857.
  M iv Barnabas "Barney" Stagner was born about 1773. He died in 1836.
  M v Henry Stagner was born in 1778. He died in 1860.
  F vi Mary Francis Stagner was born about 1781.
  M vii
Thomas Stagner was born about 1783.
  M viii Andrew Stagner was born on 14 Aug 1792. He died on 25 Mar 1873.

John Barney Stagner III [Parents] was born in 1766 in , Montgomery, North Carolina. He died on 20 Feb 1842 in , Warren, Kentucky. John married Sally Ann.

Sally Ann. Sally married John Barney Stagner III.

William Stagner [Parents] was born about 1768 in , Rowan, North Carolina. He died in 1830 in , Crawford, Arkansas. William married Susanna Gibson in 1798 in , Warren, Kentucky.

Susanna Gibson was born in 1782 in , Warren, Kentucky. Susanna married William Stagner in 1798 in , Warren, Kentucky.

They had the following children.

  M i Gibson Stagner was born on 9 Jun 1800. He died on 27 Sep 1889.
  M ii George B Stagner was born in 1812.
  F iii
Mary Stagner was born in 1815 in , Warren, Kentucky.

Nathan Stagner [Parents] 1 was born in 1770 in , Rowan, North Carolina. He died in 1857 in , Benton, Tennessee.

He had the following children.

  M i James C Stagner was born in 1804. He died in 1867.
  M ii
Uriah Stagner was born about 1812 in , Stewart, Tennessee. He died in 1851 in , Benton, Tennessee.
  M iii Nathan A Stagner was born in 1814.
  F iv
Delila Stagner was born in 1817 in , Stewart, Tennessee.
  F v
Eliza Ann Stagner was born in 1820 in , Stewart, Tennessee.
  F vi Mary Ann Stagner was born in 1823.
  F vii Martha Stagner was born in 1825.
  M viii George William Stagner was born in 1827.

Henry Stagner [Parents] was born in 1778 in Warren, North Carolina, USA. He died in 1860 in Montgomery, Tennessee, USA. Henry married Unknown.

Unknown. Unknown married Henry Stagner.

They had the following children.

  M i Talbert Stagner was born in 1807. He died in 1870.
  M ii Henry Stagner was born about 1809.
  M iii
James Samuel Stagner was born in 1810 in , Stewart, Tennessee.

Christopher Huffines was born about 1784. Christopher married Mary Francis Stagner.

Mary Francis Stagner [Parents] was born about 1781 in , Rowan, North Carolina. Mary married Christopher Huffines.

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