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~ Deuteronomy 33:17

Stephen's Smith Family - Ancestors, Descendants and Cousins


Carel Enjart

Surname of Immigrant: Enyeart/ Enjart
Given name(s) of Immigrant: Carel
Name of Ship: De-kendract
Arrival Date: August 1664

Origin of Immigrant: Flanders of Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 26 June 1625 Flanders of Holland Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: Staten Island, Richmond, New York Immigrant's Spouse: Unknown
Source of Information: A cousin and History of Wabash County 1976 Immigrant's Children: Yellis Enyeart/Enjart b. 1 February 1652 d. March 1707 m. 1. Alice Van Woggelum 2. Trienta Van Woggelum, Son b. 1656. Carel, and family settled on Staten Island which is now Richmond County, New York.

[I believe the correct interpretation of the immigration record should have been: 17 Apr 1664 by contract on the ship 'Concord' Capt Jan Bergen.]

Silas B Enyart Sr

Silas went to KY. Documented with records in New Jersey, Maryland, VA, North Carolina. Son to KY, IN and Illinois