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Ephraim's glory is like the firstling of his bullocks and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth.
~ Deuteronomy 33:17

Stephen's Smith Family - Ancestors, Descendants and Cousins


Margaret Jane Crawford

DEATH: Obituary of Mrs. Margaret Walker
    Margaret Jane Crawford, daughter of Gardner and Margaret Crawford was born in Hillsburgh, Ontario, Canada, Feb. 22, 1855. When she was less than one year of age her mother died leaving her and an older brother to a father's card. The father married again and the new mother proved to be all that a true mother could. when eighteen years of age, she moved with her parents and brothers to Miles, Jackson County, Iowa and has lived in this vicinity practically ever since.
    She was married to Alexander Walker Dec. 1, 1875, and to this union was born one daughter, Mrs. Frank C. Koch, of Miles.
    Mrs. Walker cared for her aged father and mother for a number of years. After her father's death on Feb. 17, 1904, she and her mother lived alone and she was able to repay with true daughter's devotion the care that had been so willingly and loyally given her. The mother passed away Dec. 10, 1919, and since that time Mrs. Walker has made her home with her daughter and family.
    She had been confined to her home the greater part of this time, not being physically able to get around. She was a member of the M. E. church and a faithful attendant at all church services as long as she was able.
Throughout the years she has been deprived of any public services. She has been very patient and cheerful, always welcoming her friends as they came to see her. Her last illness was brief and she passed away Thursday morning, June 8, 1933. She leaves to mourn her death her daughter, Mrs. Frank Koch, and two grand-daughters, Frances and Ethel Koch, also three brothers, F. P. Crawford, Chicago,  Ill.; R. G. Crawford, McCredie, Missouiri; and S. C. Crawford, Cameron, Missouri. Three brothers preceded her in death, John W. Crawford, Emerson, Ia.; Dr. A. Crawford, Mount Vernon, Ia.; and James W. Crawford, Miles, Iowa.
    Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon with the interment to the Miles cemetery. Rev. V. C. Grant conducting the services. Mr. William Householder and S. W. Watts with Mrs. Fred Menneke at the piao sang "Shall We Gather at the River," and "Abide With Me." the pall bearers were James, Marshall and George Koch, A. C. Kellogg, M. F. Krabbenhoft...[?]...Miles and C.
 J. Denick.
    The floral offerings were very beautiful and were taken care of at the home and at the cemetery by Misses Elois Kellogg; Dorothy Bollen and Mesdames John Muhl and Lester Solemann.
    Those present from a distance were Miss Beulah and Prof. B. B. Crawford, of Iowa City; Mrs. John Crawford and Miss Mary, of emerson, Ia., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crawford, of Chicago; Robert and S. C. Crawford, of Missouri; Mrs. James Kelley, of Cedar Rapids, Ia., Mrs. Lenora duvall and Miss Ella Rogers, of Sabula.

    We take this opportunity ot extend our heartfelt thanks to our many kind friends and neighbors who were so thoughtful of us during the last illness and funeral of our beloved mother and sister, Mrs. Margaret Walker.
    The assistance you tendered us is of more value than we can find words to express. We want to especially thank those who sent flowers, those who furnished cars, the singers and in fact everyone who assisted us in any way and assure you we feel we cannot be too grateful.
    Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Koch and family
    Mrs. Grace Crawford and daughter and the Crawford Brothers.

Gardener Crawford

BIOGRAPHY: Gardner Crawford came to New York May 27, 1849. His brother James also came at this time. Their brother William came three years earlier.
Gardner and his wife moved to Canada in 1854.
  After the death of Margaret 1855, he married Eliza Jane Gray on December 2, 1857. Five children were born to this union. The family moved to Miles, Iowa in 1872. He farmed here a number of years.

A Warranty Deed was recorded in Jackson county, Iowa on the 8th day of November A.D. 1872, at 1 o'clock p.m. from Hugh Bonn Smith and Martha Emma Smith, his wife to Gardner Crawford for the sum of Five Thousand Seven hundred Dollars on the seventh day of November A.D. 1872

DEATH: Obituary: Another old settler gone, Gardner Crawford passed away at his home here last Tuesday morning, after a lingering illness caused by a stroke of paralysis several years ago.
    Gardner Crawford was born in Coreen, Ireland, September 21, 1830 and died in Miles, Iowa, February 16, 1904. He came to New york on May 27, 1849. He was married in New york to Miss margaret Scroggy in August 1852. Two children were born to them, John W. and Margaret J. In 1854 they moved to Canada. In 1856 his wife died. In 1857, on decmeber 2nd he was married to Eliza Jane Gray. To this union five children were born. Alexander, James W. deceased, Frank P., Robert G. and Samuel C. He moved to Miles, Iowa in 1872 and has resided in this community until the Death angel called him home. Gardner Crawford was one of our most respected citizens and a most prosperous farmer, commanding the esteem of all who knew him. He was buried in the cemetery here on Thursday afternoon, funeral services being held in the M. E. church, of which he had been a faithful member for many years. Rev. A. T. Bishop preached a very appropriate sermon and showed how glorious it was to die in the faith and how dark and lonely the grave would seem were there no hopes for a future reunion and a final meeting where none could be called away. Henry Dunn, Chars. Blacksten, A. C. Heynen, Robert Campbell, H. A. Miles and W. S. Kellogg acted as pall bearers and the casket was a beautiful black with "Father" engraved on the lid. The floral piece was a very beautiful design.
    Mr. Crawford suffered for a long time and was ever cheerful as long as he was conscious. He will be missed by the entire community who will always remember him as a loving and obliging friend and neighbor and a man who was ever ready to do all in his power to assist those who were in trouble. He is survived by his wife and six children, all of whom were at the funeral. They have the sympathy of a host of friends who share their grief with them and regret to learn of his untimely death.

BURIAL: Both Gardner and his wife, Eliza Jane are buried in the Miles Cemetery, Row 16.

PROBATE: Will probated in the Jackson Co. Court House, Maquoketa, Iowa.
    I, gardner Crawford, of jackson county and State of Iowa being of full age and sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby make and execute this my last Will and Testament,  hereby rovoking all former wills made by me:
    First, I give, bequeath and devise to my beloved wife eliza j. Crawford, the possession, use, rents and profits of all my real estate of every kind and discription during her natural life only - and in case said real estate should be sold or any part of it, the proceeds shall be invested by my executors hereinafter named to the best advantage for her benefit and the net incomes therefrom as interest and rent shall be paid to her from time to time as she may demand or request for her sole use and benefit forever and during her natural life only and at her death the proceeds of said real estate are to be disposed of and divided as hereinafter provided. This bequest is made to my said wife, Eliza J. Crawford, and she is to receive the same in lieu of her dower or distributive share of my estate as allowed to her by law.
    Second, at the death of my said wife, or before with her consent, I authorize my executors to sell and convey all the real estate and personal property that may then belong to my estate and sign, execute, and acknowledge all the necessary deeds of conveyances and instruments in writing necessary to make a good title to the purchases of all real estate so sold by them and to divide the proceeds of such sale or sales, as provided in the third bequest or division of this will.
    Third, at the death of my said wife, I order and direct that the proceeds realized from the slae of my real and personal property and estate, be diveded among my children and heirs at law as folows - to wit:
    To Mrgaret J. Walker, Alexander Crawford, Frank P. Crawford, Robert G. Crawford and Samuel C. Crawford the undivided five sevenths (5/7) of all of sid proceeds so arising from the sale of my siad realestate and personal property and estate to by divided equally between them, share and share alike for their sole use and benefit forever. To John W. Crawford, the undivided one seventh (1/7) of the proceeds arising form the sale of my real and personal property and estate for this sole use and benefit forever, less the sum of three Hundred Dollars hereby reserved out of the siad one-seventh (1/7) to Margaret J. Wlaker for her sole use and febefit forever to be paid over to her in addition to the one-seventh hereinbefore specified, and to Myrtle Crawford and LaPearl Crawford, the only heirs at law of Wm James Crawford deceased, the other undivided one-seventh of the proceeds arising from the sale of my real and personal property and estate less the sum of Three Hundred Dollars to be divided equally between them share and share alike for their sole use and benefit forever and the said Three Hundred dollars so excepted and taken from the said undivided one-seventh (1/7) shall be paid over to the said Margaret J.
Walker as a part of her share in addition to the undivided one-seventh (1/7) hereinbefore specified for ther sole use and benefit forever and I give and bequeath to each fo said heirs and persons named above in the is bequest the several sums named for their sole use and benefit forever and said executors may make such sale or sales of any or all of said property at any time by and with the consent of my said wife Eliza J. Crawford and invest the proceeds for her use and benefit as hereinbefore provided in this will.
    Fourth - I hereby nominate and appoint my sons Alexander Crawford and Robert G. Grawford executors of this my last will and testament.
    Witness my hand this 9th day of Aug. A.D. 1899.
/s/ Gardner Crawford
    The foregoing instrument was at the date thereof subscribed by Gardner Crawford in our presence, and he at the same time, declared the same to be his last will and testament; and by his request we signed our names thereto as withnesses both in his  presence, and in the presence of each other.
/s/ Wm. M. Crawford
/s/ H. Milienstein.

PROBATE: Probated: 17th day of November A.D. 1906. Record contains copy of will and documents entitled "Description of Real Estate and List of Heirs" and
"Commission to Appraisers/Oath of Appriasers."

I offer a toast to our most genial host
and his charming lady as well
And may their abode by the side of the road
long continue its beautiful spell.
So drink hearty my friends as this reunion ends
and another's about to appear
And lets promise to come and rejoice with our chum
at the end of each subsequent year.

Cameron, Mo. June 13, 1939 F. P. Crawford

Crawford Reunion [June 1939]
    The annual reunion of the Crawford families was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Crawford at 224 West 4th Street, Cameron, Missouri, June 11 and 12. those present from a distance were a brother, F. P. Crawford and wife, St. Charles, Ill.; a brother, R. G. Crawford, McCredie, Mo.; a sister-in-law, mrs. John W. Crawford and daughter, Mary, from Emerson, Ia.; a niece, Mrs. Frank C. Koch, husband and daughters, frances and Ethel, Miles, Ia.; a daughter, Mrs. Ruth Grosfield, husband and children, L. Burton and nadine, and a daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Koger, husband and son, Kenneth, the latter families from Willis, Kan. The above families are the decendents of Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Crawford, deceased of Miles, Iowa.
    These gatherings are always pleasant occasions and furnish plenty of mirth and merriment for both old and young. It is the plan to hold the next reunion at McCredie, Missouri.

Descendants of Iowa Families Gathered There In Annual Affair Sunday
    The spacious country home of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Crawford of McCredie, was the scene of a happy family gathering over the weekend. relatives from Iowa, Illinois and Missouri began arriving Saturday and by Sunday noon the number had reached 32.
    These occasions are always pleasant ones and are enjoyed by old and young.
For a number of years these gatherings have been an annual affair and include the descendants of the Gardner and Eliza Crawford family of Miles, Iowa.
    Quite a number attended services at the McCredie Church, Sunday. Five of the charter members of this church were formerly from the old home church at Miles.
    Those present included Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Crawford of St Charles, Ill., Mrs. John Crawford and daughter, Mary of Emerson, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Crawford of Cameron, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Koch and daughter, Ethel, of Miles, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith and Wayne, Benton, Betty, Kenneth, Paul, Jr., Dorothy, Janette and Catherine of Keytesville, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Reed, Martha and C. P. of Columbia, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. John Henderson, Lee, Robert, Virginia and Jimmie and Mrs. Wilbur Conrad of McCredie.
    When the time for parting came, it was agreed to have the next reunion at Miles, Iowa.

Crawford Clan Holds Two Day Reunion [June 1941]
    The members of the Crawford Clan, descendants of Gardner Crawford, Sr., met in their seventh annual reunion at the home of the oldest member, Mrs. Grace Crawford in Emerson June 13 and 14. This included Mrs. Crawford's own family which was together for the first time in 16 years.
    The first to arrive were Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Crawford of Broadview, Mont., and Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Crawford and daughter, Judith of Billings, Mont., who came Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Crawford, Sr. of St. Charles, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Koch and daughters, Frances and Ethel, arrived Friday evening. Saturday R. G. Crawford of McCreedie, Mo., and Mrs. Grace Ivie of Davis City swelled the numbers and Sunday morning came S. C. Crawford of Cameron. Mo., Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Crawford of Creston and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gronerts of Des Moines to complete the circle. These with Mr. and Mrs. Earle Crawford and Mary Crawford of Emerson completed the group of 22.
    A very pleasant time was had by all. The time and place for the next year's reunion wall be decided at a later date.

William Burton

BIOGRAPHY: William was the illegitimate son of Edith Burton who died when he was 1 or 2 years old. William and Ann were born in the same town (Laura Burton Crawford's diary gives that place as Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire, England). They grew up in the same locality and played together as children. They were married in the Church of England in West Pennard.
    In 1855 they migrated to the United States and established a home near Sabula, Iowa. It was there where Ann Burton died in 1870, at the early age of 38 years. She left a family of ten children. It has been difficult to gather many facts regarding William's or Ann's family. Some of Ann's family were in America during the Civil War, as one of her brothers was killed in that war.
    When Ann died it was necessary to separate the family. Julia, their oldest child, took Laura and Will to live with her and her husband in Sabula, Iowa. Kate, the baby, was cared for by a family friend, Mrs. Snyder, who later adopted her. A few years later William set out with the remainder of his family, except for Lydia, for Adams county, Iowa. They went by covered wagon, and hardship was their constant companion. A home was established on a farm of their own and was remembered by the children as happy, because of William's great determination that it must be.
    It is remembered by the children of William and Ann Burton, that he had a very strong character. He was very religious, and urged that everyone follow the teachings of the Bible to the best of their ability.

GRANDFATHER BURTONS STORY-This is a short history of Grandfather Burton's life, as given to his daughter, Phila (Philena) Frederick. At the time of this writing, August 1905, he was nearly 77 years old. He was at her home in Julesburg, Colorado.
    "I was born in England, in somersetshire, in the parish of West Pennard. My mother died when I was a little over two years of age. I cannot remember anything of my mother. I was an only child. My grandmother took me and watched over me for a number of years after my mother's death. My father died about three years after my mother.
    In my early youth, being without mother or father, I had no one to care for me and I was exposed to many hardships. I was deprived of an education, which has always been a burden to me.
    I was baptized in the Established Church of England, under the ministry of Dr. Newman. I had very few advantages. In my early life I had to go out and work for my own living on a farm. My friends and relatives died when I was about twelve years of age, I was put out on a farm. I had my board and very little clothing. I had a very hard time for five or six years. From the time I was twleve to eighteen, my wages were very small. I was poorly fed and poorly clad. I know what it was to be cold and hungry for years until I could claim begger wages.
    At the age of twenty-one I had a little property come to me from my father's estate. The money that was left for me to give me and education and provide other ways for me was left in a large bank which failed and left me destitute.
    When I was about twenty three years of age, I was married to Ann Cocks. I had left about 100 pounds, and in about two years, i took that, together with my wife's money, and with my wife and two childre, I came to America and settled in Iowa. When I settled down in Jackson county, Iowa, I had $5.00, my wife and two children (about 1855).
    Iowa at that time was a new country. Money was scarce. For the first five years it was hard work for me to make a living. During the time of the Civil War, I was working on a farm and the money was more plentiful. for some years I saved money.
    My wife died in 1870 and left me with ten children. A few years later I went to the western part of Iowa in Adams county. I bought 200 acres of land a $6.00 an acre. I lieved a Adams county about 35 years.
    I will give up the little period sketch to others who perhaps can add more to it. I am in good health and am very ahppy for my pleasan pilgrimage. I had my training with a Christian family in the days of my youth, and united with the Mehtodist Church and have been a member for over 65 years. I am in Julesburg, Colorado, at the home of my daughter."

1880 Iowa Farm Census - Adams County - Lincoln township William Burton
160 acres total- permanent meadows, permanent pastures
14 acres - orchard & vineyard,
40 acres - woodland & forest.
Value of farm buildings, land & fences $3200.00
Implements & machinery  200.00
3 horses, 5 milch cows, 25 swine, 50 chickens     660.00
Building & repair in 1870  100.00
Farm products sold  400.00
Grass land mowed   12.00
Hay   10.00
Grass seed - 5 bushel.

Grandfather Burton's Last Circle letter - written to his children, about 6 weeks before his death.
Mt. Etna, Iowa
October 5, 1905
My Dear Children,
    I am favorably well and am at Rachel's at Mt. Etna. I was very glad to hear from you all once more and to know that you were all so favorably situated. - Kate & Will you need not look for me for awhile, as I have some business to see to here and expect to stay here for sometime.
    I had a very pleasant visit in Colorado for eight weeks this summer with Phila & family.- I had a nice time over in the old neighbor hood for a few days - this is beautiful weather. I attended the funeral of I.T. Homer today, the county treasurer and an old & respected citizen.
    Laura I would very much like to see you and have a visit with you and family. I would like to take a trip to Missouri.- Phila i got home sife, - I enjoyed the visit with you very much, glad that your preacher came back another year.- martha dn family, tho you are so far away I often think of you and would like to see you.
    Becca you had a taste of hail storm I wa afraid you had forgotten me unitl I got the letter you wrote me some time ago and it did me so much good to hear from you. Write again when you can.
    Kate I am always glad to hear from you and would dearly love to see you. I may be back before spring, but what i know of Colorado, I don't think it would ever suit you or your family. Stay where you are. I will explain all when I see you.
    Will I am coming back toward spring and expect to end my days with you. - Laura I would say - I suppose you felt the loss of your dear sweet baby boy and we all sympathize with you, but we are looking forward to a happy reunion by and by. So we are "watching and waiting, looking above, filled with his goodness, lost in his love.
    Love to all of you. I always wait anxiously for the circle letter.- We cannot tell how soon the ranks will be broken.-I hope to meet you all in the Sweet By & By.
    Our weekly prayer meetings here are a great help to us. We have some glorious meetings.
From Father

DEATH: Resume of a letter to Rebecca from her sister Rachael written Nove. 28, 1905 at Mt. Etna, Iowa. Rachael wrote giving details of the death of their father, William Burton.
    "He was not sick, he died very suddenly of what we supposed to be neuralgia of the heart. He was found in the road between Fred Burton's and Quincy White's" Apparently days before his death he had done a considerable amount of wood chopping. following the exertion he complained of chest pains. The doctor was called but felt it was nothing serious. Subsequent attacks of pain were relieved by "Pain Relief" probably popular home remedy.
    A funeral was held at Rachael's home, the body was then taken to Sabula, Iowa where William Burton was buried beside his wife Ann Cox Burton, in the Canada Hollow Cemetery, a small old cemetery south of Miles, Iowa, along with three of their children, Hester, Willie and Mathew. The casket cost $51, the flowers, roses and carnations $2.00. William Burton had made a will and had not left a single debt.

DEATH: Obituary. Father, or Brother Burton as he was familiarly called by so many, is with us no more, for "God took him." He lived with his daughter, Mrs. Rachel Nicoll, in Mt. Etna all winter. But Friday, Nov. 17th, he walked from there to W. D. Shaw's in Lincoln towndhip, stayed there all night. Saturday morning he went to the Chas. Wolford farm where his grandchildren, Fred and Mable Burton, live, visited with them, and on sunday went to church at Lincoln Center, where he met many old friends. Stayed with Fred again that night also Monday and Tuesday nights, visiting old friends each day, and apparently feeling as well as usual, and thoroughly enjoying himself. Wednesday morning he left Fred's with the intention of going to Quincy White's (about 1/4 of a mile), then to W.D. Shaw's, from there to his old home where his son Sidney now lives.
   While at Mr. White's he took a severe pain in his chest. (For two weeks previous he had had the same at different times). After some time he felt better but when he left there instead of going north he turned towards Fred's and about an hour afterwards was found lying in the road lifeless. "Truly in the midst of life we are in death." But thanks be to God we know he was ready for the summons though it came so suddenly, for his trust and confidence was implicitly in Him who hath promised we will come off more than conquerors. A short time ago in speaking of the home beyond he said with tears in his eyes and a quiver in his voice, "I'm getting home sick to see the dear ones who have gone. Sometimes it seems as if I can hardly wait for the time to come, when I can go but I don't think it wll be long now, for I belive my time here is short." Willim Burton was born in Summersetshire, England, March 1829, and came to American in 1855 with his wife and two children. They settled in Jackson county near Sabula, in this state. In 1870 his wife died leaving a young babe. In May 1872 he with five children moved to this county, Lincoln township, where he bought 160 acres of unimporved land. That farm today stands as a monument to his perseverance and industry, for it is one of the best stock farms in the county, and his children to whom he was both father and mother are an honor to his memory. Each Sunday found him and them regularly in the place of worship, the old sixteen school house, and he taught them the way of righteousness both by precept and example. Such lives as his are a blessing and a benefit to any community. He leaves nine children to mourn his departure: Mrs. Julia Cox, of Utah; Sidney Burton and Mrs. Rachel Nicoll of this county; Mrs. Rebecca Mills, Dakota; Mrs. Martha Nicoll, Washington; Mrs. Laura Crawford, Missouri; Mrs. Philena Frederic, Colorado; Mrs. Katie Dynes, Sabula; William J. Burton, Illinois. The funeral services were held Friday, Nov. 24th, at 10 a.m. at the Lincoln Center church, Rev. J. G. Duling preaching from the appropriate test. "Behold I come quickly." A large crowd of neighbors and friends gathered to pay their last tribute of respect.

DEATH: Last Will of William Burton
    I William Burton of Lincoln Township Adams County Iowa being about 74 years of age and of sound and disposeing mind and Memory Considering the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death and being desirous of provideing for the disposition of My estate after my death to make and publish this my last will and testament to wit:
--Item First--It is my wil that all my just debts and the expenses of my last sickness and funeral expenses be fully and promptly paid.
--Item 2nd--My Daughter Julia Ann who was once married to Seaman and more recently has been married to Mr. Cox and whose name is how Julia Ann Cox being well off and needing no more assistance from me living at Sabula Iowa It is my will and desire that she take nothing of my estate at my death but she is disinherited as my heir in all and every part of my estate at my death and I direct my administrator to pay her nothing more than I have already given her in former years.
--Item 3d--all the res, residue and remainder of my estate both real and personal of whatever kind or nature and wherever situated I will, devise, and bequeath, to my eight other living Children and heirs of My deceased daughter in equal share as follows to wit--To my son sidney Burton of Briscoe Iowa one ninth of my wholle estate--To the six grand children of mine being the children of my deceased daghter Lydia Johnson of Lincoln Township One Ninth of My estate--to my daughter Rebecca Mills of Tripp Hutchinson county South Dacotah One Ninth of my estate--To My Daughter Rachael Nicoll wife of Thomas Nicoll of Mt Etna Iowa one Ninth--To my daughter Marth Nicoll wife of John Nicoll resideing in the State of Washington one Ninth--To my daughter Philena Fredrick wife of E F Frederick of Julesburg colorado One Ninth--and to my daughter Laura Burton now living in Missouri One Nineth--and to my son Will Burton of Savannah Illinois one Ninth--and to Kate dines of Stirling Iowa One Ninth, the latter being my Youngest child and who was given away by me when about one week old and adopted by one Snyder and wife, whom I Hereby re-adopt as my child and make her one of my heirs in full as if she never been given away and devise and wil to her one Ninth of my estate at my death--And it is My will and desire that each of my above mentioned Nine children including Lydia Johnsons six heir as one Take the one Ninth of my estate at My death and that all and every part of by estate be divided into Nine equal and exact parts and that each one of the Nine receive one full ninth part The six grand children taking the same as their Mother Lydia Johnson would have taken had she remained alive.
--Item 4th-- I nominate and appoint thomas Nicoll husbnad of My daughter Rachael to be executor of this my last will and testament.
--Item 5th--It is my will that in case any of my sons or daughters above named die without issue then the part of my estate to such one shall go to and be the property of the survivors in equal and just shares and in case either of them dies before i die leaving issue then the portion devised to such one shall go their issue and in case Either of the Grand children shall die the survivors shall inherit its share in like manner. I Enjoin kindness and justice and equality amongst my children in the settlement of my estate. Witness my hadn this 8th day of October 1904.
/s/ his mark X William Burton
The above instrument consisting of two pages was now here subscribed by the said William Burton as testator in the presence of each of the us the undersigned and was at the same time by him declared to be his last will and testament and we at the request and in his presence and in the presence of each other sign our names hereto as attesting witnesses at Corning Iowa this 8th day of October 1904. /s/ H E Westcope[sp?]
/s/ E H Sheppard
/s/ Burton Sheppard
/s/ Frank M Davis

DEATH: ...Also Settling of William Burton Estate Mrs. Rebecca Mills Springfield, South Dakota
Dear Rebecca,
Enclosed please find receipt for your share of the sale of the Home place. Sign it return to me and I will send you the money. The final wind up will not be until May term of court when your share of rent will be sent you.
160 acres @ 60 9600.00
Tax for 1908  43.58
Abstract  20.00
Attorneys Fee  96.00
Referee's Fee 212.00
One ninth of above sum $1025.38
Yours truly,
/s/ Thomas Nicoll

DEATH: In a letter from Rebecca's sister Julia written November 25, 1906 she comments that she had not heard from Thos. Nicoll. "It was told to me by one of the family that Father told me on his last visit to Sabula that he would disown me on account of the change in my religion." Nothing was mentioned about religion during his fifteen minute visit. No credence was given to such a statement as coming from a father and a Christian man--just because a conscience told me there was a better way. I know all will be well, for my brothers and sisters will see that I get my rights for they will not want to use another's money."

Ann Cock

other possible surname spelling Cox.

DEATH: Died on the day her youngest child was born.