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~ Deuteronomy 33:17

Stephen's Smith Family - Ancestors, Descendants and Cousins


Carl Olson Baldwin

    Mrs. Dave Baldwin received a message Saturday from her son, Clyde in Orange, Calif., stating their 13 year old son, Carl, had met death in a car accident, and the mother had received painful injuries and three broken ribs.
    A letter followed which stated Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin had started for a day of pleasure in a nearby park and when they turned off the highway, were hit by the driver of another car. The impact gave the son the most serious injury, which crushed the skull, and from which he died shortly following the accident.
    Carl was a likable lad and had many friends here who will grieve at his untimely passing. The father who grew up here and the mother, a resident of Winston, have many friends who extend deepest sympathy in the loss of their only child.
    Funeral services will be held in Orange, Calif., tomorrow but because of distance none of the relatives here will be able to attend.
    The only other close survivors are Mr. Olsen of Winston, the grandfather of Carl and an aunt of Carl's, Mrs. Earl Daniels of Lathrop.

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