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Ephraim's glory is like the firstling of his bullocks and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth.
~ Deuteronomy 33:17

Stephen's Smith Family - Ancestors, Descendants and Cousins


Lotta Smith

they had 4 children

Effie Jane Smith

baptised on jan 22 1878 by L.F. Hayes in the Wamsley Church.

    The death of the wife of Jesse silvius occured at their home at Turney on Sunday morning at an early hour. Deceased was about 30 6years of age and leaves besides husband and relatives a little child six eeks old and a boy of five years. She was the daughter of Poke Smith, well known in this vicinity. Mrs. Silvius was a member of the M. E. church South at that place and her funeral was ocnducted by Rev. Lysle, assisted by Rev. Snowden, and Rev. foster of this place. Burial Monday at Turney cemetery. The funeral very largely attended by sorrowing relatives and friends.