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~ Deuteronomy 33:17

Stephen's Smith Family - Ancestors, Descendants and Cousins


Gessel Geesje Barents

BIRTH: alternate birthplace - Germany

Marriage Notes for Barent Van Rottmer and Gessel Geesje Barents-3002

possibly married in Germany

Marya Lazelere

OLD FAMILIES OF STATEN ISLAND by J J Clute page 64. The earliest mention of this name occurs in the county records, where Jacob bought land in 1686. Nicholas bought land in 1693; he was at one time sheriff of the county. There was another Jacob, probably a son of Nicholas, whose wife's name was Alice; they had a son Daniel born 16 June 1757 and a son Benjamin born 22 October 1761.

Nicholas, probably a brother of Jacob, whose wife's name was Sarah; they had a daughter Johanna born 7 January 1768. Jacob and Elsy [or Alice] had a son Richard born 18 June 1771.

Benjamin was born 6 July 1740 and died 6 October 1802; he made his will 17 June 1802 in which he mentions his wife Sarah, and his children Benjamin, Jacob and Catharine.

The family, once an important one in the county, is now nearly if not quite extinct, and it is impossible to obtain a connected genealogy. There was a Rev. Jacob, a minister of Reformed Dutch Church in North and South Hampton, PA from 1797 to 1819, who was probably connected to this family.

Cornelius Swaim

Cornelius Baptism witnessed by Elizabeth Sweem and Pierre Manin.

Barent Thysen Swaim

1706 Census.  Age 60.  Living on the Northside, in close proximity to his son John, living with his daughter-in-law sara [Prall] wife of his son Matthys, his granddaughter Elizabeth, daughter of his "Unnamed Son", grandason Barent, son of the unnamed son who is shown with the boys and his granddaughters Madlean and Mary daughters of his son Matthys, shown with the girls.

Name Barent Tysen=Bernard Matthais