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Editorials of White Cliff Mineral Springs Development

The Athens Post, Athens, Tenn., August 20, 1869, VOL. XVII

Editor Post: Many of your readers have heard of White Cliff Springs; but to fully appreciate this Fountain of Health a summer's sojourn is absolutely indispensible.

They are situated upon the top of Starr's mountain, at an elevation of about twelve hundred feet above the surrounding valleys. The scenery is magnificent, as viewed from the camps -- equal, I imagine, to the beautiful, soul-stirring landscape beheld by the old prophet from Pisgah's lofty heights. They are above the "dew point" and are not subject to chilly nights and cold, foggy mornings, as someone has erroneously said, but pure, exhilarating breezes are continuously moving, bearing on their bosoms the elixir of life. The two chalybeate springs furnish sufficient water to supply a thousand people, and, although the water has never been analyzed, its health-giving properties have been proven by hundreds, your correspondent one of the number. They are owned by a company of the best men in Monroe County, who are pushing forward their improvement with highly commendable energy. They have completed a road to the turnpike near the base of the mountain, have improved the streets of the town, and are building a "carriage-drive" along the summit, in order that those who are fond of this exercise may enjoy it without descending to the valley. If I should undertake to enumerate the sources of enjoyment afforded to health and pleasure seekers, or to tell how much I have enjoyed a visit of five weeks in this delightful retreat, time and space would fail me; but I can heartily recommend them to those who would like to spend a season among the cleverest people on earth.

I cannot close this without saying something about the bouquet of feminine loveliness assembled here, and how their goodness has graven their names in this Bachelor's heart, and their many kindnesses have weighed him down beneath a load of obligations. But I will desist, for I cannot do the subject justice.

On March 31, 1870, the advertisement above appeared in The Sweetwater Enterprise. It regards the availibility of lease from the "Company" for the White Cliff Hotel, still under construction. Joseph Upton as president represented said company.

Three months afterwards, on July 28, 1870, this advertisement appeared in the same newspaper citing a subsequent meeting time and place for the "company." This ad provided the official name of said business enterprize.

The article above was published on September 8, 1870, in The Sweetwater Enterprise and concerned two available hack routes up to White Cliff Hotel from train stations.

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