Prospect Methodist Church

Prospect Methodist Church
McMinn County, TN, 1981

This church and cemetery are located about eight miles southeast of Englewood, TN on County Rd. 467, just off Highway 39. WPA published the following directions: "Follow the road leading to Tellico Plains, and turning left at "Stark" White Hill going by the way of Mt. Vernon for one half mile. This is a very old Cemetery, it being established in 1850."

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(The old photo above was STOLEN from this website by "Find a Grave" thief Bev (#46619248) in spite of numerous requests for its removal. When reported and removed by "Find a Grave" administrators, another "FAG" member stole and uploaded it the next day to a different memorial page. Because of their thefts, user "kpat1978" and others uploaded this stolen picture onto their family trees. Thieves propagate a situation wherein others unwittingly follow.)

Many thanks to my friend, cousin, and colleague Mildred Maupin who took this photo about 1981. She also provided an older photo of the church taken in 1957, but I have not uploaded it because of previous problems with "Find a Grave" thieves. Mildred gave me a copy of the original land deed that I have transcribed below. Mildred's parents, brother, grandparents, and many relatives are interred there as well as two of my own ancestors James C. and Nancy Jane Baker and other relatives.

The church building has since been improved with the addition of new steps, railings, and a roof. This old photo may appeal more to researchers seeking the original appearance of the building where their ancestors worshiped. Thanks to the efforts of the Prospect Cemetery Association and the generosity of the Methodist Church, the cemetery was deeded to the association as caretakers. This group has paritally constructed a fence to protect the old cemetery where some tombstones were destroyed by vandals in 1998. The appalling results of their crimes were televised by local news stations, but perpetrators were never apprehended.

State of Tennessee

McMinn County

This April the 14 one thousand & nine hundred & nine for and consideration of fifty dollars in hand paid to me whereby the receipt is hereby acknowledged. We T. L. Presswood and wife Louisy Presswood do bargain and sell and convey to the Southern Methodist Church or James Cass & other trustees of said church a certain tract or parcel of land situated in McMinn County and State of Tenn. and in old 13 Dist. & in Section 30 and 29 Township 4 range Second East of the Meridian for the purposes of church & graveyard bounded as follows commencing at the northwest corner of graveyard thence a westward course to a rock corner thence southeast to a rock corner thence north to the old crossing place to a rock thence north to a rock corner thence west to beginning corner containing three acres more or less to have and hold to the said James Cass & other trustees of said Southern Methodist Church and their successors & their heirs and assignees forever. We further covenant with said James Cass and other trustees that we will warrant and defend the said title to said land against ourselves and our heirs and assignees and all lawful claims claiming the same and we have a good right and title to sell the same and it is unencumbered whereof we set our hand & seal this the day and date above mentioned. We further grant the said Southern Methodist Church a rightaway through our land from Public record to said church & graveyard where said road is now located.

T. L. Presswood (seal)
L. A. Presswood (seal)

State of Tennessee McMinn County
Personally appeared before me A. M. White Notary Public for said county the within named T. L. Presswood the bargainers with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged that they executed the within instrument for the purposes therein contained and L. A. Presswood wife of the said T. L. Presswood having personally appeared before me privately and apart from her husband the said T. L. Presswood acknowledged the execution of the said instrument to have been done by me freely voluntarily and understandingly without compulsion or constraint from her said husband and for the purposes therein expressed witness A. M. White Notary Public at office this the 23 day of April 1909.

A. M. White
Notary Public

I certify that the tax is paid.
G. K. Underdown, Clk.

State of Tennessee
McMinn County
4:00 P. M. O'CLOCK December 12, 1910
Then was the foregoing deed, with Notary Public seal and in my office, noted in notebook D and registered in Deed Book W.W. Vol. 2 on page 224-25 tax paid.
W. F. Stephenson, Register.


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