Old Post Offices & Postmasters in Cherokee County, NC
Old Post Offices & Postmasters in Cherokee County, NC

~ compiled by Sandra (Nipper) Ratledge ~

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AndrewsCharlie L. Staples17 Nov 1890current P. O.ZIP CODE 28901
ApalachiaWishart B. Gilmore 11 Aug 189828 Feb 1917Polk CO, TN 1908; Cherokee CO 1909; Polk CO, TN 1909
BallewAcarius F. Cunningham3 May 189028 Feb1903
BearpawJohn T. Payne26 Oct 190915 Feb1916
BeaverSilas Rose10 Feb 187319 May 1885
Beaver MillsJesse B. Brooks21 June 185324 Oct 1855
BirchCharles E. Taylor27 Jan 191315 Nov 1938By 1917 and through at least 1920, Oliver Clem Payne was postmaster.
BloomSolomon A. Davis10 Aug 191228 Feb 1914
BrasstownCharles E. Ramsour4 Aug 187124 Nov 1888
Brasstown #2Lee Baker15 July 1889
BrysonWilliam A. Bryson23 July 18882 Mar 1889changed to Coalville 2 March 1889
CoalvilleWilliam A. Bryson2 Mar 18892 Feb 1906previously Bryson
Cobb'sJohn S. Hatchett13 July 188031 Jan 1914
CofieldLee L. Cofield15 Oct 189011 July 1892
CoppervillePeter Mosteller4 May 185524 Jan 1859
CulbersonJohn M. Kilpatrick12 July 1887current P. O.ZIP CODE 28903
CumminsCalvin Robinson23 May 190230 Apr 1909
DawesvilleFrederick William Dawes / Daws25 Oct 184526 July 1852
England's PointAlexander England2 Oct 185610 Mar 1875
England's Point #2Abram E. Evans25 May 187614 May 1889changed to Ranger 14 May 1889
England's Point #3Samuel A. Fox1 July 18896 Feb 1891
EuclidHenry D. Wilson8 Feb 190415 June 1904
Fort HembreeFrancis McGee8 Aug 18436 Dec 1866previously Hiwassee; William M. Sanderson, postmaster on Jan 1851 list
Fort MontgomeryJ.P. Colvard28 Feb 18499 June 1874Calvin A. Colvard, postmaster on Jan 1851 list; became Robbinsville 9 June 1874
Gold BranchJoshua P. Edwards12 Sep 18606 Dec 1866
GrandviewJohn W. Lovingood15 June 190328 Feb 1950previously Hanging Dog
Grape CreekJoseph Black12 July 185931 Mar 1914
GuyJohn L. Weese3 July 189415 July 1915
Hanging DogChristopher C. Gentry16 Dec 187815 June 1903often called "Hang Dog" by local folks; named Grandview 15 June 1903
HiwasseeJames Poteet23 May 18378 Aug 1843changed to Fort Hembree 8 August 1843
Hiwassee #2David T. McNabb11 July 189130 Nov 1939
Hiwassee DamEula Mae White4 May 193730 June 1958
HothouseWilliam H. Philips23 Feb 187728 Feb 1907
HuntingtonCol. Archibald Russell Spence Hunter23 Feb 183513 June 1839named Murphy 13 June 1839
JamesvilleJames Whitaker16 Feb 18371 Apr 1846changed to Valley Town 1 April 1846
KimseyMartin Ross20 Nov 188914 Apr 1928
LetitiaJames Guinn Hickey20 Sep 188931 Jan 1955
MamieThomas Payne15 Nov 188912 Feb 1896
MarbleIsabella Moss10 May 1881current P. O.ZIP CODE 28905
Marble SpringHenry Moss15 Nov 185214 Nov 1876
MurpheyCol. Archibald Russell Spence Hunter13 June 1839 current P. O.previously Huntington; Stephen G. R. Mount, postmaster on Jan 1851 list; ZIP CODE 28906
NinaWilliam A. Griffin5 Aug 188030 Apr 1911
NottlaAllen D. Kilpatrick9 Oct 184928 Aug 1896(called "Nottley" by local folks)
Oak ParkGabriel Alonzo "Lon" Raper1 Nov 191231 Jan 1955previously Ranger
OgreetaJohn C. Griffin23 Sep 188015 May 1927
PatrickElias Patton Kilpatrick25 Aug 189131 Aug 1951(clipped surname for local Kilpatrick family)
Peach TreeMarcus L. Brittain16 Dec 187815 May 1907
PeachtreeJesse B. Brooks15 Mar 183911 Dec 1866John R. Sudduth, postmaster on Jan 1851 list
Persimmon CreekBenjamin "Ben" Stiles29 Sep 184315 Nov 1938
PostellElbert E. Nelson3 Nov 188830 Nov 1943
Postell's MillJacob Postell10 June 187521 Nov 1876
PrescottWilliam J. Whitaker25 Feb 189220 June 1895
RangerCyrus W. Dickey14 May 18891 Nov 1912previously England's Point; then Oak Park 1 Nov 1912
RegalSidney "Sid" Pendley1 May 1909
RhodoWilliam R. Lunsford11 Sep 190631 July 1916
RossvilleHenry Grady16 Feb 183728 Nov 1845
Shooting CreekWilliam R. H. McConnell18 Dec 18491 Dec 1858
StikoihAbraham Tayloron Jan 1851 list of U. S. Post Offices
SuitJohnson Suit1 Feb 188631 Jan 1955
TomatolaGeorge Washington Hayes, Jr.31 Dec 18735 June 1890changed to Tomotla 5 June 1890
TomotlaEvan D. Howell3 Feb 184813 Apr 1859(often called "Motley" by local folks)
Tomotla #2Jefferson Theodore Hayes5 June 189031 Oct 1948previously Tomotola
ToptonDavid S. Russell12 Dec 1887current P. O.ZIP CODE 28781
Turtle TownElias Milton Kilpatrick, Sr.23 Dec 1847renamed Patrick 25 Aug 1891; then Oak Park 1 Nov 1912
TurtletownWilliam Franklin Bryant23 June 18761 Nov 1912changed to Oak Park 1 Nov 1912
TusquiteeD. H. Jones9 May 184828 Feb 1907John H. Johnson, postmaster on Jan 1851 list
UnakaWilliam C. Hampton28 Aug 189015 Feb 1986ZIP CODE 28908
Valley TownWilliam Walker1 Apr 18469 Apr 1891previously Jamesville
Vest'sGeorge W. Vest16 June 187530 Sep 1950
VioletAmos Pierson Keener9 Mar 190930 Sep 1933
WacheesaHugh T. Sadler8 July 192231 July 1922
Wolf CreekTyra A. Tatham5 Aug 185831 Mar 1914


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