Cemeteries and history Of S.E. New Mexico.

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By Gene K. Tarvin

I have lived near Loving for 40 years and have family buried here, thus my interest in New Mexico history.

I hope this site will be helpful in your family research.

Lookout Cemetery, neglected and vandalized

Doing cemetery surveys is not for the faint of heart. I have helped survey over 100 cemeteries in NE Texas and some had shoulder high weeds and briers and some had to have the poison ivy chopped from the gate before I could enter. In others I had to watch every step as the snakes were out. Other times it would be freezing cold. ( I must have been nuts ). This will remain a "work in progress" as I update or survey other cemeteries nearby in southern New Mexico, so please visit often to see whats new.

New Mexico history and cemeteries

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Vanishing community "Lookout"

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