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A Little Bit About Us

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Barbara and Don

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As I mentioned on our home page, I have been in Alaska since July 7, 1977. I was married and divorced in the 18 years before I met and married my husband, Don. I have a daughter named Grace. I have done a lot of things in the last 30+ years here in Alaska, but currently my primary occupation is wife and mother, a job I love very much! (SMILE) Since 1997, I have been working part-time as a service rep-teller-webmaster for a small credit union, The City of Fairbanks Federal Credit Union.

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Don and I met online on CompuServe in 1995. I was here in Fairbanks running a home childcare and he was a Corrections Officer in Coalinga, California. Don moved to Fairbanks in September 1995 and we were married December 12, 1995. Since 1996 Don has been employed by the Fairbanks North Star Borough, our "county," and is currently a senior network administrator. Before he was a corrections officer his career field was computers. He previously worked for Sperry Univac (which is now Unisys) and another computer company, WICAT which is now owned by Josten's. In his spare time Don does some woodwork and carving. You can see several of his projects HERE. I think he does a great job! (SMILE)

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Don and I both love nature and wildlife, and Alaska has a bountiful supply of both. I am an amateur photographer, but I think I manage to capture some interesting shots. I used a Minolta Freedom Zoom 70C camera for some of my photos on our pages and also an Olympus 460 digital camera. I am currently using an Olympus C-720 ultra Zoom, which I really like. I really enjoy making web pages. In the past I have used some of my photos for cards and other items that I sold at local bazaars in Fairbanks. It's fun, and people seem to like my photos! Now I mainly just share them on my web pages. (SMILE) I am also researching our Family Trees. Genealogy is an interesting quest. I have found several distant relatives online already. Could we be related? (SMILE)

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I only have one child, my wonderful daughter and good friend, Grace.

Grace stays busy these days. She doesn't seem to have much time to play piano or write poetry, or to draw or paint these days like she used to. Now Grace likes to travel whenever she can. She took a summer month-long University class in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan a few years ago and the travel bug bit! In 2004, after her university graduation, she took a trip to Washington state and visited art galleries, museums, and other sites, including the tiny town of Rockford, founded by some of her ancestors, and the birthplace of her great-grandmother and namesake in 1900. In 2007 she visited San Antonio, Texas and several places in Alaska, hiking, camping and kayaking. She enjoys many styles of art and music. She has seen Van Gogh paintings in Japan and Seattle and really likes to visit art galleries. She worked at the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, our local hometown newspaper, from 2004 to 2010. She married Chirag in 2008 on my birthday and they had a beautiful baby girl named Eve in July 2012!

The picture on the top left, below, is an acrylic "Winter Landscape" Grace painted for me. On the top right is a drawing of a dragon she entered in the 1999 Tanana Valley State Fair. She won third place in the Fantasy art category. (SMILE)

Winter Acrylic Painting Pic Dragon Pencil Drawing Pic

(artwork 1997, 1999 Grace Farstad)
Click on her artwork to see a larger view.

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