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I was born in Richmond in California's San Francisco Bay area in September, 1953. My father is a Southern Baptist minister (retired). I have two older sisters, two younger sisters and two younger brothers. My childhood memories are all very happy ones. I enjoyed growing up in a large family. God has truly blessed my life.

I especially loved our summer vacations and other times we were able to travel to see relatives or to see God's wonderful creation in places like Yosemite National Park. I learned at an early age to enjoy the beauty of God's exquisitely designed nature. We visited Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and other great National Parks, including my absolute favorite place, Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.

I started school at Montalvin Manor Elementary School in the small San Pablo community of Montalvin where we lived for seven years. In 1961 we moved to Clovis, near Fresno. I attended Tarpey Elementary School in Clovis, graduating from Eighth Grade in 1967. I graduated from Clovis High School in 1971. I attended Fresno City College through 1974, then transferred to California Baptist College (now California Baptist University) in Riverside. I graduated from Cal Baptist in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Biology, minoring in Music.

Delphinium Pic

(photo 2000 Barbara Logan)
Delphiniums in our yard, July 2000

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I have always loved nature. I especially love flowers. We have several beautiful flowers growing in our yard. We have pink wild roses, yellow butter'n'eggs (a small wild snapdragon) and blue delphinium. We also have a lilac bush. The neighbor's choke cherry trees are covered with small sweet smelling flowers in May and June. There are also the "wild" things that vary from year to year; such as fireweed, yarrow and sweet clover.

I have had many "pet" animals throughout my life, including rabbits, mice, anole chameleons, "blue bellied" fence lizards, tadpoles-frogs, turtles, snake, hermit crabs, fish, insects, (YES!! INSECTS!!) Sea Monkeys (brine shrimp), cats, dogs and birds. Our current pets are daughter Grace's Pueblan Milk Snake and our two Cockatiels, "Bungee," and "Baby Smokey." (Baby Smokey hatched on Father's Day, June 2000, (much to our surprise!) to parents Smokey and Bungee. Unfortunately the momma bird, Smokey, died five days later and poppa Bungee raised Baby Smokey alone).

Pueblan Milk Snake

(photo 2004 Barbara Logan)
Grace's Pueblan Milk Snake, October 2004

Baby Smokey and Bungee Cockatiels

(photo 2001 Barbara Logan)
Baby Smokey and her daddy Bungee, February 2001

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I have always loved music. I have taken piano lessons many times through the years. I am not as advanced as my daughter Grace, but I think I play okay. I played cello in school from Fifth through Eleventh Grade. I love to sing. I have sung in church and school choirs since I was young. I was in the Clovis High School "A Cappella Choir" and "Madrigals" singing groups for two years under the direction of Mrs. Mercedes Edwards. Until her death, she led the high school choral groups in a wonderful annual Christmas concert called "The Feast of Lights", which was enjoyed by the whole community. They even named the renovated theater at Clark Elementary School (formerly Clovis High School) after her, the "Mercedes Edwards Theater." I also sang in the Fresno City College choir, the Cal Baptist "Trouveres" singing group, the "Fairbanks Choral Society" one year, and I try toregularly participate in the annual "Sing-It-Yourself" Messiah in Fairbanks at Christmas. I love to sing and have been known to break out in song when the mood strikes. (SMILE)

Wild Roses

(photo 2001 Barbara Logan)
Wild Roses blooming in our yard, June 2001

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I have been a fan of Walt Disney for as long as I can remember. I love the original animated fairy tales, especially "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." I also love "Sleeping Beauty," "Cinderella," "Fantasia..." I guess I like them all! (SMILE) "Bambi" is the first movie I remember seeing. I loved to draw all the animated characters when I was young. Oh, and I can't forget my old pal, Winnie the Pooh." Most of all, I love Disneyland... the old Disneyland... the original Disneyland that Walt Disney designed and built. When I lived in southern California I visited there as often as I could afford. A lot has changed since Walt's death, but now you can visit some of the original sights of Disneyland at "Yesterland," on the web. (SMILE)

7 July 1977 I came to Alaska. Arriving first in Ketchikan, I then traveled on to Haines, Anchorage and finally Fairbanks. I was married here in 1978 and had daughter Grace in 1980.

When I first arrived in Fairbanks I applied for jobs with the Alaska State Department of Fish and Game, as did lots of other people... I was never even close to being hired. After a very short stint at McDonalds, I went to work for the United States Postal Service in May 1978. I was a window clerk when I left in June 1982 to be fulltime mom to Grace. Being Grace's mom is the most important "job" I have ever done. (SMILE)

Toadflax Pic

(photo 1999 Barbara Logan)
Toadflax, Butter'n'eggs, or wild snapdragon in our yard, July 1999

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In January 1984 we got our first computer, new at the time, an Apple IIC, 128K RAM, one 5 1/4 floppy drive with small green monitor. Grace started learning things on the computer at the early age of three. In 1994 I upgraded it (all by myself!) to 1 meg of RAM, a 3 1/2 diskette drive, 13 inch color monitor and an 85 meg hard drive! It still works, but is not in use... (We now use a Dell Dimension Computer. )

In the fall of 1984 I worked a few months at the small contract Post Office at Curry's Corner, on the Steese Highway north of Fairbanks, with Grace in tow.

In 1985 we built a new house. With the new house came a new enterprise for me, "Love'N'Care Home Childcare." I cared for many wonderful children from January 1986 through December 1995 and was able to be home with Grace and also home-schooled her starting the fall of 1988.

In 1986 I was diagnosed with Adult type 2 Diabetes. This presented me with new challenges.

1995 brought many changes. My marriage of 17 years ended. I didn't think then that I would ever marry again... but then I met Don and six months later we were married. (SMILE)

In 1996 I finally started to learn more about our ancestry and started working on our family trees. It is a never ending process! I have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about our heritage. I have been able to find a lot of information and distant relations on the Internet.

Lilac Pic

(photo 1998 Barbara Logan)
Lilacs blooming in our yard, June 1998

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I love watching and photographing the birds and other wildlife in our area. We have several bird feeders in our trees and enjoy watching the birds come to eat.

I love to cook, bake and make bread in a bread machine. I love to sew and do crafts when I can find the time. I work part time at the City of Fairbanks Federal Credit Union. I also love to make web pages. (SMILE)

As you can see, I stay busy. I am a wife, mother and homemaker and loving it. (SMILE)

In the past few years I have had new challenges with my health. I started using Insulin for my diabets in May 2004, and in September 2005 I had to have stents put in my heart. I am doing okay, I just have to watch a lot of things in my life.

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This is a page I made just for fun. It is dedicated to women named "Barbara." There are lots of famous Barbaras and not-so-famous Barbaras, and links to more information about them. I also made a "Donald" page and I'm thinking about making a "Grace" page, too, someday when I can find the time.... (SMILE)

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Snow Peas Flowers Pic

(photo 1997 Barbara Logan)
Snow Peas blooming in our garden, July 1997

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Music Disney, "All in a Golden Afternoon"
from "Alice in Wonderland"

Golden Afternoon, Alice in Wonderland,  Disney Pic

SCENE : In the Flower Garden

Rose: spacerGirls, girls! We shall sing: 'Golden afternoon'.
spacerspacerThat's about all of us! Sound your A, Lily!

Lily: spacerLaaaa...

Violets: spacerMimimimi...

Marguerite: spacerLalalala...

Snap-dragon: spacerHahahahahahaha...

Marigolds: spacerPoem, poem poem, poem poem poem poem poem....

All flowers: spacerLittle bread-and-butterflies kiss the tulips,
spacerspacerand the sun is like a toy balloon.
spacerspacerThere are get up in the morning glories,
spacerspacerin the golden afternoon.

spacerspacerThere are dizzy daffodils on the hillside,
spacerspacerstrings of violets are all in tune,
spacerspacerTiger lilies love the dandy lions,
spacerspacerin the golden afternoon, the golden afternoon.

spacerspacerThere are dog and caterpillars and a copper centipede,
spacerspacerwhere the lazy daisies love the very peaceful life they lead...

spacerspacerYou can learn a lot of things from the flowers,
spacerspacerfor especially in the month of June.
spacerspacerThere's a wealth of happiness and romance,
spacerspacerall in the golden afternoon...

spacerspacerAll in the golden afternoon, the golden afternoon...

Alice: spacerYou can learn a lot of things from the flowers,
spacerspacerfor especially in the month of June.
spacerspacerThere's a wealth of happiness and romance, oh...

Flowers: spacer...the golden afternoon!

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