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Dedicated to "Donald"s Everywhere

Welcome! This is the "Donald" page, all about men named Donald.

I made this page in honor of the four Donalds in my family.

my husband Don Pic my brother Don Pic my nephew Don Pic my nephew-in-law Don Pic
my husbandmy brothermy nephewmy nephew-

The name "Donald" is Celtic, taken from the Gaelic name Domhnall meaning "world" and "mighty."

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I have seen these five variations of the name Donald. Are there any more?

Donald Don Donny Donnie Donn

The Kabalarian Philosophy™ teaches constructive living based on principles
of right thinking, right breathing, and right eating. They also believe that your
name is very important and has hidden power. Click on the variations above to
see what they think about each name. It is pretty interesting!

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Cyan Star Do you remember these Donalds? Cyan Star

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Don Adams Pic Donny Osmond Pic Donald Sutherland Pic Don Knotts Pic Don Grady Pic
AdamsOsmondSutherlandKnotts Grady

Who could forget Agent 86, The Osmond brothers, Hawkeye, Barney or Robbie?

Here are some famous "Donald"s, some you will recognize and maybe some you won't.

A search of the Internet Movie Database found
2783 actors and other show business people named Don;
1274 named Donald; 52 named Donny; and 65 named Donnie.


Donn Swaby Pic Don Hastings Pic Don Diamont Pic Don Jeffcoat Pic Don Stroud Pic
SwabyHastingsDiamontJeffcoat Stroud


  • Don Bluth, director and producer of such animated films as "An American Tail" and "Land Before Time;" A Shrine webpage to Don.


  • Donald Barthelme, 1931-1989, author; some consider him to be the father of postmodern fiction; an instructor's guide
  • Donald Hall, 1928- , poet; author of the Eagle Pond books, and children's books, including the award winning "Ox-Cart Man."
  • Donald Jack, Canadian author of "Bartholomew Bandy" Canadian hero book series.
  • Donald Justice, 1925- , Poet

Don Justice Pic Don Bluth Pic Don Stark Pic Don Murray Pic Don Pedro Colley Pic

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Cyan Star More Donalds Cyan Star

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Cyan Star Continue on to read about more Donalds in Politics, Sports and More

Cyan Star Read some "Donald" biographies at Biography.Com

Cyan Star Read some "Don" biographies at Biography.Com

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The United States Census Bureau compiled data on the names in a sample search area of the 1990 census. Out of those approximately 6.3 million records, males totalled just over 3 million. Of the male names counted in the sample, "Donald" is listed as the 15th most common; "Don" is listed as the 135th most common; "Donnie" is listed as the 315th most common; "Donny" is listed as the 709th most common; "Donn" is listed as the 933rd most common. This is out of 1219 male names on the census. You can see the entire list here.

A search of the United States Geological Survey, Geographic Names Information System, or (USGS GNIS) finds 47 places with the name "Donald." Their list includes creeks, lakes, points, springs, wells, churches, schools, mines and gardens. They list places with the name "Don", mostly churches, cemetaries and schools. They also list 78 places with the name "Donny".

Don Johnson Pic Don McLean Pic Donald O'Connor Pic Don King Pic Don Ho Pic

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