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Our Genealogy

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Welcome to the Genealogy pages for Barbara and Don Logan,
and Grace Farstad of Fairbanks, Alaska.

Please note that our genealogy pages are under construction and currently being moved to the Rootsweb servers, so some links, pictures, etc. may not work yet. I will try to get it all switched over as soon as I can.

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FINALLY! I have completed the transcribing of
the Taney County, Missouri 1850 U.S. Census.
Blue Star VIEW the 1850 United States Census of Taney County, Missouri

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I have been working on our genealogy since September 1996. I have already found out a lot about our ancestry and found many new "cousins" off and online. I am really enjoying the search! It consumes a lot of my free time during the long winter months in Alaska. (SMILE)

Don and Barbara both have German and Scot bloodlines. Barbara's daughter Grace also has Norwegian heritage, FARSTAD, GRUDE, RORVIK and AMUNDSEN.

Don's ancestry is from the LOGAN clan from Scotland and the STEVENS/STEPHENS and HINKLE families from Germany. We have not yet made the connection back far enough to connect with a well documented HINKLE line in the United States, but we will eventually.

I have several Scot clan lines, the CAMPBELL, DAVIDSON and AULD lines. The Auld line is well documented in the state of Maryland. I also have Prussian/German lines of DESGRANGES and DUCHENE. The Desgranges line is well documented from Germany. The NOLAN and STARR lines are from Ireland, both having thousands of descendants, and the SMITH line is from Wales. My WAMPLER line is from Switzerland. There is a connection to the VAN VALKENBURG line in New York, originally from Holland, although I have not yet established which ancestor we are descended from. There is also the SHERWOOD line from Nottinghamshire, England. A distant relation sold some land in or near "Sherwood Forest" in 1671 to the Earl of Clare. (SMILE)

Just recently I found out that on my father's side I am related to the 14th and 43rd Presidents of the United States. Franklin Pierce and George W. Bush, through his mother Barbara Pierce Bush. Franklin Pierce and I are 3rd cousins 6 times removed. George W. Bush and I are 9th cousins once removed. Barbara Pierce Bush and I are 8th cousins twice removed. (SMILE)

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Our Family Surnames

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Our main family surnames are:


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information for all the surnames listed above.

Blue Star VIEW Logan Land Documents from Missouri

Blue Star VIEW the Logan Cemetery in Taney County, Missouri

Blue Star NEW!!! VIEW Family Bible Records of John and Mary Albritton Stokes

Blue Star VIEW Cemetery headstone photos and some pictures of some of Barbara's ancestors and relations

I received this poem, "The Census Taker," by Darlene Stevens,
from one of my genealogy mailing lists. I really like it and can relate to it.

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Some Favorite Genealogy Links

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If you would like to know more information about any of our surnames or would like to add or correct any information, please E Mail us.

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