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Although the primary purpose of this website is to help researchers find their own obituaries, we understand that it's not always possible to do your own lookups.

Your first source for a lookup should be to a library that has the newspaper you are seeking. Unless the repository list indicates that the library accepts lookup requests, you will want to contact the Reference Department at the library to verify that they do lookups.

In the future, we plan to develop a query service as a feature of the Southern California Obituary Resource Project. Unfortunately, at the present time, we are unable to process any requests for obituary lookups.

Until the time we can offer lookups, we have compiled a list of several resources you can use to find a lookup volunteer. Just scroll to the bottom of this page. But before posting a lookup request, you may want to review these tips for formulating a good query.

Tips from the Orange County GenWeb Site
From the articles section at
How to Write a Productive Query
6 Steps to Writing a Successful Genealogy Query
Links on Cyndi's List

Volunteer Networks on the Internet

Here are the websites for some genealogy volunteer organizations. Personally, I would start with RAOGK. RAOGK is a nationwide network of genealogy volunteers. Lookups are free (although some researchers may charge for copies and other incidental costs.) If you use the services of a volunteer, be extra nice to them and be sure to send a thank-you, even if the search is unproductive. Volunteers are the angels of genealogy!

The Obituary Lookups - California
RAOGK - Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness
Genealogy Helplist
Genealogy Lookup
GenHelp: Genealogy Help at Your Fingertips

Message Boards and Email Lists and host hundreds of message boards and email groups that can help in your obituary search. Many lookup volunteers work from requests posted to these message boards and mailing groups.

Rootsweb requires you sign up to receive emails sent to the email groups, but it's a relatively painless process. You are able to receive emails one at a time or in a digest, which includes up to 25 messages in a single bundled email. One piece of advice: before signing up for an email group, look at the message archives. See how many messages you're likely to receive in a typical month, and what topics are covered.

Messages posted on the Genealogy and Rootsweb Message Boards do not require a subscription. Posts to the Rootsweb message boards are automatically sent to subscribers to the county email list.

In addition to the county email and message resources, both Rootsweb and offer posting boards for specific family names. Don't forget to post your queries on these family boards, too.

California Genealogy Forum on
Los Angeles County Email List on Rootsweb
Los Angeles Message Board on Rootsweb
Ventura County Email List on Rootsweb
Ventura County Message Board on Rootsweb
San Diego County Email List on Rootsweb
San Diego County Message Board on Rootsweb
San Bernardino County Email List on Rootsweb
San Bernardino County Message Board on Rootsweb
Orange County Email List on Rootsweb
Orange County Message Board on Rootsweb
Riverside County Email List on Rootsweb
Riverside County Message Board on Rootsweb
SoCal Email List on Rootsweb
California Census Lookups on Rootsweb
California Death Index Lookups on Rootsweb
California Records Lookups on Rootsweb

USGenWeb Project

The USGenWeb Project is also a great resource for genealogists and family history researchers. Check these websites for more leads on lookups and volunteers.

LA GenWeb Obituary Information
(Includes Cemetery and Funeral Home Information)
California GenWeb
Los Angeles GenWeb
Orange County GenWeb
Riverside County GenWeb
San Diego County GenWeb
Ventura County GenWeb

LDS Family History Centers

The Family History Centers are an invaluable resource for genealogical assistance. The Family History Centers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are found throughout Southern California. In fact, they are found throughout the world. Los Angeles's FHC is the second largest of the LDS Family History libraries; only Salt Lake City's holdings are larger than found in Los Angeles.

We have included a brief page on the LDS Family History Center on our website. If you haven't conducted research at a Family History Center, I highly recommend the LDS Catalog tutorial.

Los Angeles Family History Center
Find a Family History Center Near You

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