Ancestors Of Susan M. Alexander

Ancestors Of

Susan M. Alexander

Eilean Donon Castle, Scotland

Dear Ancestor

Your tombstone stands among the rest;

Neglected and alone.

The name and date are chiseled out

On polished, marbled stone.

It reaches out to all who care

It is too late to mourn.

You did not know that I exist

You died and I was born

Yet each of us are cells of you

In flesh, in blood, in bone.

Our blood contracts and beats a pulse

Entirely not our own.

Dear Ancestor, the place you filled

One hundred years ago

Spreads out among the ones you left

Who would have loved you so.

I wonder if you lived and loved,

I wonder if you knew

That someday I would find this spot,

And come to visit you. *

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Adams (18), Alexander (81), Alkins (1), Allen (79), Allison (5), Alsop (2), Alvarez (1), Ames (1), Amos (1), Anderson (103), Andrew (6), Anjou (2), Aquitaine (?) (7), Aragon (?) , (5), Arnasson (1), Arnold (3). Arpina (1), Atheling (3), Audley (1), Aughinbaugh (4), Austin (1), Avondale (1), Aylesworth (1), Baker (2), Balzer (2), Barney (15), Batteux (6), Beatty (17), Beauclerk (2), Bebee (6), Bec (3), Belchley (1), Benson (2), Berenguer (1), Betagne (1), Bevan (1), Boggs (1), Bolen (6), Bollinger (2), Bonine (6), Bowers (1), Bradley (3), Bretagne (2), Bridwell (1), Brionne (2), Burdo (9), Burnett (5), Cadwalader (2), Caldwell (1), Cato (?) (1), Chalmers (8), Chan (1), Clawson (1), Clemsen (1), Codori (13), Cole (3), Conine (3), Connolly (43), Coulston (5), Cowe (3), Crean (1), Crepon (1), Crofut(14), Crone (6), D'Annunzio (6), Darch (1), Decker (7), d'Evereux (1), de Falaise (1), de Longespee (1), de Valois (1), Denmark (1), Dickenson (1), Diller (1), Douglas (2), Dringenberg (1), Dunwoody (4), Dyer (4), Eleanor (1), Elias (1), Elliott (19), Englebert (13), Fear (1), Fisher (2), Flanders (1), France (1), Frazier (3), Furno (1), Gillen (2), Gloucester (1) Gordon (1), Graff (1), Grey (4), Gruwell (1), Guthrie (1), (2), Hand (3), Hard (1), Harman (11), Hart (1), Hatten (1), Haward (1), Hayes (1), Heacock (123), Heacox (1), Heintzleman (2), Hemberger (1), Henry (1), Heyser (2), Howell (1), Hume (1), Humphreys (1) Huntley 4), Infante (5), Inness (11), Isabella of France (1), Jensen (6), John (26), Jorgenson (1), Kalehoff (4), Kauffman (1), Kellerman (1), Kerr (1), Khan (1), Kneip (1), Laird (4), Langley (1), Lawless (1), Lebold (1), Leimer (2), Lewis (3), Liggett (1), Lindsey )(2), Little (5), Llauget (3), Lomurno (2), Long (1), Lumley (4), Mabey (1), Mackie (2), Magnus (2), Malcolm (2), Magnus (2), Marek (1), Martin (2), Martz (2), Mase (8), Mauger (1), Mc Allister (1), Mc Carty (1) Mc Curdy (1), McManus (9), Miller (4), Molyens (1), Moore (2), Morgan (47), Morris (8), Morrissey (1), Moynahan (4), Navarre (1) Neely (2), Normandie (3), Normandy (10), Norton (1), Nulty (1), Ogden (4), O'Keefe (4), Orrell (1), Otto (1), Painter (7), Papia (1), Parsons (1), Payne (1), Pearson (1), Penrose (17), Peterson (1), Phillips (3), Pickering (2), Pinney (11), Plagens (3), Plantagenet (22), Powell (1), Proctor (1), Provence (1) Pyle (8), Rains (1), Recht (3), Richmond (1), Riffier (2), Riggeal (1), Riste (3), Roberts (2), Rochelle (3), Rothe (1), Ryan (1), Rymarowicz (1), Saunders (2), Savoy (1), Schanne (1), Schmidt (9), Schneider (1), Scott (2), Seal (2), Septer (1), Sharples (8), Shetter (1), Shields (7), Shinn (1), Shonk (4), Slonaker (2), Smith (4), Smithers (4), Spaeth (1), Staehling (1). Stanfield (1), Stanhope (1), Steinmetz (28), Stephens (2), Steward (1), Stewart (12), Stiles (28), Stoddard (1), Sunkel (1), Sweets (1), Swisher (2), Swrril (1), Symkin (2), Symkins (1), Taylor (3), Thomas (1), Thompson (55), Till (30), Tille (11), Tilley (4), Tishner (1), Tuchet (1), Tudor (17), Turquais (1), Tyll (1), Tylle (11), Tyrrell (5), Underwood (2), Valois (2), Van Horn (9), Vaughn (3), Vial (4), Vitilo (1), Vogel (2), (1), Wagner, (1), Walters (2), Warburg (1), Watson (2), Weizl (2), Weiler (9), Wenckebach (1), Wendling (2), Westpahl (2), White (3), Wickham (2), Wilkinson (1), William (1), Williams (14), Williamson (1), Wilson (2), Winter (2), Wolf(3), Woodruff (1), Wrenn (10), Yarnall (4), York (2), Young (3), Yurkovich (1), Zachary (3)







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Page of The Unknowns

If you recongize any of these people, I would appreciate it if you would drop me a line.

Caledonia State Park, PA

I have located my Alexander ancestors in Washington, Franklin County, Pennsylvania in 1830. The family headed west to Ironton, Ohio ten years later. John Y. Alexander and wife, Elizabeth Ann Hayes, along with some of their children moved onto Beatrice, Gage County, Nebraska in 1858. Elizabeth died the following year. My brother did the yDNA test on and it shows that our ancestor, William Alexander, was born circa 1700 in Carmunnock, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

White Cliffs Of Dover

My Morgan ancestors came from Glammorgan, Wales, originally. Rev. John Morgan emigrated to the United States in 1868. He settled in Ohio, where he became a naturalized citizen in 1872 in Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio.

Many male members of the Morgan family were either ministers or puddlers, who worked with molten steel. Typically, a puddler's lifespan was fairly short.

Concerning my Stiles family, I have found a book, "The Stiles In America..." which has taken me back to William Style, Esq. of Ipswich, County Suffolk, England who died July 11, 1475.

"The patentees of Connecticut were Lords Say and Seal, Lord Brook, Sir Richard Saltonstall and others, to whom, in 1631, the Plymouth Council in England had granted a patent of Connecticut. The first assertion of the claims of the Connecticut Patentees, was the appearance in Windsor a few days after the coming of the Dorchester pioneers, of the so-called 'Stiles party'; and there is no doubt that this Stiles party were, after the Plymouth Trading Company, the first actual settlers of Windsor." - "The Stiles Family..." **

William Penn on Philadelpia City Hall

Members of my Morris family came to Philadelphia from Newfoundland, Canada. James Morris' wife, Margerette Mc Manus, and her family arrived in St. Johns, Newfoundland courtesy of a shipwreck on their way from Scotland to the United States. Margerette was born in Paisley, Refrewshire, Scotland, but both of her parents were born in Sligo County, Ireland. James and Margerette Morris eventually moved to Philadelphia where their daughter, Jennie, met and married Edward Heacock.

My Heacock ancestors came from England with William Penn in 1682 and 1711. Quakers Jonathan Heacock and wife, Ann Till, arrived on the Three Sisters and settled in Upland, Chester County, Pennsylvania. They originated in the town of Slindon in the parish of Eccleshall, Staffordshire, England. Both Jonathan and his father-in-law, John Till, spent six years in prison for "absence from the national worship." John Till's family descends from both the York and the Tudor dynasties in England. Edward IV married Elizabeth Woodville (Wydeville), daughter of Sir Richard Woodville (Wydeville), 1st Earl of Rivers. Their daughter, Elizabeth Of York, married Henry VII.

My Thompson, Harman, Englebert and Wolf ancestors lived in Hunterstown, Pennsylvania (near Gettysburg). The Engleberts emigrated from Alsace Lorraine. The Wolfs; from Rodalben, Germany. The Harman family was also from Germany. William Thompson emigrated from England and joined the Army of the Potomac at the beginning of the American Civil War. He was wounded during Pickett's/Pettigrew's Charge at Gettysburg.

PA Monument, Gettysburg

It was then that he met Margaret Slonaker. Afterwards, he joined the 17th PA. Calvary. He fought until the end of the war and then came back to Gettysburg and married Margaret.

From records and recollections I have seen, Forest "Hall" Thompson was not William Thompson's son. From the 1860 census and my DNA test on, it seems that Hall's real father was Patrick Gill, who was born around 1810 in Ireland. I have not found any other records for Patrick, but I'm just beginning the search.

Hall and his wife, Lizzie (Mary Elizabeth) Harmon, made "Hunterstown Rockers" (rocking chairs) in their home in Hunterstown. Members of the Harmon and Englebert families also made chairs. These rockers became quite famous and they received orders for them from all over the world.


*Author Unknown

** The Stiles Family In America. Genealogies of the Connecticut Family Descendants of John Stiles, of Windsor, Conn., and of Mr. Francis Stiles, of Windsor and Stratford, Conn., 16351894; Also The Connecticut, New Jersey Families, 1720-1894; And The Southern(Or Bermuda-Georgia) Family, 1686-1894. With Contributions to the Genealogies of home New York and Pennsylvania Families. And An Appendix, containing Information Concerning the English Families of the Name. By Henry Reed Stiles, A. M.; M. D., Of New York City. Jersey City: Doan & PilsoN, Printers, 54 Montgomery Street. 1896.

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