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Looking for LAUERMANs
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Welcome to the LAUERMAN Surname Resource Center!

We are glad you stopped by and hope that you find what you need to help fill in your family history.

You Can Help!

My goal in posting this information and the links I have found to information on the LAUERMAN family is to find others who are also researching this family or know more about it. If you know anything at all about this surname, please contact me today. My e-mail address is [email protected].

Soundex Code for Lauerman or Lauermann = L655

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Karen Beidelman [email protected] LAUERMANs of Lake County, IN
Veronika Graydon [email protected] Family settled in WI, names of Peter Lauermann with sons, Charles (Carl), Otto, Rudy and daughters Jean and ?. My grandfather is Carl Lauerman.
Diane Gfall [email protected] Angela Lauerman was born January 28, 1832 or 1833 in Buschfeld, Germany. Angela came to America about 1837 settling in St. John's, Indiana with her parents and siblings.
Cheri Lauerman VandenBerg [email protected] Her great great grandparents were Mathias M. LAUERMAN and Mary A. SCHOLL. Her great grandfather was Jerome Jacob Lauerman (born 19 May 1889 Cedar Lake, Lake County, IN and died 23 May 1973 Sonoma, CA). Her grandfather was Lawrence Jerome Lauerman (born 24 Sep 1912 Indiana; died 11 Jan 1985 Sonoma, CA).
Steve Urwin [email protected] Researching Michael E. Lauerman who married Fannie Sheibley lived in Lake County, IN.
Please note: my main research is the SHEIBLEY name and their ancestors.
Nancy Einhorn Herman [email protected] Her grandmother was Clara DAHLKAMP, daughter of Bernard DAHLKAMP and Mary LAUERMANN and granddaughter of Nicholas LAUERMAN b: 1 DEC 1831 and Anna BOHR.
Your Name [email protected] Your research interests could be here for others to see and it won't cost you anything! Just let me know you want to be added.

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