1914 - 1923
M - Z

These names came from a file at National Archives in Wellington. Unfortunately there is no description in the file advising on the origin of the information, nor the reason for the list.

23/219 Corporal MACALLISTER Douglas Walter Smith 13Jul1921 Australia
7/867 L/Corporal MacDONALD Guyon Kenneth 21Nov1919 New Zealand
9/1915 Trooper MacDONALD James Inglis 01Feb1920 Heart failure New Zealand
2/738 Driver MACDONALD John 31May1921 TB New Zealand
5/111a Private MACFARLANE James Heart failure New Zealand
6/92 Private MACGREGOR John 11-12Jul1920 Pneumonia New Zealand
2/1037 Sergeant MACGREGOR John New Zealand
18682 Rifleman MACK John Thomas 16Jul1922 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
5/793 Driver MACK Robert Hugh Garside 24Apr1923 New Zealand
55766 Private MACKAY Alexander 03Apr1920 New Zealand
10/3662 Corporal MACKAY Eric Godfrey 25Mar1918 New Zealand
10/244 Private MACKAY Gordon 18Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
2/2475 Gunner MACKAY William Gordon Killed in action with RNR
23/44 S/Sergeant MACKELLAR Duncan 20Nov1918 New Zealand
5/202 Lieutenant MACKIE Charles 27Sep1919 Heart failure New Zealand
13540 Sapper MACKLOW William Charles 06Sep1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
32033 Private MACPHERSON Alexander McGregor 07Oct1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
6/1195 L/Sergeant MacVEAN David Edmund John 20Apr1923 New Zealand
3/2075 Private MADAMS Benjamin 05Jun1918 New Zealand
6/4302 Private MADDEN John 13Mar1922 New Zealand
78601 Trooper MADDREN Arnold Hodson 04Dec1919 New Zealand
49422 Rifleman MADIGAN Edward Patrick 18Nov1918 New Zealand
6/1922 Private MAHER John 16Jul1916 Accidentally killed New Zealand
13/1067 Sergeant MAHONEY Brian Gerald 03Sep1918 Accidentally killed - flying accident United Kingdom
23577 Private MAHONEY John Joseph 01Aug1920 New Zealand
7/2284 Trooper MAHONEY Joseph 23Jun1922 TB New Zealand
10/422 L/Corporal MAHONY Joseph Valentine 20Jan1920 New Zealand
12/4219 Sergeant MAITLAND Alfred William James 25May1921 New Zealand
16/109a Private MAKEFITU
19942 Private MAKU Phillip 07Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
15391 Rifleman MALIN James 09Jun1920 Accidentally killed - falling off train New Zealand
63363 Private MALLON Joseph Leo 08Mar1922 New Zealand
23/820 Rifleman MALTON David Edmund John 28Apr1920 TB New Zealand
19/360 Private MANNING Thomas 21Mar1920 Myocarditis Asthma New Zealand
4/1362 Sapper MANNIX William Matthew 13Feb1919 Intestinal Obstruction New Zealand
38417 Private MANSELL James Albert 02Nov1922 New Zealand
12/2583 Private MANSELL John Henry 24Mar1920 TB New Zealand
60484 Private MANSON George Terewai 13Apr1922 New Zealand
25116 Private MARCUSSEN Thomas Diedrich 04Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
16/1524 Private MARK Ned 21Oct1920 New Zealand
2/1310 Gunner MARKLEW Edmund 19Feb1921 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
9/1895 Private MARKS Frederick William 29Oct1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
24910 Driver MARR Walter Cunningham 30Dec1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
10734 WOII MARRIS Alfred Charles 13Oct1918 New Zealand
16/341 Private MARSH Manuera 29Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
3/423 L/Corporal MARSHALL Albert Edward 07Jan1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
57114 Private MARSHALL David 23Oct1922 New Zealand
6/1615 Private MARSHALL Frank 14Apr1923 Presumed drowned New Zealand
2/1043 Gunner MARSHALL Frank Somervell 28Feb1918 New Zealand
10/2809 Private MARSHALL John Willoughby Hadfield 21Mar1918 Killed in action Imperial Forces
24476 Private MARSHALL William 17Sep1922 TB New Zealand
5/195 Private MARTIN John 19Sep1917 Exhaustion from Acute Mania New Zealand
59942 Private MARTIN John Anthony 08Oct1919 Drowned United Kingdom
12/2379 Private MARTIN William Patrick 26Jun1920 TB New Zealand
8/1074 Lieutenant MARTINEAU Horace Robert 07Apr1916 Gastritis New Zealand
10/3349 Private MARTIN-SMITH Leslie James 19Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
5/134 Corporal MARTYN William 21Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
24/511 L/Corporal MASON Blake 20Nov1918 New Zealand
8/4171 Private MASON George 03Jun1921 TB New Zealand
20602 Private MASON Luigi 10Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
6/969 2/Lieutenant MASSEY Charles Constantine 24Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
53224 Trooper MATHESON Duncan James 11Jan1920 Burnt to death New Zealand
23/821 Sapper MATHESON George Stafford 30Jul1919 New Zealand
15206 Private MATHEWS Cuthbert Richard 08Jan1923 New Zealand
31520 Private MATHIESON Alexander Duncan 24Oct1918 Australia
16/546 Private MATIU Hone 18Oct1919 New Zealand
22827 Rifleman MATTHEWS Henry Charles 25Feb1920 Suddenly New Zealand
7/1024 Trooper MATTHEWS John Forde 27Mar1920 Accidentally poisoned New Zealand
16/669 Private MATTHEWS Joseph 20Jan1919 New Zealand
26/1154 Rifleman MATTHEWS Robert 16Mar1921 New Zealand
58401 Trooper MAWHINNEY Jackson Greer 09Oct1921 TB New Zealand
78520 Private MAXFIELD John 11Jun1919 Suicide New Zealand
23311 Private MAY Ernest Charles 04Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
8/3153 Private MAYHEW Onslow John William 14Apr1918 New Zealand
38560 Rifleman MAYNARD George William 30May1922 TB New Zealand
MAYNE Ronald Henry aka Henry William YEEND
63372 Private McALLISTER William 19Jul1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
9/953 Private McARTHUR Neil 24Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
6/2696 Private McAULIFFE Archibald 16Oct1921 TB New Zealand
41281 Private McCABE Peter 20Feb1922 New Zealand
49568 Private McCALLUM Harold Cecil 12Apr1919 Pleurisy & Peritonitis New Zealand
6/3795 Private McCALLUM Stewart Gordon 07May1919 New Zealand
46375 Rifleman McCAMISH Adam 25Jun1919 Bronchial Pneumonia New Zealand
55137 Private McCARTHY Arthur Joseph 06Jul1920 Diabetes New Zealand
6/303 Private McCARTHY Daniel Patrick 02Mar1917 New Zealand
27679 Rifleman McCARTHY Roland Osmond 31May1921 New Zealand
9/733 Gunner McCLELLAND William 15Nov1918 Fibrosis of lungs New Zealand
8/3679 Private McCLENAGHAN Charles Edward 20Nov1918 Bronchial Pneumonia New Zealand
53241 Rifleman McCONACHY Athol Roy 07Nov1921 New Zealand
21286 Private McCONKEY William James 23Jan1919 TB New Zealand
12/949 Private McCONNELL Frederick 19Jun1920 TB Australia
2/807 Driver McCONNELL (s/be McDONNELL) John Martin 20May1919 New Zealand
41845 Private McCOY Percy Ambrose 05Feb1921 New Zealand
26510 Trooper McCRACKEN Hugh 25Nov1921 New Zealand
12/4228 Sergeant McCREADY Robert 11Jun1922 Drowned New Zealand
3/215 Private McCREARY James 16Jan1920 England
13/2220 Sergeant McCULLOUGH Bertie Everleigh 30May1923 TB New Zealand
8/3968 Private McCUNN Alexander Douglas 18Oct1918 New Zealand
8/1778 Private McDONALD Angus 24May1921 Suicide New Zealand
21059 L/Corporal McDONALD Arthur 02Mar1922 Suddenly New Zealand
11/743 Sergeant McDONALD Colin Telfer 04Feb1919 New Zealand
8/3987 Private McDONALD Harold Alexander 17Nov1918 Pneumonia New Zealand
2/1324 Gunner McDONALD Thomas 08Mar1919 TB New Zealand
21710 Private McELROY Michael 09Aug1921 New Zealand
13/8 Trooper McFADDEN James 12May1920 TB New Zealand
39284 Private McFARLANE Thomas 16Aug1920 New Zealand
9/146 Sergeant McFAULL John Pearson 03Jun1923 TB New Zealand
13/1039a Corporal McGEE John Andrew 17Nov1918 New Zealand
12/1731 Sergeant McGILL Fred 18Nov1918 Bronchial Pneumonia New Zealand
6/4635 Private McGILL Michael 24-28Aug1918 New Zealand
8/254 Private McGILL Peter John 29Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
2/280 Major McGILP Clyde 14Nov1918 Bronchial Pneumonia New Zealand
7/527 Gunner McGINN Jack New Zealand
10/1587 L/Corporal McGREGOR Andrew Ewan 16Aug1920 Pneumonia New Zealand
4/1372 Sapper McGUINN Joseph Francis 23Aug1920 Influenza New Zealand
10/1895 Corporal McHARDIE Clarence Vivian 28Feb1923 New Zealand
45114 Private McINERNEY Martin Feb1919 Diabetes New Zealand
40994 Rifleman McINERNEY Michael Burkeman 13Apr1919 New Zealand
22844 Private McINNES Hugh 14Oct1922 Pneumonia New Zealand
8/3691 Private McINNES Ronald 06Mar1920 Drowned New Zealand
9/630 Sergeant McINTOSH Edmund 04Jan1920 Heart failure New Zealand
32702 Sergeant McINTOSH James Beveridge 21Jul1921 Myelo Encephilitis New Zealand
7/872 Trooper McINTOSH Kingsley James 05Jun1918 New Zealand
46377 Private McINTYRE Shirreffs 30Dec1919 New Zealand
23862 Private McINTYRE Walter 23Nov1918 New Zealand
8/2077 Private McIVOR Angus 12Aug1916 New Zealand
15/69 F/Sergeant McKAIN Argyle 29Jan1919 New Zealand
13212 Gunner McKAY Donald Joseph 19Feb1921 Pneumonia New Zealand
17/129 Trooper McKAY Donald Richard 29Apr1920 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
76232 Private MCKAY Finlay John 12Jun1920 New Zealand
25/1221 Sergeant McKAY James 13Jan1921 New Zealand
6/1660 Private MCKAY William John Died of wounds (AIF) Belgium
37003 Private McKENDRY Andrew 19Jun1922 Suicide New Zealand
22071 Private McKENZIE Arthur George 30Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
9/325 Major McKENZIE Donald Bruce 19Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
32879 L/Sergeant McKENZIE Dudley 08Feb1919 Drowned New Zealand
12812 Driver McKENZIE Frank Seth Smith 23Nov1918 Septic lung New Zealand
22072 Private McKENZIE John Findlay 11Jan1921 Drowned New Zealand
8/3695 Private McKENZIE William Lindsay 30Sep1920 New Zealand
53841 Captain McKILLOP John Charles 24Jul1920 New Zealand
8/663 Private McKILLOP William 12Nov1918 New Zealand
10/2447 Private McKINNON Reginald Bertram 29Jul1918 New Zealand
51421 Rifleman McKNIGHT Robert 15Sep1921 Heart failure New Zealand
52863 L/Corporal McKOY James Oliver 05Sep1920 Heart failure New Zealand
31026 Private MCLACHLAN George Herbert 12Jul1922 TB New Zealand
3/2201 Private McLAUCHLAN Foster Alexander 25Jul1921 TB New Zealand
9/1470 Private McLEAN Hector Alexander 07Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
21067 Rifleman McLEAN Hugh Lyn 12Nov1918 New Zealand
8/993 L/Corporal McLENNAN Andrew Smith 19Aug1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
6/3807 Private McLENNAN John 06Sep1918 Accidentally killed New Zealand
10/2695 Private McLEOD Edward Alexander 23Feb1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
28773 Private McLEOD James Norman 05May1921 Drowned New Zealand
80006 Private McLEOD John Reid 13Jun1920 Suicide New Zealand
33423 Private McMANUS Mathias Joseph 17Nov1918 New Zealand
12/2909 Private McMASTER Faa 27Dec1921 New Zealand
26/868 Rifleman McMATH Archibald 14Oct1922 Tram accident New Zealand
9/446 Trooper McMENAMIN John 31Jul1917 New Zealand
7/85 Trooper McMILLAN John 15Jun1916 New Zealand
3/1181 Sergeant McMILLAN Robert Hugh 05Jun1920 New Zealand
43780 Trooper McMORLAND William 17Feb1920
3/1246 Captain McNAB Peter Nov1918 New Zealand
2/1061 Gunner McNAIR Alexander 14Jan1918 Cardiac disease New Zealand
68303 Private McNAMARA Francis Joseph 06Oct1920 TB New Zealand
24196 Private McNAMARA Thomas 30May1921 Suddenly New Zealand
53389 Private McNEILL Leonard 24Dec1921 TB New Zealand
2/768 Sergeant McNEISH James Alfred 20Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
42701 Rifleman McNOE Charles William 03Mar1919 TB New Zealand
14138 Private McPHEE Charles 05Oct1918 New Zealand
29279 Private McPHERSON Fraser 21Nov1918 New Zealand
38202 Corporal McPHERSON Peter 05Sep1920 Suicide New Zealand
10101 Private McQUEEN Donald 21Nov1921 TB New Zealand
10/4430 Private McQUINN Thomas 17Dec1918 Attached to active service New Zealand
73510 Rifleman McRAE Donald Grant
12/2062 Private McSWEENEY Edmund 11Jan1918 New Zealand
12633 Trooper McTAGGART John 17Apr1921 New Zealand
12/2778 Corporal McVICAR Arthur 13Sep1919 Cerbrosis of Liver New Zealand
2/1487 Gunner MEADE Charles William 1918 Epidemic New Zealand
24/1114 Rifleman MEAGHER Frank Patrick 06Feb1922 Drowned New Zealand
2/1337a Driver MEANEY Joseph 14Nov1918 New Zealand
69932 Private MEENAN Ernest Percival 06Aug1920 Spinal Paraplegia New Zealand
9/655 Trooper MEIER William Henry 12Oct1918 CS Meningitis New Zealand
12/413 2/Lieutenant MELVILLE James Alexander 15Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
49098 Corporal MELVILLE William Andrew 01Aug1919 Pneumonia New Zealand
16/1375 Private MEREDITH Oscar 05Mar1922 Samoa
38197 2/Lieutenant MERRICK Albert Sydney Joseph 22Mar1921 New Zealand
7/1391 Gunner MERRIN Frank Arthur 15Dec1922 New Zealand
33137 Sapper MERRY Francis John 26Nov1919 New Zealand
15/61 2/Lieutenant MESSENGER Henry Frederick Roy 23Aug1915
26/120 Rifleman METFORD Herbert Joseph Seymour 5-6Jul1919 Found drowned New Zealand
12/3725 Private METHERELL John 09Apr1923 New Zealand
24911 Private MEYERS Oliver August 17Nov1918 New Zealand
21717 Private MIDDLETON Fred 29Jan1919 New Zealand
16/21 Private MIHAERE Teko 15Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
20547 Rifleman MILDENHALL Albert Edward Hansen 19Jul1920 TB New Zealand
27678 Rifleman MILICH Anthony Ravlick 16Nov1918 New Zealand
13/2594 Corporal MILL James 23Jul1920 Suicide New Zealand
?/2290 Corporal MILLAR Audley Charles Hyde 16Oct1917 Died of wounds Imperial Forces
10/3031 Private MILLAR Frederick 01Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
1/405 Corporal MILLER Alan Nov1916 Died of wounds Imperial Forces
25/1231 Lieutenant MILLER Albert Francis 24Dec1921 Pneumonia New Zealand
39856 Private MILLER Joseph William 20Jul1919 Bulbar Paralysis & Respir.failure New Zealand
3/1342 Private MILLER Keith James 24Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
26/593 Rifleman MILLER Lancelot Douglas 19Feb1919 New Zealand
12/4556 Private MILLER Richard 19Jun1921 New Zealand
8/4174 Private MILLER Sidonia Edward 21May1918 New Zealand
20901 Sapper MILLER William Robert 02Jul1922 Suffocated at tunnel tragedy New Zealand
13/2854 Private MILLS Alfred 14Oct1918 Haemorrhage - heart failure New Zealand
33745 Private MILLS Alfred George 15Jul1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
15576 Private MILLS Ernest James 26Feb1923 New Zealand
78582 Rifleman MILLS Hugh 06Feb1920 Strangulated Hernia New Zealand
25/401 Rifleman MITCHELL Frank 28Jul1921 New Zealand
16/1096 Private MITIPAUNI 24Mar1917 Niue Island
6/1632 Private MOLD Thomas Gascoigne 27Dec1919 New Zealand
11/2456 Corporal MOLLOUMBY Michael John 02Jun1919 New Zealand
58561 Private MONTGOMERY John 18Nov1918 Sickness New Zealand
8/2667 Private MOONEY James New Zealand
8/1155 Lt-Colonel MOORE Athelston 14Oct1918 Died of wounds Imperial Forces
42979 Gunner MOORE Charles Arthur 22May1921 New Zealand
48982 Private MOORE Edward 03Jul1920 Cardiac Disease Syncope New Zealand
13/2636 Trooper MOORE Harold Alec 13Nov1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
53232 Rifleman MOORE Hugh 23Mar1923 TB New Zealand
11/579 Trooper MOORE James Rorio 18Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
72039 Rifleman MOORE Wilfred 21Apr1922 Gastritis New Zealand
4/26a Sapper MOORE-JONES Horace 03Apr1922 Injuries received in fire
10/2245 Private MORAN George Stanley 18Nov1918 New Zealand
61144 Private MORAN William Francis 11Nov1919 New Zealand
23/830 Private MORE Colonel Whitmore see WHITMORE
16/23 Private MORETE Hone Henry 24May1919 New Zealand
16/279 Private MORGAN George 28Nov1918 New Zealand
24210 Private MORGAN Henry 26Aug1919 Syncope New Zealand
4/38a Sapper MORIARTY John Ferris 06May1919 Influenza Los Gatos, California
9/1587 Driver MORRIS Albert Victor 20JUl1920 Tubercular Exhaustion New Zealand
7/235 Corporal MORRIS Arthur 30Nov1918 New Zealand
24496 Sapper MORRIS Frederick Ernest 07Nov1918 New Zealand
10/414 Sergeant MORRIS Herbert Arthur 15Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
55770 Private MORRIS Robert 26May1923 New Zealand
10737 S/Sergeant MORRISON Arnold Died abroad Imperial Forces
12/4223 Private MORRISON George William 20Nov1918 New Zealand
4/1571 Sapper MORRISON Harry 07Nov1918 New Zealand
11/793 Sergeant MORRISON James Macgregor Died abroad Imperial Forces
1/07 S/Major MORRISON Joseph Killed in action Australian Forces
55771 Private MORRISON Robert Donaldson 05Dec1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
11/1347 Gunner MORRISON Roy 10Dec1919 New Zealand
11/625 Major MORRISON Wilson Cameron 25Nov1918 Influenza & Heart Failure New Zealand
10/100 Corporal MORRISSY John William 20May1920 New Zealand
10/743 Private MORSHEAD Horace Barnett 06Dec1918 New Zealand
10/3253 Private MORTON Charles Roland 11May1920 Pulmonary TB (aka James ELLIS) New Zealand
17/266 Private MOWAT Raeburn Peter 14Feb1921 New Zealand
16/1098 Private MUIMATAGI 07Jan1919 Niue Island
4/1000 Sapper MUIRHEAD James William 17Aug1919 Operation following appendicitis New Zealand
26/591 Rifleman MULLINS William 07Apr1920 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
29966 Sergeant MULVANEY Michael John 26Nov1921 Drowned New Zealand
10/1578 Private MUNDY Frank William 05Dec1918 New Zealand
1/82 Private MUNNS Sidney Nov1919 New Zealand
9/180 Sergeant MUNRO John Dewar 04Mar1922 Drowned New Zealand
23716 Sapper MURCH Frederick Nicholas 20May1919 New Zealand
10/849 Driver MURCH George Henry 22Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
4/1366 Corporal MURDOCH Alexander 03Aug1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
13/3053 Private MURLEY Arthur Herbert 13Nov1918 New Zealand
29449 L/Corporal MURPHY Daniel 04Dec1919 Heart failure New Zealand
12/2045 Private MURPHY Frank 23Oct1918 Influenza United Kingdom
11/1348 Gunner MURPHY Joseph Herbert Patrick 02Mar1920 Accidentally killed - gunshot wound New Zealand
11899 Private MURPHY Patrick Alphonsus 25Nov1918 Bronchial Pneumonia New Zealand
7/1544 Trooper MURRAY George Daniel 24Oct1921 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
31687 Private MURRAY John Hugh 15Aug1920 New Zealand
10248 Private MURRAY William Matthew 04Jan1920 New Zealand
26/845 L/Corporal MUSTARD James 06Oct1922 TB New Zealand
19679 Private MUTU Charlie 01Apr1920 New Zealand
21310 Private MYLES James McLellan 11Oct1922 Suddenly Australia
13/836 Trooper NASH William 22Sep1922 New Zealand
24/249 Rifleman NEAL Gilbert John 12Nov1918 Pneumonia New Zealand
17/294 Major NEALE Charles Raymond 19Feb1921 Delirium Tremens New Zealand
4/1378 Sapper NEEDHAM Harry 25Mar1922 Chronic Nephritis New Zealand
26/877 Rifleman NEEDHAM Oscar 19Feb1919 Cerebro Spinal Meningitis New Zealand
23117 Corporal NEES William Fritz 13Jun1922 Diptheria New Zealand
26/1666 Rifleman NEGUS Frederick 29Jan1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
16703 L/Corporal NEILSON Neil Matthew 02Sep1922 TB New Zealand
28049 Chaplain NELIGAN Moore Richard 24Nov1922 United Kingdom
13794 Private NELSON Frank 24Oct1921 Drowned New Zealand
19/199 Sapper NEVILLE Claude Clarence 15May1918 New Zealand
8/3817 WOII NEWMAN Reuben McCarthy 23Nov1918 Killed while serving with Indian Army Indian Army
16/1227 Private NGAPO Bob 27Oct1921 Pneumonia New Zealand
10/593 Lieutenant NICHOLAS Leonard Rudolph 19Jan1922 Heart failure New Zealand
2/2893 Gunner NICHOLLS John Edward 10Nov1918 New Zealand
6/3417 Private NICOLL Richard Charles 10Jun1919 Asthma New Zealand
24/2058 Sergeant NICOLSON David Ferguson 03Jul1921 New Zealand
11/467 Sergeant NIELSEN Peter Killed whilst serving with RAF
9/1083 Private NIELSON Niels Peter 30Mar1923 Drowned New Zealand
2/119 2/Lieutenant NIXON Balfour 07Jun1920 TB New Zealand
19/289 Private NOLAN John James 16Apr1920 Phthsis New Zealand
10/905 Private NOLAN John Thomas 02Dec1918 New Zealand
25119 Private NOLAN William Joseph 28May1918 New Zealand
22581 Private NOON Peter Tufi 15Aug1922 New Zealand
3/145 WOI NORRIE Edwin Roland 12Apr1922 Gunshot wound New Zealand
39622 Private NORTON Frank 15Mar1922 Sunstroke and cerebral haemorrhage New Zealand
45897 T/Captain NOSEDA Paul Rodolfo 09Jan1921 Australia
16/1104 Corporal NUI Alec 03Aug1918
55257 Private O'BRIEN Charles 16Nov1918
12/820 L/Corporal O'BRIEN Daniel 1917 Died during epidemic New Zealand
23040 Rifleman O'BRIEN Patrick William 05Jun1919 New Zealand
68548 Rifleman O'BRIEN Richard Patrick 07Dec1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
47000 Private O'BRIEN Timothy 20Sep1919 Australia
61374 Private O'BRIEN William 29Feb1920 Drowned New Zealand
7/992 Private O'CALLAGHAN Vivian Gerald 19Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
25/1099 Rifleman O'CONNELL James Patrick 05Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
15761 Private O'CONNOR John Robert 28Nov1918 Influenza & complications New Zealand
2/917 Gunner O'CONNOR Joseph 14Apr1921 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
23603 L/Corporal O'DRISCOLL Patrick 26Aug1918 New Zealand
19/322 Sergeant O'DWYER James Joseph 29Mar1923 Accidentally killed by explosion Samoa
1/52 Private OFSOFSKI Frank 18Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
21418 Sapper OGDEN George 23Sep1919 Pneumonia New Zealand
19040 Rifleman O'HARA Michael James 26Jan1921 Anuerism Thoracic Aota New Zealand
45546 Private O'HARE Edward Cuthbert 06Dec1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
32050 Private OLDFIELD John 10Nov1920 New Zealand
27351 Sergeant O'LEARY George 11Oct1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
21724 Private O'LEARY Michael 14Dec1921 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
13979 Private OLIVER George Reynolds 20Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
24/1452 Corporal OLIVER Louis Dean Apr1920 New Zealand
4/1575 Sapper O'LOUGHLIN Charles 12Jun1923 TB New Zealand
18453 Private OLSEN Albert 23Feb1920 Accidentally electrocuted New Zealand
12/1756 Private OLSEN William Rodgard 14Oct1918 New Zealand
10/160 Private OLSON Otto 28Apr1919 Pneumonia Scotland?
46611 Private O'MALLEY Patrick Francis 13Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
13/2167 Trooper O'NEIL James Patrick 08Oct1921 Accidentally killed (aka Patrick James CLARK) New Zealand
10/3970 Private O'NEILL Anthony Herbert 22Oct1920 New Zealand
25/795 Rifleman O'NEILL Lewis Allan 26Jun1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
9/187 Trooper ORCHARD Ernest Henry 27Apr1917 New Zealand
23/866 L/Corporal ORMISTON Robert Paterson 16Dec1918 New Zealand
12/424 Rifleman OSBORNE James 23Nov1920 Cardiac failure New Zealand
3/218 Sergeant O'SULLIVAN Aeneas William Tolster 21Nov1918 Influenza & complications New Zealand
37009 Private OTTO Albany 03Jul1922 Gunshot wound New Zealand
3/3170 Captain OWEN Harold Edward 18Nov1920 Malignent Dis. Jaw New Zealand
11/806 Gunner PADDISON Arthur 01Oct1917 Typhoid New Zealand
16/1522 Private PAEROA Nehe 12Dec1917 TB New Zealand
8/262 CQMS PAINE Septimus Alfred 21Jun1920 Arthritis New Zealand
17/406 Corporal PALLANT David 21Jul1921 New Zealand
6/525 Sergeant PALLISER William 11Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
13/593 Corporal PALMER David Hunter 13May1920 Abscess on brain New Zealand
7/768 Trooper PALMER Percy 26Jan1921 Pneumonia New Zealand
16/694 Private PANETE Wi 12Jul1920 Hemorrage of lungs New Zealand
16/76 Private PARAONE Tapauri 05Feb1921 Comsumption, appendicitis and malaria New Zealand
16/247 Corporal PARAONE Wi 12Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
23764 Private PARKER Albert Riverina James 02Dec1918 Pneumonia New Zealand
6/3823 Private PARKER Francis George 02Aug1921 Peritonitis New Zealand
35039 Rifleman PARKER James 02Oct1919 New Zealand
5/139 Private PARKER Thomas May1919 Suicide New Zealand
13/2885 Private PARKINSON Arthur Edward 27May1919 New Zealand
7/254 Gunner PATCHETT Archie 05Dec1918 New Zealand
40241 L/Corporal PATERSON Frederick Davenport 04Dec1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
45907 Private PATERSON William Archibald 05Jul1919 Epilepsy & cardiac failure New Zealand
15960 Rifleman PATRICK Maxton 20Nov1918 New Zealand
21084 Private PATTERSON Chauncey Wyverine 01Dec1918 New Zealand
31057 Farrier PATTERSON Donald Paul 04Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
13/600 Trooper PATTON Samuel Forbes 24Jul1918 United Kingdom
12/2078 Private PAUFAI Hone 06Nov1918 New Zealand
1/403 Private PAURINI Maui Te Waru 19Jul1921 New Zealand
47360 L/Corporal PEARCE John Andrew 09Nov1922 Struck by lightening New Zealand
12/429 Private PEARD Robert 21Sep1919 New Zealand
4/2205 Corporal PEARSE William 28Dec1919 Pneumonia & pleurisy New Zealand
2/766 Driver PEARSON David James 05Aug1921 TB New Zealand
11/912 Trooper PEDDIE Alexander Dunbar New Zealand
48412 Private PEGG Ralph 04Jun1920 New Zealand
16/420 Sergeant PEHIMANA Ngawakataurua Te Tahua 22Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
19664 Private PENE Amo 28Sep1918 TB New Zealand
33762 Corporal PENGELLY Frank 15Nov1918 New Zealand
9/1605 Corporal PENTY Arthur 14Nov1919 New Zealand
73851 Private PERRIN Laurence Selwyn 14Feb1921 Pneumonia New Zealand
7/1775 Trooper PETERS Charles Wilfred 18Jul1916 New Zealand
47758 Private PETERSON James Bruce 17Aug1922 Acute Eudo Carditis New Zealand
8/1310 Sapper PETERSON Martin 19Nov1918 New Zealand
2/1078 Gunner PETHERBRIDGE Alexander 23Sep1920 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
50283 Captain PETRIE Kenneth Francis 09Dec1921 Brights Disease New Zealand
14857 Rifleman PHAIR Robert 28Jun1920 TB New Zealand
19500 Private PHILLIPS Douglas Kaupaka 30Jun1920 Murdered New Zealand
7/2308 L/Corporal PHILLIPS William 20May1922 New Zealand
8/1174 Private PHILLIPS William Edgar 23Nov1918 New Zealand
24/1170 Rifleman PHILP Albert John 11Oct1922 Pneumonia New Zealand
2/1897 Gunner PHILP James 18Aug1920 TB New Zealand
8/3381 Private PHINN Robert Gray 16Dec1920 Pneumonia New Zealand
75094 Rifleman PICKUP William 06Aug1922 Pneumonia New Zealand
21807 Rifleman PICKUP William 05Mar1920 Cancer New Zealand
16/1122 Private PIETI 24Feb1918 New Zealand
70654 Private PILLING Sidney Gordon 31Dec1922 New Zealand
63039 Corporal PINER Richard 13Aug1921 New Zealand
26/978 L/Corporal PINK Harry Bartholomew 21Jun1922 TB New Zealand
16/220 Private PITAMA Te Kerikaihau 05Aug1920 TB New Zealand
8/3732 Private PITCHELL Arthur Henry 21Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
10106 Private POINTON Joseph Ebenezer 18May1918 New Zealand
1/177 Private POLLEN Norman Essex 03Dec1917 TB Peritonitis New Zealand
7/1776 Gunner POOLE Robert William 15Apr1920 Acute neurasthenia and cardiac failure New Zealand
16/709 Corporal POPATA Charles Henry 07Nov1918 Consumption New Zealand
10252 Private PORIKAPA Peter 18Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
8/4469 Private PORTER Frank Gerald 22Jun1918 Suddenly New Zealand
9/1387 Trooper POTTINGER James 03Mar1920 Phthisis New Zealand
13/120 Captain POTTON Leonard Harry 14Nov1918 New Zealand
52274 L/Corporal POWER Leonard Vere Wilson 25Apr1921 Heart disease New Zealand
8/702 Corporal PRAIN Harry Forbes 17Apr1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
6/329 2/Lieutenant PRENTICE George Henry 18Nov1919 Bronchial Pneumonia New Zealand
10/2535 Private PRESS Henry Leonard 15May1921 aka Henry Leonard BROWN New Zealand
15965 Rifleman PRESTON Joseph 20Dec1920 TB New Zealand
46614 Private PRICE Albert Cyril 20Feb1923 Heart failure New Zealand
25/1219 Rifleman PRICE Albert Edwin 03Apr1919 Carcinomia of bowels and intestinal obstruction New Zealand
26/247 Rifleman PRICE Harry 03May1921 New Zealand
8/4000 Private PRIOR Philip Henry 29Feb1920 Phthisis New Zealand
9/1723 L/Corporal PROSSER Morgan Thomas 08Nov1920 New Zealand
49000 Rifleman PROTHEROE Ernest James 15Jun1921 New Zealand
19952 Private PROVO Bartlett 05Dec1921 Natural causes New Zealand
16/1127 Private PULEKANAMATA 12Oct1919 TB Niue Island
15313 Rifleman PULFORD William Francis 03Oct1920 Acute alcoholism New Zealand
17257 Gunner PULLYN Clement Hammington 04Feb1923 New Zealand
12468 Rifleman PYLE Wilfred Graham TB New Zealand
11/2201 Gunner QUIGLEY Attila Andrew 18Feb1922 Heart failure New Zealand
7/1129 Trooper QUINN Ernest Accidentally killed Australia
24/1786 Private QUINN Robert 07May1918 New Zealand
26681 Private QUINN Thomas Francis 10Feb1923 Cerebral Haemorrage New Zealand
65058 Trooper RABBITT William 22Dec1920 New Zealand
8/2776 Private RACKLEY Richard 15Jan1917 Drowned New Zealand
4/1585 Sergeant RAFFERTY Walter Herbert 27Mar1920 New Zealand
19743 Private RAIKETE James 18Jan1922 Haemorrhage New Zealand
17/226 Captain RAIT Donald Harry 26Nov1917 New Zealand
20676 Private RAMEKA George 25Sep1922 TB New Zealand
15976 Rifleman RAMM Max Eggirt 26May1920 Gunshot wound to spine New Zealand
13100 Private RANKIN Lindsay 14Mar1920 TB New Zealand
16/288 Private RANSFIELD Richard 15Oct1917 New Zealand
16/184 Corporal RAPONI Hene Tatarana 04May1916 Phthisis New Zealand
16/1273 Private RAWIRI August Wakaiti 23Aug1918 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
16/1265 Private RAWIRI Tai 27Mar1922 Cardiac failure New Zealand
6/1963 L/Corporal RAWNSLEY Leonard James 17Dec1916 New Zealand
16/716 Corporal RAY John Te Reito 11Dec1919 Pneumonia New Zealand
19809 Private RAYFIELD Charles Henry 13Feb1920 New Zealand
11/2202 Driver REABURN Robert 28Nov1918 New Zealand
42202 Private REACH Claude Edward 23Aug1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
15/139 (15/124A) Corporal READ Lawrence William Killed in action with Imperial Forces
41243 Private REARDON Francis William United Kingdom
58281 Trooper REARDON Joseph Henry 26Dec1921 By burning New Zealand
14203 Private REEVE Edwin 26Dec1921 Phthisis New Zealand
2/2247 Gunner REGAN Hilary Martin 04Aug1919 New Zealand
26/279 Private REGISTER John 30Dec1921 New Zealand
25/673 Rifleman REID Albert Thomas 27Feb1922 New Zealand
24/1468 Sergeant REID Alexander Frederick 01Feb1920 Drowned New Zealand
10?/2289 L/Corporal REID Charles 20Jul1918 Tubercular Abscess New Zealand
56350 L/Corporal REID Charles Bernard James 05Feb1922 TB New Zealand
6/713 Sergeant REID William Milne 19Nov1918 New Zealand
8/1612 Private RENDALL Bertrand Victor 18Nov1918 New Zealand
9/196 Trooper RENDALL Robert 25Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
6/2047 Corporal RENDLE Anthony Darley Russell Killed in action with Imperial Forces
26/1106 Rifleman RENNIE Charles 26Sep1921 New Zealand
Private REYNOLDS Lewis Barter 07May1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
79469 Rifleman REYNOLDS Samuel 13Dec1920 New Zealand
7/109 Captain RHODES Arthur Ernest Timaru 11Oct1922 New Zealand
1/123 Lieutenant RHODES Bertie Athol 26Sep1920 New Zealand
4/42 Sapper RICHARDS Albert Charles 13Jan1921 New Zealand
23/1161 Rifleman RICHARDS Thomas 07Feb1920 New Zealand
4/831 Sapper RICHARDSON Edward Herbert 10Aug1921 New Zealand
11/360 Sergeant RICHARDSON John Lauderdale Stewart 17May1916 Killed in action with Imperial Forces
49005 Rifleman RICHMOND Edward Holme 19Aug1921 New Zealand
10/3720 Private RICKERBY John 23Nov1918 New Zealand
12/2129 Sapper RICKMAN James George 14Nov1919 Influenza, bronchitis and nephritis New Zealand
10/29 Sergeant RIDDELL Charles 22Feb1919 United Kingdom
11/1591 Trooper RIDDELL Robert Dunipace 29Jun1918 New Zealand
8/90 Private RIDGWAY William Kemp 16Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
19376 Private RIRINUI Kekemaru 18Jun1920 New Zealand
34145 Private RISBEE Charles 01Dec1920 TB New Zealand
9/197 Trooper RISK Charles 21Feb1923 New Zealand
44417 Private RITCHIE Donald Robert 08May1921 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
71596 Private RITCHIE Eric Victor 01Feb1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
29561 Private ROBB William John 22Feb1920 Drowned New Zealand
26456 Corporal ROBBINS John Isaac 29May1923 New Zealand
2/723 Corporal ROBERTS Alexander William 23Aug1917 Accidentally killed -train accident New Zealand
15608 Private ROBERTSON Alexander William 13Nov1918 Sickness New Zealand
74891 Trooper ROBERTSON Robert 31Oct1921 New Zealand
35069 Driver ROBERTSON Struan John 30Sep1920 New Zealand
12539 Corporal ROBERTSON William Morris 14Apr1921 New Zealand
13/1087 Trooper ROBINS Arthur (aka Henry James) 29Nov1919 Suicide New Zealand
49461 Private ROBINSON Albert 21Jun1921 New Zealand
5/138a Trooper ROBINSON Ewan Sidney 20Nov1922 New Zealand
38983 L/Corporal ROBINSON James William 19Jun1922 New Zealand
25/1805 Private ROBINSON John 14Feb1923 TB New Zealand
4/2127 Sapper ROBINSON William Edward 22Nov1918 New Zealand
24/1797 Rifleman ROBSON Norman Ellison 31Mar23 Drowned New Zealand
20423 Private RODGERS Murray 19Jan1921 New Zealand
10/3073 Private RODGERS Victor 14Jan1923 New Zealand
8/1621 Private ROGERS John Mowbray 05Jun1918 Suicide - drowned New Zealand
18856 L/Corporal ROGERS Joseph 10Jun1921 New Zealand
6/1973 Private ROGERS Owen Sep1917 New Zealand
8/3054 Sapper ROONEY Irvine Barton 07JUl1922 War debility New Zealand
34733 Private ROPER Leslie James 15Feb1923 New Zealand
49463 Private ROSS John 30Jun1920 New Zealand
6/134 L/Corporal ROSS Noel Dec1917 Typhoid New Zealand
10/2754 Private ROSS William 24Dec1921 Suicide New Zealand
6/4136 Private ROUGHTON Frank Hidley 05Feb1922 New Zealand
2/1638 Gunner ROUSE George Arthur 07Oct1917 Killed in action Australian Forces
6/3149 L/Corporal ROWLEY Launcelot Joseph 09Feb1920 Pneumonia New Zealand
23880 Private ROWSON Charles Henry 08Nov1918 New Zealand
15/80 Private RUDMAN Lewis Wilmot 02Sep1916 General TB exhaustion New Zealand
11/2216 WOII RUNCIMAN Linton Harry 18Aug1919 Drowned New Zealand
24/269 Rifleman RUNDLE William Stanley 29Jan1919 New Zealand
16/730 Private RUPENE (RUPEEN) Hoani 08Apr1917 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
10/3993 Private RUSSELL Alfred Elwin 07Jul1919 New Zealand
24/898 Rifleman RUSSELL Charles Henry Griffin 01Mar1922 New Zealand
12/3463 Sapper RUSSELL Charles Knox 26Feb1922 Drowned New Zealand
32903 Private RUSSELL Fleming Alexander 08Oct1920 Died as a result of an accident New Zealand
13/736 Trooper RUSSELL Francis Gerald 28Jan1917 Killed in action serving with RAF France
24/561 Rifleman RUSSELL John Richard Clayton 30Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
2/416 Corporal RUSSELL William James 17Sep1921 New Zealand
43704 Trooper RYAN Denis 14Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
23/902 Private RYAN Edward Thomas 10Dec1918 New Zealand
46923 Private RYAN Maurice 09Jan1919 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
57146 Private RYAN Thomas 28Jul1920 New Zealand
11345 Private SAINSBURY Edward 04Jan1918 New Zealand
6/2743 L/Corporal SALES Henry John 16Dec1920 Ptomaine poisoning, acute enteritis New Zealand
45744 Rifleman SANDERSON Alexander Mathieson 23Oct1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
3/81 Captain SANDHAM George 22Aug1922 TB New Zealand
23882 Private SANDISON James 01Nov1918 Suicide New Zealand
8/3062 Private SANDS George Albert 21Dec1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
5/139a Driver SARGISSON Charles Henry 09Jan1918 Drowned New Zealand
3/2112 Trooper SAUNDERS Ernest John 20Apr1921 New Zealand
3/924 Sergeant SAVAGE Vernon Clement Oct1922 Australia
19/240 Private SAVILLE Samuel Thomas New Zealand
8/2124 Private SCANLAN James 12Jun1917 New Zealand
13/132 Trooper SCANLEN Basil Augustus 13Mar1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
23/903 Rifleman SCHAEFFER Albert Charles 18Sep1920 Sickness New Zealand
24408 WOII SCOBELL Cyril Francis 30Dec1919 Cardiac failure, perittonitis New Zealand
45288 Private SCOTT Albert Edward 16Aug1921 Cancer New Zealand
9/342 Driver SCOTT William 29Sep1922 TB New Zealand
12/4263 Private SCOTT William Grant 29Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
19/242 Private SCRIMGEOUR John Graham 30Mar1920 New Zealand
74771 Private SEARLE Oliver Henry 08Jun1920 TB New Zealand
19/243 Private SELLON Arthur Herbert 14Feb1916 Heart failure Samoa
12/2905 Captain SENIOR Charles Hastings Alexander 27Oct1918 New Zealand
21541 Rifleman SHANKS John Gavin Thompson 09Oct1920 New Zealand
30876 Private SHANLEY Reginald John 21Nov1918 New Zealand
9/1967 Private SHANNON William Hugh 30Jul1920 New Zealand
10/2311 Private SHARKEY Patrick Joseph 24Aug1922 Sleeping sickness New Zealand
19/244 Private SHARP James 19Jul1916 Killed in action with Australian Forces France
2/3084 Bombardier SHARP John 17Mar1920 Accidentally killed - shunting accident New Zealand
29094 Private SHAW Angus 03Aug1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
6/1661 Private SHAW Donald 21Apr1923 New Zealand
3/627 Private SHEARD Charles John 02Sep1916 New Zealand
5/89 Driver SHEEHAN Daniel Thomas 29Nov1919 Phthisis New Zealand
12486 Trooper SHEEHY John 04Jun1919 Chronic Encephilitis New Zealand
36051 Trooper SHEPHERD Charles Samuel 17Nov1918 New Zealand
12/2467 Private SHEPHERD Frederick Walter 26Dec1918 Gastric ulcer & peritonitis New Zealand
29589 Private SHEPHERD John 25Nov1920 Drowned New Zealand
2/1465 Gunner SHEPHERD John 06Aug1919 New Zealand
64364 Private SHIPPEN George 17Jun1922 New Zealand
21/33 S/Sergeant SHORNEY Kenneth Elton 02Feb1922 New Zealand
3/183 Major SHORT Aubrey Vincent 15Nov1918 New Zealand
24/582 Rifleman SHUGG William Brown 10Jan1922 Result of an accident New Zealand
12/248 Private SIBBIT Frank 19Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
12271 Rifleman SIBREE William Charles 04Feb1921 TB New Zealand
33043 Private SIEVWRIGHT Harry 25Jan1919 New Zealand
48097 Private SILK Colin 29Mar1923 New Zealand
3/2435 Private SIMMONS George 14Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
2/478 Driver SIMMONS Hugh 27Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
29876 Private SIMMONS John 26Nov1918 New Zealand
33967 Private SIMPSON Charles 23Sep1921 New Zealand
14876 Rifleman SIMPSON Harold Bernard 23Mar1923 New Zealand
9/1489 Private SIMPSON Jonathan Newby 25Nov1918 Bronchial pneumonia New Zealand
29095 Rifleman SIMS Edwin 26Nov1921 New Zealand
8/1836 Private SINCLAIR Albert 02Jan1923 Heart failure New Zealand
15/124 (5/56) Driver SINCLAIR William (Alexander) 09Aug1921 Intra Cranial Tumour New Zealand
7/397 Trooper SINCLAIR William Joseph Valentine New Zealand
3/639 Private SINGLETON Ernest Albert 14Mar1921 New Zealand
23257 Rifleman SKEWS Henry Leslie 15Dec1919 New Zealand
7/782 Trooper SKILTON Sydney Tom 11Aug1918 New Zealand
12/864 Private SLINES William James 17Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
33774 Private SMALL Albert Charles 10Mar1923 New Zealand
8/4022 Private SMALL Sidney 29May1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
10/997 WOII SMART Robert Orton Killed by Malay robbers
43783 Trooper SMELLIE William McLean 10Nov1918 New Zealand
49477 Sapper SMITH Alfred Jules Ferdinand 19Mar1923 Suicide New Zealand
10/3084 Private SMITH Arthur 30Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
3/524 Private SMITH Charles Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
3/1280 Private SMITH Edward Thomas Nov1921 Found dead New Zealand
11/1227 Trooper SMITH Errington Werge 08Nov1921 New Zealand
2/1201 Gunner SMITH Frederick Charles 10Aug1922 TB New Zealand
21540 L/Corporal SMITH James
13240 Driver SMITH James 07Mar1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
4/1548 Sapper SMITH James Douglas 03Sep1920 Enteric fever New Zealand
13241 Gunner SMITH Percy Carl 11May1920 Phos. Poisoned (aka William Henry SMITH) New Zealand
4/2211 Sapper SMITH Peter Irvine
31730 Sergeant SMITH Walter 28Oct1919 New Zealand
59473 Private SMITH William Burns 07Feb1923 Phthisis New Zealand
9/1239 Trooper SMITH William Duncan 24May1919 Phthisis and exhaustion New Zealand
17/248 Captain SMITH William George Charles 10Jun1920 Alcoholic poisoning New Zealand
13241 SMITH William Henry aka Percy Carl SMITH
1/461 Private SMITH William John 30Nov1918 New Zealand
76238 Private SMYTH Alfred Linsing 08May1921 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
15989 Rifleman SMYTH Henry John 28May1919 Sickness New Zealand
5/169a Corporal SNELGROVE William Leonard Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
11/1369 Trooper SNELLING Frederick Jesse 26Nov1919 TB New Zealand
11584 Sergeant SOLOMON Hubert Philip Killed serving with RAF United Kingdom
52658 Private SOUTHBY David
2/1499 2/Lieutenant SPEIGHT Harold Ellison 19Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
33621 Private SPEIR Allan John 16Aug1920 Cerebro Thrombosis New Zealand
43526 Sapper SPENCE Hercules 17Jul1919 Cardiac dilation New Zealand
2/1202 Driver SPENSLEY Edgar 23Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
1/771 Private SPINLEY Fred Thomas Killed in action with Australian Forces
12/4275 L/Corporal SPOWART Francis 09Nov1918 Sickness New Zealand
1/432 Private ST GEORGE Eric Varnham 09Sep1915 Cerebro-spinal Meningitis New Zealand
15454 Sergeant ST GEORGE William Francis 25Jun1922 Heart failure New Zealand
10/1161 Private ST PAUL Charles Arthur Cecil 20Nov1918 New Zealand
37069 Sapper STACK Martin 18Nov1921 New Zealand
10/4196 Private STANFORD William Leonard 09Dec1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
12/4093 Private STANLEY Herbert Andrew 30Nov1918 New Zealand
6/1045 Private STANLEY Leslie Herbert 07Feb1920 Influenza New Zealand
50754 Trooper STANTON Vernon William Leo Apr1922 New Zealand
2/2551 Gunner STEAD William Pearson 07Feb1922 New Zealand
7/1138 L/Corporal STEELE Thomas Lancaster Killed serving with RFC
22881 Private STEVENS Charles 05Mar1919 Drowned New Zealand
37730 Private STEVENS John Middleton 15Aug1922 New Zealand
21894 Rifleman STEVENS Leslie James 27Nov1918 New Zealand
13/138 Trooper STEVENS Ralph Benjamin 14Oct1918 Sickness New Zealand
5/866 Driver STEVENS Walter Halstead 21Apr1919 New Zealand
31364 Private STEVENSON Henry Lionel 10Jun1922 TB New Zealand
73288 Private STEVENTON Hubert Malcolm 10Jun1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
12/1868 Private STEWART Donald Kenneth 28Mar1921 New Zealand
10474 Driver STEWART Francis Croker Jun1922 Drowned New Zealand
6/4154 Private STEWART Gilber Alexander 20Jan9122 Suicide New Zealand
19184 Private STEWART Henry 24Apr1920 Fractured skull New Zealand
26/913 Rifleman STEWART Hugh Francis 14Dec1920 New Zealand
9/84a Private STEWART James 10Dec1918 New Zealand
2/383 Gunner STEWART John Jardine 03Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
2/643 Driver STEWART Samuel James 22Feb1919 Cardiac Disease New Zealand
1/777 Private STEWART Walter 12Jun1916 Killed while serving with Australian Imperial Forces
8/484 Private STILES Walter William 18Nov1918 Sickness New Zealand
26936 Private STILTON Harold John 10Nov1918 Sickness New Zealand
25960 L/Corporal STITT Percy Carl Drowned New Zealand
7/1419 Trooper STOCK Herbert Charles
10/2774 Private STOKES Henry Branstan
5/393 Driver STONE Frederick 25Jul1920 Cardiac failure (aka Aidian Joseph TEMPEST) New Zealand
13/141 Trooper STONE Jack Fairburn 13Dec1916 AIF, Australia
12/3485 Sergeant STONE John Henry 13Nov1918 Sickness New Zealand
23/1202 Private STONE William Harold 16Apr1920 Pneumonia New Zealand
25646 Sapper STORRING Arthur Norman 23Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
12/4099 Private STOWELL Hector Arthur 23Nov1918 New Zealand
11/656 WOII STRACHAN Jon Alexander 19Aug1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
23/608 Rifleman STRANG Clement Russell 10Jul1921 New Zealand
22562 Captain STRATFORD Herbert Addison 15Dec1922 New Zealand
10/1669 Private STROTHER Herbert Montague 30Dec1917 New Zealand
11/1063 Sergeant STUART John 25Jun1922 Injury to heart from gunshot wound New Zealand
35520 Sapper STUBBS Charles Frederick 16Feb1923 Mitral disease New Zealand
72137 Trooper STUBBS Joseph Charles 17Sep1920 New Zealand
2/944 Driver SULLIVAN Daniel 02Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
54411 Rifleman SULLIVAN Daniel 17May1919 Delerium Tremens New Zealand
42222 L/Corporal SULLIVAN William John 11Feb1921 Pneumonia New Zealand
29100 Private SUMMERTON Thomas 27Nov1919 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
58402 Trooper SUTHERLAND Alexander George 13Apr1921 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
13/458 L/Corporal SUTHERLAND Murdoch John 20Nov1918 New Zealand
35566 Sapper SYMON James Ewart 10May1922 Heart failure New Zealand
16/1393 Private TAIRUA Peter 21Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
16/1495 Private TAITE Piter 20Oct1919 New Zealand
10/715 Private TALBOT William Caithness 20Jul1918 Killed Aeroplane accident United Kingdom
26/142 L/Corporal TAMBLYN Frank 19Nov1918 New Zealand
16/1460 Private TANGIORA Rewi 20Dec1919 Consumption New Zealand
16/71 Private TAPINE Ruru 17Feb1920 New Zealand
23898 Private TATE Robert Epilepsy New Zealand
16/386 Sergeant TAURI Whetu 28Mar1920 Heart failure New Zealand
19960 Private TAUTAU John 10Nov1919 Abdominal TB New Zealand
16/571 Private TAWERA Barney 11May1921 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
20716 Private TAWHAI Hone Mohi 08Jun1920 Influenza New Zealand
8/2147 Sergeant TAYLOR Alexander 08Aug1919 New Zealand
26/1743 Private TAYLOR Charles 23Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
28237 Private TAYLOR Edgar 08Jun1923 TB New Zealand
24/1208 L/Corporal TAYLOR Frederick 30Dec1921 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
10/2332 Private TAYLOR Isaac Chadwick 04Jul1918 New Zealand
35519 Private TAYLOR Thomas Arthur 04Jan1923 Pneumonia New Zealand
8/300 Private TAYLOR William Jack Macdonald 19Dec1915 Killed serving with Border Regiment, Imperial Forces
60502 Private TE HUIA Koro 22Oct1922 Suicide New Zealand
16/754 Private TE MARU Hemi Pene 23Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
16/248 Private TE MUERA Watini 23Oct1919 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
16/1266 Private TE WIATA Tauhia 11Dec1919 D.Pneumonia New Zealand
5/867 Corporal TEAGUE William Montague 10Dec1922 Drowned New Zealand
60740 Private TEAU Ongokoreiti 14Dec1919 Pneumonia New Zealand
33669 Sapper TEECE Charles Thomas 09Sep1919 Accidentally killed - leg crushed New Zealand
11/154 WOI TEGNER Augustus Alfred Becher 06Mar1918 Suicide India
5/393 TEMPEST Aidian Joseph aka Frederick STONE
46151 Sapper TEMPLETON Alexander 24Jan1921 TB New Zealand
7/792 Trooper THOMAS Arthur Frederick 26Nov1918 New Zealand
8/1654 Private THOMAS James 31May1917 New Zealand
13/960 Trooper THOMAS William Evans 25May1916 New Zealand
5/241a Corporal THOMPSON Harold 14May1921 Ireland
13829 Private THOMPSON John Alexander Trindle 20Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
15/452a Private THOMSON Archibald William 14Oct1918 TB New Zealand
24535 Private THOMSON Boyd 01Aug1921 Snowstorm New Zealand
35509 Private THOMSON Fred 28Jun1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
44804 Rifleman THOMSON Peter 06May1921 New Zealand
24082 Private THOMSON Robert 19Sep1919 New Zealand
13375 Trooper THOREAU Edward John 16May1921 Accidentally killed - motor accident New Zealand
26/1728 Private THORENSEN Douglas Walter 20Nov1920 TB New Zealand
12298 Private THORNE William Albert 21Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
18041 Gunner THORP George 01Aug1919 Typhoid New Zealand
12/2859 Corporal TIERNEY Patrick Arthur 25Oct1922 Drowned Tahiti
60653 Private TIPE Banaba 02Aug1920 Rarotonga
44801 Rifleman TIVANON George 10Jun1919 Drowned New Zealand
18/4 Chaplain TOBIN Charles Edward O'Hara 21Mar1921 New Zealand
20807 Private TOHERIRI Tangiwai 11Jul1920 New Zealand
12/2861 Private TOMICH Andrew 25Mar1922 New Zealand
37615 Sapper TOMLINSON Frank Nevil 31Oct1920 New Zealand
74277 Private TONER Mark 21Oct1922 Rail accident New Zealand
19924 Private TONGI Taraia
3/1208 Private TOOMAN Frank John 11Nov1918 New Zealand
17/201 Private TORRANCE William 10Jan1920 Suicide New Zealand
38235 Sapper TOY John Carlyon 23Nov1921 Chronic Nephitis New Zealand
10/1685 Private TOZER Samuel Francis 21Mar1921 New Zealand
11/2248 Driver TRACY Joseph John 03Mar1923 New Zealand
57318 Lieutenant TRAINER James Joseph 21Nov1921 New Zealand
45935 Private TRAINER John Gabriel
10/794 Private TRASK Thomas Hector 24May1920 Pneumonia New Zealand
13/747 Sergeant TRENUE (TRENNE) Frederick Charles 21Oct1920 Drowned New Zealand
16/767 Private TROOD Henry 14Oct1916 Accidentally killed - tram accident New Zealand
7/137 Trooper TROTTER John 27Nov1918 New Zealand
9/220 Private TROUNSON John Henry 19Apr1920 Result of an accident New Zealand
31193 Private TROWERN Harold Clarence 08Nov1918 New Zealand
10/3139 Private TRUSCOTT Anthony 15Nov1918 Influenza (aka John TRUSCOTT) New Zealand
10/3417 Private TRYER William Thomas 24Feb1919 B.Pneumonia & asthma New Zealand
60762 Private TUAINE Aruake 18Jan1920 Rarotonga
66163 Rifleman TUCKER Edward 31Mar1922 New Zealand
9/978 Driver TUCKER George Warrington 17Sep1919 New Zealand
28409 Private TUCKER James 22Jun1922 Aortic Aneuryism New Zealand
24493 Private TUCKEY John William Henry 20Jan1921 Chronic alcoholism New Zealand
42601 Private TUFFEN Arthur 29Dec1919 Pneumonia New Zealand
20459 Private TULLEY Joseph Walter 02Jan1919 Myocardiac degeneration New Zealand
2/89 Gunner TULLOCH George Arthur 26Jul1917 New Zealand
23/2110 Rifleman TULLOCK Peter 20Aug1921 New Zealand
3/2043 Private TURNBULL Bain Waite 22Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
8/1348 L/Sergeant TURNBULL James 18Dec1922 New Zealand
78308 Rifleman TURNER Charles Godfrey Jan1922 United Kingdom
8/1349 Driver TURNER George Harry 02Jun1916 New Zealand
6/166 L/Sergeant TURNER Richard Burman 08Mar1918 New Zealand
2/1909 Bombardier TWEEDIE Alexander Nelson 09Nov1918 New Zealand
8/3424 L/Corporal TWEEDIE Gordon Lindsay 12Apr1922 TB New Zealand
14040 2/Lieutenant TWINING Harvey Alexander 10Nov1918 Heart failure New Zealand
12/2864 Private TWOHEY Arthur Paul 04Oct1920 TB New Zealand
37022 Corporal TWYNEHAM Denne Clement 01Jun1922 New Zealand
7/1914 Sergeant TYERMAN Charles Fletcher 25Jul1921 Syncope New Zealand
39362 Private TYLER George Henry 12Oct1920 New Zealand
6/3494 Private TYLER James Nov1919 New Zealand
6/1175 Private UKU 19Jul1920 Niue Island
13/241 Trooper UREN Philip 18May1916 With Lancashire Fusiliers France
2/468 Driver URQUHART Hector Duncan 24Jul1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
70571 Private URRY Frederick Terence 09Oct1921 New Zealand
6/2475 L/Sergeant VEALE Allan Adolphus 23Jan1918 While serving with RAF
?1357 Private VERCOE Edmond Norman 05Jun1919 Encephalitis New Zealand
37523 Sapper VERCOE Franics Arthur 19Nov1918 New Zealand
8/3104 Private VERNON John Samuel Frederick 07Oct1918 Accidentally killed New Zealand
23638 Private VICKERY Arthur Borne 05Mar1923 Heart failure New Zealand
19/288 Private VICTOR Charles 14Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
15/92 Sergeant VINE Sydney John 08Jul1922 Pneumonia New Zealand
1/556 Private VIVIAN Herbert 22Jul1919 TB toxaemia New Zealand
7/608 Trooper VOSPER Wilfred Borlase 19Jul1922 New Zealand
4/459 Sapper VOYCE Henry Eugene 06Aug1915 Killed in action serving with Imperial Forces
20767 Private WAAKA Pera Hemi 23Oct1920 New Zealand
16/52 Private WAARA Piripi 05Apr1918 Drowned New Zealand
13/246 Trooper WADE Lionel 15JUl1921 Endocaraitis New Zealand
23457 Rifleman WADE Walter Beville 09Mar1918 New Zealand
16/54 Private WAINOHU Hemi Pene Mar1920 New Zealand
42238 Private WAITE James Norman 19Jun1922 Suicide New Zealand
11/1377 L/Corporal WALDEGRAVE Richard Henry 21Nov1918 New Zealand
14511 Private WALKER Albert John 24Feb1923 New Zealand
19652 Private WALKER Edward 15Oct1919 Drowned New Zealand
39364 Private WALKER Edward John Hampden 28Dec1922 Pneumonia New Zealand
10/796 Corporal WALKER George 04Aug1918 New Zealand
5/86 Driver WALKER Henry Archibald 20Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
10/871 Private WALKER Leonard Augustus 20Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
2/2287 Sergeant WALKER Robert Edwin 02Sep1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
16/1525 Private WALKER Taylor 04Dec1920 New Zealand
23/1860 Private WALKER Theodore 02Nov1918 New Zealand
47377 Private WALL William Henry 13Dec1921 New Zealand
7/2173 Driver WALLACE Albert Ernest
12/1823 Private WALLACE Cyril Vernon 05Oct1922 Suicide Switzerland
9/401 Trooper WALLACE James 22Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
11981 Private WALLACE Thomas Bruce 28Jul1919 New Zealand
55186 Rifleman WALLS John 04Oct1922 TB New Zealand
15050 Private WALSH James Joseph 28May1919 New Zealand
8/2352 Private WALTER Henry Eric cNov1917 Found dead New Zealand
2/1688 Driver WALTERS John Frederick 10Nov1921 Disseminated Scherosis & Pyelitis New Zealand
12/944 Private WALTON Albert John 31Dec1918 Australia
39569 Private WALTON Alfred Hardy 15Nov1918 Bronchitis New Zealand
2/2562 Gunner WARBRICK John 14Oct1922 New Zealand
6/2314 Sergeant WARBURTON Richard 17Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
8/1353a Private WARD Alfred
10/3422 Private WARD Allan William New Zealand
10708 Corporal WARD Herbert Edward 11Sep1921 New Zealand
1/522 Private WARD Samuel William
7/1303 Trooper WARDELL William Sydney 26Jun1922 Found shot New Zealand
12/390 Private WARIN Kenneth Cranly 18Nov1918 New Zealand
12/1523 Private WARING Edward 25Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
7/1311 Trooper WARMINGTON Eunus 22Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
28051 Private WARREN Archibald Gibb 14Dec1918 New Zealand
54096 Private WATKINSON Horace Bessent 19Apr1921 New Zealand
63975 Private WATSON Arthur Richard 21Oct1921 New Zealand
4/1964 Private WATSON James 20Apr1922 Died from injuries New Zealand
23640 Private WATSON Robert Wallace 17Jan1921 New Zealand
8/1067 Private WATSON Thomas 15Jan1918 New Zealand
63976 Private WATSON William 04Dec1920 Under anaesthetic New Zealand
13/2950 Driver WAUGH Thomas Smith 02Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
20758 Private WAWATAI Heta 20Jul1922 TB New Zealand
5/903 Private WAWMAN Edward 04Dec1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
9/1747 Trooper WEAVER Peter 13Sep1919 Lethargic Encephalitis New Zealand
24/391 Rifleman WEBB Frank 17Dec1922 Accidentally killed - electrocuted New Zealand
8/3111 Private WEBB James Augustian 27Nov1918 New Zealand
67832 Private WEBB Samuel 12Feb1923 Accidentally killed New Zealand
8/960 Private WEBSTER George Frederick 02Apr1922 Heart failure New Zealand
33981 Private WEBSTER Wardman 10Dec1919 Pleurisy New Zealand
4/1322 Sapper WEEKES George William 03Jun1922 TB New Zealand
11/2254 L/Corporal WEEKS Leo Norman 04Nov1920 New Zealand
23462 Private WEIR Robert Henry 14Dec1920 New Zealand
80029 Rifleman WEIR William George 01Sep1919 Cancer New Zealand
44178 Rifleman WELLS Allen Robert 07Feb1923 New Zealand
6/3802 Sergeant WELLSFORD Stanley Frederick 05Jun1922 New Zealand
26/1748 Private WEST Victor
17/331 L/Corporal WESTERN Richard James 24Dec1919 Stricture of Ossophagus New Zealand
12/3503 Private WHALE Ernest Edward 17Jan1921 TB New Zealand
8/2175 Private WHITE David 17Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
12/3869 Corporal WHITE Doy Llewellyn 06Aug1919 TB New Zealand
74300 Private WHITE Frank 25Apr1923 Suicide New Zealand
18/96 WOI WHITE Melville Arthur 23Apr1917 Killed in action serving with RFC
26/486 Rifleman WHITE Thomas George Oliver
10699 Gunner WHITE William Henry Ruwolt 25Jul1921 New Zealand
7/274 2/Lieutenant WHITING Norman Alexander 16Apr1919 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
10/1700 Corporal WHITING William Henry 08Sep1920 Result Accident New Zealand
23/830 Rifleman WHITMORE Colonel 13May1920 Accidentally killed (Enlisted as Colonel Whitmore MORE) New Zealand
12/1831 Private WHITTLE Thomas 06Nov1918 New Zealand
21130 Rifleman WHORSKEY Patrick 07Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
10/3124 Sapper WHYTE William Bruce (aka William Benge) 10Jan1920 Drowned - English Channel United Kingdom
15822 Private WIGMORE Neil Bradshaw 12Nov1918 New Zealand
3/861 Sergeant WILKINSON Francis Joseph 23May1923 TB New Zealand
8/1676 Private WILLCOX William John 04Jan1922 New Zealand
3/1441 Gunner WILLCOX William Norman Charles 02May1923 Suicide New Zealand
31002 Private WILLETTS Charles Arthur 01Oct1919 Result Accident New Zealand
35054 Private WILLIAMS Arthur Francis 13Sep1919 Result Accident New Zealand
8/1677 Private WILLIAMS Charles Herbert 17Jun1922 Peritonitis New Zealand
12/2516 Private WILLIAMS George Thomas 31Jan1923 New Zealand
12523 Private WILLIAMS Gough 08Mar1921 New Zealand
8/3790 Private WILLIAMS Herbert Stevens 17Sep1917 New Zealand
12/1041 WOII WILLIAMS Hugh Pownall 28May1921 United Kingdom
7/1689 Lieutenant WILLIAMS Kenneth Struthers 25Mar1920
7/1666 Gunner WILLIAMS Raymond Ernest 21Feb1922 TB New Zealand
8/4055 Private WILLIAMSON Herbert 13Jun1920 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
6/739 Private WILLIS George Richard 27May1919 Hamorrhage of Lungs New Zealand
60039 Private WILLIS Richard Francis 18Mar1921 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
9/2007 Driver WILSON Albert 10Nov1921 Scalds New Zealand
7/802 L/Corporal WILSON Clive Cracroft Influenza India
49497 Private WILSON George 23JUn1922 Brights Disease New Zealand
13/2961 Gunner WILSON John 02Apr1920 Heart failure New Zealand
9/609 Trooper WILSON Leslie 09Aug1920 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
8/1864 Private WILSON Robert 05May1917 New Zealand
26/227 Sergeant WILSON Thomas 09May1919 Suicide New Zealand
23/957 L/Corporal WILSON Thomas Arthur 04Jun1920 New Zealand
10/3435 Private WILSON William Brunton 14Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
10/2362 Private WILTON Cyril 18Nov1918 New Zealand
35922 Trooper WINGFIELD Thomas Sanderson 24Nov1918 New Zealand
3/465 Gunner WINKS Henry Albert 16Jun1921 New Zealand
16/60 Private WINTERBURN Albert 21Aug1922 Ptomaine poisoning New Zealand
3/2956 Private WISE Gilbert Bell Crossed out
5/200 Private WITHERS Tom Newton 04Oct1921 Drowned New Zealand
24/606 Corporal WOLSTENHOLME Frederick 27May1922 Suicide New Zealand
8/4500 Private WOOD Percy Hutcheson 15Nov1917 New Zealand
10/2385 Private WOOD Robert Taylor 22Apr?1919 New Zealand
2/2010 Gunner WOOD William 25Dec1919 Drowned New Zealand
12/658 Private WOODCOCK Percy Thomas 18Jun1916 Pneumonia New Zealand
1/56 Private WOODFORD Claude Albert Curtis 21Jan1923 New Zealand
8/2187 Private WOODS Charles 16Dec1917 New Zealand
75907 Private WOODS Charles Paul Pittman 08Oct1919 New Zealand
23465 Rifleman WOODS Thomas George
54630 Rifleman WOOLLEY William 04Jan1922 New Zealand
18883 Private WOOSTER Frank Rupert 27Jan1919 Result of bullet wound New Zealand
48692 Private WOOTTEN Archibald John 20Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia India
4/1398 Corporal WORTH William Henry 20Feb1921 New Zealand
24468 Private WREN John William 15Dec1918 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
8/2189 Private WRIGHT Albert Edward Johnston 23Nov1918 Influenza & pneumonia New Zealand
46636 Private WRIGHT George William 06Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
63254 Private WRIGHT Joseph 25Apr1923 New Zealand
80311 Rifleman WRIGHT Joseph 07Oct1919 Suicide New Zealand
13/2969 Driver WRIGHT Vivian Angus 06Feb1921 New Zealand
42242 Private WRIGHT William 06Dec1920 New Zealand
23/963 Corporal WRIGHTSON John Macauley 21Nov1918 New Zealand
5/148a Private WYLDE-BROWN Frank 20Jun1917 Drowned At sea
30332 Corporal WYNN John 21May1921 New Zealand
12/2029 Private YEEND Henry William 10Jan1917 Heart failure (Enlisted as MAYNE Ronald Henry) New Zealand
13/1078a Trooper YEO Thomas Farquhar 25Mar1921 New Zealand
8/2191 Private YORKE Addison Woodby 12Oct1919 Believed drowned New Zealand
16/328 Captain YOUNG Charles Lefanu
55107 Rifleman YOUNG Edward Charles Roy
17/222 Private YOUNG James 06Feb1922 Carcinoma of the gullet New Zealand
21632 Private YOUNG Joseph Francis Herbert 15Nov1918 New Zealand

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