These names have been taken from the New Zealand Nominal Rolls from 1914 - 1918 and from personal research. It is by no means exhaustive. If you have any soldiers to add to this list please let me know - thanks.

ADAIR David 39509 Private Mrs J Doyle Sister 40 Churchill Street Belfast Ireland
AGNEW John 24966 Driver Mrs A Agnew Mother 15 Kannaird Terrace Belfast Ireland
AGNEW Samuel 39732 Private Mrs D Inglish Mother Gateside Ballyclare County Antrim Ireland
AGNEW Stewart 80589 Private Mrs W Agnew Mother Drumaconnon Culnady Upperlands County Derry Ireland 04 Nov 1918 Cannock Chase War CemeteryEngland
AGNEW Thomas 7/1433 Trooper John Agnew Father Port Glenonie County Antrim Ireland?
AHERNE Timothy 65092 Private Mrs M Aherne Mother Mona Vraher Killiagh County Cork Ireland 08 Oct 1918 Anneux British CemeteryFrance
ALDERICE Walter 13/962a Trooper W Alderice Father Green Haven Malone Park Belfast Ireland
ALEXANDER Andrew 65806 Private Miss Marjorie Jane Alexander Sister Classy Gowan St Johnston Londonderry Ireland
ALEXANDER Harold Gilbert 7/1325 Trooper Mrs D McG Alexander Mother 71 Frankfurt Avenue Rathgar Dublin Ireland
ALLAN Henry Anthony 18742 Private Brother of Mrs S. A. Lawson of The Castle Gardens Castlewellan County Down Ireland 21 Feb 1917 Y Farm Military CemeteryBois-GrenierFrance
ALLEN Allen Edgar 62196 Lance Corporal Isaac Allen Father Loughall County Armagh Ireland
ALLEN James Henry Leslie 86640 Private Born Cork Ireland 19 Nov 1918 Featherston CemeteryNew Zealand
ALLISON Edward George 13407 Private R Allison Father Whitegate Limerick County Clare Ireland
ANDERSON Alexander 3/1683 Private Mrs M M Anderson Mother 2 Fitzwilliam Avenue Armean Road Belfast Ireland
ANDERSON George 25428 Private Albert Anderon Brother Comber Ireland
ANDERSON John Alexander 20073 Rifleman Miss Rachael Anderson Sister Cullrady Londonderry Ireland
ANNETT John 19224 Rifleman Mrs Mary Annett Mother Brackney Ballymartin County Down Ireland 07 Aug 1917 Trois Arbres Cemetery Steenwerck Nord France?
ARMSTRONG Alexander 12958 Rifleman Andrew Armstrong Brother Fairview Broughshire County Antrim Ireland
ARMSTRONG Archibald John 14549 Private Mrs L Armstrong Wife Hibernian Hotel Tramova County Waterford Ireland
ARMSTRONG William Henry 62903 Private Mrs M Hanlon Sister Ardrass Armagh Ireland
ARTHUR David 65256 Private John Monteith Uncle 26 Ferguson Street Londonderry Ireland
ASH Richard 52031 Private Samuel Ash Father Letterkenny County Donegal Ireland
BAILEY Albert Henry 13/970a Trooper Mrs Anna Bailey Mother 76 St Lawrence Rd Clontarf Dublin Ireland 08 Aug 1915 Chunuk Bair (New Zealand) Memorial Turkey
BAILIE Harry Russell 70151 Private Mrs J Bailie Mother Port Ferry County Down Ireland
BAILIE Robert Alexander 59296 Private J Bailie Father 1 Erskine Street Newtownwards Road Belfast Ireland
BAIRD James 20948 Rifleman Mrs John Baird Mother Connyreagh Donaghadee County Down Ireland
BAKER John Raphael 24804 Rifleman J Baker Father Park View Victoria Road Cork Ireland 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
BALLAGH Samuel 24125 Private Miss Marion Ballagh Sister Glenview Ligoniel Belfast Ireland 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
BANKS Philip Augustus 10/1406 Private Miss M Banks Sister 2 Viking Rd Arbour Hill Military Quarter Dublin Ireland
BANNON Daniel 24/681 Rifleman Mrs J T Bannon Mother Enniskillen County Fermanagh Ireland
BARCROFT Ambrose 46262 Private Miss G B Barcroft Sister Shandon Park Knock Belfast Ireland
BARNES John 18945 Rifleman Miss Lizzie Barnes Sister Little Ballymena County Antrim Ireland
BARNHILL John 25790 Lance Corporal Mrs Margaret Barnhill Mother Manor Cunningham County Donegal Ireland
BARRETT William 12/2637 Private John Barnett Father 31 Great George Street West Cork Ireland
BARRON Robert 15326 Rifleman Samuel Barron Father Umgall Temple Patrick County Antrim Ireland
BARRY Con 70925 Private Michael Barry Father Kilfynn County Kerry Ireland
BARRY William Christopher 66248 Captain Michael Barry Father 2 Caroline Terrace Montenotte Cork Ireland
BARTHOLOMEW John Henry 17/263 Private Mrs J J Bartholomew Mother Drunsinane Enniscorthy Ireland
BASKIN James 51145 Private Son of Adam and Mary Baskinof Glencough Ardara County Donegal Ireland 07 Sep 1918 Ruyaulcourt Military Cemetery France
BASTON Edward 70693 Private Mrs B Baston Mother Passage East Waterford Ireland
BEAMISH William 15663 Private William Beamish Father Knockavoher Leap County Cork Ireland
BECK James 8/328 Private James Beck Father Bally Black County Down Ireland 01 May 1915+ Lone Pine Memorial Lone Pine Cemetery Anzac Turkey?
BELL Andrew Joseph 69668 Private Miss M Bell Sister 18 Rialto Bridge South Circular Road Dublin Ireland
BELL John 2/842 Gunner Mrs A Bell - Doag Road Ballyclaire Antrim Ireland
BELL William John Albert 32499 Sergt Major J Bell Father Ballygolly Cough Ireland 21 Feb 1918 Lijssenthoek Military CemeteryBelgium
BENNER Albert George 13/386 Lance Corporal Born Clonmel Tipperary Ireland 16 Aug 1915 Alexandria (Chatby) Military And War Memorial Egypt
BERBAGE James 11391 Private J Berbage Father Port Arlington Ireland
BEST James [James Gardiner] 14374 Private Born Belfast Ireland 31 Jul 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
BEST William 6/3248 Private Robert Best Father Tullagh Cottage Cookstown County Tyrone Ireland
BIGGAN Michael Joseph 4/375 Sergeant Born Ireland 23 Mar 1921 Karori Cemetery Wellington New Zealand
BIGGINS Thomas 12345 Rifleman Mrs J Biggins Mother Brodella Shuile Ireland
BILLINGSLEY Andrew 52059 Rifleman J Billingsley Father Manse Glenties County Donegal Ireland
BILLINGSLEY George 54224 Rifleman J Billingsley Father Post Office Moores Glenties Donegal Ireland
BIRT John 7/1960 Trooper Mrs Mary Birt Mother County Derry Ireland
BLACK Harry [Harry Osborne] 10150 Private John Henry Black Father Coleraine Ireland 29 Mar 1918 Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1 France
BLACK Hugh Clarke 62913 Private Mrs M A Black Sister Gortfad Garvagh County Derry Ireland 24 Aug 1918 Beaulencourt British Cemetery Ligny-Thilloy France
BLACK James 61030 Private Mrs M J Black Mother Vennel Street Glenarm Ireland
BLAIN Edward 28420 Rifleman Mrs Tavish Sister Belfast Ireland 03 Jul 1917 St. Sever Cemetery Extension Rouen France
BLAIR Arthur 10302 Private F Blair Father 18 Stainweths Road Belfast Ireland
BOAKE John Joseph 73070 Private Francis J Boake Father Killarney Ireland
BOLGER James 37485 Sapper Mrs Bridget Bolger Mother Ballygub Inistioge County Kilkenny Ireland
BOLGER James 50536 Gunner James Bolger Father Tynock Kiltsgan County Wicklow Ireland
BOND Thomas William 34615 Private Mrs M Bond Mother 14a Canal Street Newry Ireland
BOURKE James 35156 Rifleman Miss M Bourke Sister St James School Cappa Asklaton County Limerick Ireland
BOURKE John Joseph 22759 Private Son of Redmond and Mary Bourke of Bally MacPierce Gortatlea County Kerry Ireland 15 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
BOWIE William Alexander 6/2549 Private Mrs Mary Ball Sister 13 Annesley Park Rathmines Dublin Ireland
BOWLER Terence 56545 Private Son of William and Ellen Bowler of Glenbeigh County Kerry Ireland. 10 Sep 1918 St. Sever Cemetery Extension Rouen France
BOYD James Rutherford 6/1472 Private Mrs J Boyd Mother Greenwood Lisburn Ireland
BOYD James Wilson 52061 Private J Boyd Father Carnbouy Bunberg Donegal Ireland
BOYD John 23/1940 Rifleman Joseph Boyd Father Aughnalloy Tyrone Ireland
BOYD John Erwin 12/2222 Private Mrs A S Boyd Mother Greenwood Lisburn Ireland
BOYD Kenneth 1/575 Private Mrs K Boyd Mother Greenwood Lisburn Ireland
BOYD William George 51612 Private Miss Maggie Boyd Sister Buchside Armoi County Antrim Ireland
BOYLE Dan O'Connell 12/1894 Private Mrs Ellen O'Connell Boyle Mother 97 Upper Lesson St Dublin Ireland
BOYLE Michael 58975 Trooper M Boyle Father Prospect Hill Galway Ireland
BRADLEY John Henry 11387 Private James Bradley Father Spring Field Road Belfast Ireland
BRADY Thomas 7/1965 Trooper Mrs Mary Brady Mother Derenigan County Cavan Ireland
BRAZIL Patrick Jeremiah 64616 Private Born Ireland 29 Apr 1918 Perth Cemetery (China Wall)Belgium
BRENNAN Peter 28073 Private Mrs Bridget Brennan Mother Cloncraff County Roscommon Ireland
BRESLIN Edward 16816 Private Mrs D Breslin Mother Connell Tinchley County Waterford Ireland
BREW Daniel 23506 Private Michael Brew Father County Clare Ireland
BRIDGMAN James 8/2408 Private Mrs A S Bridgman Mother Longill Knocknaboula County Limerick Ireland
BROCK William 70972 Private J Brock Brother Kilross County Clare Ireland
BROGAN Patrick 58974 Private M Brogan Father Whitegate County Galway Ireland
BROPHY Joseph 52942 Private T Brophy Father Shankin Whithall County Kilkenny Ireland
BROWN Alexander 40875 Private G Brown Father Corglass Cabon Ireland
BROWN Andrew 23/1572 Rifleman Mrs Georgina Brown Sister Nurses Home Gisborne Road Belfast Ireland
BROWN James 65594 Private Son of James Brown of Cairncastle County Antrim Ireland. 02 Sep 1918 Bancourt British Cemetery France
BROWN James 11/2047 Trooper Mrs Mary Brown Mother 15 Dock Street Belfast Ireland
BROWN Patrick James 14056 Corporal Samuel Brown Father Cluntagh Crossgar County Down Ireland 14 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
BROWN Samuel 6/2954 Private Thomas Brown Father Clandy County Londonderry Ireland 21 Oct 1917 Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Belgium
BROWN Samuel David 45465 Private J Brown Father Rathfriland County Down Ireland
BROWNE George 25/1675 Rifleman J Browne Father Derrylin P O Bellturbet County Fermanagh Ireland 01 Oct 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
BROWNE James David 11219 Private A Browne Father Tullyvin Cootehill County Cavan Ireland
BROWNE John 70668 Private Mrs E Browne Mother Ballyeague Lanesborough County Longford Ireland
BROWNE John William 6/596 Private Matilda Browne - Cara Street Cloues Ireland
BROWNE Robert Henry 9/2051 Trooper George Browne Father Cookhill County Cavin Ireland 27 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
BROWNE William 36549 Private J Browne Brother Galway Gardenham Ireland
BUCKLEY Cornelius 12/4144 Private Mrs Batt Buckley Mother Umeraboy County Cork Ireland
BUICK Samuel Gordon 63209 Private John Buick Father Fair View Bourghshine Antrim Ireland
BURKE Joseph 33803 Private Mrs Mary Ann Burke Mother Johnson Bridge County Kildare Ireland
BURKE William 61526 Private Mrs M Burke Mother White Gate County Clare Ireland
BURNETT James 24789 Rifleman Robert Burnett Brother Ballylummin Ahoughill Ireland
BURNS James 64887 Private Mrs H Burns Mother Skibbereen County Cork Ireland
BURNSIDE George 6/4211 Private Andrew Burnside Brother Tempo County Fermanagh Ireland
BUSHE William John 13/2020 Trooper Mrs Waters Mother Dungannon Ireland
BUSHER John Joseph 2/972 Gunner Thomas Busher - William Street Wexford Ireland
BUSSELL Hugh Balfour 30531 Private William and Hester Bussell - Clones Ireland 25 Mar 1917 Tidworth Military Cemetery England
BUTLER Maurice Francis 11812 Private Son of Catherine Butlerof Coolbane County Kerry Ireland and the late Francis Butler. Native of County Kerry. 07 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
BUTLER Patrick 25457 Private Born Ireland 10 Jul 1916 Kopuatama Cemetery Stratford New Zealand
BUTLER William 51151 Private F Butler Father Kerry Ireland
BYRNE George Johnston 30729 Private Mrs M Byrne Mother 28 Iona Road Glassneven Dublin Ireland 29 Sep 1918 Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery Villers-Plouich Nord France
BYRNE John Thomas 10/1765 Corporal Mrs Mary Byrne Mother 28 Iona Road Glassneven Dublin Ireland
BYRNE Joseph 39753 Private Mr Byrne Father Toiler Street Dublin Ireland
BYRNE Richard 30745 Private Mrs M Byrne Mother 28 Iona Road Glassneven Dublin Ireland
BYRNE William 13870 Private Born in Wicklow Ireland 26 Nov 1918 Sydenham Cemetery Christchurch New Zealand
CADDEN Mathew 27216 Private J Cadden Brother Bally Durrow Ryefield PO Virginia County Orbin Ireland
CAHILL Patrick 64010 Private Phillip Cahill Father Post Office Ardlogher County Cavan Ireland Born in Australia
CAIRNS Norman Crozier 12/57 Private Rev William Cairns Brother Methodist Clergyman Ireland
CALDWELL James 8/2862 Private J Caldwell Father Ballymena Donegal Ireland
CALDWELL John 14389 Private Mrs Anne Parke Sister Desart Martin County Derry Ireland 04 Oct 1917 Nine Elms British Cemetery Belgium
CALLAGHAN Cornelius 26551 Rifleman T Murphy Uncle Raleigh Macroom County Cork Ireland
CALLAGHAN Patrick 30344 Rifleman J Callaghan Father County Mayo Ireland
CAMERON John 47119 Rifleman D Cameron Father Gloonan Ahoghill County Antrim Ireland
CAMERON Robert Hugh 48701 Rifleman Son of John and Sarah Anne Cameron of Ballycloughan County Antrim Ireland. 10 Oct 1917 Poelcapelle British Cemetery Belgium
CAMPBELL David 47268 Private Mrs Margaret Campbell Mother Town Bridge County Antrim Ireland 23 Oct 1918 Vertigneul Churchyard Romeries France
CAMPBELL David 70006 Private Mrs A Campbell Mother Trench House Lisburn County Down Ireland
CAMPBELL John 41482 Private Mrs F Campbell Wife 5 Church Street East Belfast Ireland
CAMPBELL Thomas 52573 Rifleman Robert Campbell Father Dremroe Ireland
CANAVAN Patrick 43678 Rifleman John Canavan Father Winterfield Drumgraffin Galway Ireland
CAREW Michael 51000 Rifleman Mrs M Carew Mother Newton Cappawhite County Tipperary Ireland
CARLIN John 59095 Rifleman Mrs S Carlin Mother Buckstown County Donegal Ireland
CARLISLE Edward 37976 Private John Carlisle Brother Balmoral Belfast Ireland
CAROLAN Edward 4/1410 Sapper Miss Mary Carolan Sister Knockbridge Dundalk County South Ireland
CAROLAN John 18231 Gunner Miss Kate Carolan Sister Castledownshire County Cork Ireland
CARR James 8/818 Private Thomas Carr Brother Kilgarvin Lisselton County Kerry Ireland 08 May 1915 Twelve Tree Copse (New Zealand) Memorial Turkey
CARRIGG Michael 21976 Private Mrs M Carrigg Mother Tiernacland Ennis Clare Ireland
CARSON John 24/991 Rifleman Miss Lily Carson Sister Frederick St Belfast Ireland
CARSON Thomas 45820 Private Samuel Carson Father Randalstown County Antrim Ireland
CASEY Edward 62733 Private J Casey Brother Tralee Ireland
CASEY Patrick 25/493 Rifleman James Casey Father Lansbury Post Office County Longford Ireland 15 Sep 1916 Bulls Road Cemetery Flers France
CASSIDY Arthur 8/3207 Private Son of Mrs J Cassidy of Money Staghan Port Glenone County Derry Ireland 01 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot CemeteryBelgium
CASSIDY Patrick 31814 Rifleman P Cassidy Father Dargoon Leitrim Ireland 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
CHAMBERS James Francis 11828 Private Son of John Chambers of Clonfineen Coonaclare County Clare Ireland 15 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
CHAMBERS Richard 52150 Private G Chambers Brother Irvinestown Ireland
CHARTERS John 8/3210 Private Son of William Charters of Bellaghy County Londonderry Ireland and the late M. Charters of Hastings New Zealand. 15 Jul 1916 Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension (Nord)France
CHARTERS Samuel 63717 Private Son of Mr and Mrs William Charters of Bellaghy County Derry Ireland. 23 Dec 1920 Hastings Cemetery Hastings New Zealand
CHESTNUTT Creighton 53473 Corporal H Chestnutt Father Kilclair Donegal Ireland
CHRISTIAN Henry Joseph 10/2888 Private Mrs L Doherty Mother 36 York St Dublin Ireland
CLAFFEY Patrick Joseph 28323 Private Mrs Anne Claffey-Ryan Mother Connaught St Birr Kings County Ireland 04 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
CLANCY John 6/4219 Private Joe Clancy Brother Borrisorane County Tipperary Ireland
CLARKE Aaron Anderson 11/20 Trooper Born Ireland 20 Jun 1915 Cairo War Memorial Cemetery Egypt
CLARKE Denis 70646 Private Miss Kate Clarke Sister Ballywagowan Dunkineely County Donegal Ireland
CLARKE Henry 12/3589 Private Mrs M G Clarke Sister Bridge House Balding Cass Ireland
CLARKE Herbert Pasquale 43761 Rifleman Born Donnybrooke Dublin Ireland
CLARKE James 18339 Trooper Born Ireland 02 Nov 1918 Cairo War Memorial Cemetery Egypt
CLEARY Patrick Joseph 10999 Private Son of Patrick Joseph and Mary Anne Cleary of Main St. Birr King's County Ireland.? 05 May 1917 St. Quentin Cabaret Military Cemetery Belgium
CLEARY Patrick Joseph 10999 Private Mrs M Cleary Mother Birr Kings County Ireland
CLEARY Thomas 49339 Private Son of Hugh and Annie Cleary of Cullion Letterkenny Ireland. 29 Sep 1918 Grevillers British Cemetery France
CLEERE Richard 49526 Corporal Mrs Cleere Mother County Kilkenny Ireland 05 Apr 1918 Grevillers (New Zealand) War Memorial France
CLELAND John 13/306 Trooper Mrs Eggers - 20 Glenworth St Limerick Ireland
CLERE Richard 54839 Private Mrs M Clere Mother Kilkenny Ireland
CLINCE Thomas 75859 Private John Clince Brother Dunbine County Meath Ireland
COCHRANE William 12/2175 Private George Cochrane Brother 60 Paker St Belfast Ireland
COE Harry 21565 Private Mrs J Coe Mother Post Office Louth County Louth Ireland
COFFEY James 17176 Gunner J Coffey Father Moyhill Ireland
COFFY Richard Bernard 25/951 Sergeant Born Ireland 01 Oct 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
COHEN Leopold 12/1176 Private Mrs H Cohen Mother 10 Old Cork St Cork Ireland
COLE-BAKER Douglas Patrick Gordon 25197 Private Born Tipperary Ireland 04 Oct 1917+ Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
COLENSA Michael 18622 Rifleman Mrs Colensa Mother Tipperary Ireland
COLLINS Christopher 17/326 Trooper Mrs Muldowney Sister 34 Old Kilmanhan Dublin Ireland
COLLINS John 58043 Gunner Mrs Margaret Collins Mother Ballagan Garvagh County Derry Ireland
COLLINS Michael 12/3960 Private Son of William and Mary Collinsof Lisheenavalla Claregalway Galway Ireland 15 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
COLLINS Owen 10/3513 Private Patrick Collins Brother Dundalk Ireland
COLLINS Richard 6/2493a Private W R Collins Father Abbeyfeale County Limerick Ireland
COLLINS Thomas 14758 Rifleman J Collins Father Carigataher Nanagh County Tipperary Ireland 27 Dec 1917 Dolla Old Graveyard Ireland
CONDON Michael 41171 Rifleman Mrs Mary Condon Mother Fanningstown County Limerick Ireland
CONNELLY John 4/1657 Sapper William McCarthy Cousin Castlepoint Westmeath Ireland
CONNOLLY Patrick 47405 Private Mrs H Connolly Mother The Pike Drinagh County Cork Ireland 29 Aug 1918 Bancourt British Cemetery France
CONROY Thomas 38123 Rifleman Michael Conroy Brother Drim Milltown Tuam County Galway Ireland
CONWAY Leo 13707 Private Born Dublin Ireland 20 Jul 1921 Karori Cemetery Wellington New Zealand
COOK James Joseph 31813 Rifleman John Cook Father Tubbacurry County Sligo Ireland
CORBETT Ignatius Patrick 8/338 Private Peter Corbett Father Athenry County Galway Ireland
CORBETT Thomas 8/336 Private Peter Corbett Father Athenry County Galway Ireland 10 Mar 1920 Eastern Cemetery Invercargill New Zealand
CORBETT Thomas Joseph 31951 Private Son of Thomas and May Corbett of Ireland. 02 Sep 1918 Bagneux British Cemetery Gezaincourt France
CORCORAN Thomas 33521 Private Son of Patrick and Catherine Corcoran. Native of Keel Laughtacalla County Kerry Ireland. 30 Nov 1917 Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Belgium
CORCORAN Thomas 8/1219 Private Son of James and Johanna Corcoran. Born in Ireland. 07 Jan 1920 Waikumete Cemetery Auckland New Zealand
CORMACK William 70669 Private Mrs P Bergin Sister Islands Urlingford County Kilkenny Ireland
CORRIGAN Michael 13/2027 Trooper Bernard Corrigan Father Dirnan County Tyrone Ireland 30 Mar 1918 Grevillers (New Zealand) War Memorial France
COSGROVE Patrick Joseph [Joseph] 8/1441 Private Born Ireland 21 Nov 1918 Mangatera Cemetery Dannevirke New Zealand
COSTELLO Patrick [COSTELLOE] 6/2495 Private Edward Costello Father Boolteen Castlemaine Kerry Ireland 09 Sep 1915 Kiltallagh Catholic Churchyard Ireland
COURTNEY William 18766 Private Mrs Anne Courtney Mother Langford Lodge Crumlin County Antrim Ireland
COUSINS John 49232 Rifleman Mrs L Cousins Mother 75 Glenmachen Street Donegal Road Belfast Ireland
COYLE James Joseph 45629 Sapper Miss Kate Coyle Sister Elder Cottage Castleknock Dublin Ireland
COYLE John 62757 Private Mrs B Coyle Mother County Tyrone Ireland
CRAWFORD James 81115 Private Mrs J Crawford Wife Rose Cottage Drumkirk Newtownards County Down Ireland
CRAWFORD John 26/1576 Rifleman Mrs William McMurtry Sister Bonevista Terrace Larne Ireland
CRAWFORD John Kennedy 8/3544 Private Mrs M Crawford Wife c/- Mrs Wilson Woodbank College Lisburn Ireland
CRAWFORD Robert 40193 Private William Young Crawford Brother Glen Limavady Derry Ireland
CREEDON Patrick 13/2174 Trooper Miss M Creedon Sister Macroon County Cork Ireland
CRONIN Cornelius John 10/3866 Private John Cronin Father Castlemaine County Kerry Ireland
CRONIN Patrick 8/4111 Private Mrs K Cronin Mother West End Mill Street County Cork Ireland
CROSS William 21664 Lance Corporal E Cross Brother Borlin Moy County Tyrone Ireland 01 Mar 1917 Killyman (St. Andrew) Church Of Ireland Churchyard Ireland
CROSSEY John 12/3966 Private Mrs Mary Crossy Mother Lurgan Ireland
CROWLEY Jeremiah 60909 Private Mrs T Fullan Sister Shannon Street Bandon County Cork Ireland
CROWLEY Michael 9/1537 Trooper Mrs Mary Crowley Mother Middletown County Cork Ireland 03 Oct 1916 Etaples Military Cemetery France
CRUTCHLEY Leonard 10/3230 Private R Crutchley Father Kilkeel County Down Ireland
CRUTCHLEY Robert James 6/1504 Corporal Robert Crutchley Father Kilkeel County Down Ireland
CRUTCHLEY Thomas Hugh 6/1459a Private Robert Leslie Crutchley Father Kilkeel County Down Ireland
CUNNINGHAM Patrick 28988 Rifleman Bernard Cunningham Father Post Office Donagmoyne County Monaghan Ireland 13 Jun 1917 Motor Car Corner Cemetery Belgium
CURRAN Edmond 73496 Private Miss K Curran Sister Ballinacourty South Ringville Dungarvan Waterford Ireland
CURRIE James 12/332 Private William Currie Father Lesnamurriani Broughshane Antrim Ireland
CURRIE John 25676 Rifleman Miss E Johnson Aunt 34 Nelson Street Limerick Ireland
CURRIE John 45292 Rifleman Mrs W Currie Mother 14 Stewart Terrace Londonderry Ireland
CURTIN Denis 42853 Rifleman Born Cork Ireland 29 Jul 1919 Karori Cemetery Wellington New Zealand
CUTFIELD Brian 8/1226 Private Native of Ballycastle Ireland 02 May 1915 Lone Pine Memorial Lone Pine Cemetery Anzac Turkey?
CUTHBERTSON William James 12/3603 CQMS Son of Mrs A Cuthbertson of Hillcrest Dundonald County Down Ireland 22 Apr 1920 Waikaraka Park Cemetery Auckland New Zealand
DALLAS George 23808 Private G Dallas Father Garvagh County Derry Ireland
DALY Bernard Alphonsus 37554 Sapper Patrick Daly Father Mill Street Ennis County Clare Ireland
DALZELL Robert 12/2988 Private James Dalzell Father Portadown County Armagh Ireland
DALZELL Robert 19/52 Private John Dalzell Father Loughin Reagh Coleraine Derry/Loughanreagh Coleraine County Clare Ireland
DARCY Michael Joseph 17/293 Trooper Michael Darcy Father 44 Lower Gerald Griffin St Limerick Ireland
D'ARCY Joseph 66190 Private A D'Arcy Father Woodside Ard Brugh Road Dalkey Dublin Ireland
DARLING Sydney Thomas 10/2576 Lance Corporal H Darling Brother 23 Brighton Square Rathgar Dublin Ireland
DARRAGH Alexander 3/2094 Private Alex Darragh Father Cummangstown Ballymoney County Antrim Ireland
DARRAGH William 74936 Private Mrs S Darragh Mother Ballymagarry Strabane County Tyrone Ireland
DAVISON James 65767 Private Mrs Jane Davison Mother Sure Road Greencastle Belfast Ireland
DAVISON Joseph Ernest 10/1167 Private William Davison Father Farmhill Castle Dawson County Derry Ireland
DAVISON Sinclair 9/412 Trooper Mrs W H Davison Mother Ardneas House Loughsall Armagh Ireland
DEAN Patrick 39774 Rifleman J Dean Father Fahaomore Castle Gregory Ireland
DEARY John 21568 Private T Deary Father Lisnamoyha County Monaghan Ireland
DEENEY Thomas John 44836 Rifleman Son of John and Eliza Deeney of Londonderry Ireland 15 Aug 1917 Bethleem Farm West Cemetery Belgium
DELANEY James 12/83 Private Mary Delaney - Queens County Ireland
DEMPSEY William 27475 Private Daniel Dempsey Father Bridge House Shannon Street Bandon County Cork Ireland 07 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
DENNY James Alexander 26/752 Rifleman Mrs M J Denny Mother Newton Park Dublin Ireland
DEVENISH John Graham 12/2271 Sergeant R J Devenish Father Cashel County Tipperary Ireland
DEVENNY Hugh 49348 Private James Devenny Father Stralongford Drumkeen Ireland
DEVEREAUX Patrick John 12/2272 Lance Corporal Son of James T. and Jane Devereaux of Glenbrook Waiuku Auckland. Native of Ireland 10 Aug 1915 Chunuk Bair (New Zealand) Memorial Turkey
DEVLIN Daniel 35159 Corporal Mrs Dealy Sister Aughenduff County Tyrone Ireland
DEVOY Thomas Luke 50201 Gunner Mrs Bridget Devoy Mother Elm Grove Ranleigh Dublin Ireland
DIAMOND James 46698 Rifleman Mrs W Diamond Mother County Derry Ireland
DIAMOND Patrick 70659 Private M Diamond Brother Bally Dermont County Derry Ireland
DICKIE John 23306 Lance Corporal Nathaniel Dickie Father Aloghill Antrim County Ireland
DICKSON John 3/1011 Private J Dickson Father Drummadonald Banbridge Ireland
DIVER James 42304 Private H Diver Father Glebe Maughrenen Letterkenny County Donegal Ireland
DIVER John Berchman 70455 Private Henry Diver Father Maughrenan Letterkenny County Donegal Ireland
DIXON James 64299 Corporal Robert and Isabella Dixon Castlewellan County Down Ireland 17 May 1918 Louvencourt Military Cemetery France
DOCHERTY Andrew Collins 74574 Private T Docherty Father Lower Drung Quigleys Point County Donegal Ireland
DOHERTY Robert 38268 Lance Corporal J Doherty Father Inch Island County Donegal Ireland
DONAGHY Frank [Francis] 12/3299 Private Frank Donaghy Snr Father Dunmore County Tyrone Ireland 06 Oct 1917 Nine Elms British Cemetery Belgium
DONNAN Thomas 14080 Rifleman Mrs Elizabeth Donnan Mother Portaferry County Down Ireland 05 Jun 1917 Strand Military Cemetery Belgium
DONOHUE James 63120 Private Miss K Donohue Sister Moyvalley County Kildare Ireland
DONOVAN John 24146 Private M Donovan Father Drenoch County Cork Ireland 06 May 1919 Temuka Cemetery TemukaNew Zealand
DORAN Daniel 23/1616 Rifleman Miss P Doran Sister 52 Home Farm Road Drumcondra Dublin Ireland
DORE Patrick 13/655 Chaplain Son of M. Doreof Ballylinare Newcastle West County Limerick Ireland 15 Jul 1918 Foxton Cemetery Foxton New Zealand
DORGAN Timothy 53158 Private John Dorgan Father Gurthnaleha Ireland
DORNAN David 20975 Rifleman Mrs E Dornan Mother Post Office Crommelin Newtown County Antrim Ireland
DOUHERTY David 54478 Rifleman Mrs D Connelly Sister Drumahoe Londonderry Ireland
DOWDALL John William 12/1615 QM Sergeant James Dowdall Father 9 Molesworth Street Dublin Ireland
DOWLE Edward Albert 24144 Sergeant Mrs Elizabeth Dowle Mother 5 Russell Street Dublin Ireland
DOWNING James 51021 Private Mrs S Downing Mother 9 Ballymure Street Belfast Ireland
DOWZER Charles William 55454 Private Mrs J Dowzer Mother Hackaststown County Carlo Ireland
DOYLE Patrick 16158 Driver Mrs M Doyle Mother Borris County Carlow Ireland
DRUMMEY James 42308 Private Miss A Drummey Sister Speer Street Abbeyside Waterford Ireland 04 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
DUFFEY Martin 58989 Private J Duffey Father Maate Ballyhams County Mayo Ireland
DUFFIN Hugh 69762 Private Mrs D Duffin Mother Ballytober Larne County Antrim Ireland
DUFFY Charles 31242 Private Dan Duffy Father Churchill County Donegal Ireland
DUFFY Matthew 6/1831 Private Mrs Nora Duffy Mother Barna County Galway Ireland
DUFFY William Patrick 34652 Private Son of Robert and Isabel Doyle Duffy. Native of Ireland 02 Sep 1918 Favreuil British Cemetery France
DUGGAN Daniel 74382 Private Mrs M Duggan Mother Lanesborough County Longford Ireland
DUGGAN Florence 23359 Rifleman Mrs Honora Duggan Mother Gurth Brock Tralee Kerry Ireland
DUGGAN John 51155 Private Mrs H Duggan Mother Gruth Broth Tralee County Kerry Ireland
DUGGAN Robert Harbron 12/3621 Lance Corporal Duggan Father Mount Mellick Queens County Ireland
DUIGNAN Joseph 31616 Private James Duignan Father Cross Hill Arigna County Roscommon Ireland 07 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
DUNLEVEY William 10/2120 Sergeant Major D Dunlevey Father 37 Fairview Street Belfast Ireland
DUNNE Thomas 57580 Rifleman Miss L Dunne Niece Clondoff Queens County Ireland
DWANE Daniel 67811 Private Mrs M Dwane Mother Ballylanders Limerick Ireland
DYSART Archie 51707 Private Mrs M Dysart Mother Augnnaclagh Bortglanone County Antrim Ireland
EAGLETON William 71103 Private Mrs M Mullin Mother Carrascloghans Hill Tuam County Mayo Ireland
EAMES Joseph 12/1051 Lance Corporal James Eames Brother Londonderry Ireland 04 Jun 1919 Waikumete Cemetery Auckland New Zealand
EDGAR Cyril 16246 Trooper Miss Agnes Edgar Sister C/- Mrs Hewat Dawson Court Cross Avenue Blackrock County Dublin Ireland
EDGAR Jesse 6/3308 Corporal Son of Mrs M. Edgarof Islandmore Portrush County Antrim Ireland. 27 Apr 1918 Bagneux British Cemetery Gezaincourt France
EDNEY James Frederick 87051 Lance Corporal Mrs Collins Sister 17 Hackney Road London. [Last address Victoria Barracks Cork Ireland]
EGAN Gerald Joseph 6/221 Private Henry Egan Father Tullamore Kings County Ireland
EGAN Patrick 11/2088 Trooper P Egan Father Bruff Limerick Ireland
ELLIOT William James 24/1651 Rifleman Mrs Bella Elliot Mother Six Mile Cross Ireland
ELLIOTT Andrew Henry 6/1522 Private William Elliott Father Ballynacross Knockloughrim County Derry Ireland
ELLIOTT John Bryens 10/2126 Private James Elliott Father Drumawark Ireland
ELLIOTT William Henry 4/1773 Sapper Miss A Cox Cousin 2 St Johns Terrace Mulgrave Road Cork Ireland
ELLIS Robert Ernest 43857 Bombardier Edward Ellis Father Drinagh County Cork Ireland
ELLIS William 69842 Private Mrs J Ellis Mother Dunagh Dunmanway County Cork Ireland
EMPEY William Arthur 10/2928 Lance Corporal Mrs H E Empey Mother Ballinclear Stradbally Queens County Ireland
ENGLISH Patrick 46569 Private J English Brother Kilglass Mitchelstown County Cork Ireland
ERSKINE Clifford Garfield 23/129 Rifleman Mrs R Erskine Mother Holywood Belfast Ireland
ESLER Wilson 45495 Private J Esler Uncle Ballymoney Street Ballymena County Antrim Ireland
FAHEY Bernie 4/1423 Sapper Mrs R A Fahey Mother Creghoy Clare Galway Ireland 20 Apr 1917 Faubourg D'amiens Cemetery Arras France
FAHY Gerald Arthur 9/1545 Trooper Mrs T Fahy Mother Drumona County Leitrim Ireland
FAHY Peter 26/1037 Rifleman Mrs M Fahy Mother May Villa Athenry County Galway Ireland
FALLON Joseph 69069 Private D Fallon Father Ballyleague County Longford Ireland
FARR Edward Henry 28867 Private Mrs Farr Mother Ballistow Ireland 11 Aug 1916 Karori Cemetery Wellington New Zealand
FARR James 10/4455 Private Miss Ellen Farr Sister Dungannon County Tyrone Ireland
FARRELL Daniel Francis 25/750 Rifleman Mrs E Farrell Mother Herbert Cottage Bootherstown Ireland 15 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
FARRELL Frank 4/1346 Sapper Mrs Katherine Farrell Mother 7 Thomondgate Limerick Ireland
FARRELL Thomas Henry 53336 Rifleman Miss Lizzie Farrell Sister Lanesborough County Longford Ireland
FARREN Hugh 47869 Private James Farren Father Dungiven Londonderry Ireland 03 Sep 1918 Lebucquiere Communal Cemetery Extension France
FAY Phil 50544 Gunner J C Fay Father Coote Hill County Cavan Ireland
FEENEY Hugh Morrison 11/669 Trooper Thomas G Feeney - Carrickfergus North Ireland 27 Jul 1915 East Mudros Military Cemetery Greece
FENNESSY James 12370 Rifleman Miss Nora Fennessy Sister Feakle County Clare Ireland
FERGUSON David 39788 Private H A Ferguson Father Dundonald Belfast Ireland 24 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
FERGUSON David Henry [David Harvey] 20133 Rifleman J Ferguson Father 17 Queens Parade Bangor Ireland 06 Dec 1917 Polygon Wood CemeteryBelgium
FERGUSON William Alexander 6/1529 Lance Corporal Son of Robert Henry and Sarah Ann Fergusonof Ireland.? 26 Jul 1917 Pont-D'achelles Military CemeteryNieppeFrance
FFRENCH Christopher O'Connel 5/768 Driver Mrs Nora Ffrench Mother 21 Mount Eden Road Dublin Ireland
FINLAY Andrew Campbell 29383 Rifleman John Finlay Father Fairview Clandeboyne Ireland
FINN Harry 38518 Private Miss Mary Finn Sister Killavil Ballymore Ireland
FINN Michael 52401 Private John Finn Father Ballyduff County Waterford Ireland
FINN Patrick 62284 Private J Finn Father Ballyduff County Waterford Ireland
FINNERTY John 58997 Private J Finnerty Father Carrballey Common Ireland
FISHER William John 39576 Private John Fisher Father Camperdown Dundonald County Down Ireland
FITZGERALD John 2/876 Gunner Miss W Fitzgerald - The Cottage Killaloo Clare Ireland 13 Jun 1915 Karori CemeteryWellingtonNew Zealand
FITZGERALD John Joseph 12/1623 Private John Fitzgerald Father Shandon Dungarvan Waterford Ireland
FITZGERALD Patrick 25691 Rifleman Mrs W Geary Sister Castleyons Parish County Cork Ireland
FITZGIBBON David 3/577 WO1 Born Cork Ireland 09 Oct 1919 Kamo Public Cemetery Whangarei New Zealand
FITZPATRICK Daniel 22236 Corporal Peter Fitzpatrick Father Moyad Kilcoo County Down Ireland
FITZPATRICK Jeremiah 10/968 Private Mrs Mary Fitzpatrick - Ballinavar Rosscarbery County Cork Ireland
FLANAGAN James 23325 Lieutenant Born Ireland 13 Dec 1918 Grantham Cemetery Grantham England
FLANAGAN James Francis 14247 Lance Corporal Son of James and Lizzie Flanagan of Moneydara More Annalong County Down Ireland. 22 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
FLEMING Francis Charles 22543 Rifleman Born Dublin Ireland 03 Dec 1920 Waikumete Cemetery Auckland New Zealand
FLEMING William 11450 Private Mrs Hogarty Mother Crawford Burn County Down Ireland
FLETCHER Eustace Cosby 41434 Sergeant Born Dublin Ireland
FLOOD Edward Stanislaus 3/111 Private Edward Flood - Dundalk Ireland
FLYNN Bernard 3/1225 Private Owen Flynn Brother Carala c/- Mrs Haultain Roscommon Ireland
FLYNN James 27259 Private Maurice Flynn Father Gortaly County Kerry Ireland
FLYNN John Anthony 20319 Private T Flynn Father Ballinbreena County Limerick Ireland
FLYNN Maurice 57064 Private John Flynn Brother Wexford Ireland
FLYNN Patrick 47524 Private John Flynn Brother Glendaligan County Waterford Ireland 23 Dec 1917 Tyne Cot CemeteryBelgium
FOLEY John 40672 Rifleman Born Derryguard County Roscommon Ireland 05 Feb 1918 Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Belgium
FORD Timothy 36093 Gunner Mrs Jane Ford Mother Frankfield Cork Ireland
FORRESTER Charles 10/865 Private Mrs Forrester Mother Prospect Strabane County Tyrone Ireland
FOSTER Alfred Melvin 10/3258 Private Son of William James and Hannah Fosterof County Armagh Ireland 10 Jun 1917 Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension France
FOSTER Andrew George 26/1591 Rifleman Mrs J Foster Mother 102 Westmoreland Street Belfast Ireland
FRANCIS William John 8/3260 Private Son of George Washington Francis and Adelaide Francis of Warrenpoint County Down Ireland 17 Sep 1916 Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension France
FRANKS Gertrude Amelia 22/433 Staff Nurse Ernest A Franks Father Bloomville Terenure Dublin Ireland
FRAZERHURST Joseph Livingston (Dr) 3/579 Captain Born Newton Stewart County Tyrone Ireland
FRIDAY Edward James [FRYDAY] 10/1072 Private Son of Nicholas B. and Joanna Frydayof Ireland 12 May 1915 Alexandria (Chatby) Military And War Memorial Egypt
FRIEL Charles 39979 Private Mrs M Friel Mother Post Office Breenah Donegal Ireland
FULLERTON Wilson 42075 Rifleman Mrs E W Fullerton Mother Bushmills County Antrim Ireland 17 Sep 1918 Euston Road Cemetery Colincamps France
FULTON Harry 11641 Private Mrs Jane Fulton Mother Mullingar County West Meath Ireland
GALAVAN Francis 68523 Private Mrs N Galavan Mother Tincarrane The Rower County Kilkenny Ireland
GALBRAITH Robert 15160 Private A Galbraith Father Cornlea Ballymena County Antrim Ireland 08 Dec 1916 Boulogne Eastern Cemetery France
GALLAGHER Charlie 24608 Corporal Frank Gallagher Father Cloughbue Ardara Donegal Ireland
GALLAGHER Denis 49375 Private D Gallagher Father Letterkenny County Donegal Ireland
GALLAGHER John 74577 Private D Gallagher Father New Mills Donegal Ireland
GALLAGHER Patrick 51371 Rifleman D Gallagher Father Letterkenny County Donegal Ireland
GALLAHER David 32513 CSM Born Rathmelton County Donegal Ireland 04 Oct 1917 Nine Elms British Cemetery Belgium
GARDINER Cecil 10/1819 Private B Gardiner Uncle Bank of Ireland Dublin Ireland
GARDNER William Henry Dean 23822 Corporal T J J Gardner Brother 158 Starmount St Belfast Ireland
GAULT William 16090 Trooper James Gault Father Summer Hall Armoy County Antrim Ireland
GEDDIS Frank 6/1852 Private John Geddis Father 249 Mayo St Belfast Ireland
GEEHAN Patrick 51158 Private Batt Geehan Father Kallorglan County Kerry Ireland 21 Jul 1918 Gommecourt Wood New Cemetery Foncquevillers?France
GIBBONS Austin 10/91a Private J Gibbons Brother Westport City Mayo Ireland. Son of Peter and Catherine Gibbons (nee Staunton)of Innislyre Carraholly County Mayo Ireland. 20 Sep 1916 Heilly Station Cemetery Mericourt-L'abbe France
GIBSON Edward 2/2825 Gunner Robert Gibson Uncle Donacloney County Down Ireland
GIBSON Robert 33538 Private William Gibson Father Magherascouse Ballygowan County Down Ireland
GIBSON William Dunlop 13/2321 Trooper A Gibson Father Upper Balloo County Down Ireland
GILES Charles 4/1785 Sapper Mrs Elizabeth Giles Mother Castlemaine County Kerry Ireland
GILES Robert 47323 Private Mrs F Giles Mother Castlemaine County Kerry Ireland
GILKINSON Joseph 31488 Private Mrs Catherine Gilkinson Mother Pomeroy Mundridoe County Tyrone Ireland
GILL Francis Joseph 18988 Rifleman William Gill Father Leamonish Keshearrigan County Leitrim Ireland
GILLESPIE James 25/1734 Rifleman James Gillespie Father Vallintrain Tyrone Ireland
GILMORE Thomas 82229 Private J Gilmore Brother Ballaghy Londonderry Ireland
GILMORE William 46652 QM Sergeant Mrs Jane Gilmore Mother Leer House Bailieboro County Cavan Ireland
GILMOUR James Montgomery 80768 Private Rev James and Agnes Gilmour Boveedy Kilrea County Derry Ireland 18 Dec 1918 Tidworth Military Cemetery England
GILSENAN Michael 27272 Private John Gilsenan Father Knocknagarton Virginia Ireland
GIVEN William 44468 Private J Given Father Ballymullderry Maghorafelt County Derry Ireland
GLEESON Robert Louis 13/805 Trooper Born Clontarf County Dublin Ireland 28 Aug 1915 Hill 60 (New Zealand) Memorial Turkey
SUMMERFIELD Robert Henry 26939 Private Born Belfast Ireland
GLENDINNING Henry Coulter 10/3267 Private J C Glendinning Brother Londonderry Ireland
GLENN William John 44718 Corporal Miss J F Glenn Sister County Londonderry Ireland 13 May 1919 Aghadowey (St. Guaires) Church Of Ireland Churchyard Ireland
GOLDEN James Joseph 2/2626 Gunner D Golden Father Cahersiveen Kerry Ireland
GONLEY Dominic 26/561 Rifleman Patrick Gonley Father Caherdaniel County Kerry Ireland. Son of Patrick and M. A. Gonleyof 26 Church Hill Sligo Ireland. 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
GORDON Aldwyn Remington 8/2924 2nd Lieutenant Son of Robert Newton Gordon and Margaret N. Gordonof "Dargal," 20 Wallace St Dunedin New Zealand. Native of Londonderry Ireland. 26 Aug 1918 Bagneux British CemeteryGezaincourtFrance
GORDON Robert 29390 Private Son of James and Eliza Ann Gordonof Dooghary Banbridge County Down Ireland. 10 Jun 1917 St. Sever Cemetery ExtensionRouenFrance
GORDON Robert James 26091 Rifleman Son of Mrs T. Gordon of Lislea Portglenone County Derry Ireland. 07 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
GOSS Joseph Aloysius 22013 Private Mrs S M Goss Mother 27 Cowy Ave Kingston Dublin
GRACE Dominic Joseph 12943 Private John Grace Brother Brian Bone Street Clontarp Dublin Ireland
GRANVILLE Christopher John 8/1482 Private M Granville Father Listowel County Kerry Ireland
GRAY James 50020 Trooper Mrs A Gray Mother Maghoeymore County Wicklow Ireland
GREER Samuel 6/2143 Private Mrs E Greer Mother 5 Mount View St Belfast Ireland. Son of William and Elizabeth Greerof Belfast Ireland. 02 Oct 1916 Etaples Military Cemetery France
GRIFFIN Edward 11/808a Trooper Son of Michael and Bridget Griffin of East End Caherciveen County Kerry Ireland. 09 Aug 1916 Kantara Memorial Egypt
GRIFFIN Jeremiah 54034 Rifleman M Griffin Father Barley Mount Killarney Ireland
GRIFFIN Patrick John 39477 Lance Corporal Mrs Scannell Sister Camp County Kerry Ireland
GRIMES Peter James 19/97 Private Miss Mary Grimes Sister Convent of Mercy Strabane Tyrone Ireland
GUTHRIE Robert 13/2328 Corporal R Guthrie Father Ballykelly Londonderry Ireland
GUY Frank Henry 28873 Private Joseph Guy Brother Irvinestown County Fermanagh Ireland
HALL Francis 68330 Private Mrs S Crawford Sister Springmount County Antrim Ireland. Brother of Mrs S. Crawford of Ballybogie Clough County Antrim. Ireland 04 Nov 1918 Le Quesnoy Communal Cemetery Extension France
HALLEN Thomas 23/2504 Rifleman A Hallen Father 16 Phillipsburgh Ave Fairview Clontarf Dublin Ireland
HALPIN Patrick 6/3725 Private Son of the late Patrick and Jane Halpin. Native of Cavan Ireland. 25 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) MemorialFrance
HALSEY-MAHONEY John James 29907 Sapper Mrs Ellen Halsey-Mahoney Mother Lettergorman Dunmanaway County Cork Ireland
HAMILL Patrick 37580 Sapper Thomas Hamill Father Kilmeer Drogheda County Louth Ireland
HAMILTON Christopher 12/2315 Private W J Hamilton Father Post Office Victoria Bridge County Tyrone Ireland. Son of Elizabeth Hamilton of Milltown Newtownstewart County Tyrone Ireland. 28 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
HAMILTON David 10/4464 Private Son of Mary and the late James Hamilton of Belfast Ireland 08 Oct 1916 Etaples Military Cemetery France
HAMILTON George 52202 Private Son of Mr and Mrs W Hamilton of Miltown Newtownstewart County Tyrone Ireland. Born in Ireland. 17 Nov 1918 Mangere Public Cemetery Mangere Auckland New Zealand
HAMILTON James Henry 39803 Rifleman Miss A M Hamilton Sister 24 Fitzroy Avenue Belfast Ireland
HAMILTON John 26/1001 Rifleman Mrs Hamilton Mother Ballyboy Ennisworthy Ireland. Son of William and Anne Hamiltonof BallybayBallaghEnniscorthy Ireland 08 Oct 1918 Honnechy British CemeteryFrance
HAMILTON William 10/2952 Private Miss S Hamilton Sister Strabane County Tyrone Ireland. Son of William John and Elizabeth Hamilton of Milltown Newtownstewart County Tyrone Ireland. 04 May 1918 Grevillers (New Zealand) War Memorial France
HAMPTON Christopher 31847 Rifleman Son of David and Eliza Hampton. Born in County Armagh Ireland. 15 Jun 1919 Bromley Cemetery Christchurch New Zealand
HANLEY John Joseph 63336 Private Mrs Hanley Mother Carnmore County Galway Ireland
HANLEY Michael 42657 Rifleman Mrs Ellen Hanley Mother Carnmore County Galway Ireland
HANLEY Pat [Patrick] 64926 Rifleman Son of John and Ellen Hanley (nee Fahy)of Carnmore Claregalway County Galway Ireland 30 Aug 1918 Bancourt British CemeteryFrance
HANNA James Reynolds 24111 Private Born Belfast Ireland 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot CemeteryBelgium
HANNA Joseph 42752 Private Mrs Susan Hanna Mother Aughren Kilkell County Down Ireland
HANNA Robert 49389 Private John Hanna Father Carrickmannon Ballygowan County Down Ireland
HANNA Robert 55959 Rifleman Mrs N Hanna Mother County Down Ireland
HANNA William Henry 26611 Rifleman Son of William Henry and Rebecca Hanna of Ireland. Native of Cork Ireland. 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
HANNAFIN Thomas 63734 Private Mrs Mary Hannafin Mother Lead Tralee Ireland
HANRAHAN Timothy 43764 Rifleman T Hanrahan Nephew Anglesborough County Limerick Ireland
HANRATTY James Joseph 4/1270 Sapper Mrs Maria Hanratty Mother Point Rd Dundalk Ireland
HANTHORNE Thomas 47329 Private Mrs Mary Hanthorne Mother Ireland
HARKNESS Alexander Duff 31267 Private Mrs Margaret Harkness Mother Drumcouvas Coogh Tyrone Ireland
HARNEY Thomas 29165 Private Michael Harney Father Ballinasloe Ireland. Son of Michael Harneyof Moore Ballydangan Ballinasloe Ireland 13 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
HARPER James Lyster 42658 Rifleman Robert Harper Father Monauton Ballerbay County Monaghan Ireland
HARPER William John 10/1158 Private Miss Jane Harper - Ballywater County Down Ireland
HARRINGTON Daniel Christopher Patrick 64511 Private Patrick Daniel Harrington Father New Street County Derry Killarney Ireland
HARRIS Harry Donnelly 15080 Private Mrs I Harris Mother Selshar Wexford Ireland
HARRIS James 1/128 Private William Harris Brother 18 Chambers St Dublin Ireland
HARRISON Herbert Henry 10/839 Private Mrs Martha Harrison Mother Culcavey Cottage Newport Hillsborough County Down Ireland
HARRISON John 28339 Private Born Ireland 10 Jun 1918 Andersons Bay Cemetery Dunedin New Zealand
HART Hugh [aka Hugh McLOUGHLIN] 8/667 Private Mrs Hart Wife 2 Glenbank Place Ballysillan Belfast Ireland
HARTE Patrick Joseph 26/246 Rifleman Mrs M Harte Mother Georges Street Killala County Mayo Ireland
HARTNETT Daniel 25/437 Rifleman Mrs M Hartnett Mother Abefee County Limerick Ireland
HARVEY Frank Newnham 3/409 Captain Mrs T S Harvey - 5 Leeson Park Dublin Ireland
HARVEY Robert 7/1474 Trooper W Harvey Father Drumederegh Dough County Antrim Ireland
HASLETT Robert John 42098 Private Mrs Mary Haslett Mother Post Office Muff Londonderry Ireland
HATTE Alfred Henry 23/1413 Rifleman William Hatte Brother Dawson St Dublin Ireland. Son of the late James Rayson Hatte and Anne Hatte (nee Kirkwood)of Ballygar County Galway Ireland 19 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
HAWTHORNE Newton [Robert Newton] 34068 Lance Corporal Born County Down Ireland 21 Dec 1917 Lijssenthoek Military CemeteryBelgium
HAYDON Walter Francis 2/1433 Gunner Miss Ellen Haydon Sister 128 Upper Rethmines Rd Dublin Ireland
HAYES Patrick 36113 Trooper E Hayes Father Bagnalstown County Carlow Ireland
HAYES Patrick 54505 Rifleman N Hayes Father Derrygoolin White Gate County Galway Ireland
HAYES Thomas 13914 Private Edward Hayes Father Derry Goolin Whitegate Galway Ireland. Son of Edward Hayes and Margaret Cleary his wifeof Derrygoolin Whitegate County Galway Ireland 16 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
HAYES William James 8/4347 Rifleman Son of William and Rebecca Hayes of Ireland 27 Mar 1918 Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1 France
HAZLETT Joseph Bamford 8/3623 Private Samuel Hazlett Father Moneydig Garvagh County Derry Ireland
HEALY Samuel 70482 Private Mrs Ellen Healy Mother 37 Gorrenaugh Setter Kenny County Donegal Ireland
HEEKIN Thomas 3/2814 Private Owen Heekin Father Meenacurrin Ardara County Donegal Ireland
HEEKIN William 40005 Rifleman P Heekin Father Strabee Ireland
HEENA Commie 11466 Private J Henna Father Ararara Donegal Ireland
HENDERSON Robert James 36617 Private Mrs M Henderson Mother 1 Asylum Tce Armagh Ireland
HENNESSY Martin 63871 Private Phillip Hennessy Father Killinafinch Tipperary Ireland. Son of Philip and Mary Hennessy of Kilnafinch Latteragh Thurles Ireland 01 Oct 1918 Flesquieres Hill British Cemetery France
HENRY James 23/169 Rifleman J Henry Father Church St Ballimoney County Antrim Ireland
HERBINSON James 11/1325 Trooper Alexander Herbinson Father Valley Loughan Ballymena Ireland
HESLOP James 5/240 Driver Mrs H Heslop Mother Newry Ireland
HEWITT George Henry 36036 Trooper Mrs A Hewitt Mother Tourmakady Ballinrove Co Mayo Ireland
HICKEY Daniel Aloysius? 24810 Born Cork Ireland
HICKEY Patrick 4/1793 Sapper Son of Denis and Ellen Hickey of Coolnageragh Castleisland County Kerry Ireland 23 Nov 1916 Anzac Cemetery Sailly-Sur-La-Lys France
HICKLAND Thomas John 70664 Private H Hickland Father Tunney Roses Lane End County Antrim Ireland
HIGGINS James 53012 Private Son of the late John and B Higgins. Born in County Derry Ireland 11 Apr 1918 Grevillers (New Zealand) War Memorial France
HIGGINS Patrick Joseph 24/1076 Lance Sergeant Born Carrick on Shannon Ireland 08 Jul 1916 Ration Farm Military Cemetery La Chapelle-D'armentieres France
HILL John 26619 Rifleman John Hill Father County Derry Ireland
HILL John 31501 Private James Hill Father Wooden Bridge County Wicklow Ireland
HODGENS Arthur 2/2642 Gunner Mrs M Hodgens Mother Coefin Rathdowney Queens County Ireland
HODGINS Leopold 70104 Private Mrs F T Hodgins Mother Portland County Tipperary Ireland
HOGG Thomas Henry 30127 Private Born Ireland 26 Apr 1920 Karori Cemetery Wellington New Zealand
HOLMES Alexander McKibben 3/687 Private Charles Holmes Father Killeney Rd Brian Boru Rd Bangor County Down Ireland
HOLMES Thomas William Henston 10833 Private John Holmes Father Margaret Villa Larkfield Belfast Ireland
HORGAN Cornelius 6/3045 Private Son of Batt and Ellen Horgan of Gurrane County Kerry Ireland. 26 Jul 1917 Pont-D'achelles Military Cemetery Nieppe France
HOULIHAN Thomas 62321 Private Mrs E Houlihan Mother Sorrha Birr Ireland
HOUSTON Alexander 3/2855 Private Mrs Sarah Houston Mother Lisnevenagh Randalstown County Antrim Ireland
HOUSTON Arthur Robert 23/788 Rifleman W J Houston Father Grove Hill Castle Dawson County Derry Ireland
HOUSTON Robert 32337 Rifleman Mrs M Houston Mother Ballygolly Mallex Tyrone Ireland
HOUSTON Wilfred Adams 7/2043 Trooper Mrs Margaret Houston Mother 44 Posnett St Belfast Ireland
HOWARD Arthur Ernest 84779 2nd Lieutenant Mrs Maud Howard - St Rouans Orval Rd Rathgan Dublin Ireland
HOY Robert Joseph 4/751 Sapper Miss Jeannie Hoy Sister Kilbrea County Derry Ireland
HUGHES Francis Andrew 70814 Private Mrs M Hughes Mother Drumacamoer Madden Keady County Armagh Ireland. Son of Charles and Mary Hughesof DrumcanverReadyCounty Armagh Ireland. Born at Armagh 08 Oct 1918 Honnechy British CemeteryFrance
HUGHES Jack 10/1262 Private Miss Nora Hughes - 93 University Rd Belfast Ireland
HUGHES Martin James 40216 Private P Hughes Father County Galway Ireland. Son of Mr F. Hughes of Gardenham Drumgriffin P.O.County Galway Ireland. 19 Aug 1917 Etaples Military Cemetery France
HUGHES Matthew 62573 Rifleman Mrs S Hughes Mother Ballybeg Littleton Thurles County Tipperary Ireland. Son of James and Susan Hughes of Ballybeg Littleton Thurles County Tipperary Ireland 06 Apr 1918 Euston Road Cemetery Colincamps France
HULL Robert 8/3821 Corporal John Hull Father Crumlen County Antrim Ireland. Son of John and E. J. Hullof Dundesert Gumlin County Antrim Ireland 15 Sep 1916 Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension France
HUME Alexander 59651 Private A Hume Father Cranfield Randalstown County Antrim Ireland
HUME Samuel Stewart 20351 Private Son of Alexander and Eliza Jane Hume of Cranfield Ireland. Native of Ireland. 07 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
HUMPHREY Sidney Percival 49627 Corporal W S Humphrey Father 12 Dungar Tce Kingstown County Dublin Ireland [Born WeymouthEngland] 04 Sep 1918 Beaumetz Cross Roads Cemetery Beaumetz-Les-Cambrai France
HUNT Frank 6/71 Private Mrs F Hunt - Gortheg House South Circular Rd Kilmainham Dublin Ireland
HURLEY William 10/2977 Private Son of Patrick Joseph and Mary Ann Hurley. Native of County Cork Ireland. 04 Oct 1917 Birr Cross Roads Cemetery Belgium
HURLY John William 69238 Private Son of John and Georgina Hurly of 45 Esplanade Petone Wellington New Zealand. Native of Castle Island County Kerry Ireland 28 Aug 1918 Bagneux British Cemetery Gezaincourt France
INGOLDSBY Peter 27418 Private Mrs M Ingoldsby Mother Drumshambo County Leitreim Ireland
IRVINE Frederick Henry 7/70 Trooper Col H (C B) Irvine - Strathlomond Omagh County Tyrone Ireland
IRVINE Thomas 12/3056 Private Son of John and Sarah Irvine of County Tyrone Ireland 26 Sep 1916 Etaples Military Cemetery France
IRWIN Hugh 33370 Private Mrs Elizabeth Irwin Mother Bally Close Cully Backey County Antrim Ireland
IRWIN Robert John Scott 43731 Trooper Mrs I Irwin Mother Ballyness Dungween Londonderry Ireland
JACKSON James 6/3051 Private James Jackson Father Gransha Mullaghdoc Islandmagee County Antrim Ireland
JACKSON John 31287 Private John Jackson Father Crossnacle Ireland
JACKSON Walter Henry 41812 Private Mrs K Jackson Mother English Cottage Birr Kings County Ireland
JACKSON William 32345 Rifleman Miss Isobella Jackson Sister Birdtown Atahy County Kildare Ireland
JAMISON Samuel 64522 Private Miss Alice Jamison Sister 66 North Street Newtonards County Down Ireland
JAMISON William 34601 Rifleman J Jamison Father Lisbane County Down Ireland
JAMISON William [William Andrew] 10/676 Private James Jamison - Ballelyn Randalston County Antrim Ireland. Son of Matilda Jamison of Ballely Randalstown County Antrim Ireland and the late James Jamison 08 Aug 1915 Chunuk Bair (New Zealand) Memorial Turkey
JEFFREY Alexander 48645 Private William John Jeffrey Father New Building PO Londonderry Ireland
JOHNSON John Charles 3/4244 Captain A Johnson Father Grenville House Grenville Place Cork Ireland
JOHNSTON Richard George 43478 Gunner Born Ireland 25 Dec 1919 Sydenham Cemetery Christchurch New Zealand
JONES Falkiner 10095 Private Mrs C E Armstrong Sister Queenstown County Cork Ireland
JONES Thomas 7/1084 Trooper Mrs James Jones Mother Drumsna Leitrim Ireland
JUSTIN William 10/2662 Private Mrs S Justin Mother Birris-in-Ossory Queens County Ireland
KANE John 10/3618 Private Miss Jane Kane Sister County Kerry Ireland
KANE Joseph Edward Adams 46355 Lance Corporal Son of Elizabeth Adams (formerly Kane)of BallymenaCounty Antrim Irelandand the late James Kane 30 Aug 1918 Bancourt British CemeteryFrance
KATTERSON James 54644 Rifleman Mrs Katterson Mother Bullyarnon Castlederg County Tyrone Ireland. Son of James and Margaret Kattersonof PollyamonCastleburgCounty Tyrone Ireland 02 Apr 1918 Euston Road CemeteryColincampsFrance
KAVANAGH James Joseph 14996 Private Son of Patrick and Margaret Kavanaghof CooladineEnniscorthyCounty Wexford Ireland. 14 Oct 1917 Nine Elms British CemeteryBelgium
KEANE Martin 63352 Private John Keane Brother Carraroa County Galway Ireland
KEARNEY James 24/489 Rifleman Thomas Kearney Father Knock Doe Torlough Mora Athenry County Galway Ireland
KEARNEY Martin 8/238 Lance Corporal Son of Peter and Anne Kearney of Ballinacourty Oramnore County Galway Ireland 29 Apr 1915 Lone Pine Memorial Lone Pine Cemetery Anzac Turkey?
KEARNEY Michael 53788 Rifleman Son of Francis Kearney of Ballinacourty Oranmore Galway Ireland 05 Apr 1918 Euston Road Cemetery Colincamps France
KEARNEY Richard 10/1868 Private Thomas Kearney Brother Knock Doe Cleargalway County Galway Ireland 19 Sep 1916 Heilly Station Cemetery Mericourt-L'abbeFrance
KEATLEY Cecil Henry 12/147 Private William Keating - Bowling Green Stralane County Tyrone Ireland
KEENAN James Joseph 22995 Rifleman W J Keenan Father Mullinaveigue Roundwood County Wicklow Ireland
KEILY William Paul 12/2752 Private Patrick W Keily Brother Melrose Tramore Waterford Ireland
KELLEHER Patrick 66185 Private Mrs Annie Kelleher Mother Bishoptown County Waterford Ireland
KELLS George 25540 Private Jacob Kells Father Dublin Ireland
KELLY Gilbert Grace 10/2986 Lance Corporal Mrs R V Kelly Mother The Abbey Athy County Kildare Ireland. Youngest son of the late Gilbert Kelly Clerk of the Crown and Peace Queen's County Ireland and of Rachel V. Kelly of "Lennox Lea," Charlton Drive Sale Manchester England. 26 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
KELLY John 33730 Private Miss Bridget Kelly Sister Ballybalthol Kilbride County Wicklow Ireland
KELLY Michael 10/268 Private Mrs John Kelly Mother Portarlington Kings County Ireland
KELLY Timothy 6/2178 Private J Kelly Father Clorngarne County Clare Ireland
KELSO Joseph 63004 Private S Kelso Father Drumlane Tamlarght Uppaland Ireland
KENNEDY Patrick 77133 Rifleman Son of John Lydon Kennedy of Caherekin Athenry County Galway Ireland 06 Nov 1918 Cannock Chase War Cemetery England
KENNEDY Patrick 7/1371 Trooper B Kennedy - Moneyglass Toombridge County Antrim Ireland
KENRICK Thomas 60139 Private Miss M J Kenrick Sister Main Street Fethard Tipperary Ireland
KENT George 9/1696 Trooper Mrs Mason Kent Mother 64 Hollybank Road Drumcondra Dublin Ireland
KEOHANE Thomas 53206 Rifleman Miss Julia Keohane Sister Noulmane Bandon County Cork Ireland
KERINS Martin 54370 Rifleman P Kerins Brother Ballinastague Gort County Galway Ireland
KERR John 43989 Private Robert Kerr Father Castle Tohery Coleraine County Derry Ireland 04 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
KILLEN James 48222 Private Mrs Jane Killen Mother Dunardy County Antrim Ireland
KILPATRICK Robert 6/78 Sergeant Son of William and Annie Kilpatrick of 24 Eia St Belfast Ireland. 23 Mar 1917 La Plus Douve Farm Cemetery Belgium
KING James 13/981 Trooper D King Brother Macosquine Coleraine County Derry Ireland. Brother of Samuel M. King of Society St.Coleraine County Derry Ireland 28 Aug 1915 Hill 60 (New Zealand) Memorial Turkey
KING Thomas 26/673 Rifleman Michael King Father County Galway Ireland
KINNEAR James 16413 Trooper Thomas Kinnear Father Roughen Drynoose County Armagh Ireland
KINSELLA John 68116 Private Mrs J Kinsella Mother Wesford County Waterford Ireland
KINSELLA William 6/2434 Private Mrs M A Kinsella Mother Carribirr Parsons Town Kings County Ireland. Son of Laurence Kinsella of Castle St.Birr Kings County Ireland 06 Sep 1918 Lebucquiere Communal Cemetery Extension France
KIRBY John Patrick 3/3410 Private Son of Robert and Mary Kirby (nee Kelly); husband of Caroline Kirby of Herriesville Te Aroha. Born in Ireland Te Aroha Public Cemetery Te Aroha New Zealand
KISSANE Daniel 36870 Private Son of John Kissane of Meanus Killorglin County Kerry Ireland. 15 Jul 1917 Motor Car Corner Cemetery Belgium
KNIGHT William Arthur 43826 Bombardier H Knight Father 12 Healy Street Dublin Ireland
KNOX Patrick Christopher 12/1858 Private Son of Michael and Bridget Knox (nee Williams). Born in Ireland. 10 Nov 1918 Waikumete Cemetery AucklandNew Zealand
KNOX William McAfee 54371 Rifleman Mrs M Knox Mother Ballymony Ireland
KYLE Hugh 7/2062 Trooper Mrs Kyle Mother Glennylough County Antrim Ireland
KYLE William George 70500 Private Samuel A Kyle Father Clifton Road Bangor County Down Ireland
LABROM George Richard Henry 40017 Private G Labrom Father Newry County Down Ireland
LANE Michael 25893 Rifleman Mrs Mary Lane Mother Cahber Road Abbeyfeale County Limerick Ireland
LANE Thomas 38966 Private Andrew Lane Father Cariaganes County Cork Ireland. Son of Andrew and Julia Lane of Carraganes Kingwilliamstown County Cork Ireland. 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
LAVERTY Daniel 65111 Private M Laverty Father Ballyverdough Ballycastle Ireland
LEADER Daniel 70752 Private Mrs Hannah Leader Mother Cullen Mill Street County Cork Ireland
LEAHY Richard 4/1289 Sapper James Leahy Brother Stagmount County Kerry Ireland
LECKEY John Cunningham 27530 Private John Alexander Leckey Father County Donegal Ireland
LEE Frederick Lloyd 28502 Rifleman Miss L Lee Sister Ivy House Killaloe County Clare Ireland
LEE James 38967 Private Mrs Annie Lee Mother 9 Commerce Road Blackpool Cork Ireland. Son of G. and Annie Lee of 9 Commons Rd.Blackpool Cork Ireland. Born in Ireland 03 Jul 1919 Ashburton Cemetery Ashburton New Zealand
LENISTON Edward 12/2757 Private Mrs J Leniston Mother Limerick Ireland
LENISTON Martin 12/2758 Private Mrs J Leniston Mother Limerick Ireland
LEONARD James Joseph 23841 Private Miss M Leonard Sister 2 Germayle Street Belfast Ireland
LESLIE Thomas 21515 Rifleman Son of Mrs A. Leslieof DonagheySherrygroomCounty Tyrone Ireland 12 Aug 1917 Prowse Point Military CemeteryBelgium
LINDSAY James Norman 12420 Rifleman William Lindsay Father Londonderry Ireland
LINDSAY William James 23/811 Rifleman G Lindsay Father Mark Street Glen Arm County Antrim Ireland 19 Sep 1916 Thistle Dump Cemetery High Wood Longueval France
LINDSAY William James 23576 Private Mrs C Lindsay Mother Fortland Road Easkey County Sligo Ireland
LINTON John Corbett 63357 Private S Linton Father Tiaeagorey County Down Ireland. Son of Samuel Linton of Tieragorey Ballyroncy Banbridge County Down Ireland. 01 May 1918 Hebuterne Military Cemetery France
LINTON Robert 25268 Private Mrs William J Linton Mother Rockland Vale Garvagh County Derry Ireland
LIVELY James 6/2189 Private Peter Lively Father Barnmeen Rathfriland County Down Ireland 05 Sep 1915 Chunuk Bair (New Zealand) Memorial Turkey
LOCKHART Gordon William 8/1277 Private Son of the late George and Henrietta Lockhart of 13 Woodcot Avenue Bloomfield Belfast Ireland 08 May 1915 Twelve Tree Copse (New Zealand) Memorial Turkey
LONG Dennis 26/1162 Rifleman Michael Long Brother Tralee County Kerry Ireland
LONG James 27918 Rifleman Mrs John Pelan Cousin 86 Mount Collier Road Belfast Ireland
LONG Timothy 12212 Lance Corporal Mrs Catherine Long Mother Knockmagree Cork Ireland
LOONEY Timothy 65112 Private C Looney Father Kippangh Glenflesk County Kerry Ireland
LORIMER James Nelson 7/865 Trooper J Lorimer Father Glenary County Antrim Ireland
LOUGHMAN Daniel Patrick 12421 Rifleman M Loughman Father Abberleys Queens County Ireland
LOUGHRAN Francis Richard 35471 Driver Mrs Loughran Mother Tonynumary Emyvale Monaghan Ireland
LOVE David 26/1632 Lance Corporal Son of David Love and Hannah Jane Love of Kilcreen Glarryford County Antrim Ireland 02 Apr 1918 Grevillers (New Zealand) War Memorial France
LOVE James Patrick 41192 Rifleman Mrs M Love Mother Rathdangan Kiltegan County Wicklow Ireland. Son of the late Michael Love and of Bridget Agnes Love of 16 Chief St.Belfast. Born at Rathdangan Wicklow Ireland. 23 Nov 1917 Buttes New British Cemetery Polygon Wood Belgium
LOWRY Harry [William Henry Dunn] 23/197 Rifleman Mrs Sarah Lowry Mother Clougheor Strabane County Tyrone Ireland. Son of Sarah Lowry of Bready Strabane County Tyrone Ireland and the late William James Lowry 15 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
LOWRY Thomas 12/2018 Private T Lowry Father 113 South Parade Belfast Ireland
LUKE William John 10/2679 Private Mrs M Luke Mother 30 Dunraven Avenue Belfast Ireland
LYNCH Michael 25/1175 Rifleman Charles Lynch Brother Cangoort Shinrone Kings County Ireland
LYNE John 45794 Rifleman Mrs H Lyne Mother Farranfore County Kerry Ireland
LYNN Robert 7/978 Trooper John Lynn Father Omagh Tyrone Ireland
LYON Bernard St John 33565 Private Mrs Emily Lyon Mother Altona Howth Road Clontarf Dublin Ireland
LYONS Henry 61319 Private G Lyons Brother Fisheries Inspector Galway Ireland
LYONS Thomas 41406 Private Son of Michael and Ellen Lyonsof TaikoreaNew Zealand. Late of Ireland. B.A 08 Apr 1918 Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1 France
LYONS William 48145 Rifleman Son of Charles and Mary Lyons of Omagh County Tyrone Ireland 17 Feb 1918 Etaples Military Cemetery France
MACAW James Courtney 38196 Rifleman Mrs K Macaw Mother Innisrush Ireland
MACKEN James 66181 Private Mrs M Macken Mother Kilmain Honmount Mayo Ireland
MACLAUGHLIN James 23/1754 Rifleman Daniel MacLaughlin Father Coleraine County Derry Ireland. Son of Daniel and Mary MacLaughlin of Breezemount Coleraine Ireland 15 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
MAGEE John 61472 Private J S H Magee Brother Corlaspratten Armagh County Cavan Ireland
MAGEE Joseph 52446 Private Son of the late James and Mary Ann Magee of Ireland 02 Sep 1918 Codford St. Mary (St. Mary) New Churchyard England
MAGUIRE Daniel 52356 Private J Maguire Father Kingsend Garvagh County Derry Ireland
MAGUIRE Daniel 73923 Private J Maguire Brother Darrygonnlly County Fermanagh Ireland
MAHER William Maurice 13949 Private John Maher Father Newtown House Mount Rath Queens County Ireland
MAHONEY John Joseph 23577 Private T Mahoney Brother Tralee Ireland
MAHOOD William Edward 13/408 Sergeant S Mahood - County Cavan Ireland
MALMANCHE Horace Stanley 6/3777 Private Mrs Malmanche Mother Logie Shannon Ireland
MALONEY Thomas Anthony [MOLONEY] 8/757 Private John Maloney Father Lower Merchant Rd Galway Ireland. Son of John and Kate Moloneyof Upper Abbeygate St.Galway Ireland 01 May 1915+ The Nek CemeteryAnzacTurkey
MANGAN James 13/407 Trooper Born County Dublin Ireland 31 Jul 1916 St Columb Major CemeteryEngland
MANNIX Timothy William 43997 Private William Mannix Father Ahabey Lixnow County Kerry Ireland
MARK Johnson 26/364 Rifleman Mrs Mark Mother Gloonan County Antrim Ireland
MARLOWE Joseph Henry 9/307 Trooper Mrs M A Marlowe - 65 Brougham St White House Belfast Ireland 22 Aug 1915 Lone Pine MemorialLone Pine CemeteryAnzacTurkey?
MARSHALL Joseph 42526 Private J Marshall Father Langstone Ahoghill County Antrim Ireland
MARTIN Albert 44756 Private W G Martin Father Lisburn County Down Ireland
MARTIN Alexander 12/800 Private Son of John and Isabella Martinof Moor FarmDonaghadeeCounty Down Ireland. 25 Apr 1915 Lone Pine MemorialLone Pine CemeteryAnzacTurkey?
MARTIN Frederick Joseph 28358 Corporal Mrs Kate Martin Mother Woodfield House Knochyicat Boyle County Roscommon Ireland
MARTIN Robert Witherall 6/1929 Private Son of Matthew and Ann Martin. St. Johnston County Donegal Ireland. 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
MATCHETT Robert John 41984 QMS J Matchett Father Birches House Portsdown Ireland. Son of John Matchett of Ballyhannon House Portadown County Armagh Ireland 12 Sep 1918 Metz-En-Couture Communal Cemetery British Extension France
MATEAR Robert 10/1290 Private Charles Matear Father Ballywilliam Donghadee County Down Ireland 29 Apr 1915 Lone Pine Memorial Lone Pine Cemetery Anzac Turkey?
MATHEWS William 38198 Rifleman Mrs Rossborough Sister Lisborne Belfast Ireland
MATTHEWS Charles 28176 Private G Matthews Uncle Bangor County Down Ireland
MATTHEWS James 74208 Private Mrs Martha Matthews Mother 138 West St Portadown County Armagh Ireland
MAULSEED William John 63193 Private R Maulseed Father Ardrawer Letterkenny County Donegal Ireland. Son of Robert and Sarah A. Carson Maulseed of Hamelton County Donegal Ireland 08 Oct 1918 Honnechy British Cemetery France < /td>
MAWHINNEY William 63194 Private Mrs A Mawhinney Mother Clara St Belfast Ireland
MAXWELL David 41095 Rifleman Robert Maxwell Father Blackhill Coleraine Ireland
MAXWELL Hamilton 20815 Rifleman Samuel Maxwell Father Cairn Castle County Antrim Ireland
MAXWELL Henry 18685 Rifleman Son of James and Emily Maxwell of Waerengaahika Gisborne. Native of Donegal Ireland. 07 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
MAXWELL James 23/2035 Rifleman Andrew John Maxwell Father Ballymaccarett County Down Ireland
MAXWELL John Cunninghame 3/2068 Lance Corporal W Maxwell Father Myrtle Tce Londonderry Ireland
MAYBERRY John Stewart 72797 Private Mrs Fanny Mayberry Mother Kilrea County Derry Ireland
McALLISTER Daniel Joseph 12/1727 Private Mrs J McSlade Sister 22 Ballymena Belfast Ireland
McANDREW Patrick 12/1121 Private Patrick McAndrew Father Lugdoon Temple Bay Sligo Ireland
McAUFIELD Richard Joseph 13/1073 Trooper Richard McAufield Father Whiterock Belfast Ireland
McAUGHERN William John 41344 Rifleman Mrs Hannah McAughern Mother Kello Ballymena County Antrim Ireland
McAULEY Daniel Patrick 62110 Private Thomas McAuley Father Drumcough Randlestown County Antrim Ireland
McAULEY Hugh Francis 29798 Private Son of Patrick and Bridget McAuleyof Ireland 06 May 1917 Maple Leaf CemeteryBelgium
McAULEY Michael 13787 Rifleman Thomas McAuley Brother Ballyama County Antrim Ireland
McBRIDE Charles 60171 Private Andrew and Margaret McBride Curragh Drumquin County Tyrone Ireland 26 Jul 1918 Gezaincourt Communal Cemetery Extension France
McBRIDE James 31326 Private Robert McBride Father Belfast Ireland
McBRIDE Moses 29802 Private John and Sarah McBride Parents Coreen Broughshane County Antrim Ireland 07 Jun 1917 Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery Belgium
McBRIDE William John 19024 Rifleman Mrs M Thompson Sister Teesham Ballymena County Antrim Ireland
McBRIDE William Richard Henry 28901 Private D McBride Father Borrisokane County Tipperary Ireland
McCAFFERTY Hugh 8/4460 Private Michael and Sarah McCafferty Parents Meenderry Falcarragh County Donegal Ireland 21 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) MemorialFrance
McCARDLE Edward 10045 Private P McCardle Father Castle Blaney County Monaghan Ireland
McCARTHY Daniel Patrick 6/303 Private Born Ireland 02 Mar 1917 Karori CemeteryWellingtonNew Zealand
McCARTHY David 28903 Rifleman Mrs M McCarthy Mother Brook Lodge Glenmire County Cork Ireland
McCARTHY Florence 63021 Private Mrs H McCarthy Mother Broadford Charleville County Limerick Ireland
McCARTHY Hugh 6/4634 Private Mrs Mary McCarthy Mother Feint Island Tralee County Kerry Ireland
McCARTHY John 6/4101 Private Miss M McCarthy Sister Kinsale County Cork Ireland. son of John McCarthy & Mary McCarthy (nee Ford) from Lower Cove Kinsale Ireland 20 Sep 1916 Heilly Station Cemetery Mericourt-L'abbe France
McCARTHY John 12438 Rifleman Eugene McCarthy Father 26 Old Market Pl Cork Ireland
McCARTHY Patrick 58648 Sapper P McCarthy Father Moskeigh Bandon County Cork Ireland
McCAUGHAN Samuel 54068 Rifleman Mrs E McCaughan Mother Moycrag Derock Ireland
McCAY Robert 17576 Sergeant Mrs S McCay Mother Inchamph Clough County Antrim Ireland
McCLEAN Alexander 32697 Private Son of John and Mary A. McCleanof Belfast Ireland 17 Jun 1917 Trois Arbres CemeterySteenwerckFrance
McCLEERY William George 13/2052 Trooper W J McCleery Father 80 Botanical Rd Glasnevin Dublin Ireland
McCLELLAND William 20556 Rifleman Robert McClelland Father Ballynashee Ballyclare County Antrim Ireland 20 Mar 1917 Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension (Nord)France
McCLENAGHAN Alexander 45223 Rifleman Mrs William McClenaghan Mother Tobernaveen Randalstown County Antrim Ireland
McCLENAGHAN Robert John 69715 Private Mrs M McClenaghan Mother Tobernaveen Randalstown County Antrim Ireland
McCOMBIE Robert Hercules Brideoake 3/3507 Private Thomas G F and Louisa McCombie Parents Laurel Bank Monkstown County Dublin Ireland 09 Nov 1918 Caudry British Cemetery France
McCONKEY William James 21286 Private Son of Ann Jane and the late Matthew McConkey. Born in Ireland 23 Jan 1919 Waikumete Cemetery Auckland New Zealand
McCONNELL James 12/2050 Private David McConnell Father Ballylevin Manor Cunningham County Donegal Ireland 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
McCONVILLE Peter Reginald 20202 Rifleman Son of Ellen and the late Michael McConville of County Clare Ireland. 18 Jun 1917 Bois Guillaume Communal Cemetery Extension France
McCOOL Patrick 6/2213 Private Patrick McCool Father Welsh Town Post Office Donegal Ireland. Son of Patrick and Mary McCool of Kinnaderry Welchtown Strabane Ireland 09 Jun 1917 Trois Arbres Cemetery Steenwerck France
McCOOL Sam 10/2215 Private John McCool Father Castle Dawson County Londonderry Ireland
McCORMACK James 48987 Rifleman Miss Mary A McCormack Sister Dorish Drumquir County Ireland
McCOURT Thomas 4/798 Sapper John McCourt Father County Louth Ireland
McCRACKEN Arthur 33926 Private Samuel McCracken Father Dandycap House Dromorne County Down Ireland
McCREA Robert 27330 Private Son of Joseph and Fanny McCrea of Gorticross Drumshoe Londonderry Ireland 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
McCREANOR Joseph 12/4045 2nd Lieutenant Son of Robert and Margaret McCreanor of Belfast Ireland 01 Sep 1918 Bancourt British Cemetery France
McCROHAN Patrick 57246 Private Patrick McCrohan Father Ballymcqyn County Derry Ireland
McCURDY Robert 14841 Rifleman R McCurdy Father Port Stewart County Derry Ireland
McCUTCHEON James 42692 Rifleman Andrew McCutcheon Father Edenvale Cunning Burn Ireland
McDEVITT Charles 40231 Rifleman C McDevitt Father Ardarvan Castlederg Tyrone Ireland
McDIARMID William Orr 10/1890 Private Hugh McDairmid Father Coollatin Shillelagh County Wicklow Ireland 07 Apr 1916 Walton-On-Thames Cemetery England
McDONALD John 26/514 Sergeant Son of Mrs M McDonald of Castledermot County Kildare Ireland. 28 Mar 1917 Berks Cemetery Extension Belgium
McDONALD John 7/927 Sergeant Eden McDonald Father Turin Ballyjamisduff County Cavan Ireland
McDONALD Thomas 10/3006 Private Miss M McGovern Aunt Gortnagoon Glencoe Post Office Sligo Leitrim Ireland
McDONNELL John 8/3970 Private Mrs A McDonnell - 7 Seville Tce Harold Cross Dublin Ireland
McDOWELL David 23411 Rifleman William McDowell Brother Belfast Ireland
McDOWELL Henry Francis 24441 Private Mrs Jessie McDowell Mother 82 Malvern St Belfast Ireland
McELHINNEY John 2/1805 Gunner Mrs Charles McElhinney Mother Lertbeg Karragart Post Office County Donegal Ireland
McFADDEN Thomas Richard 59134 Private Mrs Mary McFadden Mother 22 Market St Lisburn County Antrim Ireland
McFETRIDGE John 62115 Trooper Mrs L McFetridge Mother Clough County Antrim Ireland
McGEADY James [James Joseph] 4/1684 Private Son of Patrick and Ann McGeady. Native of Ireland. 05 Nov 1918 Maubeuge-Centre Cemetery France
McGERNON Robert Alexander 37849 Private Miss M J McGernon Sister 19 Railway St Armagh Ireland
McGILL Michael 6/4635 Private Mrs M McGill Mother Bally McPearle Bellangley County Derry Ireland
McGILLICUDDY Patrick 2/1932 Driver Daniel and Winifred McGillicuddy Parents Dromroe Farranfore County Kerry Ireland 12 Jun 1918 Gezaincourt Communal Cemetery Extension France
McGOUGH Patrick 58572 Private Pat and Alice McGough Parents Kilnacranfy Culloville County Monaghan Ireland 27 Mar 1918 Grevillers (New Zealand) War Memorial France
McGOWAN John 42142 Private John McGowan Father Glenisland Castlebar Mayo Ireland
McGOWAN William John 30834 Private Mrs M McGowan Mother C/- Mrs A Smith 34a Antrim Rd Belfast Ireland. Son of Marianne McGowan of 34A Antrim Rd.Belfast Irelan dand the late George McGowan 21 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
McGREGOR David 24/1138 Rifleman John McGregor Father Perlisk Strand Bushmills County Antrim Ireland
McGRENERA William 23026 Rifleman Mrs Fanny McCiffarty Sister Carrickmilton County Donegal Ireland
McILWAINE William 78482 Private J McIlwaine Father Ballyhampton Larne County Antrim Ireland
McIVOR John 64326 Private W McIvor Father Dungannon County Tyrone Ireland
McIVOR William 33581 Private William McIvor Father Tellyronana Donaghmare County Tyrone Ireland
McKANE Wesley 69513 Private R McKane Father Moygaunon County Down Ireland
McKEE John 36658 Private C McKee Father Londonderry Ireland
McKEE William 23020 Rifleman David McKee Father 12 Hillman Tce Railway View St Bangor Ireland
McKEE William 48457 Private Thomas McKee Father Ballymayeough County Down Ireland
McKENDRY Alexander 4/799 Sapper A McKendry Father Clare Park County Antrim Ireland
McKENDRY Andrew 37003 Rifleman Mrs Hugh McKendry Mother Stranocum Antrim Ireland
McKENDRY Andrew 10/1590 Private H McKendry - Strinocum County Antrim Ireland
McKENDRY James 58911 Private Miss M McKendry Sister Carnlough County Antrim Ireland
McKENDRY Michael 12/3402 Private F McKendry Father Cushendun County Antrim Ireland
McKENNA John 47456 Corporal Mrs M McKenna Mother Knockanebrack Lyreacreumpane Lintowel County Kerry Ireland
McKENNA Robert Joseph 12/407 Private Mrs Elizabeth McKenna Mother 24 Char Rd Rathmines Dublin Ireland
McKENNA Thomas Patrick 13074 Rifleman Mrs A McKenna Mother Church St Portaferry County Down Ireland
McKENZIE John Kelly 4/805 Sapper Mrs R A McKenzie Mother The Retreat Ballencurra Middleton County Cork Ireland
McKEON James Chorseal 26/118 Rifleman Mrs Marion McKeon Mother Millbrook Killeigh K C Ireland
McKEOWN Charles [Charles Joseph] 30621 Private Son of Felix McKeown of 18 Herbert St Carnlough County Antrim Ireland and the late Mary McKeown 18 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
McKILLOP John Charles 53841 Captain Son of Charles and Anne McKillop; husband of Ethel Constance McKillop of Banger County Down Ireland. Born at Masterton. 24 Jul 1920 Masterton Cemetery Masterton New Zealand
McKILLOP Thomas 72946 Private Mrs R McKillop Mother Carnlough Ireland
McKIMMON Robert Alexander 75093 Private J McKimmon Brother Drumshanly Omagh County Tyrone Ireland
McKINLEY George Knox 12238 Private Son of James McKinley of Union Place Dungannon County Tyrone Ireland 03 Oct 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
McKINLEY Joseph George 5/713 Driver William McKinley Father Kilglass Sligo Ireland
McKINNEY Michael 12058 Sapper Miss E McKinney Sister Anchor Hotel Moville County Donegal Ireland
McKINSTRY Victor 11321 Private Mrs Sarah McKinstry Mother 3 Rockby Villa Shore Road Belfast Ireland
McKINTY Daniel 30270 Private H McKinty Father Carnlough County Antrim Ireland
McKNIGHT William Richard 30271 Private Thomas and Margaret McKnight Parents Five-mile Town County Tyrone Ireland 05 Oct 1918 Grevillers (New Zealand) War Memorial France
McLAUGHLIN Edmund 37004 Private Son of Hugh and Mary McLaughlin of Antrim Ireland. 23 Oct 1917 Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension France
McLAUGHLIN John NZ Home Service Private Born Londonderry Ireland 22 Apr 1919 Karori CemeteryWellingtonNew Zealand
McLAUGHLIN Mack 71544 Private Mrs E McLaughlin Mother Lematuder Malin Post-office Culkenny County Donegal Ireland
McLERNON Mathew Bruce 74481 Private Mrs N McLernon Mother Aughaskan Magherefelt County Derry Ireland
McMAHON Jerry 68339 Private D McMahon Father Farmers Bridge County Kerry Ireland
McMANUS Mathias Joseph 33423 Rifleman Mrs J M Barry Sister Phillipstown Kings County Ireland. Son of Mary E. McManus of Kilbegganof Westmeath Ireland 17 Nov 1918 Karori Cemetery Wellington New Zealand
McMILLAN Hugh 4/2112 Sapper Mrs G McMillan Aunt 59 Grays Hill Bangor County Down Ireland
McMILLAN Samuel 23415 Rifleman Mrs Elizabeth McMillan Mother County Antrim Ireland
McMILLAN Thomas 31331 Private Mrs Margaret McMillan Mother Coltown Dunaghadee County Down Ireland
McMINN Jeremiah 63020 Private Mrs M McMinn Mother Croisdernot Rock Dungannon County Tyrone Ireland
McMINN Robert 11915 Private Mrs Ellen Dornan Sister 66 Camberire St Belfast Ireland
McMINN Thomas 26/195 Rifleman S McMinn Father Dungannon County Tyrone Ireland. Son of Mrs M J McMinn Crossdernot Rock Dungannon County Tyrone Ireland 15 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
McMULLEN James 12451 Rifleman Robert McMullen Father Kilkeel County Down Ireland
McMURRAY Hugh 7/759 Trooper Mrs J McMurray Mother 7 Auckland Ave Bloomfield Belfast Ireland
McNAMARA Francis Joseph 68303 Private Son of Daniel and Susan McNamara. Born in County Clare Ireland. 08 Oct 1920 Karori Cemetery Wellington New Zealand
McNAUL Daniel 47355 Private J McNaul Father Glenchesk Ballycelstla County Antrim Ireland
McNEILL John Joseph 69027 Private A McNeill Father Ballyboy Ballycastle Ireland
McNIECE John Alexander 45107 Private Son of John and Esther McNiece of Ballymatoskerty Toome County Antrim Ireland. 15 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
McQUILKEN Arthur 27328 Private John McQuilken Father Ballenteer Macesquin Coleraine Ireland. Son of Mary Jane McQuilken of Ballinteer Macosquin Coleraine Ireland and the late John McQuilken. 07 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
McQUILLAN Bernard 38733 Private Son of Peter and Kate McQuillan of Leagh Ballybay County Monaghan Ireland. 05 Dec 1917 Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Belgium
McQUINN Thomas 10/4430 Private D McQuinn Brother Fadaddane Gortatlea County Kerry Ireland. Son of Thomas and Nora McQuinn (nee Cronin). Born in Kerry Ireland 17 Dec 1918 Waipukurau Cemetery Waipukurau New Zealand
McSHANE Phillip 10/3682 Private Mrs M J McShane Mother Newry County Down North of Ireland
McTAGGART James 42702 Rifleman Mrs E McTaggart Mother Valentia Place County Down Ireland
McTAGUE Hugh 6/1667 Private Mrs M McTague Mother Gemehill Erden County Donegal Ireland
McVICKER John 11709 Private Son of William and Margaret McVicker of Belfast Ireland; 01 Oct 1916 Warlencourt British Cemetery France
MEADE George 31868 Rifleman Thomas Meade Father County Waterford Ireland
MEANEY Joseph 2/1337a Driver Born Ireland 14 Nov 1918 Linwood Cemetery Christchurch New Zealand
MEDLEY William Henry 8/2053 Lance Corporal Son of Charles James Medley of Waikino Auckland New Zealand; husband of Jane Medley (nee Hogg)of Kilmore Drumsna County Leitrim Ireland. 03 Jun 1917 La Plus Douve Farm Cemetery Belgium
MEE Joseph James 9/161 Trooper John James Mee Father Killeshandra County Cavan Ireland
MEIN George Frederick Coore 6/2389 Private Mrs T Wallace Sister Ballincoe Shinmore Kings County Ireland
MELIAR Bartley 26/589 Rifleman M Meliar Father Galway Ireland
MENOWN Andrew McWilliam 43998 Private B Menown Father 17 Manners St Donaghadee County Down Ireland
MILLAR James 13/2230 Trooper Thomas Millar Father Ballyno Antrim County Ireland
MILLAR Thomas Levice Minford 6/297 Private Mrs Alexander Clotworthy Sister 23 Ashley Ave Belfast Ireland
MILLIGAN Patrick Joseph 39075 Rifleman Mrs E McA Milligan Mother Rocktown Knockloughrin County Londonderry Ireland
MINOGUE Michael Joseph 35212 Private Miss M A Minogue Sister Ballinagough North Whitegate County Clare Ireland 18 Dec 1916 Hillsborough Cemetery Auckland New Zealand
MISKIMMIN Robert 24913 Trooper D Miskimmin Father Ballybundon County Down Ireland
MITCHELL Michael 19/387 Private Charlie Mitchell Brother Dublin Ireland
MOAN William John 54919 Private Mrs C Moan Mother Aughnicloy Tyrone Ireland. Son of Mr W J and Mrs Catrin Moan of Aughnacloy County Tyrone Ireland 01 Oct 1918 Anneux British Cemetery France
MOHAN Edward 45712 Rifleman Michael and Mary Mohan Parents 13 Hand St Drogheda County Louth Ireland 26 Mar 1918 Grevillers (New Zealand) War Memorial France
MOLLOY Matthew Moody 38976 Private John Molloy Father Ballyculty Nutts Corner Crumlin County Antrim Ireland
MOLLOY Richard 38977 Private Mrs Margaret Molloy Mother Ballyculty Nutts Corner Crumlin County Antrim Ireland
MOLONEY James Edward 13/555 Sergeant Son of Edmond and Catherine McMerney Moloney of Market St.Ennis County Clare Ireland 08 Aug 1915 Chunuk Bair (New Zealand) Memorial Turkey
MOODY William 69871 Private Mrs A Moody Mother Liscall Garbagh County Derry Ireland
MOONEY Patrick 59412 Private B Mooney Father Drummuth County Derry Ireland
MOORE John Coleman 13668 Trooper M C Moore Brother C/- Prin Bros Dublin Ireland
MOORE Joseph 71234 Private Mrs M Moore Mother Ballynarrig Limavady County Derry Ireland
MOORE Thomas 23/2579 Lance Corporal Mrs M Moore Sister Main St Ballrhrdereen County Mayo Ireland
MOORE William Joseph 10/1926 Private Son of the late James Moore of 169 Church St Dublin Ireland 10 Aug 1915 Chunuk Bair (New Zealand) MemorialTurkey
MOORHEAD James Armstrong 2/1934 Gunner Joseph Moorhead Father Coolmaghery Ireland
MORGAN Michael 63368 Private Mrs M Morgan Mother Drumlee Ballyward Ireland
MORIARTY James Patrick 2/909 Gunner Patrick Moriarty Father Ballygandoon Ireland
MORIARTY Michael 41599 Rifleman Son of Patrick and Mary Moriarty; husband of Margaret Moriarty of 97 Ellice St Wellington New Zealand. Native of Tralee Ireland 27 Nov 1917 Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Belgium
MORRIS Harry Benner 12/1722 Private Miss Maud Morris Sister 34 Grand Parade Cork Ireland. Son of William and Marianne Morris of 34 Grand Parade Cork Ireland 28 Sep 1916 Heilly Station Cemetery Mericourt-L'abbe France
MORRIS Reginald Charles 12/2400 Private Mrs C Morris Mother Bellyardle County Down Ireland
MORROW George 51287 Private Mrs J Morrow Mother Ballynagarrick Gilford County Down Ireland
MORROW William 28284 Private Mrs J Morrow Mother 44 Raga St Belfast Ireland
MORROW William 63019 Private T Morrow Father Carnalbara County Antrim Ireland
MOXHAM Curtis Isaiah Parvestol 3/1711 Private Mrs A Moxham Mother Inny Lodge Colehill Mullingar Ireland
MOYLAN Patrick 40987 Rifleman Mrs N Moylan Mother Farmerston Drumgriffin Post Office Galway County Ireland
MUGRIDGE William Henry 32694 Private A Mugridge Brother Belsaire Westport Ireland
MULHERN James 47737 Driver Mrs B Mulhern Mother Dunlewey Gweedore County Donegal Ireland
MULHOLLAND William John 10/825 Private Son of Thomas and Mary Mulholland of Cavan Tomloduff Bellaghy County Derry Ireland 09 May 1915 Twelve Tree Copse (New Zealand) Memorial Turkey
MULLEN Charles 13962 Private Mrs H Mullen Mother Dunmacmay County Tyrone Ireland
MULLIGAN Bernard 34878 Private Son of James and Mary A Mulligan of Westmeath Ireland. 08 Oct 1918 Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension France
MULLIGAN Edward Augustine 2/1810 Gunner Mathew Mulligan Father Stokestoun County Rosscommon Ireland
MULLIGAN Percival Thomas 34879 Private Mrs A E Mulligan Mother Cavan Ireland
MULLIGAN Thomas 65668 Private Mrs J Mulligan Mother Castle Forbes Newtoun Forbes County Longford Ireland
MULLINS John 4/1971 Sapper Mrs Gilmont Aunt Killdressy Portaferry County Down Ireland
MULLINS William 26/591 Rifleman Born Ireland 07 Apr 1920 Andersons Bay CemeteryDunedinNew Zealand
MURNIN Bernard Joseph 15213 CQMS Son of John and Alice Murnin of Ardaghy Kilcoo Portadown County Down Ireland 09 May 1918 Hebuterne Military CemeteryFrance
MURPHY George Alexander 14296 Private Son of Hull Ingram Murphy and Mary Jane Murphy of Dublin Ireland 02 Apr 1918 Etaples Military Cemetery France
MURPHY James 12433 Rifleman John Murphy Brother Old Castle County Cavan Ireland
MURPHY James Connor 52019 Chaplain/Captain Cornelius Murphy Father Milltown County Kerry Ireland
MURPHY Jerome Joseph 71576 Private Mrs M Murphy Mother Acres Drapery County Cork Ireland 19 Oct 1918 Donoughmore Catholic Churchyard Ireland
MURPHY Joseph 6/4313 Private John Murphy Father New Ross County Wexford Ireland
MURPHY Michael John 6/3790 Private John Murphy Father Rarver County Kilkenny Ireland
MURPHY Patrick 47173 Private William Murphy Father Castlecomer Kilkenny Ireland/Cruttin Clough Coone Bagenallatown Kilkenny Ireland
MURPHY Reginald George 17/147 Trooper Son of George and Catherine Murphy. Born Ireland 16 Aug 1915 Alexandria (Chatby) Military And War Memorial Egypt
MURPHY William 61719 Private P Costigan Uncle Johnstown County Kilkenny Ireland
MURROW George William 8/3371 Private Mrs E Murrow Mother 22 Lower Mount Pleasant Ave Rathmines Dublin Ireland
NAUGHTON Michael Joseph 6/3410 Private Patrick Naughton Father Galway Ireland. Son of Patrick Naughton of Rusheeny Oughterard County Galway Ireland 25 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
NAYLOR Walter 4/233a Sapper John N Naylor Brother Kilbride Bray Ireland
NEELY Allston 49102 Rifleman Son of William James and Margret Ann Neely of Moyagney Upperlands County Londonderry Ireland 01 Sep 1918 Bancourt British Cemetery France
NEELY Daniel 6/2231 Private Mr D Neely Father Cloverney Donegal Ireland
NELSON John 47457 Private J Nelson Father Killymuch Upperland County Derry Ireland
NELSON Samuel 26/1169 Rifleman Mrs Nelson Mother Lislea County Derry Ireland
NELSON Thomas Kelso 58794 Rifleman William Nelson Father Clooncarnie Donegal Ireland
NESDALE John Joseph 69623 Private Mrs M Nesdale Mother Adrigole Banty County Cork Ireland
NICHOLSON Frederick Samuel 20401 Lance Corporal Mrs C L Nicholson Mother 65 Moyne Road Rathmines Dublin Ireland
NOBLE George Leo 10/860 Private John Noble Father Chamberlain Street Londonderry Ireland
NOBLETT John 29059 Lance Corporal Son of Mrs F J Noblett of 3 Malvern Rd Bootle Liverpool England. Native of Newtownbarry County Wexford Ireland 15 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
NOLAN William Joseph 25119 Private Born Cork Ireland 28 May 1918 Omaka Cemetery Blenheim New Zealand
NOON Joseph 12538 Trooper Martin Noon Father Castle Coote Roscommon Ireland
NOONAN John Joseph 12244 Rifleman Michael Noonan Father Nemerlick Island Kilfury Ireland. Son of Mrs C Noonan of Kilfirny County Limerick Ireland 15 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
O'BRIEN James 12460 Rifleman Mrs Margaret O'Brien Mother Carrabrown Galway City Ireland
O'BRIEN James John 34126 Private Mrs H Pigeon Sister Habasow Queenstown Ireland
O'BRIEN Owen 63402 Private John O'Brien Brother Egivale Post Office Derrygrasson Ireland
O'BRIEN Stephen 61373 Private Mrs M O'Brien Mother Kiloughter Galway Ireland
O'CARROLL Joseph Augustus 11094 Rifleman Dr T O'Carroll Brother Dunleer County South Ireland
O'CARROLL Thomas 10/1639 Private Dr O'Carroll Father Dromahair Ireland
O'CONNELL John 10/879 Private Bernard O'Connell - Corravahan Drung County Cavan Ireland
O'CONNELL John 25/451 Rifleman John T O'Connell Father Begnes Valencia County Kerry Ireland
O'CONNELL Timothy 3/1665 Private Mrs Maurice O'Connell Mother Kingwilliamstown County Cork Ireland
O'CONNOR Cornelius 10/3967 Private John O'Connor Father Farnanfaugh County Kerry Ireland
O'CONNOR Daniel Joseph 7/764 Corporal Mrs Mary O'Connor Mother Cahersiveen Kerry Ireland
O'CONNOR David 47176 Rifleman D O'Connor Father Glenmeagh Kilkean County Cork Ireland 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot CemeteryBelgium
O'CONNOR Harry 16187 Corporal James O'Connor Father Londonderry Ireland
O'CONNOR Michael Bernard 18582 2nd Lieutenant Son of Maurice and Elizabeth O'Connor of County Kerry Ireland 05 Apr 1918 Auchonvillers Military CemeteryFrance
O'CONNOR Simon 71779 Private Mrs J O'Connor Mother Lahard Beaufort County Kerry Ireland
O'DEA James Patrick 62445 Private Mrs O'Dea Mother Tarbert County Kerry Ireland
O'DONNELL Edward 68550 Private J O'Donnell Father Ardiganny Letter Kenny County Donegal Ireland
O'DONNELL Mago 28189 Corporal Michael O'Donnell Father Glenngalt Trall County Derry Ireland
O'DWYER Michael Joseph 13976 Private Miss Kathleen O'Dwyer Sister Kilrush County Clare Ireland
O'DWYER William Joseph 16574 Private Mrs V W O'Dwyer Mother Elder Terrace Douglas Street Cork Ireland
O'FLAHERTY Morgan 23035 Rifleman Miss R O'Flaherty Sister 24 Grampian Avenue Newtownards Road Belfast Ireland
O'FLYNN Patrick 60395 Reverend Mrs O'Flynn Mother 11 Abercorn Road Londerry Ireland
O'GORMAN Michael 8/3375 Private Mrs M O'Gorman Mother Moore Street Kilrush County Clare Ireland
O'GORMAN Patrick Joseph 11332 Private Mrs Mary O'Gorman Mother Kilrush County Clare Ireland
O'HAGAN William 13084 Rifleman John O'Hagan Brother Wexford Ireland
O'HALLORAN John 64844 Private Mrs Mary O'Halloran Mother Kilkee Moveer West Clare Ireland
O'HARA Daniel 2/1249 Gunner Mrs Edward O'Hara Mother Ballymacdoe Aishendall County Antrim Ireland
O'KEEFE Patrick 49736 Private Son of Mrs E O'Keefe of Broadford County Clare Ireland. 30 Mar 1918 Grevillers (New Zealand) War MemorialFrance
O'LEARY John 70205 Private Mrs M O Leary Mother Mologhroe Cullin Millstreet County Cork Ireland
OLIVER Samuel 10/3358 Corporal Mrs Sarah Oliver Mother Cavankie Green Aughnacloy County Tyrone Ireland
O'MARA William Henry 17/328 Trooper Miss M O'Mara Sister Downpatrick County Down Ireland
O'NEILL Edward 6/3422 Private Mrs M O'Neill Mother Mile Tree Clomnell Tipperary Ireland
O'NEILL Henry 12/2805 Private Mrs C G P Parkinson Friend Ballycouree Clifden Galway Ireland
O'NEILL Hugh 10/650 Private John O'Neill Father 21 and 23 Dives Street Belfast Antrim Ireland
O'NEILL James 74594 Private Mrs E O'Neill Mother Kilrea County Londonderry Ireland
O'NEILL Jeremiah Bartholomew 27350 Private J B D O'Neill Father Rahalins Ballenagnee Macroom Cork Ireland 29 Sep 1917 Nine Elms British Cemetery Belgium
O'NEILL John 20221 Rifleman Mrs Hannah O'Neill Mother Gooseberry Hill Newmarket Meelin County Cork Ireland
O'NEILL John 23100 Rifleman Mrs Thomas O'Neill Mother Chapel Street Cappa White Tipperary Ireland
O'NEILL John Patrick 28366 Private T O'Neill Father Camp Castle Island County Kerry Ireland
O'NEILL Patrick 19041 Rifleman P O'Neill Father County Galway Ireland
O'NEILL Richard 10/1605 Private Mrs Sarah O'Neill Mother Dunkinane Beauford County Kerry Ireland 19 Aug 1915 Cairo War Memorial Cemetery Egypt
O'NEILL William 11/354 Trooper Timothy O'Neill - Snugboro Tallow County Waterford Ireland
O'REGAN Jeremiah 33331 Private Jeremiah O'Regan Father Bantry County Cork Ireland
O'REGAN Patrick Joseph 28403 Private Mrs M O'Regan Mother Tralee County Kerry Ireland
O'REGAN Timothy 69624 Private J O'Regan Father County Cork Ireland
O'REILLY Edward 17219 Gunner E O'Reilly Father Rusky Dromod County Roscommon Ireland
O'REILLY Thomas 35369 Gunner E O'Reilly Father Renefarna Rosscommon Rooskay Ireland 20 Oct 1917 Divisional CemeteryBelgium
O'ROURKE Patrick 39088 Rifleman M O'Rourke Brother Keilbreon County Kerry Ireland
ORR Harry 13/2881 Trooper Mrs Bessie Orr Mother Rockdale House Dungannon Ireland
O'SHAUGHNESSY Patrick 36882 Private Son of Mr J O'Shaughnessy Ballylin East Cranghwell County Galway Ireland 16 Aug 1917 Motor Car Corner Cemetery Belgium
O'SULLIVAN John 12/2808 Private Thomas O'Sullivan Brother Old Head Kingsdale Cork Ireland
O'SULLIVAN John 15/123 Private Mrs Katherine O'Sullivan - Douglas Road Cork Ireland
O'SULLIVAN Patrick 55616 Rifleman Michael O'Sullivan Father Coolroe Killarney Ireland
O'SULLIVAN William Joseph 8/449 Private Mrs John O'Sullivan - C/o W Brown 1 Coampton Buildings Dublin Ireland
O'TOOLE Jeremiah 61758 Private Miss I O'Toole Cousin Sharravogue Kings County Ireland
OVEREND Wesley 10/1943 Private Mrs Elizabeth Overend Mother Castle Street Ballaghy County Derry Ireland
PALMER James 48067 Rifleman T Palmer Father Glenam Antrim Ireland
PALMER Robert 24/877 Rifleman Mrs M Palmer Mother 23 East St Newtownards County Down Ireland
PARKER James 35039 Rifleman Mrs G Irwin Sister Carigavad County Down Ireland
PARKER John Alphonso 7/2304 Trooper Edward Parker Father North Main Street Yenghall Cork Ireland
PARKER Joseph 47927 Private Mrs M Parker Mother Rapohoe County Donegal Ireland
PARKER Robert 38919 Private Robert Parker Father 81 Stephens Villa North Strand Limerick Ireland
PARKHILL David 5/315 Private Mrs S Brownlie Sister Holywood Belfast Ireland
PATTERSON Thomas 26514 Sapper Mrs Margaret Patterson Mother Rathfriland County Down Ireland
PATTON Archibald 18698 Rifleman J Patton Father Londonderry Ireland. Son of John and Sarah Patton of Lydnee Portglenone County Antrim Ireland 12 Oct 1917 Perth Cemetery (China Wall)Belgium
PATTON Samuel Forbes 13/600 Private Alexander Patton - Ballyrae Newtownards County Down Ireland 24 Jul 1918 Newtownards (Movilla) Cemetery Ireland
PAUL Robert James 25/799 Rifleman R J Paul Father Trinaltinagh County Derry Ireland
PAUL Robert Walker 35676 Gunner Mrs C Paul Mother Adavoile Newry County Armagh Ireland
PAUL Thomas Frederick 35677 Bombardier Mrs C Paul Mother Adavoile Newry County Armagh Ireland
PAYNE William 13/1594 Private Born Dublin Ireland 17 Dec 1915 Featherston Cemetery New Zealand
PEARSON John 21162 Sergeant Son of John and Susan Pearson of Armagh Ireland 04 Sep 1918 Bancourt British Cemetery France
PENNAL William 8/3730 Private Son of Thomas Pennal of Belfast Ireland 16 Sep 1916 Thistle Dump Cemetery High Wood Longueval France
PENNIE William 28913 Private John Pennie Father Crohane Shannagolen County Limerick Ireland 25 Aug 1918 Grevillers (New Zealand) War Memorial France
PEOPLES Edward 73614 Private W Peoples Father Londonderry County Donegal Ireland
PERKINS Henry Egnatious 22365 Private Son of John and Mary Perkins. Native of Ireland. 27 Oct 1919 Brookwood Military Cemetery England
PERSSE John Geoffrey 10/908 Private Frank Persse - Gort County Galway Ireland
PHELAN Daniel 50490 Gunner Michael Phelan Father Carrick on Suir County Kilkenny Ireland
PHILLIPS John 21088 Rifleman Mrs S Phillips Mother Ballylorne Lorne Ireland
PIERCE John 24/2074 Rifleman W Pierce Father Gorey County Wexford Ireland. Son of William and Elizabeth Pierce of Ballycale Gorey 19 Jul 1916 Toberanierin Protestant Cemetery Ireland
PIERCE William Edward 68552 Private W Pierce Father Gorey County Wexford Ireland
POLLOCK William 47242 Private William James Pollock Father Castlefin County Donegal Ireland
POOTS Robert 10/3371 Private R Poots Father Nilden View Fulleynacross Lambeg Lisburn County Antrim Ireland
POPHAM Alfred Charles 46241 Rifleman Born County Cork Ireland 11 Dec 1918 Hamilton East Public Cemetery Hamilton New Zealand
PORTER John 45911 Private Mrs A Porter Mother Loughgilly County Armagh Ireland
PORTER Robert John 3/3406 Private Born Belfast Ireland 24 Nov 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
POWER David 33764 Private Thomas Power Father Kilclooney Kilmasthowe County Waterford Ireland
POWER James 79406 Private J Power Father County Waterford Ireland. Son of Mr and Mrs James Power of Raheen Kirmeaden County Waterford Ireland 05 Sep 1918 Wellington Provincial Memorial Wellington New Zealand
POWER Thomas 4/1383 Sapper Mrs J Power Mother Clare Ireland
PRATT Wesley Richard 13089 Corporal Mrs Elizabeth Pratt Mother 36 Oakley Road Ranelagh Ireland
PRENDIVILLE Maurice 56954 Private M Prendiville Father Castle Island County Kerry Ireland
PRYOR Ambrose 40130 Rifleman Son of Patrick and Mary M Pryor of Callow Hill Ballinamore County Leitrim Ireland 04 Dec 1917 Polygon Wood Cemetery Belgium
PULLIN Robert James 41014 Private W B Pullin Father Glenarm County Antrim Ireland
QUEALY Thomas 24/2555 Rifleman D Quealy Father Flinamunga Ireland
QUINN James 68827 Private Mrs E Quinn Mother Glentown Urney County Tyronne Ireland
QUINN John 12472 Private Born Ireland 06 Nov 1918 Grangegorman Military Cemetery Ireland
QUINN John Alexander 48841 Rifleman J Quinn Father Castlefin County Donegal Ireland
QUINN Michael Conway 41109 Rifleman Son of James and Mary Conway Quinn of Mill St.Tullow County Carlow Ireland. 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
QUINN Thomas Joseph 3/2406 Private C J Quinn Father Dublin Ireland
RAINEY James 12/4076 Private George Rainey Father Garveghey Ireland
RAINEY William James 47076 Rifleman Son of William and Agnes Rainey. Native of Ireland 21 Aug 1918 Brockenhurst (St. Nicholas) Churchyard England
REARDON James 49743 Private Mrs J Reardon Mother Longfield Ferris Farrernford County Kerry Ireland
REDMOND Robert 11721 Private Mrs Gabriel Redmond Mother Montenothe Cork Ireland
REID Henry John 22590 Corporal Mrs H Reid Mother Post Office Buncrannie Donegal Ireland
REID John 32727 Private Alexander Reid Brother Glencliffe County Antrim Ireland
REID Lestock Henry 4/52a 2nd Lieutenant Mrs Lestock H Reid Wife C/o J H Ryan Esq Kithefernan House Clonment Co Tipperary Ireland
REIDY James 2/2333 Gunner T Reidy Brother Tralee County Kerry Ireland
REILLY Bernard 55269 Rifleman Mrs Mary Reilly Mother Shanmulle County Longford Ireland
REILLY Francis 11736 Private Born County Cavan Ireland 16 Jun 1917+ Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
REYNOLDS Emily Maria 22/162 Nurse Samuel Reynolds Brother 4 Emorville Square Scr Rd Dublin Ireland
REYNOLDS Thomas Edwin 10/855 Private Mrs James Reynolds Mother Shapquay St Londonderry Ireland
RICE William 63935 Private Michael Rice Brother 16 Clandrassill Street Dundalk Ireland
RICHARDSON Charles Stuart 13/948 Sergeant James Strewart Richardson Father 13 Dunore Avenue Dublin Ireland
RICHARDSON Thomas 49263 Private Patrick Richardson Brother 14 Monkton Row County Wicklow Ireland
RICHMOND John Isaac 40058 Private Mrs B Richmond Mother College Street Cavan Ireland
RICHMOND William Henry 74053 Private Mrs B Richmond Mother Cavan County Cavan Ireland
RITCHIE James 10894 Private James Ritchie Father Belfast Ireland
RITCHIE John 23/2078 Rifleman Thomas Ritchie Uncle Rathkenny Ireland. Son of John and Hannah J. Ritchie of Carncoagh Rathkenny County Antrim Ireland 15 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
RITCHIE John 12/445 Private Mrs J Ritchie - 57 Ballyniagle St Bangor County Down Ireland
ROBB Hugh 12/1781 Private Mrs Jane Robb Mother Newton Cunningham Donegal Ireland. Son of Thomas and Jane Robb of Drumbuoy Newtowncunningham County Donegal Ireland 25 Aug 1917 Poperinghe New Military Cemetery Belgium
ROBINSON Edmund 61788 Private S Robinson Father Crumlin Belfast Ireland
ROBINSON Frank Horace 51541 Rifleman Mrs Annie Robinson Mother 6 Mile Cross County Tyrone Ireland
ROBINSON John 32235 Rifleman William Robinson Father Hellsborough County Down Ireland
ROBINSON William 55623 Rifleman John Robinson Father Tainey Beck County Antrim Ireland
ROCHE Garrett 33612 Private David Roche Father Cahin Hayes Abbeyfiele County Limerick Ireland
ROCK Patrick 43750 Trooper Mrs M Rock Mother Moore Street Ballydangan Ballinsloe Ireland
RONALDSON Arthur C 24/1800 Rifleman G W Ronaldson Father Claremont Mullingar Westmeath Ireland
RONAYNE Declan Francis 40062 Private Michael Ronayne Father Creggs Clashmore County Waterford Ireland
ROONEY Charles Vincent 2/685 Driver Mrs Rooney Mother 75 Lower Leeson St Dublin Ireland
ROSEMOND David 10/2752 Private D Rosamond Father 181 Madrid St Belfast Ireland
ROSS Robert John 17/171 Corporal Mrs M Cullen Sister 6 Balfour Ave Belfast Ireland
ROULSTON Henry Stewart 3/284 Private Henry Roulston - 107 Fitzroy Avenue Belfast Ireland
ROUTLEDGE John Patrick 10/84 Sergeant Major Robert Routledge Brother C/- Miss K Ennis Cloncurry Enfield County Meath Ireland
RUDDLE William 24758 Lance Corporal Mrs W Ruddle Wife Tough Adare County Limerick Ireland
RUNDLE William 21888 Private Mrs M Rundle Mother Kilkenny County Limerick Ireland
RUTLEDGE Richard Foster 54705 Private Mrs C Rutledge Mother County Cavan Bawnloy Ireland
RYAN Joseph 29492 Rifleman Mrs Ellen Ryan Mother 2 Bachelors Walk Dundalk Ireland 07 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
RYAN Maurice Patrick 23246 Lance Corporal Mrs T Ryan Mother Longhgor Limerick Ireland
RYAN Thomas 45130 Private Mrs Bridget Ryan Mother Garrone Cahir Tipperary Ireland
SAMPSON John 53417 Rifleman George Sampson Father Londonderry Ireland
SARSFIELD John 42957 Gunner Mrs K Sarsfield Mother Maan County Galway Ireland
SARSFIELD John 44797 Private Mrs Mary Sarsfield Mother Mamm County Galway Ireland
SAUNDERS Thomas 10/1329 Private Mrs T Saunders Mother Sydenham Dundrum Dublin Ireland 29 Apr 1915 Lone Pine Memorial Lone Pine Cemetery Anzac Turkey?
SAUNDERS William John 14034 Sergeant Mrs Ada A Saunders Mother 51 Upper Leiston St Dublin Ireland
SAVAGE William 4/226a Gunner William Savage Father Barr Hall Portaferry Co Down Ireland
SCANLAN Daniel 42581 Private Mrs E Courtney Sister Loughill Limerick Ireland
SCANLON James 6/1043 Private Son of the late Mr and Mrs James Scanlan of Dublin Ireland; 15 Aug 1915 Lone Pine Memorial Lone Pine Cemetery Anzac Turkey?
SCANNELL Patrick 57155 Rifleman Daniel Scannell Father Kerry Ireland
SCARLETT Robert Henry 12/4262 Private Mrs Ellen Scarlett Mother Lengally Post Office Beltebak Ireland
SCARR Samuel 50598 Private Son of the late James and Mary Scarr of Armagh Ireland. 05 Sep 1918 Neuville-Bourjonval British Cemetery France
SCOTT George 5/91 Driver Mrs Sarah Ann Scott Mother Donegal Ireland
SCOTT Robert 12283 Rifleman William Scott Father Aughagaskan Maghareffelt County Derry Ireland
SCOTT Thomas 54400 Rifleman J H Scott Father Riverford House Bendooragh Ballymony Ireland
SCULLION Patrick 69381 Private Mrs Ann Scullion Mother Drumenee Balleghy County Derry Ireland 01 Sep 1918 Bancourt British Cemetery France
SCULLY Joseph 2/940 Sergeant Mrs B Coakley - Castle Street St Arlow Ireland
SEARRY Edward 11/2220 Trooper John Searry Father Woodfield Dunmore County Galway Ireland
SEDGEWICK Edward 8/1633 Private J Sedgewick Father Market Place Tralee Ireland
SHANAHAN Thomas 63946 Private Son of Patrick and Mary Shanahan of Ireland 23 May 1918 Euston Road Cemetery Colincamps France
SHANAHAN Thomas 24/2088 Rifleman Edward Shanahan Brother Milltown Molbay County Clare Ireland
SHANNON Peter 37104 Private Son of Mr and Mrs P. Shannon. Born in Ireland 08 Oct 1918 Honnechy British Cemetery France
SHARKEY Frank 21447 Sapper Charles Sharkey Father Dunloe Donegal Ireland
SHARKEY George 24828 Private G Sharkey Father Moycraig Dervock County Antrim Ireland
SHARKEY Patrick Joseph 10/2311 Private James Sharkey Father Stokes Town Roscommon Ireland
SHARPE Othniel Boaz Attow 10/1650 Private E J Sharpe - Rushbrooke County Cork Ireland
SHAW Thomas 91454 Private Born County Down Ireland 17 Nov 1918 Featherston Cemetery New Zealand
SHEEHAN John 11957 Private Born Ireland [File says born Winton, Southland] 16 Mar 1918 Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery Belgium
SHEEHAN Thomas 42216 Private Thomas Sheehan Father Dunmanway Cork Ireland
SHEEHY Edward 63773 Private Patrick Sheehy Father Croagh Ballycannon County Limerick Ireland
SHEEHY John 37885 Lance Corporal Miss O Clarke Cousin C/o Rev Hasslett County Kerry Ireland
SHEIL John 40723 Rifleman M Sheil Father Bree Enniscorthy Wexford Ireland
SHERLOCK Robert 45926 Private Mrs F Sherlock Mother British Post Office County Antrim Ireland. Son of Mrs Mary Sherlock of Crumlin County Antrim Ireland 01 Oct 1918 Flesquieres Hill British Cemetery France
SHERWOOD John Christopher 10/1014 Private Mrs Esther Sherwood Mother Purnell St Wexford Ireland. Son of John and Esther Victoria Sarah Sherwood of 7 Parnell St Wexford Ireland 17 Dec 1915 Lone Pine Memorial Lone Pine Cemetery Anzac Turkey?
SHIELDS Thomas 45145 Private Mrs Lily Dale Sister 26 Ontrum Road Belfast Ireland. Son of James and Margaret Shields of Donacloney County Down Ireland 12 Oct 1917 Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium
SHIRLOW Alexander 36064 Trooper Mrs E Shirlow Mother Maghernappin Convoy Co Donegal Ireland
SHORTT Berkeley Francis 11124 Rifleman Mrs E E Shortt Mother 6 Auburn Villas Rathgar Dublin Ireland. Son of Mrs Emily E. Shortt of 39 Adelaide Rd Dublin Ireland and the late Joseph A. Shortt 07 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
SHORTT Frederick Desmond 73859 Private Mrs E Shortt Mother 6 Auburn Villas Dublin Ireland
SHOULDERS Patrick Joseph 11353 Private Peter Shoulders Father 30 Dock St Belfast Ireland
SHOVLIN Bernard 51195 Private Mrs M Shovlin Mother Crumlin Ararar County Donegal Ireland
SIMPSON James 10072 Sergeant Mrs A Simpson Mother 103 Glenarm Road Larne Ireland. Son of Ann Simpson of Greenland Terrace Larne Ireland and the late Robert Simpson 30 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
SIMPSON Thomas Mitchell 43620 Corporal Hugh McFarlance Simpson Father Green Mount via Cabaragh Dungannon County Tyrone Ireland
SINGLETON Michael 57273 Private Mrs Ellen Singleton Mother County Cork Ireland
SINNOTT Patrick 23885 Private Miss E Sinnott Sister William Street Wexford Ireland
SKEATH Arthur 12490 Rifleman Mrs A Skeath Mother County Down Ireland
SLOAN David 12/2847 Private Samuel Sloan Brother Ballyconrie Clifden Galway Ireland
SLOAN James Finley 9/760 Trooper R Sloan Father 39 High St Donaghadee County Down Ireland
SLOAN Robert 7/121 WO1 Son of Mr and Mrs R Sloan of Dungannon Ireland 21 Aug 1915 Hill 60 (New Zealand) Memorial Turkey
SLOANE Dennis 23/1812 Rifleman Mrs A Reid Sister Castle St Newry Ireland
SMALL Thomas 82405 Private Mrs C Small Mother Castleger Galway County Galway Ireland
SMITH Archibald 28230 Private Miss May Smith Sister Victoria St Portrush County Antrim Ireland
SMITH Edwin Joseph 76593 Private Mrs M Smith Mother 3 Atlantic Tce Tramore County Waterford Ireland
SMITH George Thompson 12/2119 Private William Smith Father Bacon-curer Belfast Ireland
SMITH James 36179 Driver Mrs J Smith Mother 19 Albert St Belfast Ireland. Son of Margaret J and the late Cornelius Smith of 19 Albert Street Belfast Ireland 17 May 1918 Louvencourt Military Cemetery France
SMITH James 36495 Rifleman Mrs A Young Sister Cloughan Drumsurn Londonderry Ireland
SMITH James Allen Lumsden 12/3825 Private J B Smith Father 5 Stephens Tce Ballymullen Tralee County Kerry Ireland
SMITH William Henry 70129 Private Mrs H Smith Mother 1 St Michaels Tce Athy County Kildare Ireland
SMYLIE Thomas 21444 Sapper Miss Essie Marcus Aunt Carncough Ireland
SMYTH John 55633 Rifleman Son of John and Lizzie Robinson of Ireland 07 Dec 1917 Polygon Wood Cemetery Belgium
SMYTH Marcus 71077 Private W J Smyth Father Ballnefoy Baueridge County Down Ireland
SMYTH Michael 37461 Sapper Thomas Smyth Father Mullara Park Youghal County Cork Ireland
SMYTH Thomas Johnston 59551 Private J Smyth Father Spruce Bank Port Glenone County Antrim Ireland
SOUTHWELL Charlie Christopher 76075 Private Mrs S Southwell Mother Royal Incurable Hospital Dublin Ireland
SPEERS John 41037 Private J Speers Father Rathkenny Antrim Ireland
SPENCE William James 42221 Private Mrs Mary Ann Spence Mother Ballymagin County Down Ireland
SPENCER Robert 62401 Private Mrs M A Spencer Mother Ballmagin County Down Ireland
ST JOHN William 47690 Private James St John Uncle Kilmacthomas County Waterford Ireland
STAUNTON John Francis 49937 Rifleman Son of Thomas and Bridget Staunton of Galway Ireland 12 Apr 1918 Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1 France
STEELE Fred 41658 Private J H Steele Father St James Hillsborough County Down Ireland
STEELE James 75853 Private J H Steele Father St James Hillsborough County Down Ireland
STEPHENSON George Gabriel 10430 2nd Lieutenant Mrs A K Stephenson Mother Ballincourty House Dungarvan County Waterford Ireland
STEVENSON William 57159 Private Mrs Jane Stevenson Mother Maxwell Wells County Antrim Ireland
STEVENSON William John 69996 Private T McQuarrie Cousin Belfast Ireland
STEWART James 65733 Private Mrs Mary Jane Stewart Mother Castle Dawson County Derry Ireland
STEWART John George 52659 Rifleman Isaac Stewart Father Coolmanan Money Dig Garvagh County Derry Ireland
STEWART Robert James 42825 Private John Stewart Father County Antrim Ireland. Son of John and Agnes Stewart of Ballyhacket Cairncastle Larne Ireland 21 Nov 1917 Buttes New British Cemetery (N.Z.) Memorial Belgium
STEWART William 58306 Gunner Mrs Annie Stewart Mother Kilrea County Derry Ireland
STEWART William Nassau 14694 Private Born Ballygawley County Tyrone Ireland
STOREY Harold Henry 24/1833 Rifleman Henry Storey Father Monasterwan County Kildare Ireland
STOREY William 33776 Private Mrs W Storey Mother Kinawley Fermanagh Ireland
STOREY William 69639 Private R Storey Father Countil County Antrim Ireland
STORY Arthur Patrick 40385 Private Lt Col Robert R Story Father Bingfield Crowsdoney County Cavan Ireland
SUGRUE Patrick 11/2378 Trooper James Sugrue Father Ahalubrid Cahirsiveen County Kerry Ireland
SULLIVAN Daniel 54411 Rifleman T Sullivan Father Ballinamone Castlemaine County Kerry Ireland
SULLIVAN Edward 46095 Private Mrs M Sullivan Mother Birr Kings County Ireland
SULLIVAN Joseph 23/2096 Rifleman David Sullivan Father Castle Towns End County Cork Ireland
SULLIVAN Nora Josephine 22/348 Sister Mrs Jane Brown Sister St Gertrudes View Firies County Kerry Ireland
SULLIVAN Timothy 27391 Private Michael Sullivan Father Ardlakes Ireland
SUTTON William 25/682 Lance Corporal Son of William and Jane Sutton of Rathdrum Ireland 22 Nov 1917 Boulogne Eastern Cemetery France
TALLANT James Joseph 19072 Rifleman Thomas Tallant Father Kingstown Ireland
TANNAHILL John 32747 Private Mrs E Tannahill Sister Waterside Street Coleraine Ireland
TARRANT Denis 26202 Rifleman George Tarrant Brother Derrinagria Banteer County Cork Ireland
TARRANT Patrick 29510 Rifleman Mrs Tarrant Mother Ahane Mill Street County Cork Ireland
TAYLOR John 21115 Rifleman Mrs Jane Taylor Mother Granshaw Bangor Ireland
TAYLOR John 44607 Private J Taylor Father Deragh Linavady County Derry Ireland
TAYLOR John Glasgow 3/451 Corporal Charles Taylor Father Lisnagaver Rosharking County Antrim Ireland
TAYLOR Thomas 70357 Private Mrs R Taylor Mother Granshaw Ballygrainey Ireland
TEAHAN John 27987 Lance Corporal John Teahan Father Killonglin County Kerry Ireland
TELFORD John 47649 Private W G Telford Father Ballygarney Ballamena County Antrim Ireland
THOMAS Wilfred 2/3103 Driver John Loftus Thomas Father Greenmore Rathdrum Wicklow Ireland
THOMPSON David 40085 Private Mrs S Thompson Mother Cunningburn Newtownards County Down Ireland
THOMPSON David John 10/2006 Private Mrs A Thompson Mother 4 Longstone Street Lisburn County Antrim Ireland
THOMPSON James 40392 Private Mrs M Thompson Mother Cunningburn County Down Ireland
THOMPSON John Henry 25/1025 Lance Corporal Mrs Thompson Mother Baylough Portlaw County Waterford Ireland
THOMPSON Joseph Lyons 44803 Rifleman J Thompson Father 23 Hatfield Street Primeau Road Belfast Ireland. Son of Robert Thompson of Ballylough Bushmills County Antrim Ireland 04 Nov 1918 Romeries Communal Cemetery Extension France
THOMPSON Robert 40167 Sergeant J Thompson Father Ballamena Ireland
THOMPSON William 28239 Rifleman William Thompson Father Cloughogue Grace Hill County Antrim Ireland
THORBURN Gerald Fitzell 2/2276 Driver Son of the late William and Annie Thorburn of Dublin Ireland. 16 Dec 1917 Brookwood Military Cemetery England
TIERNEY Patrick Arthur 12/2859 Private Patrick Tierney Father Anghara Shercock County Cavan Ireland
TOBIN James 16766 Sergeant C Tobin Father Glendore County Cork Ireland
TOBIN Richard 27995 Lance Corporal Thomas Tobin Father Moneygall Kings County Ireland
TODD Victor 37020 Rifleman Miss Florence Todd - Clonavon Antrim Road Belfast Ireland
TORNEY James 14885 Rifleman Mrs J Torney Wife Ballyscullion Ballighy Londonderry Ireland
TOYE David Alfred Wilson 10/2009 Private John Toye Father Fortavon Garvagh County Derry Ireland
TOYE Samuel Perry 10/2010 Private John Toye Father Fortavon Garvagh County Derry Ireland
TRAVERS James 8/4233 Private James Travers Father Castle Island County Kerry Ireland. Son of James and Norah Travers of Cordal Castle island County Kerry Ireland 15 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
TROLAN Michael 29107 Rifleman Mrs H Trolan Mother Cahore Droperstown County Derry Ireland. Son of Henry and Annie Trolan of Cahore Draperstown County Londonderry Ireland 26 Sep 1917 Buttes New British Cemetery (N.Z.) Memorial Belgium
TROY William 53447 Rifleman William Troy Father Irishtown House Eglish Birr County Kerry Ireland
TUCKER Henry Vincent 26342 Private James A Tucker Father National Bank Westland Row Dublin Ireland
TUITE James 10/2343 Private Edward Tuite Father Parstontown Mullingar County Westmeath Ireland
TUITE Mark 12/1813 Private Edward Tuite Father Parstontown Mullingar County Westmeath Ireland
TURNER John Frederick 12/3174 Private Robert J Turner Father Maghereney Drumquin County Tyrone Ireland
UNDERWOOD Isaac 25/293 Rifleman Mrs Agnes Underwood Mother Kilnock County Antrim Ireland
VEALE James 45758 Rifleman Mrs Veale Mother Newcastle West County Limerick Ireland
VEALE Thomas 64388 Private Mrs M Veale Mother Dunhill County Waterford Ireland
WADDELL George Henry 44038 Private Mrs Emily Waddell Mother Tallyrush Seskinro Omagh County Tyrone Ireland
WALLACE James 23905 Private James Wallace Father Kilreagh County Derry Ireland
WALLACE Stephen 49951 Private W Wallace Father Mullahanch Aghadowey County Derry Ireland
WALLACE Thomas 31382 Private Born County Tyrone Ireland 20 Oct 1917 Bedford House Cemetery Belgium
WALSH Frank Hubert 23/1507 Rifleman Mrs Walsh Mother Grange House Cuffs Grange Kilkenny Ireland
WALSH James 19196 Private Mrs A Walsh Mother 1 Chase Terrace Bath Street Waterford Ireland 07 Jun 1917 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial Messines Ridge British Cemetery Belgium
WALSH John 64180 Private Mrs Norah Walsh Mother Ahabey Lixnaw County Kerry Ireland
WALSH Michael Cartage 6/4369 Private James Walsh Father Mount Meeleary Cappoquin Waterford Ireland
WALSH Michael Joseph 5/362 Driver Miss Antonio Walsh Sister Presentation Convent Killarney Ireland
WALSH Myles 10/2019 Private Miss N Walsh Sister Castlebar Galway Ireland
WALSH Patrick 73556 Private Mrs M Walsh Mother Mahon Bridge Kilmiehouse County Waterford Ireland
WALSH Robert 75974 Private Mrs M Walsh Sister Lenish Ralhfriland County Down Ireland
WALSH Thomas John 47488 Private J Walsh Father Farranfore County Kerry Ireland
WALSH William 12518 Rifleman J Walsh Brother Milltown Killucan Westmead Ireland
WALSH William 26215 Rifleman Mrs Ellie Carmody Sister Vermont Stoneford County Kilkenny Ireland
WALSH William 59767 Corporal Mrs N Walsh Mother Farranfore County Kerry Ireland
WARD Martin 12/960 Private H Ward - Tuam County Galway Ireland
WARD Patrick 36705 Private J Ward Father Luggunna Ardra County Donegal Ireland
WARDEN John 56883 Rifleman Samuel and Sara Warden (nee McAuley) Father Artlone Randalstown County Antrim Ireland 24 Sep 1917 Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery England
WARING Frederick Robert Kennedy 26/24 2nd Lieutenant Lucas Waring Father Bellbrook Glenary County Antrim Ireland
WATSON Alexander 36721 Private Mrs M J Watson Mother Fantona Tyrone Ireland
WATSON John Mahon 71373 Private Mrs Mary Watson Mother 42 Cromwell St Belfast Ireland
WATSON William 24/317 Rifleman G Watson Father Killinchy Woods Crossgar County Down Ireland 19 Jul 1916 Ration Farm Military Cemetery La Chapelle-D'armentieres France
WAUGH John 32976 Rifleman Thomas Waugh Brother Crothwell County Cavan Ireland
WEIR Harry 3/1457 Private Miss Mary Fahey Friend Main St Oughterard County Galway Ireland
WEIR Robert 70369 Private Mrs E Weir Mother Park Ballandrait County Donegal Ireland
WEIR Robert Henry 23462 Rifleman Mrs E Fitzsimmon Sister 3 Alma Tce Inniskilling County Fermanagh Ireland
WHARTON Joseph 59834 Private Mrs E Wharton Mother Waterford Ireland
WHARTON Richard 15061 Private Thomas Wharton Father Leimybriar Kilrossenty County Waterford Ireland
WHEELER William Arthur 3/1258 Private Dr T K Wheeler Brother Malone Rd Belfast Ireland
WHITE James 45303 Rifleman Mrs J White Mother Kent Alley Broughshane Antrim Ireland
WHITE Joseph 29328 Private William White Father Ballybee Killylea County Armagh Ireland
WHITFIELD Francis John 23/319 Rifleman Miss G W Whitfield Sister 51 Duke St Kildare Ireland
WHYTE William James 71588 Private James A Whyte Father Carn Cairn Brughshone Ballymena Ireland
WILCOX Henry 13/2954 Trooper James Wilcox Father Potuma Galway Ireland
WILCOX John Robert 12/3872 Private W Wilcox Father Templeport Bawnby County Cavan Ireland
WILLIAMS Richard Henry 45583 Rifleman Native of County Kerry Ireland [actually parents not him] 27 Mar 1918 Auchonvillers Military Cemetery France
WILLIAMSON David 12/4299 Private Mrs Tate Sister C/- R Williamson Clifden County Galway Ireland
WILSON Cyrus [Cyrus Turpin] 7/1307 Trooper Rev W M Wilson Father Methodist Manse Monaghan Ireland 30 Mar 1918 Jerusalem Memorial Jerusalem Israel
WILSON David Ronald 10/45 Private David Ronald Wilson Father Drummawhey Newtownards County Down Ireland
WILSON Edmund Robinson 10/75 Lieutenant Born Drogheda Ireland 27 Apr 1915 Lone Pine Memorial Lone Pine Cemetery Anzac Turkey?
WILSON George Gelletty 57183 Private Mrs Maggie Wilson Mother Bellaghy Belfast Ireland
WILSON John 62721 Private Miss M Maguire Cousin Lisborn Road Belfast Ireland
WILSON Johnson 12/3515 Private Mrs Bella Elkin Mother Omagh Island County Tyrone Ireland
WILSON Robert 10/3127 Private Son of James and Sarah Anne Wilson of BallymenaCounty Antrim Ireland 25 Sep 1916 Etaples Military Cemetery France
WILSON Robert Hugh 8/3437 Private Mrs M Wilson Mother Bellaghy Londonderry Ireland 27 Sep 1916 Caterpillar Valley (NZ) Memorial France
WOODS Samuel 6/2964 Private S W Woods Father Laurevale Taderagee County Armagh Ireland
WRIGHT John James 26/1755 Rifleman Isaac Wright Brother Swans Cross County Monaghan Ireland
YARR Alexander 70203 Private Mrs Jane Yarr Mother Glenavy County Antrim Ireland

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