NZEF - SAMOA - 1914
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On the night of the 6 August 1914, the New Zealand government received a telegram from London that it would be "a great and urgent Imperial service" if New Zealand forces seized Samoa, which was a German territory. This was approved the next day, and four days later a mixed force of 1,413 men plus six nursing sisters was equipped and ready to depart. On the 15th they sailed, picking up 10 more infantrymen, some naval details, and guides and interpreters at Fiji. On the 29th August they landed unopposed at Apia. Thus the island of Upolu was the first German territory to be occupied in the name of King George V. After eight months a relief force of 358 men took over and by the end of the war another 298 men were supplied to maintain the garrison.

Many of the Samoan Advance Party (A) returned to New Zealand in March-April 1915. Many then went on to fight in Europe. They were relieved by the Samoa Relief Force (R) who were topped up with small groups of reinforcements throughout the rest of the war. Many of these men did not serve elsewhere.

The following were New Zealanders who served in Samoa during World War One. The names have been taken from the Embarkation Rolls and may not be exhaustive.

A big thank you to John Wilson who has sent a list of those men who were discharged from the Samoan Force in 1919 and 1920.

A = Advance
D = Discharged 15 February 1920 Wellington
R = Reserve

MACAULEY Thomas William A Private 1/50
MACE Warwick Gordon A Gunner 2/55
MACFARLANE John Archibald James A Corporal 4/35
MACKAIL John A Driver 5/712
MACKAY James William A Private 1/720
MACKIE Charles A Lieutenant 5/202
MACKIE Edward Morrison - Private 19/386
MACKINDER Harwood R Private 19/170
MACLAREN John R Private 19/172
MACMORRAN George Brown A 2Lieutenant 24/234
MACNAB Alexander Allen A Captain 4/310
MACRAE Alexander R Private 19/160
MAHONEY Norman Denis A Private 1/698
MAINLAND Arthur A Rifleman 23/201
MAJOR Lionel George Hart A Private 1/817
MALCOLM Robert Clarendon Edgar A Private 3/640
MALCOLM Robert John A Private 1/536
MALDEN Edward Elliott A Chaplain 18/11
MALONE Brian A Sergeant 5/2
MALONEY William John A Sapper 4/205
MANDELL Harry Arthur R Private 19/177
MANNING Percival Sidney A Sapper 4/258
MANNING Thomas R Private 19/360
MANSFIELD David Ramsay A Sergeant 4/3
MANUERA Hohia A Private 1/194
MARBROOK Harry Latchford A Private 1/024
MARCHANT Lawrence Allman A Private 1/163
MARDON Wilkie A Trooper 7/1635
MARENZI Simeon R Private 19/178
MARKS Cecil Harold A Private 12/2558
MARR William A Private 1/544
MARRIOTT Peter Stanley A Sapper 4/243
MARSDEN Charles Henry R Private 19/179
MARSH Henry Forrest A Driver 5/396
MARSHALL Albert Henry A Sergeant 24/1261
MARSHALL Horace A Rifleman 23/1432
MARSHALL James R Trooper 17/385
MARSHALL John R Private 19/180
MARSHALL Leo A Private 1/701
MARSHALL William R Private 19/181
MARTIN Athelstane Vivian A Sergeant 4/241
MARTIN David Samuel A Private 3/790
MARTIN Frank A Private 10/2801
MARTIN James Horace A Sapper 4/268
MARTIN John R Private 5/195
MARTIN Robert Frederick A Private 1/702
MARTIN Robert Harry A Private 1/169
MARTIN Walter R Private 19/340
MARTIN William James A Sapper 4/86
MARTYN-ROBERTS Herbert Walter R Lieutenant 19/328
MASON Lawrence Claud A Private 1/521
MASON Robert Little A Private 1/79
MASSAM Joseph Arthur A 2Lieutenant 12/409
MASSEY Gilbert Orlando A Private 12/3416
MASSICKS Reginald James A Private 1/704
MATHER John R Private 19/182
MATHESON Neil McLeod A Sergeant 4/288
MATHESON William McPherson A Sergeant 1/122
MATTHEWS Charles Henry R Captain 19/330
MATTHEWS Frank A Private 1/705
MATTHEWS George William A Private 1/281
MATTHEWS Walter Harry A Trooper 11/1468
MAXWELL Allen Cecil A Trooper 7/19a
MAY Frederick R Sapper 4/231
MAYNARD Frederick Foster A Sapper 4/306
MCALISTER Joseph Leo A 2Lieutenant 23/25
MCARTHUR Alfred Alexander A Sergeant 1/289
MCARTHUR John Duncan A 2Lieutenant 17554
MCARTNEY Angus A Sergeant 10/3004
MCCALL John Hindmarsh A Private 1/344
MCCALLUM James A Private 1/259
MCCALLUM Leslie James Archibald A Private 1/159
MCCALMAN Laurence Harry R Sergeant 35945
MCCARDELL Ernest William A Private 1/167
MCCARROLL Thomas A 2Lieutenant 13/298
MCCARTHY Justin Francis Huntly R Sergeant 5/608
MCCARTHY Thomas R Private 19/157
MCCASKEY Leslie Robert A Sapper 4/26
MCCAULEY Joseph A Sapper 4/255
MCCAW William Theodore A Private 8/2296
MCCLINTOCK William Gordon A Gunner 2/2211
McCLEERY William George D - 13/2052
MCCLURG Douglas Wiremu A 2Lieutenant 24/235
MCCLYMONT William Douglas A Private 6/1349
MCCOMBIE Charles Alexander A Gunner 2/2496
MCCONNELL William Robert R Private 19/159
MCCONNOCHIE Robert R Private 19/158
MCCONNOCHIE Samuel A Private 1/550
MCCORMICK Horace A Private 15/138
MCCULLAGH James Walter A Private 10/2445
MCCUTCHEON Herbert A Private 10/2446
MCDONALD Alexander R Private 19/161
MCDONALD Cecil A Sapper 4/247
MCDONALD John R Private 19/162
MCEWAN Donald A Sapper 4/249
MCFADYEN Cecil James A Private 5/6
MCFALL Frederick Lawrence R Private 19/163
MCFARLAND Robert Duffus A 2Lieutenant 12/3219
MCFARLANE Andrew John Hugh R Private 19/164
MCGAHAN Charles William A Sapper 4/211
MCGEEHAN Bernard A Trooper 7/1181
MCGILL David Charles A Gunner 2/57
MCGIRR Herbert Mendleson A Gunner 2/95
MCGOVERN Joseph A Corporal 5/519
MCGOWAN John R Corporal 19/162
MCGRAIL Colin Hamilton A Sapper 4/106
MCGRATH Gilbert A Gunner 2/58
MCGUINNESS John Romney R Private 19/165
MCINNESS Leo Victor A Private 12/2577
MCINTYRE Henry Fawcett A Private 8/2354
MCINTYRE Joseph John A Private 1/718
MCINTYRE Reginald A L/Corporal 12/2557
MCKAY Donald A Private 1/233
MCKAY John Henry A Private 1/189
MCKAY Randell Fergus A Sapper 4/1a
MCKEAM Edward R Corporal 19/167
MCKELL Arthur Herbert A Private 1/245
MCKELLAR Archibald Duncan A L/Corporal 4/285
MCKELLAR Donald Ivan A Private 8/3333
MCKENZIE Donald - Private 19/388
MCKENZIE Donald Alexander R Private 19/359
MCKENZIE Norman Alexander A Trooper 13/2223
MCKENZIE William Henry R Private 19/168
MCKEOWN Laurence Frederick A Private 5/20
MCKILLOP Alexander Cameron A Major 3/43
MCKILLOP Edgar Ravenswood A Bombardier 2/2217
MCKINLAY Walter Blair A Private 1/722
MCKINSTRY George Lee A Rifleman 23/229
MCKONE Michael R Sapper 4/178
MCKUBRE James Marshall A Private 12/3407
MCLACHLAN John A Private 3/56
MCLEAN Alexander Rae R Private 19/173
MCLEAN George Hugh A Sapper 4/342
MCLEAN James Alexander A L/Corporal 10/2393
MCLEAN John Alexander A Private 1/724
MCLEAN Peter A Driver 2/774
MCLEAY Roy A Private 10/2449
MCLEOD Donald Sinclair R Sergeant 19/174
MCLEOD Murdoch Horatio A Private 1/010
MCLEOD William Herbert A Private 10/2450
MCMAHON James Mark A Private 1/725
MCMAHON William A L/Corporal 24/245
MCMILLAN Donald Gordon A Gunner 2/59
MCMILLAN John James George A Trooper 11/1733
MCMILLAN Lewis Alexander A Private 10/2451
MCMILLIAN Robert Hugh A Sergeant 3/1181
MCMINN Walter Edwin A Sapper 4/250
MCMULLEN James A Private 8/2298
MCNAMARA John R Private 19/175
MCNEILLY Adam Rae A Private 3/29
MCNEISH Arthur William A Private 1/726
MCNULTY John Edward A L/Corporal 8/3339
MCPHERSON William Cameron R Private 19/176
MCQUARRIE Robert Stirrat A Captain 2/99
MEADOWS Mereweather R Private 19/184
MECHEN John R Private 19/183
MEECHAN Robert A S/Major 1/706
MEEKIN James A Sapper 4/343
MEIN George Frederick Coore A Private 6/2389
MELDRUM Alexander Francis A Private 1/541
MELGREN Alfred Julius A Private 1/708
MENCE Herbert R Private 19/185
MERCER Basil Ernest A Private 10/2236
MERCER Cyril Charles Noel A Private 1/454
MEREDITH John Montague R Private 19/186
MESSENGER Alfred Bazirs A Private 1/53
METCALFE Charles Septimus A L/Corporal 1/709
MIDGLEY Richard Samuel R Private 19/188
MILBURN Robert A Private 3/791
MILES Isaac A Private 6/2373
MILLAR Audley Charles Hyde A Corporal 1/467
MILLAR William Alexander R QMS 19/187
MILLER Alan A L/Corporal 1/405
MILLER Albert Francis R Lieutenant 19/189
MILLER Cecil William A Private 8/2292
MILLER David Olliver A Private 1/165
MILLS Ephraim A Private 1/710
MILLS Frederick A Sapper 4/204
MILLS James R Private 19/190
MILLWARD Lance William Geddis A Gunner 2/2200
MILNE Philip Alexander A Corporal 2/2201
MIO Hori A Private 1/195
MITCHELL Charles Newey A Lieutenant 2/102
MITCHELL James Howard A Private 1/335
MITCHELL Michael R Private 19/387
MITCHELL Stanley Hampton A Private 8/1896
MITCHELL Vincent A L/Corporal 4/287
MITCHELL William Lind R 2Lieutenant 23/1284
MOFFAT George Nelson R CSM 19/191
MOODY Leslie A Sapper 4/265
MOONEY Eugene Magnus Augustine A Sapper 4/264
MOORE George A Private 4/290
MOORE Harry A Private 8/2293
MOORE Henry Edward James A Corporal 2/2033
MOORE John Harold A Private 12/2541
MOORE Joseph Humbert A Private 1/149
MOORE Robert Charles Richard A Private 12/2585
MOORE William Henry A Private 10/2454
MORAN Edward A Private 1/300
MOREY Albert Victor R Private 19/192
MORGAN Daniel Le Cren A Sergeant 2/16
MORGAN Francis Harold A Sapper 4/44
MORGAN Henry David A Sergeant 10/2507
MORGAN Rees Owen A Private 12/2578
MORISON Gordon Leslie A Private 1/239
MORONEY Denis A Private 1/312
MORPETH Wilfred Graham A L/Corporal 10/2394
MORRIS Charles Henry R Private 19/319
MORRIS John Arthur A Corporal 8/4179
MORRIS Leslie Arthur A Private 12/3430
MORRIS William Frederick R Trooper 20/36
MORRISEY Patrick George R Private 19/193
MORRISON Arthur Ernest A Gunner 2/2207
MORRISON Bert Spencer R Private 19/361
MORRISON John R Private 19/362
MORRISON Joseph A S/Major 1/07
MORRISON Percival A Private 1/145
MORTON Charles Stewart (Stuart) A Sapper 4/17
MORTON Winfield A Gunner 2/56
MOSS Leslie George A Private 1/22
MUIR Edward Douglas A Sapper 4/47
MUIR Philip Colin A Gunner 2/62
MULCAHY William Henry R Private 19/194
MULLANY Charles Luke A Sergeant 4/183
MUNN Sidney A Private 1/82
MUNRO Henry A Private 10/2455
MUNRO John Henry Thomas A L/Corporal 1/39
MURPHY Bernard Egan A Gunner 2/63
MURRELL Sydney Allan A 2Lieutenant 1/557
MYERS Edward Ransom A Gunner 2/64
MYERS George Langley A Rifleman 24/1130
NASH Frederick A Sergeant 4/262
NATHAN Stanley David A Private 3/610
NATION George A Private 10/2255
NEAL William Charles A Corporal 2/65
NEAREY Edward A Private 1/728
NEELY James Blackwood A Captain 1/727
NEILL Redmond Barry A Major 15/130
NELSON Richard Thomas R Private 19/197
NELSON Roydon A Gunner 2/2498
NEVILLE Claude Clarence R Private 19/199
NEWBURY Bertram Douglas R Private 19/200
NEWMAN Albert Victor A L/Corporal 4/289
NEWMAN Reuben McCarthy A Private 1/69
NEWSTEAD Sydney Henry A Private 1/20
NEWTON Thomas Clark R Private 19/198
NICHOLAS George A L/Corporal 1/729
NICHOLAS Joseph A Private 8/2299
NICHOLSON George A Private 1/731
NICOL James Alexander A Private 3/30
NIMMO Alton James A Sergeant 1/537
NIXON John Morgan R Private 19/201
NOBLE Robert R Private 19/202
NOON John Joseph A Sapper 4/33
NORDEN Augustus Charles A Private 1/733
NORLING Augustus A Private 12/2586
NORMAN William John Nicholas A Private 1/734
OAKES John Henry R Private 19/203
O'BRIEN Algar Michael A Sapper 4/266
O'BRIEN Edward Anthony A Sapper 4/265
O'BRIEN John Edward William A Private 1/439
O'CARROLL Thomas A Private 10/1639
O'CONNELL Cornelius R Private 19/321
O'CONNOR George A Rifleman 23/245
O'CONNOR William Francis R Private 19/363
O'CONNOR William Leo A Private 1/227
O'DWYER James Joseph R/D Private 19/322
OFSOFSKI Frank A Private 18994
OHLSON Athol William Merril A Corporal 23/246
O'LEARY Jeremiah Cornelius A Private 10/2458
OLIPHANT Robert R Private 19/323
OLIVER Budge William A Private 10/2459
OLIVER Ernest A Private 8/2300
OLSEN George Olaf Albert R Private 19/204
OLSEN William John A Sapper 4/244
OLSON William R Private 19/205
O'MEARA James A Rifleman 23/865
O'NEILL Edward R Private 19/206
O'NEILL Henry Thomas A Sergeant 1/404
O'NEILL John R Private 19/207
O'NEILL Joseph George A Trooper 11/1621
O'NEILL Leslie Benjamin A Rifleman 24/546
ORCHARD Ernest R Private 19/208
ORMAN John Cecil A Gunner 2/93
ORME Harry R Private 19/209
OSBORNE James Ernest A Private 8/2301
OSBORNE Leslie Kenneth A Sapper 4/217
O'SHEA Thomas A L/Corporal 1/292
OWEN David R Private 19/210
OWEN Edward Charles Lee A Private 1/739
OWEN William Nelson A Private 1/741
PACKER Frederick William A Private 10/2460
PADDY Frederick Henry A Private 1/400
PAIN Comer Richard A Rifleman 23/1144
PAIN Reginald John A Private 1/743
PAISLEY Albert Durward A Private 1/230
PALMER William John R Trooper 20/37
PARKER Reginald R Private 1/511
PARKER Walter Edward A Sapper 4/209
PARKIN George Ivan Horace A Rifleman 24/1157
PARNUM Francis Joseph R Private 19/211
PARROTT Joseph A Private 8/1894
PARSONS Jack - Private 21083
PASSMORE Frederick Joseph A Gunner 2/66
PATERSON Alexander R Private 19/212
PATTERSON George Warren Shaw R L/Colonel -
PATTERSON William R Private 19/213
PATTISON Joseph R Private 19/214
PATTON Hugh Lindsay A Private 12/3121
PAUL Peter R Private 19/215
PAURINI Maui te Waru A Private 1/403
PAYNE Cecil Atkins R Private 15774
PAYNE Ernest Claude A Private 1/477
PAYNE Harold Howard A Private 1/502
PEACOCK Percy Wilson R Private 15/70a
PEARCE George William A Private 8/1895
PEEK Thomas Eric A Private 12/3442
PELHAM Sydney R Corporal 3/520
PENNO William Harold A Private 12/2542
PERKS Benjamin R Private 19/217
PERRIN Clarence A Private 3/916
PERRY Samuel A Sapper 4/221
PERSTON John Robertson A Sapper 4/958
PERYER Stanley Matson A Sapper 4/207
PETERSEN Bertram A Private 1/458
PETERSEN Herbert Andrews A Corporal 1/73
PETERSEN Percy Alexander A Sapper 4/105
PETERSON Basil A Private 1/530
PETHERICK George Albert Percival A Private 1/68
PETRIE Edward Robert Victor A Private 8/2374
PHILIP Richard Lyall Craik A Private 1/478
PHILIPS George Wilson A Private 1/236
PHILLIPS Henry A Sapper 4/286
PIERARD Harold A QMS 2/68
PIERCE George Wilfred A Sapper 4/336
PIGGALES Alfred Amos A Rifleman 24/1171
PILCHER Ernest Sydney A Private 1/032
PINCKNEY Foster Charles A L/Colonel 10/2395
PINWELL William Richard A Major -
PLAYER Frederick William A Private 1/520
PLEVER August Michael R Private 19/218
POINTON Reginald John A Rifleman 24/560
POINTON Rupert Roy A L/Corporal 1/402
POLE Roland Alfred A Private 3/59
POLLEN Norman Essex A Private 1/177
POPE Leo Gregory A Sapper 4/883
POPE Spencer Devenish R Private 19/220
PORRITT Ernest Edward R Major 3/2251
PORTEOUS John A Private 1/466
PORTER Frank Gerald A Private 1/278
POTTER Albert William R Private 3/521
POUNTNEY Ernest Reginald A Sergeant 12/2913
POWER Justin McCarthy A Lieutenant 5/501
POWLEY Alfred James A Captain 24/8
POYNTON David James A Driver 1/513
PREEN Ernest George R Private 19/221
PRESCOTT John Lawton A 2Lieutenant 24/1269
PRICE Philip Leonard R Private 19/222
PRIDEAUX Leo Meredith A Private 8/2303
PRITCHARD Alfred Tam A Sapper 4/189
PROFFITT William Reynolds A 2Lieutenant 24/548
PROUDE Robert Jackson - Sergeant 13555
PULSFORD Gilbert Finlay A Private 8/2304
PURDY George A LQM 3/715
PUTTICK Edward A Captain 23/5
PYE William Webber A Sapper 7/267
PYE-SMITH John Howard A Private 1/498
QUAINTON Frank R Private 19/223
QUAYLE Alex Stuart Douglas A Driver 5/19
QUIGLEY Middleton Stanley A Private 8/2305
QUINLAN Claude Patrick A Sergeant 12/2916
QUINN Charles A Private 1/491
QUINN Edward John Francis A Sapper 4/348
QUINNELL Alfred A Corporal 12/2184
RABE Harry A Private 1/315
RAPER Francis R Sergeant 20/21
RASMUSSEN John A Private 5/204
RATHBONE Sydney R Private 19/364
RAVEN Harold Cecil A Sapper 4/39
RAYMOND Francis William Kenrick A Private 1/446
RAYNES Henry George A Private 1/747
REABURN Colin A Private 3/801
READ Frederick James A Private 1/540
READ Ronald Macdonald A Gunner 2/69
REED Frederick William A Lieutenant 2/1999
REEVES Edward R Private 20/23
REEVES John Herbert A Private 3/1083
REID Robert James A Private 1/011
REID William Saunders R Private 19/226
RENFREW William Stobo R Private 19/227
REVELL Harold John A Corporal 4/100
RHODES Bert Athol A Private 1/123
RICE Wilfred Victor A Sapper 4/36
RICHARDS William Thomas A Sergeant 1/413
RICHARDSON Andrew William Alexander R Captain 19/228
RICHMOND Ernest Edwards A Private 1/54
RICKARDS Benjamin John Edward A Rifleman 24/1266
RICKETTS Hubert James A Driver 2/1664
RIDER William Charles Henry A Private 1/748
RIESOP Charles Roy A Corporal 4/251
RIGG Albert Bell A Sergeant 3/32
RILEY George R Private 19/1723a
RILEY George Calverley R Private 19/229
RISK Thomas Gray R Private 19/230
RIVERS Edward Ernest A Private 10/2267
ROACHE Joseph Garrett A Captain 23/1263
ROBBIE Archibald Frederick A Private 8/2308
ROBERTS Herbert John R Private 19/334
ROBERTS Joshua Stewart R Private 3/522
ROBERTS Thomas Victor A Trooper 13/337
ROBERTSON Alexander A Private 6/2390
ROBERTSON John Hector A Sergeant 1/175
ROBERTSON John Wilson A Private 1/103
ROBERTSON Percy James Eyre A Private 1/276
ROBERTSON Thomas McKenzie R Private 19/231
ROBERTSON William John A Private 10/2462
ROBERTSON William Radcliffe A Corporal 23/45
ROBINSON Archibald James A Private 10/2463
ROBINSON Cecil George Haselden A Private 1/338
ROBINSON Frederick McIntyre A Private 1/752
ROBINSON George James A Sapper 4/89
ROBINSON Harry A Trooper 9/751
ROBINSON Harry A Sapper 4/20
ROBINSON James R Private 19/365
ROBINSON John Joseph R Private 19/232
ROBINSON Joseph Bullerwell R Private 19/233
ROBINSON Richard A Private 10/2464
ROBINSON Richard Thomas R Private 19/234
ROCKETT Henry R Private 19/235
ROGERS Frederick A L/Corporal 1/26
ROGERS Lancelot Anthony A Private 1/811
ROGERS Morton A Driver 5/3
ROGERS William Henry A Gunner 1/3
ROGERSON Frederick A Sapper 4/57
ROLSTON Charles Ernest A Private 1/442
ROSCOE Edgar R Private 19/236
ROSE David Edward Lawrence A Driver 5/139
ROSE Roland Henry A Corporal 4/29
ROSS James A Private 8/2309
ROSS John McPherson R Private 3/2709
ROSS Lewis Douglas A Private 1/754
ROWBERRY Phelix Barton A Private 8/1897
ROWE Henry John A Private 241031
ROWE Thomas R Private 19/237
ROWLAND John Beetham A Sapper 4/226
ROWNEY John A Sergeant 23/901
RUGG William A Gunner 2/934
RUSHTON Erle Vivian A Private 3/804
RUSSELL John R Private 19/238
RUSSELL Keith Dudley A Private 1/125
RUTHERFORD Percy Albert A Private 1/757
RUTLEDGE Donald William A Private 12/2560
RYAN Edward Thomas A Rifleman 23/902
RYAN Lawrence A Private 8/2310
SADLER William R Private 19/239
SAMSON William A Sapper 4/819
SAPHIR Cyril Howard A Private 3/63
SAVAGE Lewis Bristow A Sapper 4/326
SAVILLE Samuel Thomas R Private 19/240
SAWERS David George A Private 1/180
SAXON Buller John Hicks A Corporal 2/1949
SAXTON Alfred Morley A Gunner 2/71
SCANLAN (SCANLON) Thomas A Sapper 4/341
SCANTLEBURY William Addison R Private 19/241
SCHOCH William George A QMS 2/7
SCHULENBURG James Thomson A Sergeant 3/33
SCOTT Archibald Neild A Sapper 4/197
SCOTT Charles R Private 10/1080
SCOTT Charles A Private 19/366
SCOTT Charles A Driver 5/370
SCOTT George William A L/Corporal 24/591
SCOTT Harold Robert A Gunner 2/2258
SCOTT Hedley Vickers A Private 1/41
SCOTT James Stanley A Sergeant 1/539
SCOTT John Ashworth A Sapper 4/220
SCOTT Leslie Gordon A Private 1/761
SCOTT Stephen - Private 19/395
SCOTT Sydney Herbert Gordon A Private 1/762
SCOTT Walter Ratcliff Hunter A Private 1/764
SCOULLAR William Arthur A Sergeant 24/946
SCRIMGEOUR John Graham R Private 19/242
SEABOURN Alexander Aitken A Rifleman 24/282
SEAGER Cecil George A Private 1/393
SECCOMBE Arthur Percy A Sapper 4/296
SEDDON George Hume A Private 8/2369
SEDDON John Stuart Spotswoode A Private 1/033
SEGRIEF Thomas Bernard A Captain 18/7
SELBIE Daniel Wederell A L/Corporal 1/763
SELLON Arthur Herbert R Private 19/243
SEWELL James Robert A Sergeant 24/1532
SHACKEL Sydney Stephen R Rifleman 33325
SHACKLETON William Henry A Private 3/64
SHARP James R Private 19/244
SHARPE Sydney Augustus A Private 8/2312
SHAW Gerald Edwin A Private -
SHAW William R Private 19/245
SHEA John Henry A Sapper 4/107
SHEEHAN Bartholomew Charles A Sergeant 3/34
SHELDON Herbert Humphrey R Trooper 20/24
SHELLEY Patrick Bysshe A Private 1/397
SHERBROOKE Arthur A Private 1/84
SHERNING Harry A Private 1/450
SHERWOOD Arthur Wallace A Private 1/231
SHIRLEY Hercules Harold Onslow A L/Corporal 4/106
SHIRLEY Rupert Wensley A L/Corporal 24/281
SHIRLEY William Edward R Sergeant 19/246
SHOLL Lionel William R Private 19/247
SHORT James A Lieutenant 9/1354
SIEVERS William Nicholas A Sergeant 2/2030
SILVER Gerald Morgan A Corporal 2/92
SILVERLOCK Edward R Private 19/248
SIM Hugh Campbell A Gunner 2/2539
SIM Wilfred Joseph A L/Corporal 1/409
SIMEON George Ernest A Captain 23/28
SIMEON Herbert Richard R Private 19/325
SIMMONDS Gilbert Harold A Private 3/806
SIMMONS Thomas Philip R Private 19/249
SIMMONS William Henchcliffe A QMS 23/659
SIMPSON Arthur Joseph A Private 1/538
SIMPSON David A Private 3/35
SIMPSON Edgar John R Sergeant 19/250
SIMPSON Francis Victor A Private 1/465
SIMPSON John Ford A Private 12/1505
SIMPSON Robert Wilson R Private 19/251
SIMS Cecil A Private 8/2314
SINEL Edwin John A Private 8/2315
SIRETT Gordon Leslie A Sapper 4/224
SLATTERY Gilbert Matthew A Private 12/3479
SLAUGHTER Hubert Victor A Sapper 4/215
SLOAN Thomas Clarence A Sapper 4/234
SLY Rupert Harold Stanley A Private 3/65
SMALL Albert Wilfred A Gunner 2/1291
SMALL Charles Raymond A Corporal 24/1487
SMALL George A Private 10/1657
SMART George R Private 19/252
SMITH Albert William R Rifleman 25339
SMITH Bernard Arthur A L/Corporal 4/223
SMITH Charles R Private 3/524
SMITH Charles R Private 19/253
SMITH Cyril Victor A Driver 5/386
SMITH Edward John R Private 19/254
SMITH Francis William A Private 6/2375
SMITH Frank Harrison A Sapper 4/239
SMITH John R Private 19/255
SMITH John Edward Valentine R Trooper 33326
SMITH John Overton A Private 8/2317
SMITH Leonard A Corporal 2/15
SMITH Leonard Andrew A Sapper 4/25
SMITH Leonard Harry A Rifleman 23/2098
SMITH Leonard Henry A Private 1/135
SMITH Leslie John Ernest A Sapper 4/46
SMITH Robert Charles R Captain 19/256
SMITH Stephen John A Sergeant 1/499
SMITH Wilfred R Private 19/257
SMITH William James A Bombardier 2/2546
SMITH William John A Private 1/461
SMOLENSKI Augustus R Private 19/258 (12651)
SMYRK Edward William A Sapper 4/291
SMYTH Nathan Kellett A Private 1/034
SOUTH Arthur Edwin A L/Corporal 1/171
SPEARMAN Charles Lawrence Alexander A Private 10/2470
SPENCER Kenneth Reilly A Rifleman 24/584
SPENCER Robert Theophilus A Sapper 4/192
SPINLEY Frederick Thomas A Private 1/771
SPOONER Edward James A L/Corporal 10/2396
SPOONER Lucius Henry R Corporal 19/259
SPOTSWOOD James Gilchrist A Private 8/2318
SPRINGETT William R Private 3/526
SPRY Palmer Otto A Hon Captain 4/48
SQUIRE John Strathon Gilmore A Private 3/1131
ST GEORGE Eric Varnham A Private 1/432
STAINTON Alfred Ernest A Private 3/807
STANDEN Cecil A Sapper 4/228
STANISLAUS Vincent R Private 19/260
STANLEY Boyd Thomson A Sapper 4/225
STANYER Charles A Sapper 4/310
STAPLES Arthur John Ernest A Private 1/181
STEEDMAN James William R Private 19/261
STEEL David Malcolm A Private 12/3482
STEELE Montague A 2Lieutenant 12/2917
STEERS Hugh Albert A Sapper 4/344
STENBERG Harold Walter A Sergeant 24/294
STENT Edwin Joseph D - 84722
STEVENS Archibald R Lieutenant 19/262
STEVENS Arthur A Private 1/21
STEVENS William R Private 25340
STEVENS William Ernest A Private 1/396
STEWART Albert James A Private 1/269
STEWART Archie Arthur Colin R Private 19/263
STEWART Donald Tasman A Private 3/36
STEWART Eric George Duncan A Sergeant 11/1650
STEWART Herbert Leslie A Driver 5/353
STEWART Malcolm Reid A L/Corporal 12/2568
STEWART Norman Alister R Private 5/197
STEWART Walter A Private 1/777
STEWART William John R Private 19/264
STIDOLPH Frederick Hongi Rewi A L/Corporal 10/1664
STILWELL Arthur Ernest A Driver 5/380
STIRRAT Douglas Gillespie A Gunner 2/73
STOBO James Atkinson R Private 19/265
STOCK Louis Noel A Driver 5/355
STOCKS Robert R Private 19/266
STOKES George R Private 19/267
STOUT Thomas Duncan McGregor A Captain 3/3
STRATFORD Ernest Frederick R Private 5/198
STRATFORD Joseph William A L/Corporal 10/2397
STRICKLAND Frederick A Private 1/488
STRICKLAND Joseph A L/Corporal 1/15
STRONG Leonard Oliver A Corporal 3/1286
STRONG Percy Alfred A Private 1/780
STROWTS Walter Karslake R Private 19/268
STRUTHERS William R Private 19/269
STUART Alexander William Douglas R Trooper 25344
STUBBS Horace A Private 1/468
STURMER Ernest Hugh A Private 12/2536
SULLIVAN Richard R Private 19/271
SUMNER John William R Private 19/326
SURGENOR Robert Joshua A Private 1/329
SUTCLIFFE Alfred A Private 1/781
SUTHERLAND Thomas A Corporal 4/254
SUTHERLAND William Albert A Sapper 4/102
SWAINE Richard R Corporal 25346
SWAN James Donald A Lieutenant 5/368
SWANN John R L/Corporal 20/26
SWINBURNE Samuel Ernest A Private 3/956
SYME Robert Andrew A Sapper 4/235
SYME Stanley Vincent R Private 19/272
SYMES Charles William A Private 1/58
SYMONDS Charles James A Corporal 4/248
TAGG Harry Graves A L/Corporal 1/42
TAIT Kenneth James A Sergeant 1/185
TANGNEY Bartholomew A 2Lieutenant 25/62
TAPPER Kenneth Edwin A Captain 3/2
TATE Arthur A Private 12/3490
TAYLOR Amos Matthew George A Sergeant 4/302
TAYLOR Christian John R Private 19/273
TAYLOR George A Private 1/524
TAYLOR Harold James R - 33334
TAYLOR Herbert Noel A Sergeant 1/035
TAYLOR Ian Youngson A Driver 5/5
TAYLOR Peter Alexander A Sapper 4/188
TAYLOR Samuel A Corporal 1/784
TAYLOR Wallace Barratt A Driver 2/1207
TAYLOR William A QMS 1/036
TEAGUE Charles Frederick R Private 19/274
TEAGUE William Montague A Driver 5/12
TEMPLE Stanley Frederick A Sergeant 23/1252
TETLEY Frederick R Private 19/275
THOMAS James Henry A Sapper 4/261
THOMAS Llewellyn R Private 19/276
THOMAS Richard Percy A Sapper 4/271
THOMAS William Henry Hocking R Trooper 20/27
THOMPSON Clarence Dornford A Private 3/38
THOMPSON Eric Dudley A Bombardier 2/74
THOMPSON Frank George Clifford A Private 10/2471
THOMPSON James Henry A L/Corporal 13/2379
THOMPSON John A Private 1/493
THOMPSON Oswald Gerald A Private 1/33
THOMPSON Peter A Private 3/67
THOMPSON Stanley Bowie A QMS 23/1305
THOMPSON Thomas R Private 20/28
THOMSON Bruce Howard Neil A Private 3/931
THOMSON George A Private 1/786
THOMSON James Douglas A Private 12/2572
THOMSON Stanley Bowie A QMS 23/1305
THOMSON William R Private 19/278
THORN Cecil Walter A L/Corporal 1/142
THORNTON Walter A Gunner 2/2559
THORPE David James Gates A Corporal 1/788
THRUPP George Edward A Private 10/3409
TICKNER William Thomas A Private 1/790
TIDMAN Arthur A Private 10/3410
TINNELLY Charles Francis Joseph A Private 1/184
TITCHENER Walter A Private 1/789
TOLE Daniel Joseph Augustus A 2Lieutenant 6/2896
TOMKINS William Griffin A Private 1/430
TOMLINE Gordon Hammond A Gunner 1/482
TONER Henry A Rifleman 23/937
TONGE Charles Henry A Sapper 4/270
TONKS Eric A Corporal 24/315
TOSHACK William R Private 19/279
TOTHILL Compton A Private 8/2320
TOTTENHAM Arthur Loftus A Captain 0/5
TOVELL Robert Gray R Corporal 3/1377
TOWERS Bertie James R Rifleman 12/1519
TRACEY Thomas R/D Private 19/280
TREBILCO Thomas Reginald Norman R Private 19/344
TREDEGAR Henry R Private 19/281
TREMBATH Reginald Carlyle A Private 12/2579
TREVARTHEN Henry William A Private 12/2138
TREVELYAN George Arthur A Corporal 1/723
TRINDER Charles R Private 19/282
TRUSTER George Henry Septimus A Private 12/1521
TUCKER Frederick George A Driver 5/358
TUCKER John A Sapper 4/877
TULLOCK George Arthur A Gunner 2/89
TUNLEY Cornish A Private 1/392
TURNBULL William Ivan A Corporal 2/75
TURNER Charles Harcourt A L/Colonel 1/04
TURNER Daniel R Private 19/284
TURNER Edmond Charles A Private 8/2321
TURNER Francis Allen A Gunner 2/85
TWOMEY John Christopher A Private 3/80
TWOMEY Thomas A Private 1/263
TYPE Francis Charles A Private 1/31
UPFILL Frederick Lindsay A Sapper 4/337
UPHAM Frederick Edward A Private 1/132
UPHAM William R Private 19/285
UPTON Leonard Ernest A Private 6/1423
URE Ernest Harold A Driver 5/439
URQUHART Harry A L/Corporal 1/261
VAUGHAN Vernon Eustace A Private 8/2322
VEALE Allan Adolphus A Private 6/2475
VENABLES Thomas A Private 1/798
VERNEY Frederick John A Private 8/2323
VERNON Thomas William R Corporal 19/286
VEYSEY Roy R Driver 4/199
VIAL Alan Herbert A Gunner 2/1684
VIAL Robert Forster A Corporal 2/88
VIBERT Ralph Ainger A Private 1/797
VICTOR Charles R Private 19/288
VIVIAN Herbert A Private 1/556
VON KEISENBERG Arthur Otto R Private 1/8
VOSPER Edwin John Levelis A Sapper 4/212
VOYLE Leonard Harry A Corporal 5/1
WAGG George Thomas Keep A Private 3/68
WAKELIN Bertram Raphael A Bombardier 2/1546
WAKELIN Eric Ferrars A Gunner 2/2285
WALKER Alan Innes A 2Lieutenant 23/21
WALKER Charles Edwin Sudbury A Sapper 4/56
WALKER Clarence Wilfred A Driver 5/360
WALKER Theo A Gunner 2/78
WALKER Thomas Wilson A Private 1/506
WALLACE James Edward R L/Corporal 20/29
WALLACE John Roderique A L/Corporal 8/3172
WALLIS Edward R Private 19/289
WALSH John R Sergeant 19/290
WALTER John Bruno A Private 3/39
WARD Charles Kay A Hon Lieutenant 3/71
WARD Roland Leslie A Private 8/2325
WARD Samuel William A Private 1/522
WARDEN Colin Airlie A Private 12/1114
WARDROP William R Corporal 20/30
WARMAN Harry R Private 19/291
WATKIS James Bulckley R Lieutenant 20/35
WATSON James Browning A Private 8/2326
WATSON Robert McKenzie A Corporal 1/43
WATSON Roy Cameron A Gunner 2/1690
WATT William Stanley A L/Corporal 6/3522
WATTAM Robert Ernest A Sapper 4/273
WATTERS Allan James A Private 1/411
WATTY Frederick James R Trooper 20/31
WEBB Arthur Frederick A Private 1/436
WEBSTER Ralph Longston R Private 19/1217
WEIR Gerald Hill A QMS 1/14
WELLER Percy Charles A Private 1/799
WELLS Harold R Private 19/367
WELLS-SMAILES George R Chaplain 19/2131
WELSH Paul A Private 10/2472
WEST Alfred Thomas A Sergeant 21/3
WEST Benjamin A Sergeant 4/19
WHALLEY George A Private 3/40
WHITBURN Eric Douglas A Private 2/1536
WHITE Charles Wilfred Stewart A Sapper 4/208
WHITE James R Private 19/294
WHITE Robert Leonard A Sapper 4/202
WHITE Trevor Watts A Corporal 4/960
WHITE Walter Alric A Sapper 4/96
WHITEHEAD Archibald Adolphus A Driver 5/17
WHITELAW Leonard Clarence A Sapper 4/21
WHITFORD Albert A Private 1/801
WHITFORD Percy Raymond A Bombardier 2/80
WHITTINGTON Frederick William R Private 19/295
WHITTLESTON Claude Tasman A Sapper 4/213
WIGGINS Kenneth Esmond A Gunner 2/2305
WILBERFOSS Robert Roger A Private 1/290
WILBERFOSS Thomas William Clarkson A Private 3/730
WILFORD George McLean A 2Lieutenant 23/24
WILKIE George A Sergeant 23/644
WILKINSON Rogers William A Captain 8/810
WILLIAMS Bertram Victor A Private 10/2473
WILLIAMS Charles Frederick Frengrove A Private 8/2376
WILLIAMS Claude William A Private 1/803
WILLIAMS James R Private 19/296
WILLIAMS James Alexander A Private 12/2561
WILLIAMS John Wakefield A Private 3/41
WILLIAMS Llewellyn A Sapper 4/281
WILLIAMS William R Private 19/297
WILLIAMSON Herbert Milne A Corporal 4/216
WILLIAMSON John Henry A L/Corporal 1/809
WILLIAMSON William James A Gunner 2/82
WILLIS Thomas R Private 19/298
WILLS Earl Clifford A Private 8/2327
WILLSTEED William Bennett A Private 8/2371
WILMAN Charles A Private 1/146
WILSON Alexander James A Private 12/2562
WILSON Arthur George Halliday A Private 10/2474
WILSON Frederick William A L/Corporal 6/2365
WILSON Harold Woodburn A Private 1/310
WILSON Hugh R Private 19/299
WILSON John Oscar A Sapper 4/277
WILSON Percy Frederick A Trooper 11/1630
WILSON William Dodd A L/Corporal 4/346
WILSON William Thomas Harold A Private 3/815
WILTON Norman Aubrey A Corporal 2/97
WINDERS George Hunter R/D Private 19/300
WINDERS Nicholas Joseph R Corporal 17/399
WINEGAR Frederick A Private 1/806
WINTER John Henry A Trooper 11/941
WINTER Robert Gardiner A Sapper 4/203
WISE Victor John A Gunner 2/2303
WISELY Herbert Oscar A Rifleman 24/329
WISEMAN Reginald A L/Corporal 12/2538
WISHART George Alexander A Private 1/813
WITHERS Alfred John A Driver 5/26
WITHERS Arthur James Theodore A Private 3/816
WITHERS Edward Oscar A Driver 5/18
WITHERS Tom R Driver 5/200
WITHINGTON Richard George A Private 1/240
WIXON Edmund Arthur A Bombardier 2/12
WOLLERMAN Herman Frederick Augustus A Lieutenant 1/816
WOOD Frank Fulton A Private 8/2328
WOOD George R Corporal 19/302
WOOD John R Private 19/303
WOOD Rupert Cecil A Private 1/92
WOOD William Arthur R Driver 5/201
WOODFORD Claude Albert Curtis A Private 1/56
WOODWARD Charles Burgess A Private 1/244
WOODWARD William Harold A Sapper 4/332
WOOLLETT William Henry A Sapper 4/279
WORSFOLD Alexander A Private 1/429
WORTLEY William Thomas Chas R Private 20/32
WRIGHT Charles R Private 19/335
WRIGHT Frederick Blake A Private 8/2329
WRIGHT Herbert Victor A Private 1/345
WRIGHT Hubert Havard A Major 34197
WRIGHT William A Private 6/2376
WRIGHT William George Kenneth A Sergeant 4/12
WRIXON Edward R Private 19/368
WYNYARD William Kawihi A Driver 5/364
YALLOP George William A Sergeant 3/42
YEATS Douglas Duncan Mearns A Private 12/2593
YOUNG Albert Victor A Private 1/11
YOUNG Frederick Clarence A Private 1/126
YOUNG James Alexander A Private 10/2476
YOUNG John Barclay A Private 1/434
YOUNG Reginald Moreton R Private 19/369
ZORN Rudolph A Private 1/317

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