June 17th 2000-Murdock Day will be celebrated at Redruth. In celebration of the discovery of gas light by William Murdock at Redruth.

 June 23rd 2000- Bonfires lit on St John's Eve-Traditional Midsummer bonfire ceremonies organised by Old Cornwall Societies are held each year. A chain of bonfires are lit on hill tops from Chapel Carn Brea, near Lands End, to Kit Hill Callington.

There are reports of midsummer bonfire ceremonies going back centuries, but the custom was revived in its present form in the 1920s. The reason it is held on St John's Eve is that the old pagan ceremonies to mark the midsummer were christianised, and linked to the nearest saint's day.

The hills that are used for these bonfires were also used for an old form of signaling ie. attack such as the Napoleonic War and the Spanish Armada. Through a chain of beacons including church towers (see Paul Church) we are told it was possible to advise London in twenty minutes of an invasion.

June 24th & 25th -Golowen Festival Penzance.

June 27th 2000-St Kevern commemoration of the Blackheath Rebellion.

July 1st 2000- "Bodmin Riding" annual event re-enacting the hanging of the Mayor of Bodmin after the Prayer Book rebellion.

July 29th 2000-Celebrations at memorial stone to the Pray Book Rebellion Fenny Bridges Devon.

September 2nd 2000-The Ceremony of the Gorsedd. Will be held in Falmouth.

It is the first time the Gorsedd has visited Falmouth, and the ceremonies will be at Falmouth Community School, Trescobeas Road. with a concert later at all Saints Church.

September 3rd 2000-Following the Gorsedd on the 2nd a service in the Cornish language will be held at Falmouth Methodist Church situated on the Moor.

December 2000-Throughout the Christmas period many towns and villages will be decorated with lights but the most outstanding is Mousehole a harbour village between Penzance and Lands End. Being cut in the cliff and the lights being not only in the harbour but on the tops of the houses. The lights were switched of the tragic year of the loss of the Solomon Brown lifeboat. They are switched off every year on the anniversary for a period out of respect.

March 5th 2001-St Pirans Day Celebrations, march over the sands at Perranporth to St Pirans Oratory, meet at Haven Leisure Holiday Camp car Park, Perranporth.

The Cornish tinners, celebrated St Piran's festival with great fervor. The 1759-64 cost -book of the Great Work Mine in the parishes of Breage and Germoe lists allowance of a shilling to the men and sixpence to the boys out at Perran-tide. Canon Doble records, a man "of unsteady step and festive appearance " was called a Perraner.

However we choose today especially to fly the St Piran Flag of Cornwall with pride. We hope our Cornish Cousins throughout the World will do the same.

March 6th 2001-St Piran parade in Truro.

Shrove Tuesday 2001-The ancient game of hurling at St Columb Major.

April 25th-Towednack holds the annual "Cuckoo Feast" with a fiddler leading the procession from the church door.

It originates from a legend telling of a local farmer who, at a party, caught and kept a cuckoo that flew out of a hole in a log that he had placed on the fire. He vowed that he would thereafter hold a feast to celebrate the event.

April 30th 2001-Trevithick Day will be celebrated at Camborne. Cornwall's famous son Trevithick who developed the first steam engine.

May 1st 2001-Padstow 'Obby Orse'.

May 8th 2001-Helston Flora Day. 7.00 a.m. The First Dance. 8.30 a.m. The Hal-an-Tow. 10.15 a.m. The Childrens Dance. 12 noon. The Principal Dance of the Day. 5.00 p.m. The Evening and Last Dance of The Day.

 May 2002 - DEHWELANS

Grand Homecoming to Cornwall See