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Disclaimer & Release of Liability

I understand that the Spearin Surname Project is a project established by Maurice Gleeson to test genetically, by commercial means, the y-chromosomal DNA of participants and to compare the results with those of like surnames and with those of Spearin or variant surnames. I also understand the possibility that a participant's y-chromosomal DNA will not match that of others with the same surname where adoption, false paternity, or other reasons happened in the participant's immediate family or backward in time in the ancestral line.

In consideration of this right to participate in the Spearin Surname Project and with full knowledge of these possibilities as outlined above, and intending to be legally bound, I hereby agree for myself and on behalf of all of my family and heirs to RELEASE Maurice Gleeson from any and all liability, claims, demands or any causes of action, and NOT TO SUE OR OTHERWISE MAKE ANY CLAIM against Maurice Gleeson whatsoever which may arise during my participation in the Spearin Surname Project. I assume full responsibility for any risk occurring from my participation. I understand that Maurice Gleeson will make reasonable efforts to protect the identity of the participant where the test results show a participant's y-chromosomal DNA will not match that of others with the same surname. I give Maurice Gleeson the right to see and copy my results and understand that Maurice Gleeson will make sure that I receive a copy of my test results.

I also agree to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD Maurice Gleeson HARMLESS from all claims, judgments, expenses and costs, including but not limited to attorney's fees, incurred in connection with any claims brought as a result of my participation in the Spearin Surname Project and which are released by the terms of this agreement.

This RELEASE AND WAIVER is given in the interests of permitting the Spearin Surname Project to go forward in the genealogical testing of this participant and of permitting Maurice Gleeson to serve the quest of the Spearin and variant surname families for genealogical relationship data through genetic testing as outlined above. This RELEASE AND WAIVER is further given to enable Maurice Gleeson and all the families to figure out if all the different genetic clusters are related and at what point in time that did or did not occur. Further, this RELEASE AND WAIVER is given to enable Maurice Gleeson to feel free to donate his services and time in organizing this project without fear of liability. My release is given in exchange for being a participant in this project. This RELEASE AND WAIVER has no expiration date.

April 2011

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Information and data obtained from the Spearin Surname Project must be attributed to the project as outlined in the Creative Commons License. Please notify administrator when using data for public or private research. 

Last update: April 2011

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