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Making a Start

You can find some general instructions on how to start your family tree at the following websites:

  • Researching your Caribbean family history - an article by Kate Carter (2007) that discusses how to start, where some of the main records are for people who migrated from the caribbean to the UK, and some useful discussion about DNA.
  • Tracing Caribbean Roots from the UK - some useful hints, tips, and links on the MovingHere website. There are also some useful links to sources for Caribbean records.
  • Family Tree Forum has some useful advice on Caribbean genealogy and also links to a lot of records  

These YouTube videos from FamilySearch give a gentle introduction to starting your family tree:

Other YouTube videos: 

  • Rootstech 2013 videos - Rootstech is an annual conference run by FamilySearch that covers many aspects of genealogical research for the beginner and the advanced genealogist. These are videos of each of the sessions.
  • A clip from the programme Who Do You Think You Are featuring celebrity chef Ainsley Herriot and how he started his search into his family's history in Jamaica.

There are a variety of software programmes and websites (many of them free) that you can use to help you document your family tree and share it with others. Here are a few suggestions for you to explore:

  • A free version of Family Tree Maker (with TreeSync) is available in German or Swedish - it is called Family Tree Maker World Express. Hopefully an English version will be available soon.


We also know the word free is slightly misrepresented by the fact all the programs require payment to upgrade to a full version. 

GRAMPS is always free. There is no paid version of GRAMPS. The full program is available free of charge and it is a rather good one. It has versions available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. For details, see http://gramps-project.org/

GeneWeb is also 100% free, there is no paid version. It works in a web browser so it can be used on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Details may be found at http://www.geneanet.org/

MyHeritage, Legacy Family Tree, and RootsMagic all have dual versions: free and paid. However, with all three programs, the free versions are excellent. Many people use the free versions forever and and find them to be all they need. Upgrading to the pro versions does add extra functionality but many users never see any reason to upgrade.


Making a Start

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Irish surnames in the Caribbean

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