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Joining the DNA Project

There are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled if you want to be involved in the DNA project. Each application will be reviewed by the Project Administrator and if there are any questions you will receive an email.

You can only join the DNA Project if:

  1. you have an Irish surname
  2. AND you live in the Caribbean or can trace your ancestry back to the Caribbean
  3. AND you can provide your Irish surname line back as far as you can go (e.g. a link to your online family tree)

Before you join, you should read the section on What to expect from your results and the Disclaimer. Then, once you understand what to expect, you can click here to join the DNA project.

Here are some important considerations that you should be aware of:

  • An entry-level Y-DNA test will cost you $49 (US) and in many cases will tell you if your Y-DNA is likely to be Irish, African, or some other ethnicity. This is a 12-marker test. In order to match with cousins, a 37-marker Y-DNA test is recommended and this will cost you $149 (US) if you order via the project. However, it is recommended that you do the 12-marker test first ($49) and upgrade to the 37-marker test later ($99). The price will be the same whichever way you do it (in fact it is 1 dollar cheaper if you do it via the upgrade route).
  • It may be possible to get sponsorship for your DNA test if you have a particular surname. Details of surnames that are currently being considered for sponsorship are included on the Sponsored Surnames page.
  • If you have Caribbean ancestry but do not have an Irish surname, then an alternative project that you might like to join is the Caribbean Y project at FTDNA.
  • If you do not have Caribbean ancestry yourself but have an Irish surname and either live in Ireland or can trace your ancestry to Ireland, you can join this project if you have been tested yourself and are willing to sponsor a Y-DNA-37 marker test for someone from the Caribbean with the same surname as yourself. Please contact the Project Administrator for details. Additionally, you may wish to join the Ireland Y-DNA Project at FTDNA.
  • If your DNA results indicate that you are an exact or close match with someone in the FTDNA database who shares your surname, then that person may be invited to join the project by the Project Administrator.
  • If your DNA results indicate that you do not have an Irish genetic signature, the Project Administrator will work with you to join other projects that may help you continue your journey of ancestral discovery. 

What is DNA and how can it help?

How DNA can help pinpoint your Ancestral Homeland

How DNA can connect you with distant cousins

Joining the DNA Project

What to expect from your results

Sponsored Surnames

Seeking Sponsorship List

The DNA Results

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