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  • Sept 2011 - Prelminary FTDNA results indicate that families IRL4 (DUB1) and CAN7 (ON2) are genetically related to Genetic Family 1 (GF1). Both these families can now claim ancestry back to London in the 1500's.
  • Aug 2011 - Two Mail Shots were undertaken, one in Ireland, one in Australia. Those replying joined the Facebook group and further work is ongoing to clarify the MDKA (Most Distant Known Ancestor) and whether or not it is likely that they are related to the Limerick Spearin's.
  • July 2011 - DNA Heritage 43-marker test results were migrated to FTDNA giving 3 DNA Heritage members the equivalent of the FTDNA 25-marker panel.
  • July 2011  - 3 additional people signed up to be DNA tested - from Ireland (Cork), Maine (Benton), and Ontario (Toronto).
  • June 2011 - Many documents added to the Storyteller section
  • June 2011 - A project member from the Dublin Spierin's has ordered his test kit (from family DUB01) 
  • June 2011 - After several weeks of speculation, it now looks like project members who tested with DNA-Heritage will now have their results transferred to FTDNA for free. 
  • June 2011 - The haplogroup of GF1 (genetic Family 1) is I2b1, subgroup Cont1, the continental subgroup of I2b1. This is simply a group of individuals that have similar marker values, many of whom have origins in continental Europe - as opposed to the Isles subgroup, in which most members have roots in the British Isles. This is in keeping with an origin for this branch of Spearin's in Flanders (Northern France / Belgium / Netherlands).
  • May 2011 - Spearin/Spearing group and Spearin Surname Project group set up on Facebook
  • May 2011 - website details and link sent to mailing lists & message boards in Ireland, US, Canada, Australia and South Africa.
  • April 2011 - website up and running; DNA heritage shuts down (results to be migrated to FTDNA); 2 additional candidates agree to test
  • March 2011 - 2 additional members found on FTDNA (both tested some years previously); 1 matches the other 4 (haplogroup I2b), 1 is a distinct genetic family (haplogroup R1b1a2)
  • Feb 2011 - first DNA results start coming through after a substantial delay from the lab; first 4 members match very closely; estimated Haplogroup I1c; 1 member does additional test with FTDNA which estimates haplogroup as I2b
  • Dec 2010 - the first 4 members undertook Y-DNA testing with DNA Heritage

May 2011

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