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My ancestry journey started with a common phrase in my family, “They’re your cousin, not sure how.” That always made me wonder, how they are my cousins.

With a few names I started researching. This is only 1 year in the making.

My ancestry is African American and from Pasquotank and Camden County, North Carolina. Our surnames are SPENCE, LOWRY/LAURY/LOWERY/LOWREY, BANKS, MCCOY & WILLIAMS.

Two sisters married two brothers is how our family became double related.

Bessie LOWRY was born 1911 in Pasquotank, NC. She died 3 May 1998. Married Aaron Edward SPENCE (B: 1907, D: 1972).

Rosa Jane LOWRY was born 1895 in Pasquotank, NC. She died 1958. She married Enoch SPENCE (B: 1895, D: 1935).

Both LOWRY women were the daughters of Williams M. LOWRY (B: 1871, D: 1936) and Harriet Ann BANKS (B: 1869, D: 1937).

Both SPENCE men were the sons of Aaron Edward SPENCE of Pasquotank, NC (B: 1853, D: 1920) and Cora McCoy of Camden, NC (B: 1892, D: 1922).

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