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Alexander Aitken Spilman
October 09, 1893 - December 17, 1933 Clear Lake, IA

Wedding photo 1913 with Anne Mary Katz

Alexander Aitken Spilman was the 8th child and youngest son of Dan and Thea Spilman
In June of 1893 Dan's brothers George and Alexander Aitken Spilman came from England to visit with Dan and travel in America.  They went all the way to California before returning home.  Since Dan's son Alexander Aitken Spilman was born only a few months latter, we assume that Dan named him after his brother.  Alexander Aitken was the maternal Grandfather for Dan and his brother Alexander.  Below is a photo of Dan's brother, Alexander Aitken Spilman - and their Grandfather Alexander Aitken from Scotland.

Dan's brother, Alexander Aitken Spilman of England 1850-1927 Alexander Aitken 1776-1865. Dan's maternal Grandfather from Scotland.

Alexander Spilman married Anne Mary Katz in 1913 in Iowa.  Alex suffered a heart attack at the age of 40 and died December 17, 1933 in Clear Lake, IA.  He had been a farmer and it is assumed that the 100 acres being farmed in 1939 by his son Lloyd Spilman, was part of his inheritance from Alex's father Dan.  In 1936 Harry's ( brother to Alex) wife died.  Eventually Anne Mary Katz Spilman married Harry.

Alexander and Anne Mary had three children:

  1. Marion Thea Spilman March 13, 1914-August 15, 1987 married Vern William Barlow
    A. Vern Barlow, Jr. (Janet Ann Jorgenrud)
        a. Adam Luther Barlow (Ana Carla DeLima Silva)
        b. Adele Lynette Barlow (Bryon Ramon Granmo)
            1. Marit Deanna Granmo
        c. DeAnn Lisa Barlow (Kurt Richard Martinson)

    B. Kaye Leon Barlow (Connie Mae Hanna)
        a. Roxanne Kay Barlow
        b. LaVerne William Barlow (Angela Shenise Porter)
            1. Gabrielle Bethany Barlow
            2. Bryce Leon Barlow
            3. Garrett Lane Barlow
        c. Annette Susanne Barlow (Michael Anthony Preville)
            1. Savannah Kay Preville
        d. Russell DeVere Barlow  (Debra JoAnn Foster)
            1. Michael A. Foster
            2. Brandi Jolynn Barlow
        e. Allen Jeffrey Barlow (Lisa Renna Owens)
            1. Tyler Allan Barlow

    C. Steven Ray Barlow (Judy)
        a. Myste Barlow
        b. Tammy Barlow
        c. Michell Barlow

    D. Roland Gene Barlow (Connie Joan Fraizer)
        a. Angela Barlow 1968-1968
        b. Brian Barlow
        c. Jennifer Barlow

  2. Lloyd Alexander Spilman January 02, 1916-November 07, 1969 married Gladys "Myke" Jeanette Myklestad
    A. Sheryl Ann Spilman (Tim Johnson)
    B. Katherine Sue Spilman (Dennis Baker 1948-2014)
        a. Liz Baker
        b. Amanda Baker
    C. Carol Rae Spilman (Lee Chaifetz)


  3. Elsie Mae Spilman September 06, 1917-April 02, 1994 married Shirley Alexander Coe 1914-1982
        A. Gary Lloyd Coe 1943-2005 (Judith Kruggel)
            a. Michael D. Coe 1971-1971
            b. Megan Coe
            c. Mindy Coe (Jeff Griffin)
            d. Gary Coe
        B. Linda Ann Coe
        C. Donald Floyd Coe
        D. Elaine Coe
        E. Diane Coe

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Daniel , Jr.




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-Dan's marriage to Thea Anderson and his farm in Clear Lake, IA
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