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Annie Spilman
August 30, 1886 - September 21, 1970

Anne Spilman and Earl Eastman's wedding photo in 1911
photo courtesy of Anne Cooper

1951  Earl and Annie's 40th Wedding Anniversary
photo courtesy of Anne Cooper

Annie (Spilman) Eastman inherited about 78 acres of farmland from her father in 1915.  She also operated a dress shop in Iowa.

Annie and Earl had three children pictured below:

Photo of the Eastman children.  Courtesy Ann Wood in England
Left to right Donald, Thea (Vi) and Carroll Eastman

  1. Thea Violet Eastman August 25, 1913 married Robert Leroy White and had 5 children
    A. Robert White Jr. 1937-1983 (Phyllis Elaine Peterson)
        1. John Phillip White
        2. Jenny Lynn White
        3. Jacqueline Ann White
        4. Jeff Lowell White
        5. Janet Rose White
        6. Joanne Mari White

  2. Donald Spilman Eastman October 23, 1915-February 1985 Clear Lake, IA married Liberty Stevens 1937
    A. Millus Anne Eastman (Roger Charlson) 1938-2007 IA
        1. Stephan Edward Charlson (Alison)
        2. Anne Charlson (Matthew Paul)
        3. Carolyn Kay Charlson (Mike Ferry)
        4. Susan Elaine Charlson
    B. Earl James Eastman 1939-1989 IA
    - Donald's second wife Myra Aileen York 1914-1997 married 1946
    C. Miriam Eileen Eastman (Larry Weide)

  3. Carroll Anna Eastman born November 07, 1918 married Ben Theo Tracet and they had one son.
    A. David Tracet (Julie Ann Hayden)
        1. Jammie Lynn Tracet
        2. Teri Lou Tracet
        3. Toby Louise Tracet
        4. Tonya Lee Tracet

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Daniel , Jr.




Daniel Spilman 1848-1915 - Life in England before going to the United States.
-Birth Certificate,   Sloop Walcot, Whitton Windmill, Map of North Lincolnshire to America 1870.
Letters from America back to England
-Dan's marriage to Thea Anderson and his farm in Clear Lake, IA
  Marriage Certificate, 1912 plat map, Photo of Thea, Thea's death certificate
-Dan and Thea Spilman's children  photos 1893, 1898, 1961