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Daniel Spilman, Jr.
December 26, 1888-May 31, 1974

Daniel Jr. and his wife Alphena Thompson
Wedding photo December 07, 1910

Daniel Spilman, Jr. was the 6th child of Dan and Thea Spilman.  Dan Jr. took over the family farm in 1908 when his father retired and moved to Burchinal, Iowa.  He bought additional land and by 1939 had almost 450 acres and lived at the "Home Place".

Dan Spilman, Jr. and his grandson David on the Home Place1944

The Home Place. This view is from the NE as you come up a long winding driveway.  The gray building was a scale house (they would weigh wagons of grain in there) and later became a garage.  Timber and pasture lie to the North.  The pond lies to the SW.  Livestock buildings are to the E and S.  This farm is 160 acres where we grow corn & Soybeans.  We also keep cows and calves here in the spring, summer and fall.  When we bought this farm in 1991 there was little grass - it was all weeds.  The house was 4 different colors and there was so much junk you could barely drive up the lane.  The field fences were falling down and the fields needed plowing and tiling.  Lots of Work!  also dead trees and wood everywhere.
courtesy of Anne Cooper

An article in the local paper wrote:
"MAKING A LAKE -  Dan Spillman, Clear Lake farmer, has started converting one acre of his pasture land into a man made lake.  Excavation is nearly complete.  The body of the water will be 9 feet deep in the center and about 5 feet deep at the edge.  It will be fed by an artesian well, now capped in 5 inch casing.  Spilman plans to build a dock and a cottage, plant trees around the lake and stock it with trout for his own fishing.  The well will be tapped Saturday to test its flow.  Spillman's farm is about five miles southwest of Clear Lake."

 Dan Spilman, Jr.
Right:  1961 age 73

The local newspaper reported:
"Dan Spilman's 72nd Birthday Honored at Party
Dan Spilman whose 72nd birthday was December 26, was given a party on that date at his home by his children with 40 presents for the day and a potluck noon dinner.  Present were his five sons, Dale and Danny, Thornton and Orval, Sam and Wayne, Clear Lake and their families; and three daughters, Mrs. Virgil Durreger, Mrs. Fred Durreger and Mrs. Bill Thomas, all of clear lake and their families, also Ashton Hugh, a nephew of Clear Lake.  Mr. Spilman received many cards and gifts and two birthday cakes were served."

Dan and Alphena had 9 children:

  1. Dale Sydney Spilman November 26, 1912-December 1985 married Audrey Maxine Rhodes

  2. Helen (Sis) Fern Spilman Nov 4, 1914- May 14, 2011  married Fred L. Durregger

  3. Orval (Fritz) Spilman October 05, 1916-May 06, 1993 married Alma Clara Fessler

  4. Thelma Spilman 1919-2013 married Virgil Durregger

  5. Sammy Spilman 1921-2005 married Alice Arlene Eichmeier - Farmed in Clear Lake, IA

  6. Betty Lorraine Spilman 1923-2014 married Clifford James (Bill) Thomas

  7. Anne Harriet Spilman July 05, 1925- July 06, 1925

  8. Daniel Thompson Spilman married Phyllis Irene Brower

  9. Wayne (Shorty) Myron Spilman 1929-2004 married Phyllis Jean Kelly Johnson

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Daniel , Jr.




Daniel Spilman 1848-1915 - Life in England before going to the United States.
-Birth Certificate,   Sloop Walcot, Whitton Windmill, Map of North Lincolnshire to America 1870.
Letters from America back to England
-Dan's marriage to Thea Anderson and his farm in Clear Lake, IA
  Marriage Certificate, 1912 plat map, Photo of Thea, Thea's death certificate
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